Virgin Mobile Problems

Virgin Mobile is a provider of mobile phone wireless communications in many countries, so you can make calls in the UK and other countries like United States, Canada, Australia, and more at reduced rates. When there’s no Virgin Mobile signal due to unforeseen problems, or when the network hits issues on phone and tablet, then this will end up with complaints from unhappy customers.

While there’s enhancements you can use to increase Virgin Mobile signal like a booster, in most cases you will be on the bad end of a network outage that cannot be solved at your end and will need engineers to fix. You can see status reports from Down Today readers below in regard to no signal, or disruption to Virgin mobile Internet in different regions.

You can reach official Virgin help thanks to a number of contact methods detailed on this page, or leave your complaints about signal problems right now with locations below.

Virgin Mobile Status insight for Thursday 2nd of July 2020

If Virgin Mobile is down today, then reports will be found below.

Virgin Mobile Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Honza Farmer

    Crap signal, to no signal in the sa5 area. Two days now!

  • Keeley Walton

    Not able to make or receive calls on mobile SS0 and SS1 area

  • Ian Potter

    Looks like Virgin Mobile is down in the DN16 area, tried various ways of contact family in London, but no response

  • Tony Bell

    Anyone still having issues with Virgin In Lancaster?

  • Tony Bell

    No broadband in Lancaster… again !

  • Andres O

    Carshalton no signal at all what’s going on I swapped from 3 to this!!

  • Giuseppina Tirocchi

    No mobile service but fine with wifi

  • Christopher Baines

    s5 6 weak to no no response inside house no bars got to stand outside to get 2 bars been like that since they put a new mast up 200 yards down the rd


    Virgin Mobile no service Worcester

  • Jason John Hinkley

    Signal up then no reception.
    Make a call connected then keeps clicking .

  • denice sanders

    Mobile Phone Been since Monday evening in Northamptonshire getting p**** now

  • No signal yesterday or today. Why do networks from other providers work but not Virgin? I live in London so its not like I am in a remote place.

  • jackie lyon

    no signal
    can’t make call or send texts

  • jackie lyon

    no signal

  • Rowan Evans

    Any signal I. South Wales?

  • Karen Dawson

    No outgoing calls, texts or mobile data. Glasgow

  • Roxanne

    My phones down nothing is working other then incoming calls and texts I’m in Essex

  • Roxanne

    You can still get incomeing calls and texts x

  • Graham Lonsdale

    Same issues in Skipton, North Yorkshire. No calls or texts available since 9.00am this morning but internet working fine

  • Colin Failes

    Same issues in Nottingham since this morning. Hard reset of my phone and removing/replacing SIM card do not resolve.

  • Sentinel ePos and solution

    No outgoings calls, Text or internet in West Yorkshire

  • Danielle Carlton

    My partner is on the transplant list….. we’re both on virgin and can’t send calls or texts so I’m assuming we can’t receive them. This is a life saving operation, we have had 2 calls in the last 10nweeks so this needs resolving as a matter of urgency. Hopefully we won’t miss this call while virgin is down!!!

  • oomagoolies

    south wales no outgoing

  • dave s

    same in Manchester ok for incoming no outgoing calls everything else ok

  • pauline

    No calls or texts, Belfast

  • Caz

    No outgoing calls or texts, but can receive both! Hertfordshire.

  • Nyla

    Can’t make calls and displays a ‘do not disturb’ icon when trying to call. Birmingham

  • Angela Beach

    Milton Keynes. Can’t make calls (assuming can’t receive either). Thought it was something I’d done so wasted an hour trying to “fix” my phone. TBH my signal with virgin has been unreliable lately so think it’s time to change provider.

  • Laura Louise Thomas

    Same in scunthorpe cant call out on text and cant use mobile data can only use things like WhatsApp if have access to wifi when out of house can still receive calls though

  • David Liam Marshall

    No Mobil phone signal in Northampton. No voice calls or text. It says line is busy please try later

  • Molly

    Ah glad its not just me, thought my phone had been cut off or something, wish they would give us updates

  • Rusty

    I’m in ilkeston aswell doing my head in

  • Geoff Ousbey

    Come on Virgin… sort it out….

