WhatsApp Problems

The most common problems with WhatsApp Messenger when it goes down, will normally be related to the apps server connection, sign in, or sending and receiving of messages/photos and with millions of users around the world keeping in contact with friends and family on a daily occurrence using their Android, Windows or Apple devices, you can imagine that it can leave people feeling rather frustrated.

WhatsApp Status insight for Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

If WhatsApp is down today, then reports will be found below.

WhatsApp Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    Since WhatsApp update 2.20.52 the app is not working like it should on my iPhone, anyone else have issues?

  • Muhammad Saleem

    We are having a problems with receive and send any photos , audio and video but it’s not uploading could you please sort out and help me out from this thank you

  • sharon

    I am in the UK. My WhatsApp is also not working right. I can’t accept any pictures or voice messages today. Most odd.

  • Tony

    Im also in the UK too and Whats App is down for me. I’m not able to receive any messages or even download any media. It’s a bit strange, especially as Facebook and Instagram are down today to.

  • ri

    Is there an issue with Whatsapp in the UK today? It was working this morning, but suddenly stopped.

  • susi senta

    See -game of thrones ses8- only on this site.

  • black ace

    Is whats/app done in Stockholm in Sweden

  • Hayley

    The frustrations today because of Facebook newsfeed issues and now WhatsApp to go with it. Cannot log in on my iPhone 8, messages are not being delivered.

  • Tina

    I got strong internet connection yet I cannot send WhatsApp messages or photos.

  • I have not faced any issues which you commented below. Till now it is working fine for me.

  • gilles micas

    since yesterday, july 8th, it has been impossible to call or receive calls from Sweden.
    ‘connexion en cours…………………………………………………’

    no problems with the chat.

  • Tammy

    Phone service video down suddenly tonight to other countries. What is going on?

  • Dee Mihajlovic

    And support team is USELESS

  • Dee Mihajlovic

    I cannot do anything with it!!!

  • Herny

    I can’t open the Whatsapp B. Please help me. Last night, I can use it. This morning, I can’t open the whatsapp B. Thanks.

  • Sathiyamurthy

    We are now addicts to …..WhatsApp
    Just think a while
    Relationships etc.,
    are just taken away by WhatsApp
    Instead of complaining the app services let us take an oath that
    To use our
    Relationship etc.,
    Constructively and live our LIFE
    Peacefully and
    Joyfully with out disturbing self and others.
    With Love and Gratitude


  • on new year night the whatsapp completely down what is the exact problem happen? thanks for the post.

  • Martin

    Any ideal when it may be working again

  • Chris

    I was informed that my Whatsapp became obsolete on 4/1/18. Instructed to uninstall app and reinstall through Google Play. I went through all the hoops, but nothing has happened, despite going through the process several times.

  • prinno black

    completely down in Nairobi Kenya

  • Skittles

    Down in Manchester

  • Sergio Bergamini

    Down in Brazil too

  • Lynda Sebire

    Down in Leeds also. Been very inconsistent recently.

  • Nati


  • Steve

    Whatsapp is down in Kuwait

  • Jacinda English

    Whatsapp gone down in London are today 10th November.

  • Wasia

    What’s up is down in Germany too

  • Ronald

    whatsapp is down in south africa as well

  • sheryn

    Whatsapp down in Msia already at least 40 min ago ๐Ÿ™

  • Emma

    It down in Western Australia too. im in Perth

  • Gaurav Kumar

    in india to its down..

  • Gaurav Kumar

    its not working india too.

  • Garry B.

    Whatsapp is down in Spain at the moment

  • Chloe

    is it down in england?

  • Rene Griesel

    Is whatsapp currently down in South Africa?

  • Gina

    Is WhatsApp not working today in the Philippines. I send messages yo my friend no reply from yesterday morning

  • chris

    same problem happens to me

  • Olivia Davies

    My 4g is working but my messages on whatsapp aren’t being dleievered, anyone know if whatsapp is down?

  • Amanda Heath

    I can call in UK using WhatsApp but it will not connect to my boyfriend in Malaysia ,had no problem until yesterday

  • Angelique Gittings

    Hiya my friend is receiving message okay but when she reads them their is big spaces between each word and the sentence can anyone help. Not sure why it has done it.

