My Fitness Pal Problems

For those of you who are into your fitness, whether it’s running, cycling or even bodybuilding, then you’ll be very familiar when using this specific fitness app and website, which you’re able to track your fats, carbohydrates and also protein intake each day, also known as macros.

So therefore, if you’re one of those people who use this day in day out, then it can get slightly irritating when having issues such as login in, or even when their services are down with sudden maintenance work.

If you’re struggling with some issues today that you think may not be right, then do feel free to share your problems in the comment section below and our Down Today readers and ourselves will be sure to help you out and get to the bottom of the situation whilst also keeping you updated.

HSBC Problems

If you are having any kind off issue with HSBC banking services then here is where you can ask questions, reply to others and report any issue you are having. Is HSBC down for you today? If the answer is yes then please do leave your location and what device you are using.

HSBC offers many banking services, such as credit cards, loans, savings, investments, current accounts, mortgages and more. But when services falter online using the official website or mobile apps this can be a cause for concern.

Some of the main HSBC issues include BIB and Personal banking login problems, premier services not working, apps crashing upon opening. Maybe you can login but are not able to make any transactions, customer service taking too long to process information, please do report any issue you are having with HSBC below.

You can also ask questions, such as; I am looking for a contact number? What are the opening times for HSBC?

TikTok Problems

TikTok is very well know however, if you’re new to this then it’s and iOS and Android Social Media Video App which people can create and share short Comedy, Li-Sync, and also Talent Videos. Over the past couple of years this platform has grown dramatically with millions jumping on the bandwagon and giving this ago.

Although with that being said, there has been issues in the past with the TikTok App being down or users having some sort of problems, such as, denying people into their accounts, videos not appearing on pages and even followers not showing up properly.

So therefore, that’s why we’ve set this page up to help you with any outages that happen with the TikTok App. If you’re witnessing any of these problems mentioned, or you’ve noticed something else, then do let us know in the comment section below and our writers and readers will be able to help you along the way until these current issues have been resolved.

Cricket Wireless Problems

As many of you already know, Cricket Wireless coverage or network issues can become somewhat annoying, especially when the servers are down. With so many customers relying on their services on a daily basset can also cause other problems so therefore, by leaving your status we’ll be able to help you along the way until everything has been resolved.

Bank of America Problems

Bank of America offers a service to businesses and individuals for credit cards, mortgages, savings accounts, and loans, although their services can sometimes run into problems. One of the most reported issues is to do with customers having trouble when trying to login into their account, whether that’s on the website or the app, which can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

TUI Problems

For those of you who are looking to book a break away, or have already, and you’re finding that there’s current problems with the TUI website then you’re in the right place, as by leaving your server status it’ll notify our writers and members of the Down Today community. Many customers of theirs have had issues in the past with their login not working, the website freezing, trouble making payments or a blank white page appearing, which clearly indicates that there’s something wrong. Problems

When the service is down, many customers rush to the internet to find out what’s going on due to them being concerned. This can be anything from those trying to login into their accounts, gaining access to the website, or having issue with tracking to see where about’s their delivery is. These can just be some of the problems, which people are witnessing.

USPS Problems

For those of you who are currently having USPS problems such as it’s tracking service being down, or there’s been some sort of outage of the likes of their website, then you’re in the right place to give us, the writers, and also members of the Down Today community the heads up on your current status.

Bell Internet Problems

We can imagine that those of you who are customers of Bell Internet and are having problems are left being slightly frustrated, although here’s the best place to leave your server status, as members of the Down Today community and our writers will be able to help you out along the way! With over 3 millions subscriptions it can leave many suffering immensely.

ComEd Problems

ComEd, also known as Commonwealth Edison, provides electricity, although when there’s a power outage this can cause concern for those who are customers. In previous problems there’s been reports of the power being down in certain households or unscheduled maintenance taking place.

Natwest App Problems

Customers who are with Natwest and use mobile banking on their smartphones, which can be on Android, Microsoft and iOS devices, sometimes have problems with their app, as of in the past there has been issues with error codes popping up, once the app is installed and doesn’t open, or they have trouble when downloading or updating, amongst many more other problems.

Counter Strike Problems

Ever since being released Counter-Strike has a massive following, although it isn’t so popular when gamers are either getting ready for a session, or are in a middle of a game and the servers then go down, leaving of them feeling rather frustrated causing them to browse the internet to find out why it’s not working and how long roughly the downtime will be before everything back up and running again.

Comcast Problems

For those of you who are customers of Comcast and are experiencing Xfinity problems then you’re in the right place, especially as you’ll be able to leave a comment in the section below if you’re witnessing an outage of some sort. In the past there’s mentioning of this specific service running slow, which as you can imagine can become slightly annoying.

eBay Problems

eBay is one of the most successful online auction business with people listing items to sell, although every now and again those who are on the website will run into some issues, especially as users have reported, in the past, they’re having problems signing into their account, trouble with passwords and even outages happening, which for some can be a absolute nightmare.

Netflix Problems

With millions of accounts activated, Netflix at some point will run into problems, as like most video streaming services due to unexpected demand, server issues or even planned maintenance. As you can imagine for those who have planned a night in can be slightly annoyed when any of these issues occur, especially if the downtime is longer than expected. Many have also reported that there’s also been distorted quality, having trouble loading, login in or even no connection for an unknown reason.

3 (Three) Problems

3 (Three) is a UK Mobile Service provider, which offers SMS, Mobile Internet and Calls, although with so millions of people using this, you can imagine the amount of disruption when there’s an outage and this can be anything from having no signal or issues when the phones software.

Twitter Problems

With Twitter being one of the most successful social media platforms you can imagine the strain it can cause on the servers, which can sometimes cause an outage, leaving millions of users around the world suffering with problems due to the website, and app, being down. There’s also been previously, if not currently, been reports of people having other issues when trying to login into their account or having trouble comments and retweets loading.

EE Problems

If you’re wondering is EE down today, or if you have problems getting mobile Internet and making calls due to no signal, it may be an issue in select locations or a major outage across the UK. When the EE mobile and broadband network runs into issues, or you’re asking “Is EE down in my area”, see reports below.

Sainsburys Problems

Is down today? If you visit their website you may notice a maintenance message, see the app has crashed when trying to order and lose your basket, plus other online services may be offline and not working due to demand or server issues.

