Virgin Media Problems

It can get pretty frustrating when your Virgin Media broadband is down and problems today could be in certain areas of the UK, or even national. Services range from TV to Internet and other On Demand services, so whether it’s the status of your email, login issues, or something else it’s good to see if it’s just you or not.

Virgin Media Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

If Virgin Media is down today, then reports will be found below.

Virgin Media Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Virgin Media Reports

@virginmedia my Internet has gone down not happy as I work from home

@virginmedia the internet has gone down YET AGAIN, however your website says that there is no known issues. Looking at the posts on here, I would advise otherwise!

@virginmedia Internet connection down again at area B17 Edgbaston area. It was fixed yesterday at 4 pm but it went on and off with the signal. Can you please sort this out. It's on the 3rd day we are not able to use our internet properly.

@virginmedia My brodband is running at 20mb, it’s been down to 7mb this week. I’m paying for 1Gb. Whats going on? This is appalling. BL1 area.

@virginmedia any chance you could sort your internet out? Great timing for it to go down again after just hiking the contract price yet again because of all your “improvements”.. (funnily enough they never include better / reliable speeds or new equipment!)

@chasgasson @SkyUK @virginmedia don’t go with virgin media. charge you so much so so little, jsut search up “virgin media down” on twitter, you’ll find pools and pools of complaints of overcharging. my ps4 is in the same room as my wi-fi box, still gets no service.

yo @virginmedia is service down in liverpool or what

@virginmedia our Internet has gone down and on the service checker its saying issue with TV not broadband. I work from home and need the Internet please resolve quickly virgin.

Surprise surprise virgin media down again absolute cunts

@virginmedia just want to get me hands on a decent stable Internet from yourselves!!! If it drops out let it connect to my mobile signal. From 180mbs to nothing then bk to 200mbs in secs then down to nothing again but the indecator stays the same 4 bars Get your act sorted out!!