Vodafone Problems

Is there a problem with Vodafone network today? There are so many things that can go wrong for a customer, and when problems happen the main ones include Vodafone signal issues, the login page not working or even the network coverage is really poor. Of course there are many other issues that can crop up, and if they do Down Today and other readers would like to read about them.

Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications company operating in multiple countries, including Europe, The Americas, Asia-Pacific as well as Africa and the Middle East. In fact the company now operates in 21 countries as well as having other partners in an additional 40. So no matter what country you are in, if you are on the Vodafone network and experiencing any troubles then list them below.

Down Today is here so others including us can read your problems and also reply to them if need be, so if you are having any Vodafone signal issues or problems with Internet, text messages, voicemail or even if the website being down, please do share your status report.

Vodafone Status insight for Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

If Vodafone is down today, then reports will be found below.

Vodafone Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • OldManBrook

    Broadband on/off in London. Has been like this for the past 5 days..

  • Keith Alderson

    DH7 Durham down all morning.

  • Karen Surradge

    Down in Berwick since 6pm messaged Vodafone they did network reset and said to switch off and on after 15 mins. Tried that 3 times no luck

  • Avi

    Down from morning 9 o clock , no signal at all in Nagpur

  • Joan Perkins

    Down yesterday causing issues seems to be up today so far

  • Diddle

    No tinternet on home broadband. Been down for a few hours now.

  • Charles

    Had problems yesterday in London and today in Cheshire/ Manchester – no connection at all today?! Checked the network coverage by putting in postcodes and it says it is at full coverage – BS!!!!!!!!!!!! Also why does 3G never work anymore??? Before I had 4G, 3G worked fine…..now I have 4G but then if I go down to 3G….3G is basically no signal/connection at all!!!

  • Martine Hutchinson

    Is the network down in the east london area

  • Emma

    Vodafone network is down here in Croydon surroundings

  • Subrata Das

    I having the same network problem. Can’t make a call and even cant use the data. from last 45 minutes its network unavailable.

  • Jayne

    Signal in Warminster is very bad, and has been the last few weeks. Sometimes it comes up with that the network is not recognised.

  • Inga

    No Vodafone signal. can,t make or receive any calls and no internet connection since Friday and now is late Tuesday evening, so 5 days now. waiting for very important doctors call and nobody can reach me … so disapointed.

  • Sanjeev L.

    No Vodafone 4g .network coverage in my place. What is the problemproblem?

  • killercabbage

    Broadband down yet again in de561lf.might have to move provider yet again as this is just not good enough

  • Tee

    No Vodafone phone network in Eltham SE London. It has been down for an hour now…

  • Covargo

    service signal very bad here in Gosport wasn’t like this 4 days ago.

  • William Donelson

    Broadband out 7 hours south London

  • poonam yadav

    it’s very sad that Vodafone network not working from yesterday and got loss the important calls due to that i think i have to change the network now

  • Liliana

    Cannot get connection to 4g or 3G in London nw1 area for 2 days – only via Wi-fi can I do anything

  • Alma

    What’s going on with Vodaphone!!! Initially cant get wifi to other areas of the house and now, total no network!!!! Any work being carried out as no advice. Please tesolve ASAP as in dire need!

  • Ben

    Vodafone internet is not stable …it sucks better get other sim

  • Steven

    I am located in Carlisle and got no Vodafone network at all.

  • hilly

    am surprised nothing on here but vodafone Sure signal has been down for two days now. Should be fixed by end of day.

  • Steve

    I’m in Portsmouth area,network is down,can Vodafone sort out the problem instead of Vodafone blaming it on my handset,I managed to speak to three people from Vodafone yesterday,the first I spoke said there was a problem and then I got cut off,managed to get back in contact with them and then tried to tell me there was no issue…. Vodafone stop telling lies and sort out the issue….

  • Mim

    Not been able to connect since around 3.30 pm today, Vodafone get your act together!! Maybe you should compensate customers instead of increasing their monthly payment

  • anima kana

    What’s wrong with vodaphone. I am from London. From yesterday I can’t call anywhere. Pls try to fix the problem ASAP. Thanks

  • Kumar Priyabrata Samantaray

    I have no Vodafone network ,no signal only showing emergency calls only since today morning in my area of BHUBANESWAR ,Odisha pls solve the issue quickly ….

  • Prasanth samuel

    Is there a problem with vodafone network today ?

  • Prasanth samuel

    There is a problem with the network

  • Kirk Farndale

    No broudband and emergency services only on phones.since last night.anyone else got this?