WOW Problems

WOW Internet, Phone and Cable TV Company was known before it changed to WideOpenWest Networks. In most cases it will be related to broadband issues with the servers going down however, occasionally you’ll see other problems occur with customers also having trouble with their phone and TV.

Matalan Problems

Matalan is very well known throughout the UK for selling good quality clothing, footwear and also accessories at brilliant prices. With well over 200 shops spread across the country, you can imagine how busy they can get, let alone the customers who want to to browse and do internet shopping, although during sales they can gain too much traffic, meaning sometimes there’s an outage and the website becomes down. Alongside that, other problems can also occur with customers having login issues and trouble when trying to purchase items at the checkout.

PayPal Problems

Paypal is one of the most well know online payment systems, although in previous reports users have mentioned problems when trying to transfer money, signing into the app or even depositing money via a credit card. Plus, it’s not always the small issues, which can cause stress, it’s also when there’s sometimes an outage and the server has trouble with the connection.

Sprint Problems

By visiting this page, which we’ve dedicated it to all Sprint outages that are currently happening today, users are able to comment below with any issues that they’re currently witnessing, as of in this past there’s been reports of network problems or issues when trying to make calls or send texts. It can sometimes be a nightmare, especially as something can strike at anytime, which can leave customers feeling rather annoyed. Although there is a positive to all of this for those who are experiencing this situation, you may still be able to make WiFi calls when normal cellular isn’t working!

PlayStation Network Problems

PlayStation Network is the well known online gaming service that connects owners of the PS3, PS4, and soon the upcoming PS5 Sony game consoles. The service is enhanced further with a subscription to the PS Plus package that delivers a number of benefits. PSN problems could be due to scheduled maintenance or other error codes, login and connection issues, match-matching multiplayer issues and more.

Amazon Problems

Amazon problems and any website outage will depend on the service you are using, especially considering Amazon has a number of services on offer. The Amazon online store might suffer from login problems, main complaints received for any outage or services going down normally involve Amazon Instant Video, along with Amazon Web Services (AWS) like cloud computing and Amazon S3.

O2 Problems

With O2 being one of the largest mobile telecommunications providers within the UK, customers every now and again do experience issues and Down Today is your perfect stop for service status updates, from either yourself or others that visit here. We understand that previously users loose signal within their area or calls just suddenly drop and when there’s an outage of some sort, people aren’t able to make or receive and phone calls or texts, leaving them feeling rather frustrated, especially if it’s been down for quite some time.

Networking problems, O2 website going down, mobile phones not working, Internet issues, these are all common areas where customers have been inconvenienced in the past and no doubt will be in the future. Other Down Today readers will be providing their status updates below, if you have any O2 network problems or anything else, feel free to leave your own status report.

Argos Problems

Argos is one of the most well known online shopping destinations in the UK, which first made its success as an offline retailer in the UK and Ireland. If the Argos website is down today or experiences online ordering problems, slow loading, can’t add to trolley, or other issues it can be a nightmare for those relying on this store for their shopping needs.

The most common problems would be related to Argos online going down completely, or occasionally their website could produce error messages, and the Argos app not working.

DPD Problems

As many of you know DPD is an international delivery company that delivers parcels that are 30KG who are based in Germany but delivers to Ireland, UK and many other countries. However, the most comment issues, which often get reported the most is when customers are having trouble with the website not working and trying to gain access to their tracking numbers and many have had problems in the past with having trouble searching on where about their delivery is and what time it’s going to be delivered.

Reliant Energy Problems

If you’re one out of the 1.5 million customers who’s currently experiencing a Reliant Energy power outage or are find out that there’s a few problems, especially when login in, as in the past there’s been many reports of issues when doing so then you’ve definitely come to the right page to air your problems so that us as a community will be able to resolve. With that being said, it may not even be a power outage, it could be users having trouble when trying to gain access to the official website.

Sky Problems

Find out if Sky broadband is down today or if other customers report slow internet, as you can read status updates below along with leaving details about your broadband or Sky service not working with a location to help other users.

Sky’s range of main products include broadband, satellite TV, and Talk. The Sky Go mobile apps help people take the entertainment with them on Android, iPhone, iPad, and other platforms. The biggest problems seem to focus on Sky Internet being slow, or not working at all with a total outage in certain UK towns or areas.

Bittrex Problems

As we all know Bittrex is a great service for users using digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ubiq, Litecoin, Blackcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Gambit and Gridcoin, although it can be slightly annoying when the server could have an outage and suddenly go down, non-scheduled maintenance could happen without any warning or users having login issues. So therefore, by bookmarking this specific page, our team and members of the Down Today will be able to keep you update you with current situations.

TalkTalk Problems

When there’s an outage with TalkTalk it can leave many customers feeling slightly annoyed with this specific service, especially if they’re witnessing issues with their broadband connection being down, mobile coverage, home phone or even TV. However, you’ve come to the right place, as by leaving a comment in the section below, we’ll be able to keep you updated with as much information as possible to help you resolve your current problem.

Some of the major issues, which have been reported in the past include of customers unable to login to their My Account, website is down due to a server outage or aren’t able to send or receive any emails on desktop, laptop or mobile.

Verizon Wireless Problems

Tracking the latest Verizon outage today and other problems that could be down in selected areas, which depends on network tower issues and other factors throughout the United States. Some of the most reported problems with Verizon Wireless include text messaging, mobile data access and on demand, although issues with cell phones obviously make up the largest number of reports.

Suddenlink Problems

If you’re currently experiencing problems with your Suddenlink and find there’s login problems, a major internet outage is taking place, or issues are occurring on your TV, Broadband or phone, then here’s the place to leave a comment with your service status. We’ve also noticed that other comment reports are users aren’t able to access their emails, bill pay is down, pay per view does not seem to want to work in the way it should. Either way it’s doesn’t matter how big or small your Suddenlink is, we’ll be able to help you until everything’s working like new again.

Zoom Problems

For those of you who are visiting this specific page, you’ll already know what Zoom is about however, if you are new and are unfortunately having some trouble with this service being down, or are currently witnessing some other problems, then it’s a way for business to be able to communicate via video conferencing, mobile collaborations and also online meetings.

By having this, it makes everything run smoother, meaning callers are able to become even more flexible as they are at home or on the go. Although, sometimes things don’t run as they should and in the past there has been reports of devices not meeting the requirements and issues when live streaming.

