Virgin Mobile Down Today?

Virgin Mobile is a provider of mobile phone wireless communications in many countries, so you can make calls in the UK and other countries like United States, Canada, Australia, and more at reduced rates. When there’s no Virgin Mobile signal due to this being down, or when the network hits issues on phone and tablet, then this will end up with complaints from unhappy customers.

While there’s enhancements you can use to increase Virgin Mobile signal like a booster, in most cases you will be on the bad end of a network outage that cannot be solved at your end and will need engineers to fix. You can see status reports from Down Today readers below in regard to no signal, or disruption to Virgin mobile Internet in different regions.

You can reach official Virgin help thanks to a number of contact methods detailed on this page, or leave your complaints about signal problems right now with locations below.

Virgin Mobile Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Virgin Mobile is down today, then reports will be found below.

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2 years ago

My service has been down for days what’s going on with virgin signal used to work good untill the last few days

Pavlito Vel Pablo
2 years ago

No phone signal on my mobile – Virgin. All day, yesterday and today … 🙁

2 years ago

No phone signal on my mobile I’ve restarted my phone takin my sim out and put it back as well as checked my account. Thank god I have internet at home but I’m thinking it might be the storm.

John Cookson
2 years ago

What is going on?

Virgin Telephone has been down nearly all day. Yet there has only been one status confirming downtime by Virgin. They claimed the lines would
be back up at approx 17:55. I received text messages and email say the problem had been fixed at 20:49 but this is a smokescreen as the problem
remains for Bryn, Ashton-in-Makerfield. There is no Dial tone, calls cannot be made nor received. Absolute shambles Virgin!!

elizabeth jarrow
2 years ago

No bars, then bars, then phone not recognised. No incoming or out going calls but i can send texts. Tried to get to live chat website sends you in circles. Checked my account, sim, rebooted phone. Its not me Virgin mobile its you!

2 years ago

im still not recieveing calls i tried to call out whihc worked then i could recieve calls but then less than 24 hours later its happened again

2 years ago

The good news is they told you there is a problem they told me there is no issue and I need to replace SIM card

John Kelly
2 years ago

Yes, my wife & I have the same issue with our phones.

Jimmy Fung
2 years ago

Today I cannot receive any incoming call starting from 11am. But I cannot find anyone putting any comment on the net.Virgin Mobile support team says that is an ongoing issue and I am not the only one who got affected. Is nearly 7hours now and is still not working.

2 years ago

Not registered on network no signal ha8 0aj

2 years ago

No sound on incoming or outgoing calls!

Tony Pittaway
2 years ago

Little or no signal in OX10 9QA. Been like this for 4 weeks now. It was fine before.

2 years ago

Not number not available when calling other networks

Barry Vickers
2 years ago

No signal in Chasetown area WS7 4SG

Peter Kralj
2 years ago

No service in Twickenham for 2 weeks now. They say it’s my house which has been here 110 years. What’s changed? Their customer service cannot help and do not listen.

Terry Limbrick
2 years ago

This service is of late pathetic out going calls no one can hear you been on going for weeks get when’s the likelihood of it being sorted I’m paying for something I can’t use fgs

Mr william rowan
3 years ago

Phone down TD9. Newcastleton.

3 years ago

iPhone 12 – can’t get 5g service

Mr total pissed off
3 years ago

One total pissed off customer after reading about the dodgy batch of purple sim cards that was bricking up everyone’s iPhone,I was intimidated and bullied with letters and txts to insert new sim and my old sim was fine then they cut my services off today for not following there rules and the new sim says no service and is total shit,so will be cancelling all direct debits tommorow at the bank and going with someone who can provide a decent service,and virgin can shove there crap service where the sun don’t shine dodgy cowboys.

Honza Farmer
3 years ago

Crap signal, to no signal in the sa5 area. Two days now!

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