Vodafone Down Today?

Is there a problem with Vodafone network today? There are so many things that can go wrong for a customer, and when problems happen the main ones include Vodafone signal issues, the login page not working or even the network coverage is really poor. Of course there are many other issues that can crop up, and if they do Down Today and other readers would like to read about them.

Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications company operating in multiple countries, including Europe, The Americas, Asia-Pacific as well as Africa and the Middle East. In fact the company now operates in 21 countries as well as having other partners in an additional 40. So no matter what country you are in, if you are on the Vodafone network and experiencing any troubles then list them below.

Down Today is here so others including us can read your problems and also reply to them if need be, so if you are having any Vodafone signal issues or problems with Internet, text messages, voicemail or even if the website being down, please do share your status report.

Vodafone Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Vodafone is down today, then reports will be found below.

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2 years ago

down in norfolk

Sarah Robson
2 years ago

Not working

Andy Liu
2 years ago

Vodafone undergoing maintenance in Orpington? No mobile Internet at the moment.

Tony kent
2 years ago

Vodafone what’s going on how long it going be?

Tony kent
2 years ago

3pm in kent still nothing anyone herd when back on had nothing from Vodafone on there cheak Internet says all working good lol

Samantha Briggs
3 years ago
Reply to  Charles

I also have no signal connection also in Cheshire and Manchester. This is since 8pm yesterday. I again tried checking the network and it states it is at full coverage. That is lies. I am paying for no coverage

4 years ago

Broadband on/off in London. Has been like this for the past 5 days..

Keith Alderson
4 years ago

DH7 Durham down all morning.

Karen Surradge
4 years ago

Down in Berwick since 6pm messaged Vodafone they did network reset and said to switch off and on after 15 mins. Tried that 3 times no luck

4 years ago

Down from morning 9 o clock , no signal at all in Nagpur

Joan Perkins
4 years ago

Down yesterday causing issues seems to be up today so far

4 years ago

No tinternet on home broadband. Been down for a few hours now.

4 years ago

Had problems yesterday in London and today in Cheshire/ Manchester – no connection at all today?! Checked the network coverage by putting in postcodes and it says it is at full coverage – BS!!!!!!!!!!!! Also why does 3G never work anymore??? Before I had 4G, 3G worked fine…..now I have 4G but then if I go down to 3G….3G is basically no signal/connection at all!!!

Martine Hutchinson
4 years ago

Is the network down in the east london area

4 years ago

Vodafone network is down here in Croydon surroundings

Subrata Das
5 years ago

I having the same network problem. Can’t make a call and even cant use the data. from last 45 minutes its network unavailable.

5 years ago

Signal in Warminster is very bad, and has been the last few weeks. Sometimes it comes up with that the network is not recognised.

5 years ago

No Vodafone signal. can,t make or receive any calls and no internet connection since Friday and now is late Tuesday evening, so 5 days now. waiting for very important doctors call and nobody can reach me … so disapointed.

Sanjeev L.
5 years ago

No Vodafone 4g .network coverage in my place. What is the problemproblem?

5 years ago

Broadband down yet again in de561lf.might have to move provider yet again as this is just not good enough

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