So, if you are someone who’s currently having problems and aren’t sure why, feel free to leave a comment in the section, which can be found below, and we’ll be able to guide you along the way until everything is back up and running like good and new again!

Kodi Problems

Kodi is another huge and popular media streaming service that many viewers use as it’s an open source and is also available to anyone who has the ability to learn the full capabilities of this app.

With that being said, Amazon Fire fans will know this very well, especially as it uses Kodi side by side, although times they may have noticed that the app is down or having problems for a various of reasons.

So therefore, that’s whey we’ve set this page up to enable those users to report any issues, which they are currently witnessing. By doing this and leaving a comment in the section below, our writers and also readers will be able to guide you along the situation until everything has been resolved.

Facebook Problems

With millions of people having a Facebook accounts worldwide, whether it’s for personal or business reasons, using this very well known social media platform can become a daily occurrence for some users and can sometimes become very frustrating when there’s a sudden outage on both the website and app, causing massive problems.

In the past there’s been reports of blank white pages, trouble uploading images to their wall and nothing loading when trying to refresh their homepage.

Plusnet Problems

If you’re someone who’s a customer of Plusnet and are finding that your having some issues with your servers, then this is the place to report anything that you may have problems with. In the past there has been some trouble with their servers being down and people mentioning that their internet isn’t working, as you can imagine in this day and age, can leave may users feeling frustrated.

So therefore, if you’re with their specific internet provider and are currently witnessing some issues of your own, then by leaving a comment below, our writers as well as our readers will be able to help you along the way until everything has been resolved and is back up and running normally again.

Mastercard Problems

For those of you who don’t know, Mastercard is a network, which processes all transaction communications and allows people to pay with credit, debit and also prepaid cards when wanting to pay for something in the shops and online. It’s known worldwide and is used by millions and millions of people in many different countries.

With that being said, their customers witness problems on a daily occurrence, whether it’s to do with Mastercard themselves, or due to personal reasons. So therefore, that’s why we’ve set this specific page up, to help those who are currently having issues, as of in the past, there has been reports of cards not working with online payments and even cards being declined at checkouts.

If you are someone who uses a Mastercard and are finding that something doesn’t feel right, then do let us know in the comment section below and we’ll be able to help you along the way until everything has been resolved and is back up and running smoothly for you again.

Amazon Prime Music Problems

As many of you who, Amazon Music is one of the most popular streaming platforms, which has been extremely popular since it was released back in January 2008. So therefore, with millions of users around the world listening to their favourite artists and tracks, you can imagine the amount of traffic they have to deal with on a daily basis.

However with that being said, every now and again there has been reports of issues which customers have been witnessing such as their Amazon Prime Music not working and their services being down, as you can imagine, it can leave them feeling rather frustrated.

We’ve heard that in the past users have had trouble with certain songs being unable to play, freezing issues or devices such as Alexa skipping songs after a few seconds of playing. So therefore, if this is happening to you, or you find something else that’s not feeling right, do feel free to give us the heads up in the comment section below.

Waitrose & Partners Problems

Just like their competitors Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury’s, Waitrose is another place where you’re able to order your weekly or monthly shopping. Although sometimes things don’t run as smoothly as they should, especially when there’s recently been reports from customers of the website sometimes crashing and their services being down.

So therefore, we’ve set this page up to enable shoppers who are experiencing difficulties to be able to report any issues, which they are witnessing. By doing so, our writers and also readers for that matter, will then be able to help you along the way until everything has been resolved and is back up and running again.

Sky Website Problems

This page has been designed to help Sky customers who are currently witness issues when visiting the Sky website, as in the past there has been reports of users having trouble when trying to access their homepage and also when logging into their account online.

We understand that Sky have millions of customers and as expected, with that amount of people subscribing to their services, whether it’ll be Broadband, Mobile Service or certain channels such as Sky Sports, then without and shadow of a doubt, just like anything which is in high demand, there will be some problems along the way.

So therefore, if you find yourself being one of these people, then don’t hesitate on letting us know by leaving a comment in the section, which can be found below, on the troubles that you seem to be having. By doing so, we’ll be able to help you along the way until everything has gone back to normal and is up and running again.

Freeview Problems

As many of you may or may not know, Freeview is a very popular way to watch all of the most well know channels across the United Kingdom, such as ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and many other services. Although, with this being so common with all TV’s now a days, you are, unfortunately, going to run into some problems.

In the past many users have complained that there hasn’t been any signal in the specific area that they are living in or recently many people have been saying that they’ve lost certain channels and aren’t able to watch certain programmes, which as you can image can leave them feeling rather frustrated.

So therefore, this is why we’ve decided to create this page for you, as it’s a great way for you to let us and others know when you are having trouble and by doing so, we’ll be able to help you along the way until the issue has been resolved.

Apple News Problems

For those of you who have an iPhone of some sort, or even an iPad for that matter, then you’ll be very familiar with the Apple News App. It’s a fantastic way to keep up-to-date with all of the major events and outbreaks, which are happening all around the world, especially as it’s only a one tap away.

Although, there are millions of people who have apple devices, meaning that this can cause some problems with the app sometimes being down and in fact, many have mentioned that they’re having trouble when trying to access this specific app as it’s not working, causing them slight frustration.

Therefore, this page has been designed to help those who are currently witnessing issues. If you so happen to be one of them, then do feel free to give us the heads up on what your problem is and we’ll be quick to help you along the way until everything has been resolved, just leave us a comment in the section below. With that being said even our readers could possibly be able to guide you as well.

Disney Plus Problems

Disney Plus has recently been released at the back end of last year, 2019, and has been a hit with fans ever since. Although, with so many users trying this new way of watching their favourite Disney films and TV shows whilst relaxing in their spare time, there can be some slight disruption.

There’s been several issues, which have occurred in the past and customers have been saying that they’re having all kinds of trouble, some being, buffering when wanting to watch something, or having messages pop up and saying they should contact customer services.

So therefore, if you’re finding that you are currently witness any of these we’ve just mentioned, or are experiencing anything different that may not sound or feel right, then do feel free to let us know in the comment section below and us, the writers, will be able to keep you up-to-date until the issue has been resolved.