  • Paul

    Unable to call, but texts and data OK – sunny Chesterfield. No idea what was going on until I read this….

  • Kevin

    Can’t call anyone and SMS is extremely slow sending/delivering. From Poole

  • Molly

    Can not make any calls or send messages, can recieve calls though, ilkeston

  • Rusty

    Can’t call anyone since about 11 this is shocking need my phone today. I can send messages use internet receive calls and texts just can’t call out. What’s going on nearly chucked my phone at the wall in till I read these comments

  • Rob

    This is the last straw for me, I had to travel twice recently and after 7 calls to Virgin on both trips and getting confirmations it was fixed, I still couldn’t get data. Not getting any updates is rubbish. It’s just as well nobody has businesses to run.

  • Paul

    Down in Harlow since about 11am. No Calls, no texts, no data. Virgin Service Status page is also down! How are we supposed to log this fault???

  • Tapan Das

    No updates from Virgin nor any email about this either. Shocking

  • Glen Stanbridge

    I can’t call out, can’t even call 150. Brighton

  • Tapan Das

    Can’t make any calls. As a taxi driver this is not good

  • Tapan Das

    No service at all can’t make any calls. I rely on my phone as I’m a taxi driver

  • Hoots_manuva

    No data or phone service in Edinburgh

  • Arkadiusz Nowak

    no calls no txt cant even get to customer team what a crapppp Nottingham

  • Mike

    no service Manchester 14.05.19 calls or texts or network

  • Marc

    No call no txts South Wales

  • Niall

    Unable to make calls in Edinburgh ? anyone heard what the problem is and when it will be resolved ??
    driving me nuts

  • Matt

    No Service in Birmingham either. Getting “System is busy” message

  • Rana

    No service in London 14/5/2019

  • Rana

    No service in London

  • Location? Glasgow here and can’t make calls.

  • Peter Attwood

    No service today 14/5

  • Whaaaaat!!!!! That is why it’s best to diversify. Don’t have the same service for everything.

  • I agree definitely. How come it’s not on mainstream news!!! Have they been told to keep quiet? Very strange. Something that had such a serious impact in the way we run our lives and not a word about it on the news? Something ominous is afoot. I’m s YouTuber and totally scrooooed by this so an upgrade would definitely suit me!

  • I can’t believe that Virgin is still down!! No WiFi… When you rely on on Broadband for your business, I’m sorry, doesn’t cut it!! It’s preposterous! Not even TV to watch to compensate for the misery of not having broadband!

  • Jay

    My virgin mobile is down since this morning. South London

  • Sarah

    No network today for most of the day and still no joy now. First time this has ever happened and it’s driving me mad as I need to call out and can’t. Just keep getting no mobile network. I have tried taking the SIM out (can’t take the battery out on a Sony Xperia), I have tried going into settings and going to networks. If I choose automatic it just says network not available. If I opt for find available networks it finds every network but Virgin! I am in the North West of the UK.

  • paula

    my boyfriends phone is not reciving any messages but is getting calls

  • raymond hamblin

    virgin mobile off and on for the last couple of days was told that the tower i connect to is having problems but no date when it will be fixed
    in in frankley birmingham b45 area

  • aleksandra

    Shocking service or rather lack of! I’m in central London and my download speed is less that 1!

  • disqus_FPCVTMNbnI more

  • tom

    6 days and no connection customer service totaly useless

  • Bryan Foster

    HI I’m still having problems with my Virgin network, is anyone else? Can’t make or receive calls! I’ve tried all the usual things like rebooting, turning off and removing my SIM card, trying to register with another network then with Virgin again, etc etc. Still no network!!

