Virgin Media Problems

It can get pretty frustrating when your Virgin Media broadband is down and problems today could be in certain areas of the UK, or even national. Services range from TV to Internet and other On Demand services, so whether it’s the status of your email, login issues, or something else it’s good to see if it’s just you or not.

Virgin Media Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Virgin Media is down today, then reports will be found below.

Virgin Media Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Chantelle R

    Did you ever find out how to solve this error code.

  • Dan

    My Virgin broadband has been down for 2 days in Southampton.

  • Kerry

    Services just started to work better for me, hopefully no more issues. Thanet, Kent.

  • Rob

    The Virgin media service costs a lot and of late has been pretty unreliable. Being at home a lot more, I need to have internet and any outage or problems like today is causing issues, which started first thing in Kent (13th May).


    Virgin media on demand and catch up error code v273… Been the same for 24hrs… Any ideas on whats wrong.. Did status check but there is no v273 in the list of codes..

  • Lance

    Sky one catch up streaming issue. Everything else working fine??

  • Anouska Cunningham

    Why am I unable to get heyu on my virgin media. I know it is changing from the 6th April but why the issue today.

    Heyu has been helping me during this lockdown is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

  • Terry Young

    Why no sound on bt box office what a joke

  • Terry Young

    Got no sound what a joke

  • Lili

    Virgin Media yet again has problems with demand. Getting fed up with this while in middle of watching something.

  • Dawn McGrath

    ITV hub catch up only showing last weeks programmes.

  • Trevor Parker

    Sky Sports App not been working for over a month now!..Zilch response from Virgin apart from we are working on it….FOR A MONTH!!!!

  • Ross

    Internet keeps dropping on a regular basis now. Not so bad if it’s now and then but it’s now. The service is getting worse and I think there is time for a change.

  • Peter

    I wanted to watch an on demand tv show and it was showing so clicked on it, but when i did nothing happened and nothing would play.

  • Maggie

    For 2 days now I have had very slow speeds, I have had no solid internet for like 2 weeks now and now I have set up a new provider to start at the end of May.

  • Sharon

    15 hours and counting and still no WiFi in my house, I phoned customer services and they say after tests its my router – well that’s rubbish because its a brand new one.

  • Natalie

    My Virgin Media broadband is down yet again, 3 times this week and we are only on Thursday. I am having issues with internet and TV channels NO TV in Birmingham. It seems to be mainly ITV and BBC channels.

  • Alice

    Both Virgin broadband and TV are down in Manchester, not sure if this is for everyone but it sure is for me. I phone customer services and they said it should be up again soon.

  • Vicky

    Virgin Media broadband is down, not had any internet Bristol for like an hour now. Normally I get very good speeds and then it slowed right down from say 7:30 am and now nothing at all. 4G on the phone it is then!!!

  • Emily

    My Virgin Media service status is down, my internet and tv service is down in Stoke Bishop Bristol. The internet is just going on and off all day so far, I checked the status check online and it says it is all OK.

  • john pollock

    virgin media uk login not working on sky sports site

  • David Payne

    I left Virgin Media 3+ years ago now, I tried BT for a year I did have issues that never got fixed before I went to Sky for about 2 years I’ve not noticed any problems with my broadband and its cheaper than BT. I’ve Had Sky TV for about 20 years now so it was even cheaper. I even changed my mobile phone to Sky because it was only 20% of what EE were charging because I now had broadband, Sky TV, and a Sky phone line. In short I’m now only paying just over half the amount I was Paying 3 years ago.

  • Jason

    I am in Portsmouth and got bugger all. I am so looking at going with another provider because their internet is just stupidly slow. it seems to hate weather changes. Bank holiday weekend comes or summer holidays and the servers get smashed i guess and then internet slows to a halt.

  • Mark

    I am only getting 1.15 mbps download and i am supposed to get like over 120 mbps, I am not great at maths but I think there is something slightly wrong with that especially seeing as I am paying for more and getting less. Just like going into a shop and paying full price for a car but only getting the seats and steering wheel but no engine.

  • Larry

    I am located in Mansfield, Notts and for some reason still not got any internet after 3 days. Apparently there are updates coming, must be massive not to have any internet for that long.

