YouTube Problems

You can be sure server status problems will stretch between many platforms that include Smart TVs, PC and Mac, iPhone and iPad, Android devices, and a lot more when watching Youtube. However, with this platform being completely worldwide and millions of users using it on a daily basis, there’s going to be many problems with the website or app and in previous reports, there’s been many explaining their video has frozen, they’ve lost subscribers or with it simply not working and are unable to gain access to YouTube in general.

YouTube Status insight for Thursday 26th of May 2022

If YouTube is down today, then reports will be found below.

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YouTube Reports

@elonmusk @AJDelgado13 Why just semi-auto? Perhaps your not familiar with how fast revolvers can shoot? 🤔… This is a societal issue not a gun issue

@TheOris77 @PupRanger2 @chadrokkard @DemagogueWatch @iAmValentinG @NatashaBertrand @andersoncooper No bud, you don’t get it. Because you don’t think about anybody but yourself, and that includes your family. It should be a political issue at all but congrats on proving my point you’re a selfish ideologue investing in right wing fascist policy.

@LShalott @youmatter0125 Mortality Rate by Greyhaven is a great look into how evangelicalism is complicit in terms of inaction when it comes to this issue.

@priestk2004 Sorry to hear this – you can share more details through a feedback report using these steps: Make sure you're logged in to the account experiencing the issue as this will help us identify and fix it.