  • Serena stevenson

    My partner has been wondering why he couldn’t call my phone earlier. Then he tried calling other numbers and that didn’t work either. He’s been trying for 4 hours now. Now we know why after reading this feed!! Thanks for sharing everyone xx

  • Simon Nesbitt

    no signal in nn56xw wat a disgrace virgin u need to resolve the problem and conpensate ur customers

  • Simon Nesbitt

    any chance of sorting out the issue cant make calls

  • Kerry gilbert

    Is anyone having trouble making and receiving calls today? I’ve been trying for hours and nothing it just beeps like it’s engaged and then cuts me off I’ve tried ringing multiple people but it’s still not working

  • Anne Farmer

    For the third time this month, NO VIRGIN mobile signal in OX201RQ. Why should I pay for a service I do not receive? Terrible provider

  • Simon

    My signal is just so weak no matter where i am in the UK. Hello EE would you like a NEW customer.

  • Dubplate Dan

    Please be prepared to be fobbed off ! – had these issues for several years and most of the time its shocking , i was told it was issue my end and not there Transmitters etc, i spent over an hour and a half getting no where but i did make the manager stop talking after 45 mins, there Customer service is non existent and there tech support is well they don’t have one, according to Virgin mgr all the customers in these forums complaining are doing so for nothing as nothing is wrong Virgin end . I feel that virgin are living up to there name : Virgin = Inexperinced ! , i think its time to move on another mobile firm and try again but if we stay with them then we are just allowing them to take are money and get nothing in return. SS1 2HN Area .

  • Dubplate Dan

    According to Virgin we are the issue , as they are 100% working there end and was told that by their manager. Also they said that anyone that has a mobile account with them but its not paid from the account holders bank account then your breaking there policy and rules but its them that make the rules and allow it. Virgin wants money and sheep like people !!!!!!!!!

  • Madmelly GT

    Our signal in north Lincs has been shocking since the storm last night. Most of the time there is no signal at all.

  • Pamela Greenwood

    Unable to make or receive calls. 12 hours now

  • Robert steel

    I just returned from Canada and find no mobile signal. Advice from help desk to select other suppliers then select virgin again didn’t work…..

  • Dan

    New SIM = Unable to receive any calls or texts!!! Extremely unhappy UK customer

  • Adcsat Girlie

    No mobile signal at all for 2 days

  • Igor Kovalchuk

    In Barbados now, with Virgin Mobile from Canada. No internet service (connected through the hotel) for the past 24 hours. All other devices like iPad and computer work so.

  • Susan Corfield

    I have had “no service “ since arriving back in uk early this morning. Am in WR158EG and still nothing!

  • Katie

    Ive had a pay as you go virgin sim in an old phone for 5 years. Ive gone to use it today, but it says the sim card is unavailable. Is it the network providers problem or something else. Any suggestions.

  • Val Martin

    We have had no mobile phone service for almost 2 weeks!

  • Pinball

    Since been sent new SIM been unable to find EE network so now have no signal at work but work phone which is EE has 4g work that one out!!

  • CravenA

    No service in Sicily & urgently needed for contact with family back in UK + booking ahead during long train journey home.

  • Kelly Reeves

    No service on my mobile at all – cut me off mid call! I’m in Rossendale, East Lancs

  • Kelly Reeves

    Virgin piggybacks on EE so unsure when ur having issues if u didn’t on EE

  • D

    For the last 3 days LL228EN the signal has gone then come back with only E for data streaming

  • Vikki Parker

    Massive issues with new sim. Only had it a month and I’ve had 3 instances where there’s no signal all day, then it comes back and then off again. What is going on? Had the old sim for years no issue. Brighton area

  • inde

    I’ve had no internet in BN43 for over 4 days and each day I am told a lie.. first they told me the issue was intermittent but I’ve had a complete outage. Then they have been stringing me along with different messages.. will be fixed at 6pm on 1st, will be fixed at 9am on the 3rd then 4 pm on the 3rd.. They are unable to say why but the engineers are working in it..rubbish service! I’m moving …

  • peter

    i am in the philippines from the first of may and not a flicker of a signal ,i need to get in touch with my family and with uk virgin media but even online theres no facillities to do so ,am paying direct debit to theses clowns but its no joke .my old sim card used to automaticcally change here in the fils but the new one no!!!!

