Virgin Media Problems

It can get pretty frustrating when your Virgin Media broadband is down and problems today could be in certain areas of the UK, or even national. Services range from TV to Internet and other On Demand services, so whether it’s the status of your email, login issues, or something else it’s good to see if it’s just you or not.

Virgin Media Status insight for Saturday 24th of July 2021

If Virgin Media is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Virgin Media Reports

So infuriating how many times @virginmedia has went down in the past week. Dunno why we're paying so much when you can't do anything without it cutting out. Virgin Media is down in some parts of the country

So Virgin Media excel again at being the fucking worst ISP in the UK. This is ridiculous! 3 hours ago vs now... Internet has been out for 27 hours. Went down at 9pm LAST NIGHT! it's now midnight here...

@virginmedia this is becoming a joke now , internet dropping off at least 4/5 times a day for the last 4 months and it's down again tryed to live chat an agent and have bots insulting my intelligence telling me to reset my router treat your customers better !!

@virginmedia my phone line has been down for nearly a week. An engineer was booked for this evening and didn't arrive. Who do I send the complaint to?

@JinkxItUp @virginmedia Geezus yea mine went down for 12 hrs also with no explanation just keep rebooting and checking every couple hrs till worked again. Idk same there sucks here don't truly have choice persay besides what available your coast/town region. All seemingly great deals...

@virginmedia Your obviously dialling down the power prior to 17:00. Basically my days off during shifts are being ruined by this game Virgin keep playing. People don't just work 9am until 5pm and you should understand this.

@virginmedia is at it again almost every 3 or 4 days @VirginMediaCorp either deliberately dial down the speeds in my part of Surrey or @VirginMediaNews have crappy cheap Street equipment & transmission lines Im expected to pay for this? Its only the fastest WIFI on paper @Ofcom

@virginmedia It's been completely down since 9:15pm last night. This is utterly ridiculous. Stop claiming it's fixed when it's not. Make your engineers stay on site until you know 100% instead of it taking hours for an engineer to get there when one just left!