  • Kate Bradbury

    Is WhatsApp working in the Philippines?No reply or messages read for 36hours

  • Ida Mae Bennett

    Was Whatsapp not working in Pakistan on August 5 2017

  • Abubakr soomro

    Sudden down issues means app gone stooped.

  • Miss Valerie Pemberton

    Is Watts App working in Dublin. Sending messages but only 1 tick showing for more than 24 hrs now. Tried ringing my friend but no answer

  • Akshay

    I have problem with whatsapp as is continuously stopped ND showing unfortunately stopped I did uninstall and again downloaded the old version but still the problem persists the same pose help me out I rather clears my data ND cached but not working

  • Julie

    Is whatsapp working


    Not working in scotland

  • Khaled

    WHats app not working in dubai ..

  • Hayley

    Mine isn’t

  • Julie Howell

    Is whatsapp working properly

  • tracy richards

    Whatsapp problem in Senegal today 8-5-2017….

  • Sushi

    WhatsApp loads and can write a message, but doesn’t send and can not received any messages. Using One Plus mobile and based in Sheffield, UK. Thank you.

  • Sara

    Solved in Bahrain

  • Jyotsna .

    It’s fixed now! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jus

    It’s working รขหœยบ

  • Delis Meta Tiana

    When I woke up I saw it was connecting and timer indicator on the chat screen means the message couldnt be delivered, whtsapp is the most apps I use everyday, please get fixed soon:(. Down from Jakarta Indonesia

  • A man

    Are you down on your luck too?

  • Haider khan

    Its says *our service is experiencing a problem right now*

  • sophie

    When will it start working again?

  • Sara

    Not working in Bahrain .

  • A man

    Down on my luck

  • Jason Trueman

    Watsapp down sayin connecting in Dudley West Midlands

  • Mirta Osorio

    Relax everybody. Let’s make use of other connections. This is not the end of the world. Love, peace and hugs.

  • Mirta Osorio

    down in London but I only noticed a while ago. 11 p.m.

  • TT

    Also down in norway, with the same connecting message. Seems a worldwide problem then.

  • Chez

    Whatsapp down in portsmouth Hampshire UK

  • Jyotsna

    It’s 3.30 am in india right now and my WhatsApp is showing connecting. What’s happening??

  • Toby

    All get is ‘connecting’, and its been like this for the past 6 hours whats going on? Fix it please bloody hell. London, Eng.

  • Freddie

    Yeah well its still better than yours and cheaper as well

  • kiwi

    Lincoln, UK WhatsApp down since about 9pm

  • Marco Colalelli

    ahahahahahaha XD, mine as well!

  • G

    I thought south Africa only had potato internet

  • Freddie

    Its down in South Africa as well, won’t send or receive with Wi-Fi or data

  • Mini moo

    London Just keeps say connecting

  • G

    Tinder still works

  • Umang

    Down in India from 2.15am local time… Can a whatapp team update when will this be fixed thank you

  • kswiss

    Down in Bristol, UK- just says connecting with both 4G and wifi. tried to reset phone etc and nothing has worked

  • G

    My WhatsApp is still working so must just be you peeps.all my hos whatsapps still working too

  • G

    You know you can be a honky and still hung like a donkey

  • Matt

    WhatsApp broken all over the world

  • Enux

    Down in Casablanca Morocco, and i guess all around the world.

  • Sarah

    Down in Coventry uk need it please sort it

  • Chantelle Wren

    Just keeps coming up connecting,, Scotland

  • Bea

    whatsapp dies and we all default to facebook

  • Craig

    hmm Wonder if this is when the master decryption key gets put into the system to prevent incidents like London?

  • Yenis

    In Miami and it’s down too! When this will be solved???

  • Sunny

    Me whatsapp is not connecting. While mine internet is working ?

  • Clare

    Down in wales

  • Jenny

    WhatsApp is down and its hitting the news everywhere. I am not able to send or recieve messages, its like the app has locked down.