  • Neil Palmer

    Virgin promised no loss of coverage when we switched to virgin only from EE. It’s all lies, as usual. Signal is awful in most places. No data. This is why they were offering early upgrades? Tie everyone in before sending out a terrible new SIM

  • Paul Barton

    Signal naff yesterday and totally down this morning. Whats going on?

  • Allan

    No 4g signal since friday night cant get a good reception anywhere in the paisley johnstone area

  • Rachael buckley

    Had a phone call from my daughter this morning and after that all I get is messages of miss calls but phone don’t ring just going through to answer phone and phone is brand new s9

  • Anne Farmer

    No mobile signal since yesterday in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Happens on a regular basis. Terrible provider

  • Louisa

    I got my new sim 5 weeks ago and I’m ringing virgin nearly every day, still can’t text properly, can’t ring or receive calls properly, can’t use data, it’s beyond a joke, I had no issues with my old sim, I can’t get 4g, virgins have told me all sorts of things to do but nothing has worked and now I’m waiting for a call back hmmmmm this will be my third call back but yet to receive any, compensation for last month was £5 which is laughable considering how much I am dishing out each month. May I also add this is happening on two phone which have both had two new sims yet they still won’t admit a problem

  • Chris

    I am away from home and relying on my mobile but all I get is emergency calls only. Since I only use my mobile when travelling occasionally this is a very poor service to pay for allyear round and yet not get it when I need it.

  • iain

    only just got my sim today and had no signal not goner pay for sumet cant use if they dont sort it

  • Modupe Ajulo ×

    No signal today .haven’t been able to make or receive calls .Awful service – virgin mobile …

  • lisa burgess

    Still no Mob connection, can’t make calls or send texts nearly 6 days now, sent me a new 4G sim Card put in Mob, still the same..No signal/connection, as soon as I’m 2 miles out of my area In Birmingham, Midlands, mob connection works fine, been with virgin media for years & first time i’ve ever had this kind of problem with my Mob phone..hope ill get comp for this awful service, Not paying for something i’m unable to Use..had so many probs Over the years with Wifi & Tivo/V6 Box/ & Tv over the years but a first for mob no connection/Signal.., endless calls to customer service which say there are two towers & one is having issues with weak signal…& can’t give me a time frame for a fix..just awful..Annoying is putting it mildly..Me Not Happy!!!

  • Janet Reid

    No mobile signal today in Watton At Stone

  • David James Brown

    All my phone keeps saying is refreshing sim data….i have no signal ,so cant do anything with my mobile…..any help out there

  • pewpill

    New SIM 2 weeks ago – not been able to receive texts or calls since then. Can send texts and phone out. Not impressed by customer service.

  • Angela Pettifer

    I got a new SIM yesterday and the data wasn’t working. To fix it I had to go through the ridiculously convoluted process of manually setting up an access point.

  • Patinessex

    No data since 23 March; have internet and can send & receive calls They’ve sent me a new sim today, but it hasn’t made any difference so far.

  • Anja Schott

    Can’t recieve any calls, not good at all hope virgin can fix that very soon

  • michael poole

    All OK here now too!

  • igrossma4

    I’m up and running now thank goodness

  • michael poole

    Virgin’s customer Service say they are changing from EE networking to Virgins’s own! Good start isn’t it? If it takes till Friday?I’m going to look elsewhere!

  • igrossma4

    Since installing new virgin sim to support network improvements on Thursday 22nd March I have been unable to receive any calls, Virgin MAY ?? get this problem fixed by Friday ….anyone else having this problem ?

  • Lorraine

    Don’t change your sim!!!!!!!!
    I have not been able to receive calls, texts or voice mails since swapping my sim on thursday.
    Apparently everyone who has swapped their sim are having some sort of problem and virgin have no idea how long this is going to go on for.

  • Christine Johnson

    My landline works but no internet today, and yesterday was intermittent.
    Christine Johnson

  • dilly

    No service today ( whats going on ….!!!!