  • Aparajita Datta

    no internet from past two days near iiest shibpur campus..botanic garden post office area..pin -711103

  • Tracey jane

    Has anyone else had no service today??? From 9.30am to 5.50 pm I’ve had no mobile Vodafone service and have missed an important phone call,,also the last couple of days txts not being received for sometimes up to an hour after they’ve been sent to me,,,so annoying

  • Jit sur chowdhury

    Network is very poor to my house no internet connect baishali colony thakurani chak samabaya pally bally howrah 711205 pls help

  • Jane Sam Clark

    Home broadband intermittent all day driving everyone crazy

  • Boo

    No Service since 18.55 tonight. What is going on Vodafone?! Tried turning on and off several times and signal comes back on for seconds then disappears and NO Service again!!!!! Very annoying….

  • Janeth

    My phone has no coverage whole day today. What’s wrong vodafone? When can this be fixed?

  • Lindsey

    I will try to make a phone call, I will be put through but then shortly cut off due to having ‘no service’ & ‘no sim card’. This is strange as I would have service & seconds after being cut off, my phone would go back to normal but then proceed to do it again. This would happen when I use my phone in general. I have had this problem for the past week, I’ve tried restarting my phone about 10 times, still no new results. Is anyone else having this issue, or is there anyone who may know the cause & solution please?

  • David Walton

    No Vodafone service since Tuesday lunchtime. Loss of service has been a common problem of late.

  • Charlene Cooke

    No signal for last few days getting fed up now

  • rinku pal

    So solve this matter.

  • rinku pal

    9984064519, This nu,ber is not working today with vodafone.

  • Peter Austin

    MK18 2BF continues getting “no service” on mobile yet V. deny this because coverage map show that there is a signal in MK18 . . . which is true on the main road about 200 metres away. Not in my house or garden or neighbours’ though. Yet three weeks ago there was a perfect signal every day!!

  • Shaun

    Nr14 Poringland signal issue for two days now. Either a fault or a transmitter change is guess.

  • Alma Karma

    Since yesterday evening around 7 pm to till today … It shows “NO NETWORK” … I try manual searching & it shows error … I tried everything : Switching off , tried automatic searching , reinserting the sim & tlalso tried the sim on my other phone … Yet it shows “NO NETWORK” …. whyyyyyyy …. Yesterday till 7 pm it was working fine … I was using my 4G internet also … But now …
    Please Help me !!!!!

  • Pat Orton

    I’ve had terrible signal issues for about 3 or 4 months here in Norolk. I get one bar or none. I can’t always send or receive texts or calls and getting no joy from Vodafone. As other networks signals are pretty poor in this area, theres no point of me having a mobile phone!

  • Nils

    Hi Team,
    Serious issue with Vodaphone network @Sus, Pashan area in Pune. A month back it was smooth and having good range. What happen to Vodaphone. Is it because any system failure in Vodaphone servers? Very disappointing. During the peak Diwali session we do not have internet and call connectivity.

    Vodaphone needs to update their users if any issues. I am planning to shift to other network.

  • Jo

    No signal at all on Vodafone for past hour South Yorkshire

  • Faye Peters

    Is Vodafone down? Other half is at work, in Birmingham, im pregnant, expecting tomorrow and he cant get any signal, just saying emergency calls and wont let him ring or anyone ring him? He’s worried about getting home and not having any contact if there was anything to happen.

  • Zaneta

    Have no data since 3 days. it is a joke for that money I pay..

  • N Yonow

    Nightmare. No mobile signal for more than one week now. Swansea, south wales. Phone says no SIM ?! can’t even select another network.

  • Kath Cooper

    Got the same in north norfolk

  • Meirion Jones

    Ive had no signal in pontygwaith CF433LA for 2 days so far its shocking i need my phone for buisness purposes voda phone are sharp enough to take my standing order off me for the 3 phones i got on my account not an email to appolgise about the signal loss ive only been with them for 18 years soon as its up and running i will change my network provider

  • David shepherdson

    Have had no signal for two days now my last conversation was Monday around 11pm Porth south Wales my parents was going home from a visit so I can’t get in touch with them to find out if thay got home safe

  • Tracy

    No service for two days. Watlington, Oxfordshire.

  • Peter

    In Faringdon, Oxfordshire

  • Peter

    No home internet for 2 days, hours spend on hold waiting for advisor and never even get through.

  • megan

    Can’t make calls, “not registered on network” showing. East of Exeter. Texts going out occasionally.

  • Susan Chadwick

    still no signal on phone in areas of Thetford, and at home, what is happening

  • Emma

    Is abyone mobile app not working today as I’m not on WiFi and still not working

  • Mandy Wood

    still no signal today are you working on fixing it

  • Mukund Jambhale

    facing alots of vadafone issue while using internet, text messages in old vodafone sim since 2 days but bought new vodafone sim its working. plz suggest me what do i do for old sim… is there need to to take new sim on replace of old sim. kindly let me know.

