WhatsApp Problems

The most common problems with WhatsApp Messenger when it goes down, will normally be related to the apps server connection, sign in, or sending and receiving of messages/photos and with millions of users around the world keeping in contact with friends and family on a daily occurrence using their Android, Windows or Apple devices, you can imagine that it can leave people feeling rather frustrated.

WhatsApp Status insight for Sunday 7th of March 2021

If WhatsApp is down today, then reports will be found below.

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WhatsApp Reports

@wa_status @WhatsApp My WhatsApp app still not working πŸ˜” I discovered that if I get a notification, app crashes. So I turned off them, but now I don't know when I get a new one. Please help! 😞

ini whatsapp down atau gimana? kok whatsapp el connecting terus

@WhatsApp @team whatsapp, latest version is not working properly, getting a popup window which says close app, appinfo, send feedback all time after opening it, kindly look into it immediately.

Is WhatsApp down? Or is it my WhatsApp not working??

instagram account down and whatsapp down and also phone stolen, seems to be hacked because of a love affection heist, as usual abolution and grce and blood red color consciousness used by the Christians.

is whatsapp down or what