  • Louise Fudge

    No service been intermittent since yesterday afternoon Scunthorpe

  • So JJ

    Same right now

  • Liz

    I have internet but no service since I landed this morning

  • Liz

    Mines the same I came back from the canaries and had no service since

  • ThatsTheCase

    No signal whatsoever in Manchester area for me

  • SKhan

    i can make a call but no internet in Birmingham.
    when try to open google its says retry authentication and when i do no respond. i am having a problem since Friday afternoon. its annoying i use it for taxi service. i can’t go at work if it not works.

  • George John Andrews

    No signal in Northampton for past 3 days

  • Anne Farmer

    No mobile signal in Bladon, Oxfordshire since last night – happens every month 🙁

  • Jose Luis Carlavilla

    no data in Belfast this morning

  • Steel Prism

    I am not getting any data at the moment anyone getting the same?

  • Chris Brooks

    Me too (Chesterfield)

  • Debbie Mcardle

    no virgin mobile sim network, keeps saying im off line

  • Claire Curran

    I haven’t had Internet on my phone since switching the sim, for three days, but I don’t know if it’s a wider problem with the sim change

  • Kerry

    All virgin mobile customers have be sent a new sim as part of the greater service Virgin want to provide . Has anyone got any feedback on it? I’m putting off changing my sim

  • Karen Elzey

    We’ve had no signal for the past 3 days what’s up with my service? 2/19/18

  • Anne Farmer

    No signal in bladon near oxford since last night

  • Ian Prior

    No signal in KT3 since 11.2.18 pm

  • Alan Martin

    No mobile data in Cornwall all day today.

  • John Preston

    My postcode DN17 3UW. No signal at 13.25 hrs. Having to use expensive landline.

  • Noel reilly

    I had very little or no internet connection in the last 12 hrs. My works post code is DN20 OSP and my home post code is DN32 7QD? I can’t even send txt messages.

  • N

    Mobile phone not working no signal in Cumbernauld Glasgow!!!! Very annoying

  • Jeff Silver

    I had no service at home for a couple of days. Apparently it’s because Virgin are switching from EE’s network to their own masts. As you say Nic, they couldn’t be bothered to tell anyone in advance, but rely on customers to notice (or not notice!). They’re sending me a new SIM, which they say will fix it.
    I suggest all Virgin mobile customers proactively request a new SIM.

  • John Robson

    No signal in Blyth, Northumberland since last night. What’s happening? Need my phone for business

  • Israr Naseer

    Hi there’s no signal all the time

  • Chromeazone

    Service down today
    Now using FaceTime, emails and I messaging
    Thankfully Apple works most of the time. Virgin hasn’t a reason or answer and it’s over 10 hours; not too impressed but at least it’s showung me my patience levels need rebalancing!

  • Paul wood

    I have had problems with my signal for 3 months at rutherford road,washington, uk i have reported this 5 times and keep getting fobbed of by virgin help call centres telling my to adjust my phone settings then they will inform there manager each time …. virgin is a waste of time cannot resolve issur or give a straight answer! They are a disgrace…

  • Martyn Oliver

    This is still not resolved, VM now admitting there is a problem with the new SIMs being issued, no ETA for a fix, beyond frustrated!!

  • Diane young

    I have had no service since last night.

  • Martyn Oliver

    Keep getting thrown off mobile network, 4days now, rebooting/removing sim all provide a temporary fix which doesn’t last.
    Location: West Yorkshire Keighley. Only just ‘upgraded’ to 4G package, never any problems under 3G.
    Anyone else having a problem like this?

  • Sean Rickard

    No signal on phone for a week now phoned 3 times all I get is our technical team are sorting it.haha but its OK to take full monthly bill.think its time to move on because there broadband same as well. Castleford west Yorkshire

  • Jan O’Keeffe

    No signal in my house for 10 days now. North Wales. Fed up Virgin!!