  • Bea

    apparantly due to a huge update gone wrong…
    hope they can fix this soon

  • anonoymous

    whatsapp is down
    we are anonymous
    we don’t forgive
    we don’t forget
    expect us.. B) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dwight

    WhatsApp down from Indonesian,

  • Sally midmore

    Down in tolworth surrey u.k

  • Kris

    Yeah whatsapp keeps saying ‘Connecting…’ server must be down. At least for 20 minutes already

  • Down in Malta

  • Bea

    South Africa and it is down here too.
    When you realize you cannot live without it….

  • Anonymous

    WhatsApp is down all over the world.
    We are anonymous

  • Thais

    Im in germany and its down too..

  • Lisa Michelle Lowe

    No wassap keeps saying connecting

  • M31666

    WhatsApp is down in Wiltshire , when will this issue be resolved?

  • Linz Davies

    My WhatsApp went down in the Rhondda Valley Wales while I was talking to my partner n why was the reason it’s gone down at 21.36 Wednesday 3rd May 2017 when will it be resolved please

  • Random person

    so I have a problem about an hour ago I received a massage from my friend (A) then I logged out from Whatsapp and after a few minutes I logged in to answer my friend (A) but I noticed the massage was not from friend (A) but it was from other friend (B) and I am 100% the massage was from friend (A). can that be a glitch ? or no?. please answer.

  • Kriss

    have the same problem. If phone is restarted, it works, but after a while, the same problem ๐Ÿ™

  • Vivian Katherine Firestone

    Whatsapp is not working well since yesterday April 24th in Brazil and still having issues today April 25th

  • Julie Walker

    Thanks for replying Chris. The issue still hasn’t been resolved

  • Chris James

    Im having the same issues, i just googled to see if there was a problem and came across your post

  • Julie Walker

    Is anyone having problems with whatsapp today? Some of my contacts show last seen some don’t

  • Ceri Crozier

    Messages were first taking a long time to be delivered and now aren’t being delivered at all. UK. iPhone.

  • mycotoxicity


  • murielle

    The app is being ruined. Can’t see any contacts now. Instead there is pointless ‘status’. The worst update ever!


    When whatsapp added the ‘status’ function today they got rid of the contact section which has all contacts that have whatsapp making people send messages to new chats the hard way

  • Abiola

    Good morning,for like two days I wanted to make WhatsApp call from Nigeria to sint maarten, the only response I see it, it will show connecting but I couldn’t hear any word from my friend in sint maarten

  • Mark Houghton

    Woke to the fact that What’s App has disappeared off my phone. Attempting to reload, it gets to 66% then stalls. It then attempts to install what it’s loaded, but quickly returns a ‘Can’t install: error code 11’. Mark-H UK

  • Leo

    Yeah buds , have same issued too. Its really annoying !!

  • Zhai

    After an update it says need to ne installed again and after reinstalling it cant be installed code error-11.Anyway report from philippines

  • MirzaMa

    not work in Pakistan in today

  • sharvish cheekhoory

    hey can i know what you did to fix that problem?
    Having the same problem ๐Ÿ™

  • Frikandel_Kroket

    I like to use their app for OSX when I am working at the laptop or iMac. The app is crashing and their website’s link to the most recent build is blank. No file there.

  • Ademola

    My whatsapp is not working after requesting for update. Please what can I do

  • fuddledede

    been unable to use phone or PC app since Thursday. Getting serious now
    What’s ‘appening? Where are the updates on the issue?

  • Alpha

    Unable to connect whatsapp since last night. Me and my wife both cannot connect.

  • Terence Sanderson

    Hi, having trouble messaging my wife. Didn’t happen until recently, the message goes (one tick) but she does not receive it. I don’t have this problem with anyone else. We are on different networks but then so are my other contacts, any clues?

  • Sherein Bansal

    Hi, Mine too. Is there a solution??

  • lily

    Whatsapp is not opening after updating it
    on my lumia phone

  • Elena

    I can’t download WhatsApp and Facebook apps to my iPhone

  • kkk

    Whatsapp is down. Messages cannot be sent nor received. location – Spain

  • Loqueris

    Whatsapp has disappeared from my apps today! Where has it gone?

  • Subhro Goswami

    WhatsApp isn’t opening since yesterday night till today.