  • Daz

    Virgin media demand movies resume play not working. For the last week or so got couple of movies from demand and every time stop the movie it keeps going back to the start. Had changed of v6 box and now no resume play.

  • Steve Whittle

    Virgin media catch up and on demand temporally unavailable. Been like that for a couple of days, broadband and live tv fine. Obviously my definition of temporally is different from Virgin Media!

  • Morag Clark

    What is happening virgin, was watching tv and it went blank no channels big blank screen

  • Lynn Gormley

    We have had no catch or on demand for a week now so frustrated with customer service!

  • John M

    Sky Sports app not working for weeks now. No solution from Customer support!

  • Pauline Richardson

    My Catch Up on Virgin has not worked all day. Called virgin to be told all my connections have been tested and there’s no problem with it so why can’t I get it… annoying as it’s happened a few times this week.

  • Karen

    Just had it from Virgin. There is a national problem that they are aware of. So the temporary fix of off and on (when it works) is it for now. No idea how long this will be for. They are working on it. Need to take my money somewhere else.

  • Karen

    Still have a problem with on demand. Have made a number of calls get the same reply. Restarting doesn’t fix it; trouble shooting doesn’t fix it. Guessing SKY tv might be the perminant fix needed

  • irene smith

    cant watch catchup or on demand tv?

  • David

    How come there are no comments here from virgin?

  • Jos

    Can Not Watch Catch Up TV Or On Demand

  • Pauline Finn

    Catch up and On Demand not working states try later, been down at least 2 days that I have been trying. Any ideas? (Hertford area)

  • therock247uk

    Offline in newark.

  • Ste Deighton

    I cant watch most haunted on demand , it just keeps saying on demand is unavailable try again later .I’m really annoyed, I think I’ll be switching to sky if this doesn’t get sorted soon

  • David Pollock

    No on demand since Friday. Very annoying as I paid to watch a movie and I have tried ever since to “resume play ” without success. Also internet very hit and miss lately. Getting seriously fed up with Virgin. Time for a change I think. Let’s see if it is up and running tomorrow 6th June.

  • Brian

    No Virgin On Demand TV here in N.E.Yorkshire since noon on Friday – it is now 9.30 pm on Monday 5th June. The usual guff when dialling 151 – the female recording states that everything is ok; then there is a male recording telling you that there are problems from Newcastle and Darlington down to S.E Yorkshire and service is expected to be up and running by noon on June 6th!! Forget about talking to a real person – I really believe that Virgin uses the same call centre clowns that B.A. uses .Outsource everything to India and to hell with the people who pay their wages!

  • Sharonjune Heard

    I have put money on phone with a voucher my balance staying l got 6.pence on it what happened to my money please

  • Colin

    Got no virgin media internet at all in BS9 Bristol area…

  • Melanie Charlwood

    That’s disgusting because surely free or not it’s a service they provide which isn’t working. Not very great customer service

  • Melanie Charlwood

    Catch up TV always down at the moment it’s a joke how are people supposed to catch up on programmes when there is no source available to do so. Think it’s time to change provider fed up with this

  • James Newill Decorating

    Joined yesterday no catch up or on demand. Got told by TECH people to turn it on and off like I hadn’t already tried. They have 6 days to fix it before I cancel and go to sky

  • Geraldine Moll

    Catch up down four days last week. Back Monday. Then blank pages on menu since Thursday. Rebooted this a.m and no catch up AND no Interactive. And when I phoned endlessly last week I was eventually told ” you don’t pay for catch up/interactive, only for TV, phone and internet. We give you catch up/interactive free.” !!!

  • Dave Alexander

    Listen Gents I’m over here in Ireland and it’s just the same,they are quick to take your money from your Account,but so,so slow to sort things out.I work as a Contract Network Installation Eng, should I do work like this, I’d be out of Work in no time? There is not a strong enough Moderator!

  • Dave Alexander

    Notice how they always blame our Equipment, that once in does’nt gets disturbed? I work in the Networking business, and this (un-service is a disgrace and shoul’nt be allowed however??)

  • Katie

    Down again. Always down. I pay £120 a month and this is so poor!

  • radiofan90

    its not working here either catch up on demand come on virgin sort it out we pay enough for the dam service

  • GRAFX 63

    Yes I can’t get on demand either for two days now and I want to watch Born To Kill before the next episode next week. Virgin Media is seriously crap and I’m going to look at leaving them once my year contract is up. Not happy at all.