  • Jay Jay

    yeah its time the drop virgin . bye

  • Jay Jay

    gorbals glasgow not singal for months now

  • Dinara

    No service for 2 days now!Belfast

  • Victoria

    No signal in Irvine north Ayrshire Scotland, sort it virgin quick smart. Or I will go with Sky for my mobile as well.

  • Phil Ridgewell

    Anyone know if 4 days without service constitutes a breech of contract?

  • Phil Ridgewell

    not had mobile for 4 days now cambridge area.

  • Gareth Barringer

    No signal in Falmouth Cornwall this evening

  • Sophie

    No signal, or can’t text or phonecalls. What’s going on VIRGIN??!!SORT IT OUT OR CHANGING PROVIDER

  • W.Const

    No Mobile service in Grays , Essex, can’t call or text…time to change provider!!

  • Des Ward

    Back online 🙂

  • Barbara Rhodes

    No signal in Leeds 25 since last night. Anyone know what the issue is and if / when it will be fixed?

  • Kathy Coghill

    On holiday in Malta had no service since I arrived hasn’t even recognised I’m in a different country! No phone for 3 days and all support said was leave another 24 hours well I will leave as soon as I’m back in the UK

  • Gideon

    After more than 24hrs no service, i finally got on the network

  • Nic

    Virgin has switched to 4g but not bothered their arse to let anyone know. No service since yesterday morning. Switched to a 4g SIM card. Works perfect now. I had even called virgin yesterday but ended up having to figure it out myself. No mention of the switch from them ….

  • alina

    no phone reception in London.
    Any idea when will be sorted??

  • paul nam

    Just spent nearly two hours on the phone to virgin to find out why there is no signal around Wiltshire area ,apparently they are changing every think to 4G ,so if your still like me on 3G your snookered, I’ve no phone now until a get my new 4G sim ,ld love to see the face of the numb nut who came up with this change over

  • amar munir

    same in manchester no signal what so ever. only wifi calls. what a crap network

  • PissedofG

    No mobile phone service in DErby….Pissed of…going to get rid… f…king paying all this money for crap network in this day and age….

  • Tweety

    no telephone reception anywhere here in London. very annoying….

  • Janis Silins

    hi there!
    is virgin mobile down again in Derby?

  • babyuk76

    Getting really annoyed with the no service crap now…. especially whilst traveling I can’t call anyone for help if I break down etc sort it out Virgin

  • Madeleine Payne

    Is virgin mobile down again today no signal in Bristol or Exeter what’s going on with them.

  • Richard

    For the third day in a row I’ve had no service on virgin mobile, which is highly annoying as when I’m out I literally can’t use my phone, when you require a working phone to get taxis home, this is a major problem which needs sorting asap

  • Sandra

    No service at all this has happened to me a few months back what is going on

  • Claude Watson Beard

    Is the services down again today? Because I’ve had no service all morning and now afternoon and it’s not my area as I’ve never had this problem before

  • Educational Advisor

    15 minutes ago it stopped making international calls, I tried to call the support team, received a message that we are sorry there is an error with our servers. If we are doing business this is bad!

  • babyuk76

    Very bad Mobile service keeps showing no service for the past two days, and it’s been intermitten for the past month… never had problems with Virgin mobile before

  • Willem

    No coverage in Elgin all afternoon and up to now.

  • Carole

    No in coming or out going calls net work not available,phoned virgin they say no problem found grrrrr

  • Anthony Kane

    No service whatsoever on 3G or 4G in North West Wales (Caernarfon, Bangor, Anglesey area)

  • Louise Thompson

    Day 4 of no mobile signal in West Wales

  • Gary Hamilton

    No mobile service all day in Edinburgh

  • suzie

    In Belfast not receiving or making calls for at least an hour

  • Clare Worton

    Can’t make certain calls but had a nice text saying bill wants paying now , sort phone issues out then I will

  • Helen Batty

    I’m having problems in newport gwent

  • timothy cahill

    No signal on Virgin mobile all today London WC1X no warning nowt

  • timothy cahill

    What’s the hold up . post my post

  • Ian Mckend

    Had intermittent mobile network for over a week now, WF3 area, does anyone know of a problem round this area?

