Virgin Media Down Today?

It can get pretty frustrating when your Virgin Media is down today for mobile or broadband, especially if you have problems that could be in certain areas of the UK, or national internet outage and phone services being down. Virgin Media provide a range of services from TV to Internet and other On Demand services, so whether it’s the status of your email, login issues, or something else it’s good to see if it’s just you or not.

Most Reported Virgin Media Problems

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Timeline of Virgin Media 2024 Outages

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This chart shows Virgin Media outage reports for 2024 and the last 12 months.

Virgin Media Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Virgin Media is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Kathryn Fuller
2 months ago

No service. I’m in SW1V 3PF

2 months ago

Wi-Fi seems slow today day.

2 months ago

Why am I paying for this trash……

2 months ago

My location is London SE266SN.

2 months ago

Date: 26 January 2024 Time 14.33 Virgin media broadband down since 13.30 today. Internet on one minute and down next minute. Exactly same issue yesterday around same time. When is Virgin going to resolve this problem.

3 months ago

My phone signal is much better today, it has been low bars recently in and around Kent. 

3 months ago

Everything is loading more slowly today for some reason.

Jordan M
3 months ago

The app isn’t working, it keeps lagging every now and then and then locks up. This needs fixing.

3 months ago

I was unable to log in yesterday morning, then when I finally managed to, I could only logout when I closed the window and reopened it. I think there was quite a few problems for different Virgin Media customers. Seems ok so far today.

Tina Purnell
1 year ago

Couldn’t connect to server and now can’t get internet or TV, says all services running ok in area. My hub just flashing green and TV says not connected to internet. Got to wait for a technician to call as checked all connections and they are fine. Not happy

1 year ago

Getting fed up with Virgin. Broadband cuts out when I’m online. Really annoying. especially when I’m playing on team games. Almost every day cutting out. Only for a moment. One minute online next off game crash then online again. Plan to change as soon as contract is up.

2 years ago

No WiFi or Internet since Sunday or phone or WiFi. Fixed phone but rest still not working, worse there online checker lying and saying its fine on there end.
Yet when called they said its down in the area. (B45)

When will it be fixed.?

2 years ago

No ‘on demand’ for the past 3 or 4 days. SS0

2 years ago

No internet since early Saturday evening 25th September It is now evening two days later 27/09/2021 and still nothing!

2 years ago

Internet down in ox4

Alan Taylor
2 years ago

No email access since 16 September. ?? Undisclosed attack on the servers. Time for VM to explain to the world, or at least their customers.

2 years ago

No email access for 2 days now, just says the account is unavailable. Rang their “support” on 150 and just a rubbish recorded answer system. Agree with others on this that Virgin Media is awful to deal with, they are only interested in selling new services at inflated prices. Of course they also tie customers into exorbitant exit fees so can’t change supplier, which I will certainly be doing on the renewal anniversary

2 years ago

Can’t send mobile phone messages.

2 years ago

No internet again today (Sunday) in EN8. Same on Wednesday evening, and also earlier on in the week. Apparently this one won’t be sorted for another 2 days.
We have a Facebook page for our area and all Virgin customers seem to be impacted. Frustrating.

2 years ago

no internet , no tv.. looks like no signal comming down the wire at all ! NG21 0LA ( rainworth notts)

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