  • Umar Tariq

    WhatsApp is not working

  • Anand

    Whatsapp Issue Just resolved after installation of today update(June 3,2016) version 2.16.6

  • Anand

    Whatsapp Not working for iphone 5S. Deepa suggestion does not work for me. White Screen coming then blank. get stuck. Issue started after Whatsapp update.

  • jerry รขโ‚ฌล“shintmarfakaรขโ‚ฌย addo

    it worked thanx deepa

  • Jayesh Bafna

    Pls give some ideas for solve these problems

  • Jayesh Bafna

    Yes adam i have same problem.

  • Jayesh Bafna

    Yes…screen is getting white only.i am formating my phone also but no result.

  • Adam Jones

    I have iphone 6, this morning whats app is showing a white scree, tried Deepa’s suggestion, does not work, anyone else seeing same as me??

  • Kundan Patil

    There is a particular message which is crashing WhatsApp on Iphone 6 ans 6S
    The message is read properly on Android but crashes WhatsApp on Iphone.
    “Please Click, ๐Ÿ™‚ U will See Something, click here for More………..This is 1st June”

  • Naushad

    Whatsap not working properly in my i phone

  • Neha Singh

    That worked, thank u!!

  • sam

    Thanks Deepa, that was perfect..worked for me.

  • Deepa

    I’ve sorted this issue now on a discussion thread st apple website . Try the steps below . Application seems to be hanging which needs to be closed
    Try these steps, hope it will help:
    1. Check WhatsApp Update: Open App Store from your iPhone, tap Updates, check if the app needs update.
    2. Restart your iPhone: hold down the Sleep/Wake button to power it off and turn it on.
    3. Close the app: Open Multitasking by double pressing the Home button, swipe the non-response apps up to close it.
    4. Go to Settings, tap Whatsapp, tap switch off everything except mobile data and notofications.
    5. Come back to home screen and open whatsapp.
    6. Go to Settings,tap Whatsapp and switch on everything back.
    7. Open whatsapp again. It should work now.

  • imran hussain

    Yes I have same problem , I am using I phone – 5

  • Deepa

    Cannot open whatsapp after the 31st may update . Anyone having similar issues ?

  • julinda

    hello, i have the same problem so today before updating whatsapp worked fine, after i updated it wont open , :((((

  • sazzy

    Just downloaded the latest update and now I can’t connect to whatsapp, just get the green page. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and rebooted my Nokia 900, still nothing. Is this a Nokia issue or whatsapp?? Irritated, in Devon

  • Winston Moses

    After last update it doesn’t work at all.Reinstalling didnt help. I am using Nokia Lumia 710.


    I m using Lumia 800 and since last update on Friday 20th. May 2016, my WhatsApp is hung and nor logged in. Is there any problem with Windows users or its general problem with all users? Can any body helps when it will work

  • John

    After last update (i updated it today) it doesn’t work at all.Reinstalling didnt help. I am using Nokia Lumia 710,and my connection is very good.

  • Michel MRAD


  • Michel MRAD

    on my nokia lumia 920 , whatsapp doesn’t work !!! i uninstall and reinstall many times and the problem isn’t resolved! someone can help me?

  • Sophie Hunt

    Wouldnt connect, deleted and re dowloaded the app now I can’t log in. Great

  • Zayn

    its working again

  • Niki Gordon Chalklin

    What phone do you have

  • Laura

    Won’t connect, down in Corwall, UK.

  • Daniella

    Mine keeps doing this as well xx

  • Jen

    My phone keeps saying ‘connecting’. Wifi is fine. Deleted it, now can even connect at all. When will this get sorted?!

  • Niki Gordon Chalklin

    I thought it was me, mines gone down but everything else works

  • Ashley

    Mine keeps connecting and I have internet and everything else works! When will it be fixed?!

  • Diane Lovatt

    What is an exclamation mark in a red circle ?

  • Mushtaq Ahmed Quraishi

    my messages are not being received/delivered since yesterday evening very frustrating

  • Lorraine

    I tried reinstalling whatsapp, restarting my phone, checking through whatsapp web. But none of these worked.