  • beverly gulson

    having probems with internet in ws9 9lj area, had a text to say been fixed ????, still working intermittently and lost catch up tv, any ideas when back up and in full,

  • Denise Savill

    My on demand service is pretty crap, most days I try to access on demand to get the msg that says On demand is temp unavailable blah blah blah, says it most days zshould say on demand is rarely available and hey you’re lucky today it’s ok !

  • Nicola

    Seriously getting annoyed with Virgin now. We have not been able to use our on demand for around 3 weeks now! It’s a bloody joke. We pay quite a bit of money for Virgin for us not been able to use all the services we are entitled to. Thinking of leaving and going back to sky instead.

  • Ad e nuff

    Can’t get virgin on demand to work again , I sat on the phone for half an hour to get the very technical solution of turn it off and on again this did not work . I still can’t get the joshua fight on sky box office. Time to cancel .

  • Peter Cookland

    Just changed to Virgin Media from Sky catalogue of errors on installation too many to list but after 3 days still no catch up or on demand . Now been told should be on 1st May not good enough

  • Karen Peters

    2nd day running Catch up not working! Not happy!

  • Christine Milby

    This is the second day I have tried catch up and still not working. What is the problem.

  • T Milne

    On demand not working again !…. unbelievable !

  • Catherine murray

    I am sick of trying to catch up on programmes that have been on previous night wen I am at work and cannot get them on catch up and all there is a stupid message wen u phone it’s please try later no good! !!!!!!!!!


    This servce has been unavailable for days. My wife has been trying to watch Friday’s Corrie, and 2 new episodes will be shown tomorrow. Tried phoning but impossible to speak to anyone. THIS IS CRAP CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  • Steven Adamson

    No boxing on virgin tonight as on demand is down.

  • Claire Rushworth Flynn

    I haven’t been able to use catch up or demand for 3 days now!! We are paying nearly £100 a month so not being able to access/use all the services is unacceptable!! What’s going on virgin?? And do we get a refund for every day our services are down?!!

  • Debbie Parkinson

    Hi my on demand has been playing up for days, just gone on it again and it’s down again. Why am. I paying all this money

  • Steve Harland

    I think that excuse is disgraceful and rather childish. We pay for a service! Virgin just can’t discriminate between what’s ‘free’ and chargeable at will. They advertise ‘On Demand’ and ‘Catch Up’ as part of the service! I am appalled by this excuse. Richard! Do you know that this is going on? What would you do if you couldn’t get catch up at your private island? You’d be outraged wouldn’t you

  • Sinks

    In Tonbridge I have no tv or wi fi ! Half hour waiting on phone, didn’t get to speak to anybody, sort it out virgin or package gonna be cancelled!

  • M Standish

    Fed up with seeing dam message again demand unavailable 2 days in a row, not good enough, will be seriously looking for alternative service as its getting too expensive now anyway

  • linda

    Once again unable to get catch up . Really fed up not getting the service I am paying for will not be renewing contract when it ends in `September

  • Helen Flockhart

    Haven’t been able to get catch up for days now. Tells you to try again in a few minutes.

    Not on!

  • Susan Booty

    This catch up is rubbish works ince then stops. They advertise watch all the programmes you have missed. But cant bloody watch them.

  • Jaycee

    On demand unavailable for the second day running. Not for all shows though! Don’t understand it.

  • Marcus

    Worse still Virgin call their On Demand a ‘free’ service so will not give any compensation for the service outage. Mine too is intermittent, had a program yesterday that won’t work in HD but SD worked OK what’s with that?

  • Richard Arnold

    Some shows work and some don’t. Getting really pissed off now.

  • Margaret Vanns

    Worked once today and now unavailable again. Same yesterday.

  • Carol Robson

    Mine been down for days

  • Julie

    Mine is still down and I’m getting very pissed off with it!

  • Julie

    Mine is and I’m getting very pissed off with it!!

  • Jukie

    It’s a frigging joke to say the least!!!!

  • Tracy Franks Pearson

    On demand unavailable again

  • molly

    is any ones catch up still down?

  • Sue Dignum

    Mine also been down for days what are we paying for!!??