  • reno

    Virgin Mobile- a subsidiary of Sprint, has screwed all customers with older non-Lte devices. These paylo flip and slider phones like the “montage” can no longer communicate with sprint cell towers. Your only option is to purchase a newer LTE capable device. This too is a poor choice as older minute to minute plans won’t work and require switching to a month to month plan. I suspect all Android devices will eventually become vestigial as virgin will eventually support iPhone only. How do companies like Sprint continue to gather business with corporate decisions like this? I smell wind gathering for class action lawsuit!

  • John Baker

    Still no mobile service from the Melling (near Lancaster) mast since 13 September. Problem is with EE. I left EE because of constant faults and didn’t realise at the time that Virgin use the EE system. A bad mistake to make! I have roaming set up and so why, when there is an EE fault, can’t Virgin allow access through, for example, Vodafone, which is providing a signal from Melling. If roaming works abroad, why can’t it work in the UK when there is a localised Virgin/EE fault. This is just not good enough. I feel a move to Vodafone coming on.

  • John Baker

    No Virgin mobile signal from the Melling mast (near Lancaster) since yesterday evening (13th September). This is happening more frequently and is very unsatisfactory.

  • Jeddlers

    No service for days in Kettering Northants. Customer services tell me it is planned work being carried out but unknown how long it will take ! If it’s planned why are we not informed !!!! Totally unacceptable

  • Lynburge Rene

    No service 3 days. Absolute joke. There is a problem with the system and they are off till Dunday. Customer services have lied time and time again

  • Lorraine Rowley

    Anyone else having problems I. Baldock, Hertfordshire

  • Amanda Low

    OMG, i have miss lot of urgent call and text because no VM mobile network in OX5 from this morning

  • Anna Dean

    OX5 Not on Netork issue with both mine and my partners phones, so no mobile calls or data 🙁

  • Trish Parker

    Can’t make calls or send texts, just getting a recorded message saying service is suspended. Phoned VM from the landline & told there’s a glitch with no timeframe for fix! What’s going on?

  • Michael

    No mobile signal for several days in rm9 area of dagenham, what am I paying for.

  • tahira parveen

    Halifax same too

  • tahira parveen

    Cant make calls or sms only internet data working not happy cant even get through on telephone to sort it

  • Brun Brown

    Can text can’t ring out Leicester

  • Dan O’Keefe

    Derby Oakwood. Can’t make calls

  • Nicky Arnold

    Yes I can’t ring out…. can receive calls… stockport area

  • Carl

    same in the Birmingham area happened the other week as well during the day

  • Jackie Gibbs

    Same in Doncaster

  • Brett

    Same here, can’t make any outgoing calls wont even let me contact Virgin.
    West bromwich area.
    Be nice to know what’s happening

  • Cat Aduriz

    Same in Lincolnshire

  • Tony

    Looks like this is affecting most people. Mine and daughters out going calls is affected.

  • Danny

    Unable to make outgoing calls! Liverpool area

  • Stuart

    Seems like all calls to and from virgin media are down in the Darlaston area. Can’t call them to notify cause that doesn’t work.
    Can’t find a web report for service like they have for tv and internet

  • Marianne

    Can’t make any calls what are virgin mobile doing about this??? my phone won’t even let me call 789!!!

  • Lorelei Pennington

    My pay as you go flip phone stopped working Fri Aug 25, when I try to make a call it shows a message at bottom of phone:call is not completed, out of range! Any one else have this problem?

  • Francis Norris

    No service since Friday morning, 25th Aug. Anyone else got problems in the Mid Somerset area? Virgin told me the problem would be fixed by yesterday.

  • Heidi

    I’ve had no service since last night po5 area please help ?

  • Sarah Simpson

    No service since last night!

