WhatsApp Down Today?

The most common problems with WhatsApp Messenger when it goes down, will normally be related to the apps server connection, sign in, or sending and receiving of messages/photos and with millions of users around the world keeping in contact with friends and family on a daily occurrence using their Android, Windows or Apple devices, you can imagine that it can leave people feeling rather frustrated.

WhatsApp Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If WhatsApp is down today, then reports will be found below.

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James mercy
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Collings

I suggest you contact @dionysus_helios on Instagram he can help you recover your account, he once helped me regain access back to my account…I believe he’s a professional in account recovery.

Tony Collings
2 years ago

My whatsapp service was blocked on 4th Jan with a message that my version was out of date. I was invited to download an update but each time I try I receive a message to try again. This has been ongoing now for several hours

2 years ago

W app still down. Any updates when it will be on again

Jezza Tubb
2 years ago

total rubbish now not very reliable sent message to Columbia 25 mins ago nothing

3 years ago

Whatsapp stopped working on all 4 phones in the house 30min ago?

3 years ago

WhatsApp’s started
down loading and stopped and will not down any further.

3 years ago

Since WhatsApp update 2.20.52 the app is not working like it should on my iPhone, anyone else have issues?

Muhammad Saleem
4 years ago

We are having a problems with receive and send any photos , audio and video but it’s not uploading could you please sort out and help me out from this thank you

4 years ago

I am in the UK. My WhatsApp is also not working right. I can’t accept any pictures or voice messages today. Most odd.

4 years ago

Im also in the UK too and Whats App is down for me. I’m not able to receive any messages or even download any media. It’s a bit strange, especially as Facebook and Instagram are down today to.

4 years ago

Is there an issue with Whatsapp in the UK today? It was working this morning, but suddenly stopped.

susi senta
4 years ago

See -game of thrones ses8- only on this site.

black ace
4 years ago

Is whats/app down in Stockholm in Sweden

5 years ago

The frustrations today because of Facebook newsfeed issues and now WhatsApp to go with it. Cannot log in on my iPhone 8, messages are not being delivered.

5 years ago

I got strong internet connection yet I cannot send WhatsApp messages or photos.

Zachary Power
5 years ago

Really good. It is useful for all travelling lovers. Thanks for sharing it. There are many apps but only few are the best weather it is iOS or Android. Example garageband on windows, iMessage for PC and facetime for pc.

Saanvi Royal
5 years ago

I have not faced any issues which you commented below. Till now it is working fine for me.

gilles micas
5 years ago

since yesterday, july 8th, it has been impossible to call or receive calls from Sweden.
‘connexion en cours…………………………………………………’

no problems with the chat.

6 years ago

Phone service video down suddenly tonight to other countries. What is going on?

Dee Mihajlovic
6 years ago

And support team is USELESS

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