John Lewis & Partners Problems

John Lewis & Partners is one of the most common stores within the UK and with thousands of customers a day, you can imagine that there’s a lot of traffic on their website, meaning you are going to get problems here and there at some point. With that being said, in the past users have mention some issues in the past.

The most problems which occur are customers are unable to load the main John Lewis & Partners Website, meaning all they are seeing is a blank white screen, or they’re struggling to log into their account.

So therefore, if you’re someone who’s witnessing these issues we’ve just mentioned, or you are finding other problems, then feel free to let us know in the comment section below and by doing so our readers and also writers will be able to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening until your troubles have been resolved.

Sky Sports Problems

Sky Sports, as many of you know, is the best place to catch up or watch live your favourite team, whether it’s to do with football, cricket or even Formula 1. However, if you’ve scheduled your day around the fun packed action and you suddenly find that there’s an issue with either the Official Sky Sports website, or the app, then you can imagine customers becoming very annoyed.

With that being said, Sky are very good with keeping everything running smoothly, especially with the amount of people tuning in, whether they’re at home or on the go. Although, just like anything, there could well be complications every now and again.

So therefore, if you’re witness some issues and are having problems when signing into your account or with your live stream, then comment in the section below with your troubles and our writers and also readers will be able to help you along the way until this specific problem’s resolved.

Deliveroo Problems

Deliveroo is a very popular world-wide and delivers food to thousands of customers front doors on a daily basis in countries such as the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Australia, Singapore even Hong Kong and so many more places.

So therefore, you can imagine the amount of trouble they go through, especially being in so many places at the same time. With that being said, in the past customers have reported problems of which they are having issue with their app and have had trouble when trying to deliver food to their front door and sometimes it doesn’t even turn up, or they’re having payment issues.

For those who are currently witnessing any problems of your own, then do let us know in the comment section below and our writers and also readers will be able to guide you along the way until this particular problem has been resolved.

Venmo Problems

For those of you who are account holders of Venmo and you’re finding issues with it being down at the moment then don’t worry, as we’ve well and truly got your back. This is why we have created this page to help those customers who are currently having problems.

Over the past there has been many issues with Venmo customers being unable to transfer from account to account and also login them out, which as you can imagine can cause some people to become rather stressed and unhappy.

For those of you who are witnessing some trouble with your account then feel free to give us the heads up on what your current problem is and our writers and also our readers will be sure to give you a hand along the way until the problem is back up and running like usual.

Madden Problems

If you’re into your American Football and you’ve got a console, whether it’s a Xbox One or PS4, then without a shadow of a doubt, you’ll have the Madden NFL 20 Game. However, with that being said, you won’t be the only fan, meaning you’re going to run into some problems.

These issues can be anything from the Madden NFL servers are down due to them having maintenance work, or just general problems such as the game freezing or error messages popping up.

So therefore, if you find yourself having trouble with anything we’ve mentioned above, or you are experiencing anything different, then do feel free to let us know in the comment section below and by doing so, we’ll be able to help you, as well as our readers, until your issues resolved and everything is back up and running smoothly again.

Uber Eats Problems

Uber Eats over the past couple of years has brought a whole new level for when it comes to ordering takeaways and thousands of people use the likes of their smartphones on their app to order dinner to their front door, which is perfect for those who are wanting a relaxing night in, or on the other hand are in some sort of rush!

With that being said, you can start to imagine the amount of daily customers that Uber Eats receive and just like anything else, there can be complications, for instance, payments not proceeding or the app has issues such as freezing.

Therefore, if you’re someone who’s having problems and you can’t understand why then feel free to let our readers and writers know in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to help you along the way until the issue is fully fixed.

Sky Email Problems

Not only do Sky provide you with broadband, TV and mobile service, but they also have an email platform, which thousands of customers use on a daily basis, whether it’s for personal or business reasons.

With that being said, the most common problems are users not being able to gain access to their Sky mail due to them either being locked out, the servers not recognising their password, not responding or it’s just simply not responding in general. Report of any current outage can be found in the comment section below.

Costco Problems

Costco is known for operating a popular e-commerce website and a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs. Common Costco problems normally impact the website being down mostly, or issues with their login and even at checkout.

Sometimes the site will be totally down, or you might have selected issues with certain categories, blank white pages, or just can’t sign into your account and search for products. Reports of any current outage will be found below.

DELL Problems

DELL is an absolutely huge computer technology company which in based within the US and over many years has attracted millions of customers and clients from all over the world, due to so much success from developing desktops and laptops.

Most reported DELL problems today: Not everything runs as smoothly as it should, especially if their official website is down and causing problems for their customers. For this happening, it leaves many feel frustrated and annoyed, due to the fact they can’t figure out on what’s going on.

So therefore, if you’ve struggling to log on to their website and you can’t figure out why, then please do communicate with us and our readers in the comment section, located below. This will then enable the problem to be discussed and we will try our hardest to keep you inform with everything that’s going on and when the situation is going to be resolved.

Ryanair Problems

If you’re looking for a great holiday you need to fly to all the best locations around the world, one of the quickest ways is by flying and this is where Ryanair comes into full effect. Ryanair allows you to book direct on the official website where you can get the best prices on cheap flights. But, sometimes there are issues such as the website going down with glitches or for maintenance.

Some of the main issues with Ryanair other than the odd flight delay includes not being able to access the office website due to either glitches such as not being able to log in, book flights, manage bookings and so forth and of course scheduled maintenance. 

Maybe you would like to ask questions about bookings, live chat or baggage size and luggage allowance. This is your dedicated Ryanair service status page designed just for you.

Smeco Problems

Are you experiencing a Smeco power outage today? If the answer is yes please do report your status below with issue and location. The Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative provides electricity to around 144,000 customers in southern Maryland and is a nonprofit cooperative and costs get passed to its customer-members without the profit or markup.

It’s always a pain when the Smeco service goes down, especially when there is a total power outage where all electricity fails being it in the home, business or street lights. Other main issues include not being able to login to your account, trying to find the right customer service number but keep getting through to the wrong department or bill payment transactions not working.

If you have any of the above issues or anything else please do share with us and other people that come here. If you have a complaint you can also use one of the links provided to the right of this page.

Arcadia Power Problems

Are you experiencing an Arcadia power outage today? If the answer is yes then here is where you can report your status with the issue and area you live, providing a location allows all to see where the problematic areas are. It is all well and good providing clean energy for free by paying a power bill but when service is down its not a great energy.