  • Lorraine

    I can’t receive pictures or message from my group chat on my andriod phone.The last message that I receive is on 30/4/2016. From singapore

  • Imran

    i can’t send pics and videos since 4 days from whatsapp, i don’t know what is the problem, i find some issue and try to remove but i failed

  • Kyle

    Apparently I rang my partner 12 times and I have no call logs to prove it and she said that people shouted stuff down my phone and they didn’t do you think my whatsapp has been hacked

  • Karen

    Last spoke to my friend in Glasgow today at 12:30pm. I live in MD. USA. It’s now almost 4:00pm and still no messages delivered.

  • RZ

    Msges not being delivered and received in Malaysia since yesterday.

  • shaun goodwin

    Calling problem as soon as screen goes asleep loose connection please help

  • nys299

    I cannot send messages in Singapore for 2 days already. Also cannot connect to whatsapp web.

  • denise

    Whatsapp is down in England/ Wales ๐Ÿ™

  • Lilly

    I am a iPhone user and live in Waterloo , Ontario . My whatsapp downloads the audio files but I can’t play them. The play button is inactive for last five days. I don’t know what to do?

  • Ian

    Since latest update on Mar 1, app keeps closing down after 2 to 3 seconds, even after uninstalling and re-installing on iPhone 6 (Singapore)

  • Colin

    I have updated WhatsApp on iPhone 4 on March 1,2016 London, England. When I open it, the WhatsApp is stuck on 100% optimizing. I’m not going past this stage. What’s happening?

  • Pankaj

    What s app window keeps self shutting on iPhone 6

  • Rini Bakx

    Whatsapp is down in Panama

  • Swamp

    Whattsapp keep telling me my date and time are incorrect but when I adjust it, it still doesn’t allow me access.

  • Mahesh

    My no 8586878333 is no longer allowed to use our service plzz help me

  • rajat panigrahy

    my keyboard stop functioning .. when i type anything it doesnot show..
    just HANG….
    give a new update

  • Hopes

    Back up in Singapore! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Rathish Vijay

    down in India.. since 20 minutes

  • arjun

    down in india

  • Anindya Biswas

    Down in Singapore

  • Julia

    Down in Panama

  • Symphony

    Down in singapore?!

  • Cristina

    down in Panama. What’s going on with whatsapp?

  • Ziehao Hor

    Down in singapore.. working again after 1 hour

  • Lydia Wanjiku

    Down in Kenya

  • blessy

    Down in Kuwait

  • krishna

    lucky @disqus_jNQ4iJAuCM:disqus

  • V.Lila

    Down in Belgrade, Serbia.

  • Jamal

    Down In Birmingham, UK

  • Summer

    Down in Asia

  • Kirsten

    Down in Keighley, UK

  • Rinku Jain

    working in Narwana , distt-Jind,(Haryana) INDIA 126116

  • Vickeyy

    Down in India

  • Georgio Yiakoumi

    down in Manchester UK

  • Vs

    Down in Bay Area, CA

  • Carlson

    Down in Los Angeles, USA

  • carmen

    Down in Bolivia… ๐Ÿ™

  • Kol

    Down in toronto

  • Farik Carrascal

    down in colombia

  • Les Bonbons

    Down in Malta

  • Venla

    Down in Finland. Again.

  • sajan

    Down in Kuwait huh

  • Saad

    Back online in London

  • ashanti

    Down in Jamaica

  • Ermen

    Down in Toronto, Canada

  • Saad

    Down in London UK

  • Robin

    Down in London

  • Arden Djaja


  • T24k

    Down in ATL GA USA

  • Deep

    Down In Birmingham uk

  • Jane Asala

    Down !!! Sweden.

  • Ian Richmond

    down again

  • Ian Richmond

    working now

  • Penchaud

    Down in Berkshire puddy moni lun

  • Tipo Bangs


  • Prashant Desai

    Down in India also..

  • fatty

    WhatsApp down in Maidenhead

  • Iris

    Same in India ๐Ÿ™

  • Emilia

    Same problem in Finland.

  • Nissrine

    Whatsapp is down in Amsterdam too.