  • Adam LeDrew

    Signal out again, third time in a row this week around the same time (10pm), am really close to converting to a new service provider…

  • Neil

    No service in N11 since Saturday 19th August . Go on the signal checker site and there is a generic message saying there are problems in N11 and they will be sorted within 16hrs !!!!

  • Mags Roe

    No sevice not on nerwork cmon virgin

  • Ieva

    No service second day! Wtf Virgin? Sort this out!

  • MEA

    The second day of no service in Scottish Borders. NOT GOOD, Virgin

  • Rachel Gillett

    I’ve had no service since 9.15am this morning. Will i get a refund for the day with out usage. Husband has had perfect service all day and we have been in the same car traveling….

  • Steve Tripp

    No mobile service in Plymouth since this morning. Not sure when it will be back. 20 minute wait to get through on land line to report it.

  • Maureen

    Im in Glasgow, Can’t make outgoing calls since 9am, when will this be resolved?

  • Colin Gourley

    Calls and texts and data down for two days now NOT HAPPY!!

  • Jackcorgi

    still no service in portland oregon since 8-15-17 .
    no 911 service ,no calls,text,web..
    when will this be fixed?

  • babyuk76

    No signal today Yet AGAIN this time in the East Midlands region previously it was Berkshire and Ascot areas…. at first I thought it was my phone then it started to work and now again….

  • Tracy

    No services dose anyone else have the same problem

  • Robin C Dean

    No signal or emergency calls only all today 1st time this has happened in Wr6

  • S iles

    Rang on monday and they said there was an issue with the signal mast. No service since monday rang today and they said that i would have to wait for them to fix it. Surely if people all over the country are having issues its not the local mast? Surely its something to do with virgin itself?

  • Janet Reeve

    No signal today – South Essex area. Usually really good??? Whats going on???

  • Elizabeth Coomber

    Still having extreme mobile signal problems in Sm7 area even standing outside in the middle of a street is having major issues from no network to not even be abe to call customer services and my bill is upto date paid

  • Shelagh Scott

    Epsom too and no signal today.

  • Janet

    I havnt got any in Cornhill either John do you know what the problem is?

  • me

    No reception no my mobile today in area me12 3bg.

  • Ted

    No 3G in WS12

  • John Birtwistle

    No service in Cornhill AB45 2 August

  • Debbie Manley

    Haven’t had signal for two days now – Epsom area.

  • Nj

    second day no mobile service in Reading yet all ok when in Oxford. Sort it out

  • Nj

    Same as

  • elizabeth cooper

    No service in Hamilton area, although WiFi with Sky is connected and signal strength excellent.

  • Hemant Lakhani

    No network on my virginmobile, showing No Service (I am in Bedford)

  • Nj

    No service for my mobile in Reading, my sisters Internet is also down in the same town

  • Yvonne Little

    Poor / intermittent virginmobile connectivity for the last few days. Phone (fully charged) cuts out or fades mid-conversation.
    I’m in W5 area of London. Signal on EE seems to be very low. What is going on Virgin Mobile?

  • Karen Cox

    No network available in Lossiemouth, Moray

  • Yvonne Green

    I am having problems in West Lothian with text messaging and calls. Texts won’t send. Signal on EE seems to be very low.

  • KnittinCrochetIsCool

    Same here Jacqui, I’m in Bamber Bridge and I keep getting no signal.. It comes and goes and like you it’s been happening for a few days now! I rang Virgin and they said there was no problem???

  • Jacqui Burns

    this is the 4th day in preston Lancashire I’ve had no signal rang customer service and they said I was a liar!!! signal comes and goes I get all my text messages coming through at once then nothing for hours.

  • Mary

    No service in Dover, Portsmouth or Devon today! And Virgin Mobile website appears to be out of use too! What is happening Virgin?

  • sam

    No service in G67.Any idea when it woll b fixed?

  • Don T

    Still no service from virgin in Ts14. Getting sick of this
    Thank you Virgin

  • Karen Dawson

    Pleased to report we now have a mobile signal in Guisborough from around midday today. Must have been my threat to cancel my contract 😉

Virgin Mobile Reports

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