Problems do occur and even though some may say its not often its always a good to provide a platform for Arcadia Power complaints. Other issues that can arise include Arcadia Power website not working, not being able to login or bill payments not going through online.

This company provides its customers with renewable energy to businesses and homes from fossil fuels and at the time of posting this over 105,000 acres of US forests have been preserved.

JCPL Problems

This page has been created for those who are experiencing a Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) outage or having login issues. As well all know problems do occur and when they do happen to you as a customer you need a platform where to complain or read about how to resolve the matter in hand.

Here you can ask questions, report an issue you are having with JCPL as well as stay updated with the latest issues as they happen. Main issues can include total power outage, street lights going out, not being able to pay a bill online, website going offline etc.

When you do comment please do remember we have all ages visiting this page, please do report your JCPL status below.

Google Fiber Problems

Google Fiber is a superb service when all up and running, but when there is an outage this can be a cause for concern. Here is where you can report and discuss your issues you are having with Google Fiber services. It is a great way to chat online, watch videos or play a cool game with speed in mind, but issues do arise and we would love for you to report them right here.

Google Fiber was released in Kansas City then other cities followed soon after such as Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Huntsville, Louisville, Nashville, Orange County, Provo, Salt Lake City, San Antonio and more. It is a Fiber-optic communication service offering broadband Internet, TV and Google Drive online storage.

Some of the main issues include a total outage where all services go down, users have had issues in the past with speeds, not being able to login, download and installation issues as well as very slow speed internet. Maybe you have had a returning to Google Fiber TV message or your online chat is not working. No matter what troubles you are having please do report them below in the comments.

NIPSCO Problems

The Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) serves its customer base with energy such as gas and electric across northern Indiana, and when there is a power outage people need somewhere to have their say and here is where you can do so.

There are over 450,000 electric and 820,000 plus gas customers, which makes NIPSCO the second largest electric distribution company who are part of the NiSource distribution brands.

Some of the main NIPSCO problems that can occur include total power outages, gas not being supplied, websites going down, customers not being able to login to their accounts online or via mobile. In the past those using the service have had troubles paying a bill online or not being able to contact customer service. If you have an issue with any of the above mentioned or something else then please do share your status or any questions you have below.

KCPL Problems

When there is a Kansas City Power and Light Company (KCPL) power outage customers need a place where they can report their current status as well as looking at an official outage map of the areas affected. The electric utility company serves its customers in the Kansas City metropolitan area and when services are down here is where you can report them.

Here is where you can comment if you wish to report a streetlight, power outage or downed power line. Other issues that occur include special payment or billing issues as well as not being able to contact KCPL customer services or the website goes offline.

Are you having issues with your KCPL service today? First of all please do check out the official KCPL Power Outage Map, once you have done that please report your status below with the problem and area you live in.

Squarespace Problems

If your Squarespace hosted website is not working and would like to check the server status for outages then please do read on, because this is where you will find answers from either ourselves or other users.

Is Squarespace services down for you? Both individual and business reply on Squarespcare providing a seamless service, but we can tell you that this does not always occur. Main problems include login failure, 502 bad gateway errors, HTTPS Certificate Manager or V5 not being operational and creating a website not fully loading or working.

If you are having issues with your site loading up, not able to login, or the Squarespace website is not loading please do report any issues you have below. Outages do occur and we want to hear from you.

Target Problems

If you are using the Target website or apps you will already know you have the best shopping at your fingertips. But when there is an outage this can cause a little anger with its customers, and if this happens to you here is where you can complain.

Many problems can and have arisen over the years and some of them include server outages, website loading too slow, not being able to login to your Target account, apps crashing or not downloading, maybe you are having issues with your credit card when making transactions, orders are not processing etc.

If you are having any of the above issues or anything else please do share them below with what state / location you live in along with your problem. Major problems with the website and apps can happen during the Target Black Friday sale, if this is the case we want to hear from you.

Delta Air Lines Problems

If you’re having any issues with Delta Air Lines services then please do report them here, this is where you can have your say as well as interact with other customers. Two of the main issues is checking a flight status and not being able to login via website or app, has this ever happened to you?

Other issues can include website not opening, trying to buy a ticket but the process is not fully going through, or maybe your Delta Air Lines ticket is ready but do not know how to obtain it. If you have any problem or question then here is where you can find the answers.

Booking flights has to be easy with no problems at all to make your whole process run smoothly, but issues do occur and if they do here is where you can report them. Please remember to add your location as this helps determine where the problem lies.

Atlantic Broadband Problems

Using the internet, sifting through emails, watching online TV etc all needs one thing and that is an ISP. One of the many out there is Atlantic Broadband with over 250,000 customers providing TV, Internet and phone services in South Carolina, Central Pennsylvania, Maryland / Delaware and Florida. But when there is a Atlantic Broadband outage customers are not best pleased and this is where they can complain.

Is Atlantic Broadband down for you today? Maybe you are having issues with your login, not able to access your emails, no phone service at all but you are getting Internet. If you are having any of these issues above or anything else please do report them below along with your location.

Even if you have questions please do ask them here, maybe you need to discuss something about your bill pay or looking for a customer service number.

Optimum Problems

Optimum is a service where you can sign in so that you can see what’s on TV, check your emails and voicemail as well as having the ability to pay your bill for services such as cable TV, Home Phone and Internet. But when its services goes down it will leave you a little frustrated, worst case scenario is when there is an outage due to server difficulties.

What is your Optimum server status today? If you are having troubles with your online webmail, not able to play the NFL RedZone Optimum channel, not able to login, app will not download or is crashing when opening then we want to hear from you.

Maybe you just want to find the customer service phone number and if that is the case you can ask here, maybe you would like to ask when the next Optimum maintenance service is. Whatever the crisis, problem or question, here is where you can do it.

Wave Broadband Problems

Are you having Wave Internet problems? If the answer is yes then report your broadband status right here. If you are experiencing a service outage in areas such as San Francisco Bay, California, Washington state, Oregon or Sacramento share your troubles with many other customers.

Main Wave Broadband problems include a total server outage leaving the internet, websites etc down. Other issues include TV not working, speeds are ultra slow, apps not downloading or opening as well as not getting the full Mbps speeds you are paying for.