  • Ian Richmond

    no connection in essex

  • Jiaxi Hoo

    Singapore also

  • Johnn

    same here in essex

  • Enrico M.

    Connection down in Italy. Confirmed as well as every other app works on my phone.

  • Atul V

    Same here in India.

  • Sarah

    connection down in Malaysia

  • Garry

    There is no connection in London, and i wanted to know if this was global so called my friend in Belgium and he said its down there as well.

  • Clive

    I am in Latvia and WhatsApp is not working for me.

  • Mary

    WhatsApp has gone down, I cannot access it at all and tried so many times in the last 30 minutes.

  • Tracey

    Whatsapp gone down in Bristol to

  • Dhruti Shah

    WhatsApp down in Panama… cannot send or receive messages

  • Nariko Okawa

    i am experiencing that as well! (singapore)

  • Nariko Okawa

    Whatsapp group text messages are not sending – for those experiencing the same problem – sending voice messages works for now. but not text msgs

  • Channu Nambiar

    Messages are not delivered on group chat. Images are delivered on group chat. Messages are delivered on private chat as well. It comes up with a timer and never gets delivered and later it comes up with a read exclamation mark. Is anyone experiencing this issue? I have emailed what’s app to resolve this.

  • raul

    messages are not being delivered to Nicaragua nor anywhere international… it only shows a check mark

  • Jessica Janene

    Okay so when messages are delivered there are 2 ticks and when the messages are read it goes blue well when the other person is online the ticks are not going blue and also we are losing some of our conversations and some of the messages aren’t getting delivered.

  • Chelsea Lucas

    Messages are not being delivered!!!!Only one checkmark and I’ve checked everything

  • Paul Ellis

    I can send and receive messages ok, but not pictures. This has been a problem for a few days now. London and Birmingham UK

  • chiu calvin

    I am living in South Australia Adelaide.My phone is HM Note1.I cannot call anyone using whatsapp call.When i try to call there are no sounds at all and also it say that couldn’t place a call and make sure your phone has an internet connection and try again.No one can receive my call but i can receive their call but without any sound also.

  • harish goyal

    Service is Down. receive notifications 20%

  • Ashley

    My whatsapp is down the actual app won’t open what can I do without losing all my chat history?

  • swathy ajith

    Service is Down. Unable to receive notifications. When I open WhatsApp, a not responding pop up is shown and the app keeps restarting.

  • Mustard

    Service has deteriorated substantially over the last week or so. Messages taking ages to be delivered, notifications not popping up, connection to service dropping.
    Appears to be affecting everyone I have spoken to too. Whatsapp has gone from being a very reliable service to be something very painful to use for conversing. Something must be up.

  • Sumiati Bryden (D’Captured)

    My whatsapp isn’t working: I am unable to receive messages and calls. I am able to send messages, tho I do not receive the notification that they get delivered either, just that they’re sent (one gray checklist). I can also see when people are typing, but I never receive the messages.
    I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, and my phone is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

  • mono

    I think it’s down atm

  • mei

    Is whats app down today no one getting my messages or calls and im not recieving anything either calls or messages.

  • amol

    Unable to connect please check that you are connected to the internet and try again

  • erez shmuel

    Hi to all, my WhatsApp have some issues since wednesday. There is long delays on send messages from my WP8.1 and the same problem with incoming messages from android and ios devices. Today I got messages only if I was opened the app. This problem is on Israel with Android and WP devices.

  • KenDx

    My whatsapp isn’t working: as tarun below me, I am unable to receive messages and calls. I am able to send messages, tho I do not receive the notification that they get delivered either, just that they’re sent. I can also see when people are typing, but I never receive the messages.
    I live in Central, Paraguay, and my phone is a Sony Xperia T.

  • tarun

    Hi my whatsapp is not working unable to receive incoming messages and call.
    no incoming messages received.
    i am able to send the message but it is showing me single tick where it is deliver to my friend.
    Number : +91-9871418888

  • Satheesh Menon

    Whatsapp messages not working when the phone is locked. Am not able to receive messages when phone is locked. After I open the Whatsapp then only see the messages. This happens in I phone 6

  • Req

    I have sama issue whatsapp problem and Down after upgrade. Please do not follow to upgrade for those not upgrade yet

  • het

    why i dont get connect to watsapp???

