YouTube Problems

You can be sure server status problems will stretch between many platforms that include Smart TVs, PC and Mac, iPhone and iPad, Android devices, and a lot more when watching Youtube. However, with this platform being completely worldwide and millions of users using it on a daily basis, there’s going to be many problems with the website or app and in previous reports, there’s been many explaining their video has frozen, they’ve lost subscribers or with it simply not working and are unable to gain access to YouTube in general.

YouTube Status insight for Sunday 7th of March 2021

If YouTube is down today, then reports will be found below.

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YouTube Reports

@peterbakernyt @mini_bubbly @anniekarni @nytimes @AmbRice46 “lack of discernment between fact and propaganda...” This is the BIGGEST issue facing democracy and the 'free world'! Once Covid-19 dealt with, new laws to go after #PropagandaProponents like #FoxNews #Facebook #YouTube & #Twitter & their owners like #Murdoch!

My home won't have access to the Internet, for about a week. So any updates or post of new videos will be on hold. That being said, for those that are subscribed to my YouTube channel. Video are still coming out at 5pm EST. However if this issue continues that will stop.

@TeamYouTube Hi, Dear YouTube team, My Channel 1000 Subscribers & 4000 Hours Complete But Channel Not Monetize Under review Problem. Please Help check My channel . My G-mail--- [email protected] YouTube channel link Kindly solve my issue.

@HoloCrow_ The main issue is really patience. Your approach to YouTube is the approach you really shouldn’t be taking. You just gotta keep making content and grind it. If you keep trying to say “I want this set amount of views/likes/subs bu the end of March” then you’re gonna end up-