Maybe you are having troubles with the phone and cable TV services, if you are please do report below your problem along with your location as this helps determine if it more of a widespread issue or location based.

Chase Bank Problems

Banking online is now easier than ever, with website and app logins etc, but when services such as Chase Bank has an outage it can be very hard trying to access and applications. Is Chase Bank Online down for you today?

Chase Bank is accessible via the web as well as mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows Phone etc. But if you cannot access then you can report your status right here on this Down Today page, a place for customers to have their say.

Maybe you are having issues trying to open an account, or your Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card is not working for some unknown reason, apps are crashing as soon as you open, website really slowing or not opening at all.

You may have questions such as what are the Chase Bank opening times, or you are trying to make a transaction but its not working – Report or ask away.

CenturyLink Problems

CenturyLink provides communication and data services within 37 states in America offering Internet, phone and TV (DirecTV / Prism TV) as well as home security. But when there is an outage the main result of this majority of the time is to do with servers problems or maintenance. What is your CenturyLink service status?

One of the main CenturyLink problems is the internet being down, other issues are the website not working, not being able to download apps, trying to login but cannot.

If you are having any of the above problems or anything else we would like for you to report them, you can even ask questions and reply to other comments here. This is basically your platform for you to complain or ask questions about CenturyLink difficulties.

Windstream Problems

Customers turn to or are already using Windstream Communications services hoping to get the best Phone, Digital TV and Internet over DSL. But, now and then services are not always running as smooth as they would like. Two of the most common issues include a total Internet outage or email service not working at all.

Of course when either of above or any other Windstream problem occurs this is where you can report them. Others issues include phone network signal loss, website not loading as well as TV not working.

If you have any troubles at all with your service please do share your status below along with your location, as this helps others determine if it is only them or more widespread.

RBS Problems

Royal Bank of Scotland or simply known as RBS online banking can have problems, with the major ones being a total outage or Bankline login issues. In rare cases but it does happen the website and mobile apps do not load or crash upon opening. When things like these happen where do you go to complain, ask questions or just vent frustrations?

The answer to the above question is ‘HERE’, this is where you can report any issue you might be having with your RBS service, such as servers going down, issues with FacFlow, not being able to login to your account or maybe you just wish to ask a simple question about RBS servies such as opening times etc.

If you have a current, savings, business account or you have investments with RBS and having troubles please do report your service status right here with Down Today.

Barclays Problems

When you are trying to open up Barclays website or app and they are not, or maybe you’re trying to access your online bank with your login details but having problems. No matter what stresses you are having with your online internet banking this is where you can report, question and reply to others with the same issues as yourself.

Nine times out of ten Barclays online banking is safe and works very well indeed, but there are the odd days where customers have a few troubles trying to access. Being it business or personal login problems, apps keeps shutting down when trying to open, cards not working in ATMs etc we want you to share them here.

Maybe your debit or credit card are not working, transfers are not going through, not able to make bill payments online. Or it could be a simple question you need answers to such as what are Barclays opening times? When you do report a problem please put in the comments what device you are using, location and if you are a business or personal customer.

Halifax Problems

If you are having Halifax internet banking log in problems or any other issues this is where you can report them. When trying to access your online account, making a payment or sorting out transactions you need a platform that runs smoothly, but when things go wrong you need this platform to have your say.

No one likes problems but they do crop up from time to time, some of the main issues customers have with Halifax include not being able to open the website, login page not working after entering correct details, apps not opening and when they do they just crash.

Halifax caters for many customers in different areas, such as mortgages, credit cards, loans, savings, investments etc. If you are having issues in any of these areas please do comment below.

Lloyds Bank Problems

The days of walking into a Lloyds Bank branch are now basically being taken over by internet and mobile banking, but these have their issues. Some of these include not being able to access your account via website or app login because there is a server outage or website has gone down.

There are many ways to access your online account and these include desktops, laptops and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. When there are problems this can cause customers to get very angry indeed, so why not try and get answers from others here by reporting your issue below.

Maybe you are having issues trying to open Lloyds Bank website, not able to pay a bill online because of a fault. If you have a question or problem to report please do so below along with what device you are using as well as your location.

Mediacom Problems

Maybe you live in Iowa City or Waterloo and you are experiencing a Mediacom outage and you wish to find out what is wrong, or you just wish to report an issue. Well, no matter where you live within the 22 states Mediacom operates you can complain right here on Down Today.

Mediacom supplies its customers with an array of services, such as phone service, broadband internet and TV. Worst case is when there is a total outage being it the services mentioned above or its website and apps (MobileCARE or Connect) not being accessible.

Other issues can include not being able to login to accounts, webmail not working and more. If you do wish to ask a question or report an issue please do add your location as this helps others know if it is just them or not.

MetroPCS Problems

MetroPCS is a company that provides its customers mobile internet and phone services, but what happens when there is an outage or you cannot login to your account? Of course this is when you need somewhere to report such troubles and here is where you can do so.

Are you having Metro PCS Network issues? Some of the main causes of disruption include servers going down leaving customers unable to login to their accounts, website or apps not opening as well as texts and calls not going through.

If you are having any of the above issues or have any question you wish to ask then please do so below. This is the place you can provide your service status and location. Maybe you would like to ask a question of some sort, such as Is MetroPCS open on Labor Day? Ask away.

Santander Problems

Santander once called Abbey has been a long growing bank going for many years now, but no matter how popular they are its services do falter now and then. We hope that your service is running well, but when problems do occur such as login not working or the website and app goes down because of server issues customers need a platform to complain / have their say.

Some of the main issues include servers going down, student account not opening, not being able to transfer money and login not working. If this is the case for you then please do use the commenting area below to report your troubles.

Maybe you are having problems with Santander bikes aka the Cycle scheme, your business log on is playing up, trying to contact customer services but waiting far too long or even if you are trying to just find out what the Santander opening times are, report any issues or ask away here.

Frontier Problems

Business and individual customers are well aware that Frontier Communications offer a great service providing digital TV, Internet, home phone and more. But, now and then the service does experience outage and login problems. If this is the case for you then you can report your service status right here.

Is Frontier services down for you today? This could be to do with a total server outage leaving the official website down, emails not working, email, TV or Internet going offline. No matter what the problem please report them below.