  • Neil Lewis

    Yet again not able to watch on demand service, this happens 9/10 times I’ve tried to view catch up TV. Frustrating doesn’t touch how annoying this is! Is a constant joke and the last laugh is on me the bill payer!

  • Steve Blunden

    On demand not working AGAIN

  • Catherine Campbell

    Sick to death of Virgin……Anyone for Sky??????

  • Maggie Coggle

    On Demand down AGAIN….this really is infuriating…shouldn’t have to pay for a service which constantly fails.

  • Joanne Obrien

    On demand not working…. been a couple of days

  • Marian

    On demand what a joke have now missed last episode of series i was watching. Work shifts so depend on thjs service.

  • Gillybean

    Cant believe on demand is still down be like tis over nearly 2 weeks

  • ifty aslam

    I’ve not had on demand services for all of 2016 and to date have told them to fcuk off now as going to try sky used to pay £80 per month

  • Dorothy Simpson

    My catch up is also down and has been on and off all weekend.

  • M. Hesketh

    Just connected with Virgin Media yesterday and within 12 hours, no access to On Demand and recordings only half recorded, I thought Sky was bad but this is taking the mick. I spent 2 hours on the phone last night to be told it would be sorted within 4 hours, yep right. Seriously poor service.

  • Louise Cosway

    No on demand for the last 2 days , rubbish keep resetting box but still not working what are we paying for !!!!!

  • Mike Westgate

    Been down for at least a week for me. Started with partial service but now gone completely. I get a text periodically putting back estimated repair time. Not helpful.

  • David Leach

    My Virgin on demand has been down for 2 days now. Keeps saying try again in a couple of minutes. Service is simply not good enough.
    I will be leaving when contract up.

  • statstatus

    I’m fed up of this buffering!

  • statstatus

    Why pay for a service that is not reliable! Virgin – you’re rubbish! No service no pay SURELY!!!!

  • Anonymous

    TiVo on demand and catch up not working. A message is always coming up saying it is temporarily unavailable or stopping mid programme to pop up the same message.
    Not acceptable as some programmes are wiped from the box and become unavailable at the end of this week and without on demand working you might not have the chance to access them.

  • Rajesh Kulkarni

    Hi my internet is down for last 5 days . We are hearing the the auto message for last 5 days but no exact update on the fault. My son school holidays going to start very soon and i am fear that this downtime will affect his studies. Anybody knows any number where i can talk to Virgin customer service .

  • Stephen van Vloten

    Poor intermittent broadband since March 10. Decided to call today. Was told cable was cut in my area and will be fixed by 2pm tomorrow March 24. Asked the rep where he thpught my area was, rep couldn’t tell me!!! A shocking experience all round. Am switching my provider tomorrow. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  • Jim connolly

    Down for over a month, phoned virgin who confirmed problem known and should be fixed by 17 March plus should receive some compensation. Yes, still not working, how to cancel contract for a better service. Fed up with these cowboys.

  • Velda Hunt Robinson

    on demand been down now for 3 days not happy

  • R Adamson

    Virgin media needs to sort out its DNS ASAP.

  • R Adamson

    I can even get a guide up for my You view box for yesterday, Now TV box simply fails connecting to the Internet. I spent an hour on phone talking to virgin and despite saying it’s not me they still had me go through resetting every device I have they had no clue.

  • Paul west

    Catch up / on demand down again today, where is the best place to complain, or is there no point

  • Alison Barratt

    I havent been able to watch anything on demand for the last 3days not happy at all

  • Dave

    Just finished watching an episode of walking dead and now getting a 319 error and on demand unavailable…

  • Fed up

    Hardly a week goes by without problems; internet intermittent, catch up – well, when it feels like it (which is often not, and that was a primary reason for having Virgin). Cost keeps increasing and so do issues…after 11 years thinking of leaving. So many promises so many broken…..

  • Roxanne Smith

    My wifi, TiVo and other box are not working – been told I’ve got to wait a week for an engineer so no tv or internet with 2 teenagers in the house!!! Paying £92 a month for this S***

  • Polycarp Luke

    Working on android also now.

  • Polycarp Luke

    Started working on iOS

  • Polycarp Luke

    Sky sports not working on iOS or android.

