Virgin Media Problems

It can get pretty frustrating when your Virgin Media broadband is down and problems today could be in certain areas of the UK, or even national. Services range from TV to Internet and other On Demand services, so whether it’s the status of your email, login issues, or something else it’s good to see if it’s just you or not.

Virgin Media Status insight for Tuesday 7th of December 2021

If Virgin Media is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Virgin Media Reports

@virginmedia this is becoming a joke now it’s been going on for days now… Tv went down now my internet has stopped. I rely on your service for my ring network! Now the lot is down. You have a lot of explaining to do! You can start by reducing my bill

@virginmedia hello 👋 internet has gone down in Cowley in Oxford - scheduled maintenance isn’t until Thursday. I work from home so can you tell me if I need to take two emergency annual leave days?

@virginmedia That is of no use to me at all.. Ive had 3mbps... Very slow but I haven't had no service at all. 3 mbps is derisory in 2021.. I'll switch to BT shortly as their 5 million Wi-Fi hotpots have really helped me and my family. Virgin on the other hand have been a major let down

5G connection while shopping at ASDA Donnington Wood. Now I know where to go if (when) my Virgin Media O2 cable connection goes down.

@virginmedia Just got cut off from the call at nearly 1 hour of reboots and undoing cables but broadband still down!

@virginmedia In short - the service is down and it’s impossible to get into to help. Nice job for a modern 21C tech company providing an essential utility.

@virginmedia is your site down trying to log into mobile account? All day not worked?

@virginmedia Internet is still down in SE27 0AD, despite website saying this is now fixed. It's the same for our whole street, so not a hub issue, Please fix, or at least admit youve failed to fix it.

@virginmedia so all services dropped again tried calling 0345 number and put the phone down as soon as services are restored there getting cancelled £111 a month JOKE!!!

@virginmedia @AndyQui29237736 Any updates for the Ip1 area as you’ve sent me a link but I think your servers are all down to?

Virgin Media down again. Internet and TV. Shithouses @virginmedia @richardbranson