  • nithin

    Whatsapp is not working properly

  • Nigella

    I have been messaging away all morning and then WhatsApp decides to stop on me. WhatsApp is not working right now.

  • Paul

    WhatsApp is down, this is not good because I was in the middle of writing an important message to my wife.

  • Nigel

    Is anyone having WhatsApp problems? Mine seems to be down.

  • Kelly Batchelor

    Is what’s app down today as people don’t seem to be getting my messages. Folkestone Kent England

  • Emily

    Is Whatsapp down today because i cannto seem to send any messages, I even called my friend to ask her to send me a message and when she said she did nothing came through.

  • Rhi

    This morning I was getting notifications and when I went into the app the messages disappeared and whatever I would type disappeared as well. And then it told me I had to restore chat history and it’s been doing that all day and still doing it right now. I tried to skip the restore process but it jumped back to it

  • lasya

    I have updated whatsapp on lumia 520 on 24th June 2015. I am unable to open it.Reinstalled it bur didn’i work.

  • Chandu Li

    Yeah, Even I am hitting the same issue after installing the update on 24th June. I am not even able to open Whatsapp. Uninstall/Reinstall doesn’t work

  • kread

    Have updated whatsup on Lumia 620 and now i can’t open it, wtf? Latest update was 24.06 version 12.60..anyone has the same problem?

  • Niex

    after latest update I receive nothing. it seems like I can send, but not receive. thank you so much for this update! sint maarten, caribbean…..yes, our connection always suck but thats not it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Raijoel Hooi

    curacao… Caribbean West.. Not Opening.. 17 june 2015

  • Lauren

    Having problems sending messages. Some will send find, but some will take up to 7 hours to deliver. Real pain

  • Gabnich

    Why does anything taken with isight camera show upside down on the reciever side, iphone to iphone?

  • Sometimes i couldn’t see people those who are present online. it shows person last seen status like yesterday even if they are present online.

  • Li Mike

    i update new ios 8.3 and all my whatsapp message disapper. luckly i export a backup use free whatsApp recovery tool. and i will never update whatsapp again~~

  • David

    messages just show with one grey tick and don’t show as being delivered. is this due to the new update as its most frustrating

  • Dan

    Yep, WhatsApp voice calls are not working on my iPhone 6 since installing the april 21, 2015 update. Nice to hear it’s not just me, but still hoping this is a glitch they can fix server side.

  • Ben

    Just installed the whatsapp iPhone update for today, April 21. It’s version 2.12.1 and has nothing but problems when making voice calls, anyone else not happy with this update?

  • Zero

    Hi my friend faced a weird issue. An image posted by one of his friends (x) in the grp (z) is delivered to my friend as a post by anthr friend (y) in a diff grp (a) . X and y are not members of the same grp!!!
    Wondering whether the inidividual messages will end up in some one else window or grp !!!!! Deadly …for images …

  • Val

    Im having a problem now for a couple days. Whereas before you could see when yor message was read , now it keeps changing to every time the person logs in. Is anybody else having this problem ?? If so whats the sollution ?!

  • pallab

    is the server down??
    bcz i cant activated the calling successfully activated

  • can’t send anything right now

  • Jeff

    My WhatsApp has not been working since last night.

  • Scott

    One minute WhatsApp is working, the next it’s not. Very strange, on Android in UK.

  • tom

    can’t send anything right now.

  • kerry

    whatsapp is down in kent, uk

  • Sally

    What’s going on with WhatsApp Messenger, just not able to send anything today March 13. This is some friday 13th joke, or what?

  • hmac

    Down in Italy today

  • Peter

    Whatsapp is down in England, been trying for 30 minutes.

  • Bradley

    I’ve lost all my chat history – does anyone know how to recover them?

  • Laura

    Pls whatsapp help me, I delected uninstall it but now am trying to use it after haven install it but is not working & I need it urgently

  • Jac

    I get the error message, WhatsApp will not initialise. Anyone know what this is?

  • MandyA

    Whatsapp down in Nigeria today.

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