  • Mark watson

    yet again virgin media are screwing over their customers and not giving them the service they are paying for. Yet again more movies on demand not working due to their crappy error 319 message. What with Christmas just a few days away when everyone will want to use their on demand service more and they continue to screw their customers. Well this is now being reported to watchdog. I’m not being screwed over and mugged off anymore. Any potential new customers need to be aware of the crap service they are giving.

  • Cc

    Waste of money!!!

  • Ceecee

    Virginmedia suck!!!! £115 a month for this chap, box is slow on demand does not work or catch up!!! Think we’ll move to sky

  • Stephen van Vloten

    Virginia media down….Again. that’s 3 days of the past 7 I’ve had no internet. Customer service so bad that I now have a phobia of calling them. I wait in pain.

  • Train Well

    Promises promises promises. 3 times have spoken with virgin re why on demand is down starting last thursday, then on friday (twice). The last operator told me the service would be resumed on sunday 4th december at 4pm and still to date this service is down. when challenged they claim on demand is an add on. when we first joined virgin they was brilliant but have deteriorated with other issues cropping up. why is the question virgin?…..oh and PLEASE….PLEASE no more sales calls if you don’t mind…Thank you

  • Clive

    I am havign virgin media issues right now, cannot even search the web.

  • Nancy

    Seems to be a few issues today, surely there is a Virgin Media outage seeing as I cannot open web addresses.

  • Bruce Bigglesworth

    Very difficult to login to VM email for the last 10 days. First login always gets VM not available because of technical difficulties but if I immediately refresh the login, 7/10 times it will go into email.
    Sort this out VM – especially as you have just hiked your prices!

  • Robin Barrett

    There’s something strange going on at Virgin Media….. Here
    in Harpenden, Herts, VM internet has been down 3 days last week and now
    the whole of this week. And judging by other posts on User Groups and
    Twitter, it is the same from Enfield to Luton to Hemel and Watford!! Whole region has multi-day outage. What is going on at VM? Have they been hacked? Virgin Media just gives platitudes.
    Mumbling “signal to noise ratio” problems and claiming not to know where the
    problem lies. Why are they so coy about the cause of this widespread
    outage? Fix promised each day every day, and now a text saying it will be
    another 2 days. They are treating us customers as fools. Completely
    unacceptable! Big brand damage here!

  • Eilean STOCKTON

    Have a problem with on demand sky1 sky living and some of my other channels since virgin update unable to find any help with instructions in setting

  • Toby

    There are no VM faults but yet I pay for 50 megs and only get 1, where is the fairness in that?

  • Clint

    VM Internet is fine in Bristol UK.

  • Giles

    I have no Virgin Media Internet or TV.

  • Julie

    Have just watched catchup on X factor no problem….tried to watch catchup on coronation street straight after & unavailable how come?!!!

  • podgy1

    Catch up on demand not working at all 31/08/2016 tells me to upgrade. I already have it. Virgin says its a global upgrade 3-4 days?

  • Jules

    On demand unavailable…..seems if it’s playing on Itv 4 then demand doesn’t work! Always around the same time too between 9 and 10 pm

  • Steve

    Had enough. A complete weekend with no internet or cable tv. I pay over £100 a month for this . . . Not anymore. Anyone have any ideas for another provider? Even Sky are looking more favourable!

  • Mark

    Throughout the day my Virgin Media broadband WiFi has to be switched off and then back on again on my iMac. I lose the internet and the only way to get it working again is to click on the WiFi symbol and disconnect and then reconnect for it to work. This is happening like 20+ times a day.

  • Libby

    My broadband is so unreliable i can tell you. For me its the wireless and wired i am having problems with. Got to admit Virgin are great for responding on Twitter but still the problem is there.

  • Grace

    I got no WiFi at all in Bromley, this is useless and needs to sort it before i am gone. Rip off.

  • Colin

    I live in Christchurch UK and have problems with my Virgin Media services, mainly TV and Internet services. I was told by customer services things should be OK now but they are clearly not as i am sending this comment via 3G on my phone.

  • Ben Polhill

    I knew this would happen. I live in Crawley and have been having problems for months and months. Virgin have not helped at all. If it keeps up I will be changing service providers ’cause this is a bad joke.