  • Andrew Hendry

    No service for three days no one can give me an answer customer services again it’s like pulling your hair out worse than usless

  • Sweta

    Internet is down and the network is fluctuating. Please fix the problem asap

  • Steve Titterton

    None or very poor signal in North Scarle Lincolnshire over the past three month’s what is the problem

  • Katie L

    Not been able to access 2345 customer services on PAYG all day!!!! Shocking!

  • Sarah

    No signal since 7pm yesterday in London…just went off suddenly???

  • jason g

    Why are online chat and extras bundle options unavailable … I cannot get online … Ridiculous !!!

  • Frank Ewins

    No signal / can’t make calls in Bournemouth today or last 2 days?

  • Dave Sandland

    No Vodaphone signal in Barton under Needwood, Staffordshire this morning????

  • Sai Jayanth

    No signal in Qatar Vodafone network from past 36 hours

  • Fatin

    No signal in Qatar since morning. It’s 11pm now and I need to do a lots of stuff. Hurry up mannnnn…..

  • George

    Since early morning there is no Vodafone signal in qatar

  • no signal in qatar since early morning it is 2pm

  • Id Khan

    Network Problem in Qatar Today.

  • Where I live, in Croxley Green Herts, I have to outside to take and make calls… my kids are on 02 and have no problems

  • Amira

    I cant make or received calls but i can still use data and send messages.

  • MP

    Was on hold to 191 for 37 minutes and have up. Called back and message says they can’t take my call due to an emergency. Terrible customer service. Why am I not receiving proactive comma from VF letting me know there is an issue, what part of the service is impacted, and for how long. Sick of it. Data and network has been dropping all day. I was calling to sort out a renewal but forget it, never again!

  • alan curson

    Hi I live in Catfield nr295aa had no signal all day what’s worng please Mr curson PS my wife has the same problem

  • Teresa horrell

    On my phone it’s telling me no service I can’t ring out is there a problem my post code is SA133HR help

  • Karen

    Internet down PA23

  • Margaret Whatmough

    No mobile network in LA2. It has been intermittent for 2 days now but mainly down. Can anyone explain why?

  • Ckabir

    No network for W42SA. Apparently they are working on the 4G network!!

  • Ckabir

    No network for W42SA Vodafone says there is work on the 4G network!! No warninng nothing!!

  • Michael Mayhew

    Quick-a signal from vodafone.Better send some texts.Too risky to actually phone anyone.Reminds me of EDF,who put our constant power cut offs down to crows on the line.Presumably,crows with one leg long enough to reach the ground.When will we get a government that sorts these shysters out?

  • Michael Mayhew

    Yet again no reception in nr12 and still they wont admit they are conning the public into buying a crappy Chinese amplifier.Thats why they have purposely switched the signal off all over the UK.Vodafone—you are the pits.

  • Jeff

    CF43 2BZ Aberporth in Ceredigion. Network unavailable for Vodafone voice calls for June 2 and today June 3. Please let me know if the network is down and if so when It be rectified.

  • Lee

    Hi have no signal at home in Aberporth West Wales for text/calls is there a problem. Worked OK between 7am and 8am.

  • Chrys

    Had problems from lunchtime onwards, texts not able to be sent, no signal. Northamptonshire area

  • Julie Speakman

    LN11, Lincolnshire postcode.. Zero signal, unable to even send a text. Was in ME1, Medway Kent this morning and same problem there two.. During a live chat with Vodafone they claim to have sent me two texts with a code, so as to verify my details, still not arrived, even after driving through 5 counties!!! Very poor indeed. I have a sure signal box at home as I live in a rural area, but still no signal.

  • Hilary

    I and another subscriber from the DG3 postcode have had no mobile signal for almost 24 hours now. It’s a rural area and mobiles are important, please can you get this sorted Vodafone?

  • Grant Dodds

    No broadband off a day

  • Jennifer smith

    No mobile phone signal as from Monday 23/05/2017 in bouth La12 8je

  • Kath Cooper

    No signal for over a week in north Norfolk not a clue what’s going on !

  • An

    haven’t had a mobile signal for the last 8 hours in the Southampton area. Even have a booster here at my place that is actually working fine but no possibility to do calls or send messages.

  • GK

    I work for a communication provider and we’ve had continual issues all day with people on the Vodafone network calling certain landline numbers, calling SIP lines and accessing 4G

  • Kath Cooper

    Have no mobile service in the NR12 area

  • Paul

    No connection all day . Only use from wifi when at home

  • Courtney

    I have no mobile signal is vodafone down ?

  • Neil anderson

    In belfast no signal or service

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