Apex Legends Down Today?

Apex Legends has become a very popular game this year, with players taking each other on globally using PS4’s, Xbox One’s and also PC’s. With this being a free game to download, you can imagine the amount of gamers wanting to join in on all the first person shooting action.

Due to millions of people playing this awesome game, it will, without a shadow of a doubt, cause problems to the server, which can leave many players feeling slightly annoyed. Although sometimes, it can also be due to maintenance work.

So therefore, if you’ve heard anything, or are having problems such as signing in or being kicked out of games, then do feel free to keep our readers updated with the current situation and they, as well as ourselves, will be sure to update you on the current problems in the comment section below. Saying that, you can also check the Apex Legends server status on their Official Status Page as well.

Apex Legends Status insight for Tuesday 18th of June

If Apex Legends is down today, then reports will be found below.

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4 years ago

Over the past couple of hours i’ve been having nothing but issues trying to connect to the Apex servers but the status page is saying that everything is running all smoothly?

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