  • Fairy

    My net is so slow its painful watching pages open up. I have normally about 20 windows open up at once to do with my work from my home office. I need fast internet and that is what i pay for, so please Richard Branson sort your team out.

  • Ethan Beck

    Glasgow, midnight+, internet completely down. Rebooted router twice over half hour. Still down. DHCP failed. Having to use mobile.

  • matthew excell

    You’ve got that too! Why does it keep thinking we’re ROBOTS?

  • matthew excell

    I can’t get into my emails either. My computer keeps thinking I’m a robot! I’m clearly NOT, and I need my emails to apply for jobs. PLEASE SORT THIS OUT!!

  • Vicksy

    Both my Virgin Media emails and Internet are down. Obvious emails will be down without broadband and i am just venting out my anger as i am so annoyed.

  • +1

    Gillinhgam Kent. No dial tone on phone (only turned on due to persistany nuisance calls to contact Virgin about web being out for 5 hours), no web, queued on 0845 number to be told no service ’til 12:00+ tomorrow. Chanced my arm about 22:00 to find it operational. Switching from £30 a month to £17 a month asap.

  • James

    I am in Birmingham and getting really bad speeds on Virgin Media, was always getting really high speeds but not this week, been like 6 megs rather than 30.

  • Cyril

    I have no VM channels or Internet.

  • Kathleen

    No broadband in Aylesbury, seems to be a connection fault in the street according to customer services, technician is on his way out.

  • Mohit

    VM Internet is down in Farnborough, Hants.

  • Frank

    Not able to make calls or send messages, which means I cannot chat with my daughter.

  • am

    slow broadband the last two days..

  • SWM

    No sign of the last two episodes of The Flash on demand yet. What’s yp? Have you fallen out with Sky again?

  • Lils

    My Virgin broadband was down in London yesterday but seems to be sailing through today – (fingers crossed as so are my toes).

  • Mols

    How come when I go to say channel 212 (Discovery) or even Dave to watch old episodes of Top Gear the information about the programme shows a completely different show to the ne i want to watch.

  • Lenny

    My channels on my Virgin Media box keeps getting stuck, not worth pressing the up or down channel button because when it does finally work it skips the amount you pressed.

  • Alison

    Really slow internet on both laptop and phone, but phone is a little quicker than the Internet.

  • Ant

    Virgin Media are having issues with mobile data at the moment, not too sure if this would have any effect opening on demand through your mobile device.

  • Teresa

    Hoe come all my Virgin Media On Demand stuff that I recorded keeps freezing when i try to watch it?

  • Brooke

    There seems to be a problem with Sky 1 On Demand, I was so looking forward in watching The Flash and cannot.

  • Dean

    I go to my On Demand and click to watch a movie, but when i start to watch it, it shows a completely different movie as to the one advertised.

  • Carrson

    I have no Internet in North London, so my On Demand is down for now, hopefully just a quick update or something and then will come back online.

Virgin Media Reports

@virginmedia Here we go again... guess what #virginmedia is #down #again‼️ #broadband #uk #sky #bt #virginmediadown @richardbranson 🤨🤔☹️ However this was not down..‼️Your latest Virgin bill is now ready‼️

@virginmedia Thanks, I’ve messaged. I’m concerned that cables seem to be run under gardens as a matter of course. Last year a ‘for sale’ sign in next doors’ garden cut our cable & yesterday in getting their lawn returfed 2 doors down cut us off... should these not be armoured cables?

Oh look. My internets gone down again. Seems like virgin media goes down more than a fucking hooker sometimes

@virginmedia Virgin down again in liverpool..when this is back on i promise i am taking the sports and movies from my package

@virginmedia down again 😭😭😭 I cant take this-we side is also not loading so can’t log it!!!!!

@virginmedia hi I am currently working from home and our broadband is down I have followed all steps on the app and no one is answering?? Can someone provide some customer service?


Anyone else with @virginmedia having their WiFi go down and come back a couple minutes later just for it to go back down again??? This is actually a joke

Fucking @virginmedia broadband has been up and down more times than a prostitutes knickers the last couple of days.

@virginmedia any chance of tweeting why your internet is down instead of shite ads for years old tv programmes?

@doomedleftist @VirginMediaIE @DisneyPlusHelp Virgin media is not working for anybody right now the WiFi is completely down

@Virginmedia down again roll on October 👋