TUI Down Today?

For those of you who are looking to book a break away, or have already, and you’re finding that there’s current problems with the TUI website then you’re in the right place, as by leaving your server status it’ll notify our writers and members of the Down Today community. Many customers of theirs have had issues in the past with their login not working, the website freezing, trouble making payments or a blank white page appearing, which clearly indicates that there’s something wrong.

TUI Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If TUI is down today, then reports will be found below.

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27 days ago

Tried via app and Web to book holiday..http 404 code each and every time.. tried 9 times. Will book with another company

28 days ago

The TUI app wont go past the splash screen, which ironically suggests that I should “Live Happy”
On 2 different android devices
Might have spoken a tad too early, the phone app is now showing a menu banner, but main screen says “Oops! Something went wrong”
You’re telling me !

1 month ago

Trying to pay and book a holiday today but after I put my details in, the next page says 404 forbidden.

1 month ago

Just booked and paid but no confirmation received. On contacting Tui they had no record of my holiday. Now waiting for the bank to refund. Possibly missed out on an offer 🙁 tried to complain but you can’t do that with the booking number

1 month ago

Still access denied today

Kit w
1 month ago

Been trying for a hour now and I can’t log in to TUI website, or manage my booking portal.
keep getting error messages ie Access Denied: You don’t have permission to access “” on this server: Reference #18.21847b5c.1709136518.2b2c8547

1 month ago

Tui app fails to start on my android 9 phone. Was fine when I loaded this year’s bookings late last year, but now it stops straight away and I get repeating flashes of message that app has stopped. Is still working on our newer android phone. Reported to the developer but not seen any response or change. Have nted that an update was released last dec

C Larkin
2 months ago

Manage my booking, still isn’t working!
Been trying to pay for over a week but every time I go on manage my booking I just get a blank screen.
Called TUI 2 days ago and they said it’s a glitch with the app and website and will be fixed in 48 hours. Well 48hrs later still not fixed.
Get a grip TUI!

2 months ago

I get through to the screen to pay for the booking and it tells me there are techinical problems – what’s going on??

Ellie Goodall
2 months ago

Tui agents cant hear me on phone, but all other phone calls i make and receive are fine.

2 months ago

I’ve been trying to change a booking for the last week, go through ‘manage my booking’, ‘change your holiday’ all the way to the confirmation page then get the ‘technical difficulties’ message

M c
2 months ago

Can login to my tui account fine yesterday but today when I’m wanting to book seats , all I’m getting is your booking can’t b amended at this time , I’m not travelling untill July so not sure where the problem is

2 months ago


3 months ago

Got a very unique problem today

I can get on the website fine, but I cannot narrow down the searches! Customer site will permanently try to load the drop down for selecting airports and/or hotels, and the agent side does not allow me to narrow the search by hotel/destination.

Seems likely to be effected by the storm, but by goodness it is frustrating!!!

Gary Travers
5 months ago

Tui down again!!!!surprise surprise.
Really need to get their act together on this!

Janine Hill
5 months ago

I have been trying all day to get into my TUI booking but it just comes up with “we are experiencing technical issues today” or if I log into my TUI account when enter my holiday details it shows Booking not found.

June Cunningham
5 months ago

I cannot get into any of the TUI websites on laptop. I keep getting the message – access denied ! I can get on the app on my iPhone and iPad. Anyone else experiencing this problem as I’ve now spent two days trying to fix this?

Bhavesh Bipin Patel
5 months ago

Cannot Check-in as it does not acknowledge Booking Ref!
Is return flight check-in 48 or 24 hours prior, as it states both depending on which website you open?

6 months ago

Can’t load api on any TUI site or app

6 months ago

Can’t load api on any TUI site

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