Even if you have a question about Frontier Communications ask them here, where others can reply. Maybe you are having issues with your Frontier FiOS service or the Internet is just running too slow.

Telstra Problems

Telstra offers a great mobile and landline service to its customer in Australia, also offering mobile Internet, broadband and other mobile phone services. But Telstra faults and outages do occur and this can be down to a number of reasons including the Internet being down, maintenance and more.

The company has had a run of issues over the years including customers suffering from NBN and ADSL outages, along with login issues, not being able to access webmail, Footy Pass troubles and the dreaded unplanned service disruption with no explanation.

Is Telstra down for you today? Please do let us know your service status here, faults do occur and now you can share them with us and other Telstra customers.

Telus Problems

Telus outage and problems with service can cause a huge impact on customers, and when services such as its Internet, TV and phone goes down users need somewhere to have their say. This is where we at Down Today would like you to say what’s on your mind.

The Canadian telecommunications company Telus offers many different products and services, which include satellite television, entertainment, voice, Internet access, video and even healthcare. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia and Alberta with competitive local exchange carrier in Quebec and Ontario.

Is Telus down in your location? If it is please do use the comment area provided below. Possible Problems: Maybe the Telus Mobility login page is not letting you gain access, or you could be having issues with Telus webmail or shared hosting, even if you have something to say about the its customer care. Whatever is wrong please do share with the Down Today community.

Office Depot Problems is a huge website with millions of products for sale, from office supplies, furniture, laptops, accessories and so much more. It does occur when Office Depot website problems crop up, and if they do customers can report them here.

Office Depot website issues can consist of the servers being down where no pages at all show up, the shopping cart is not listing your product you selected, payments are not going through or being excepted. Product pages can be very slow showing up, but of course the worst possible time for an online customer is when the website is totally down.

The office supply retailing company is now combined with OfficeMax and has been since 2013, the company employs over 66,000 people and operates in more than 59 countries.

If you are having any Office Depot website problems please use Down Today as your service status update page.

Zillow Problems

The website is known for being a leading real estate destination, but problems start when the maintenance page reveals itself and visitors cannot see parts of the website they’d like. This has happened in the past, also we have seen the Zillow website go down for maintenance already in 2015.

Important details about homes are not available when an outage takes place, although you can visit their Facebook page to communicate when Zillow’s servers are out. You can also use Down Today to report status updates, problems with the website or services in general, and to see you’re not alone when issues take place.

The status message we have seen in the past when the Zillow website is down normally lacks finer information. You’re asked to check back soon, or to visit the social channels. If you have any details about an outage today, then share with Down Today readers below.

Rogers Problems

Rogers Communications offers many different services such as telephone, cable TV, and wireless communications. But our main focus even though the community welcomes your problems with any of these services, is your Rogers Internet service status.

There are problems that crop up with any of the above Rogers services, but it is the Internet where most of the issues lie according to its customers. You maybe having a Rogers Internet outage or you are not able to login, whatever the reason please leave your comments below.

On the right hand-side you will see support links either to the official Rogers website, Facebook, Twitter etc and of course live tweets. But sometimes these are not quickly updated, and this is where you ‘The Customer’ come in, if you have a problem with Rogers Internet.

Please do remember to leave your location such as Toronto, Ottawa etc, join the community for live Rogers Internet service status.

Walmart Problems

Walmart as you know is great for shopping in store off the high street, but even more known for buying products online from clothing to electronics, games and so much more. It is the online store shoppers that get hit the most when there is a website outage, if this is the case share your troubles.

Shoppers do not like online problems at the best of times, but the worst time is when Walmart Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas deals take place. When is down shoppers feel the hard impact, especially during the busy seasonal periods and doorbuster events. could simply go down due to a scheduled or unscheduled maintenance update; worst case would be when the servers go down for unknown reasons. Is Walmart down today for you?

If you are having login issues, pages not loading, Walmart search not working, checkout not playing ball or anything else, please do leave your location and issue below.

LinkedIn Problems

When it comes to LinkedIn problems the most common include a total website outage, unable to get many search results and job posting issues. Many users on the professional website will come across many others, and Down Today and other readers want to know about yours.

LinkedIn could have issues opening in different browsers, in some cases it has not opened in say Safari but will in others such as Firefox, Chrome etc. The service has been very solid when it comes to online operations, and is very rare indeed for it to go offline and when it does it is not for long.

When they first started there were 20 million members back in 2006, now there are over 350 million and growing very fast. This LinkedIn page on Down Today is for users to report anything that goes wrong with the service. Please do share now with your location so others int he community can read all about them.

GoDaddy Problems

Web hosting and Internet domain registrar company GoDaddy has over 4,000 employees serving more than 12 million customers, with around 60 million domain names under it’s belt. But problems with GoDaddy do not go amiss, with users searching for somewhere to look for answers or vent out a little on how they feel.

When it comes to the main problems, we can only but go on previous experiences from customers. The main worry is when GoDaddy is down, which nine times out of ten means the servers have gone offline for whatever reason being it fault or maintenance.

Even though the above is rather consuming for its users, other problems such as not able to login, trying to purchase domains with difficulties, transactions not going through or webmail not working do exist. It is rare for the leading domain name registrar to encounter issues, and it can be said they are a user-friendly website builder most of the time.

No matter what the problem is with GoDaddy, if you are having issues let Down Today be the place you can come to leave your status update.

Dish Network Problems

There is nothing worse than a Dish Network outage where you are left with no Internet or TV service, but horrible as this may sound problems do happen with the American direct-broadcast satellite service provider.

Dish Network problems in the past have already been dealt out to its customers, such as login issues, website outage, TV channels you have chosen to watch not showing. But majority of the issues surround its Internet service, either being down completely or running at very slow speeds.

Are you having any Dish Network Internet or TV problems? Maybe you are seeing an error code and want answers, not able to access emails and do not understand why! Not to worry because you can share with Down Today and its community of readers your troubles.

T-Mobile Problems

T-Mobile is based in Bonn, Germany and operates in 12 European countries including United Kingdom, USA and Germany and provides millions of its customers with mobile phone and Internet services. But customers who use SMS, mobile Internet and voicemail services can experience problems with the T-Mobile Network.

Most common problems can include no T-Mobile signal, mobile phone software issues as well as trying to access the Internet through data. Both individual and business users feel the strain when their service falters, a total service outage would be a major crisis and if this should happen it can put millions out of action.

