Yahoo Messenger Down Today?

Yahoo Messenger has millions of people using their service everyday and some rely on them day in day out, especially those who work from home and have to send and receive emails. However, users who have signed up to use this platform have previously mentioned that they’ve had problems when trying to login in, connection errors or trouble trying to contact other people.

Yahoo Messenger Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

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3 years ago

I can receive emails, although I never get notified even though I have notifications turned on

Carol Blanco Jordan
5 years ago

I am trying to install Yahoo Messenger for Win 7 and it says problem with Firewall. I’ve disabled my firewall, and still get the error message. Please advise.

Vijay Malia
6 years ago

Not recieving messeges on messenger
From morning

Samantha Gordon
6 years ago

Not receiving notifications

Ben Newsam
6 years ago

The latest version of Messenger is really bad, and now it isn’t working at all.

6 years ago

Yahoo Messenger is down in New Orleans area too.

Dell English
6 years ago

can’t log in to my yahoo messenger today

6 years ago

Yahoo is very low for me, when chatting on messenger it takes ages for messages to send.

6 years ago

I was chatting away and then mid convo it just cuts off and even though i tried several times I could not make connection again.

Abdul Qadir
7 years ago

My yahoo show me the message loin problem and i cant login may yahoo messenger the error is 81003002 so tell me how can i fix it

Abu Ayan
8 years ago

There are some major problems with yahoo Messenger going on today, even site also not open properly its showing error connected timeout, I have great connection. please let me know

8 years ago

There are some major problems with yahoo IM going on for weeks, it wont forward emails, it makes sign on every 5 to 10 minutes. I have found when I am communicating with women yahoo cuts me off, why, I a theory about why. Remember they just laid off 1700 people, they have a CEO who really can’t do the job and I think she is the one who ordered that men talking to or chasing women is not going to happen on her site, and certainly no Risqué pictures can be sent because she does not like it. Yahoo is developing some very serious operating difficulties that are not improving…….just my opinion

8 years ago

I am still having log in problem. I can log in from computer and tablet but not from my android phone. Very inconvenient. I have tried all the steps via the Yahoo Help but none of them work. It just says I am using an unknown user name or password which is not true. I live in the UK.

Jo Bless
8 years ago

Yes this annoying error has been on messenger for months whenever trying to view conversation history ”

Failed to process your request, please try again later.

Error Code:


8 years ago

I have YM on my PC and iPhone and use it on one OR the other. Recently no offline messages have been appearing on either – nothing. I do not keep a history of messages either. What could be the problem and how can I resolve it?

8 years ago

I am in the forces and can be away for months on end, so to speak with my family is very important to me especially my wife and kids. I use Yahoo Messenger and the last few times i have been getting disconnected from video chat. There is nothing wrong with the bases internet i can assure you. I need and love to chat with my family and i am asking you all, “Is there another Yahoo Messenger alternative out there that will always keep me connected?

8 years ago

Not letting me login yo Yahoo Messenger even though I have great connection.

9 years ago

Yahoo Messenger chat seems a little off today, it is the case it will work when it feels like it. Chats dropping half way through conversation.

9 years ago

All running well here in Hounslow.

9 years ago

Messages are not coming through, even though one of my contacts has phone me letting me know they have sent me mail.

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