If you are having problems with your T-Mobile network please leave your status details below with your issue, location and what device you are using. This will help others grown and understanding of where and what the main problems are.

DirecTV Problems

DirecTV issues will either focus on no signal for certain satellite television channels, a total outage, or problems within certain areas of the United States. The American TV broadcast service has customers all over the US, as well as a mix of business and homes.

Common DirecTV issues will involve no signal in certain areas, although official outage maps reveal when problems are tied to locations or nation wide.

If there is a blackout right now, then status updates will be left below revealing major or minor problems. Remember to leave an update for your DirecTV service to receive help and aid others, also use the official contact information to reach out to customer service.

Virgin Mobile Problems

Virgin Mobile is a provider of mobile phone wireless communications in many countries, so you can make calls in the UK and other countries like United States, Canada, Australia, and more at reduced rates. When there’s no Virgin Mobile signal due to this being down, or when the network hits issues on phone and tablet, then this will end up with complaints from unhappy customers.

While there’s enhancements you can use to increase Virgin Mobile signal like a booster, in most cases you will be on the bad end of a network outage that cannot be solved at your end and will need engineers to fix. You can see status reports from Down Today readers below in regard to no signal, or disruption to Virgin mobile Internet in different regions.

You can reach official Virgin help thanks to a number of contact methods detailed on this page, or leave your complaints about signal problems right now with locations below.

AT&T Problems

The status of an AT&T outage across the United States will be felt by landlines, phone service, and even 911 systems if they are down today. In the past, we have seen major AT&T service problems and no signal in San Diego, Austin, Michigan, North Canton, Akron, Ohio, and many other areas that are viewble on the official website map on most occasions.

Issues can result from burst pipes, routing issues, or even networking problems nearer your home. The most common reports we receive relate to mobile Internet, reception and signal bars, or having no AT&T network coverage at all.

If you find issues with your broadband Internet, mobile phone, or even television service then we want to see your status update below. You can view other AT&T outage updates from Down Today readers and spot patterns within local communities.

AT&T service problems? Share your AT&T wireless signal issues with Down Today readers by nearest city:

2K Problems

The 2K server status will impact a number of titles under this publisher and developer of video games. If the 2K servers are down today, then you could see your favorite game offline or receiving certain error codes.

2K games include Evolve, WWE 2K18, NBA 2K18, NHL 2K, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, BIOSHOCK, and many more popular video games. Not all games take advantage of 2K servers in the same way, so this is why certain titles will run into problems while others will be working fine.

There’s also the possibility of outages taking place in select countries. This means thousands of gamers won’t be able to play in the UK, although those in the USA won’t be reporting problems and vice versa.

It’s good to remember that newer and older games will also use the servers, especially when you consider this company started over 10 years ago. If you got a problem with 2K’s server status, then we’d love to hear about it below along with your local city.

Best Buy Problems

The Best Buy website won’t normally go down, but during massive events like Black Friday and Thanksgiving you can certainly expect some disruption. If Best Buy is down today, then you will see status reports explaining where it’s not working below. The popular retailer across the United States normally brings some of the biggest deals all year round, of course these are even bigger during the holiday shopping period.

In the past, any downtime with the Best Buy apps or website has been limited. This would normally last only a few minutes, or connection issues will be intermittent thanks to how many people will be trying to access the doorbuster deals during Black Friday. The apps might also have their own issues throughout the year, which on occasion could be a technical problem.

Leave your status updates and of course app, or sale discussion below. If the Best Buy website isn’t working and has problems right now, then leave a location and details in regard to the issue below.

Craigslist Problems

The Craigslist website is one of the most basic designs you will ever see thanks to the service focusing on local classifieds, or forums, which redirect users to content based on your global location. When the Craigslist website goes down, then it will be far reaching like we saw when their DNS was hacked and redirected users to other domains.

Thanks to the Craigslist website featuring such a simple design, outages seem to be far less than other websites with graphic intensive designs. This still doesn’t mean Craigslist never stops working, as you can see by status updates from users below.

If the Craigslist website has problems, then you will see reports from Down Today readers. If you have issues or a total outage, then leave your local city and further details to help others.

Origin and EA Problems

When there’s Origin login problems, or the EA servers are not available and go down then you can be sure this status will hit many games. Thanks to the reach EA has with both sports games and other titles, if the servers are not working it will hit franchises like FIFA, Madden, NHL, and many more.

If EA servers are down again, then you will see status reports below and of course add yours with the game name that’s not working along with your region. This will reveal a pattern in some cases, or at the very least show what games are impacted by the latest outage.

One of EA’s biggest first person shooter games is Battlefield and as such, any major downtime with EA servers and Origin can certainly impact this title as well. Official status updates for Xbox and PlayStation can be access via this page, so leave yours and connect with others through official channels.

Bright House Problems

Bright House Networks now Spectrum provides Internet services to a number of locations including central Florida that include Lakeland, Tampa Bay, Daytona Beach, and Orlando. Other than broadband access, they also offer security, cable television and home phone services in the same areas, as well as Bakersfield and west suburban Detroit.

When Bright House Internet or cable TV goes down, it will obviously only be reported in the areas mentioned that fall within their coverage. Problems can range from Internet connection errors to a total blackout, or more complicated issues with other services they provide.

If your Spectrum Internet is down today, or you have other problems then you can share these within the status report section. There’s also official contact information to the right, which allows you to complain directly or reach-out for support.

NHTSA Problems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website aims to keep vehicle owners informed. The NHTSA has a vehicle recalls search that the public can use, a crash test database, research reports, safety snapshots, and offers vehicle owners the ability to file complaints.

When the NHTSA safety website goes down, or runs into problems, then you can count on a lot of upset across the United States when vital information is needed. In fact, we have seen the NHTSA vehicle recall search go down during massive announcements that included the airbag recall.

If you find any element of the, or website go down with common website errors, then leave a status report below. You can also leave other vehicle problems as well related to safety, which the Down Today community might find useful.

Spectrum Problems

Spectrum (was Charter Communications) might experience an Internet outage on occasion, but their services are not limited to just broadband access and also include cable television and home phones. Spectrum looks after customers in around 25 states across the United States.

The Spectrum outage map can be accessed with the contact details on this page and the phone number is found also to the right for desktop users. You can also run tests with a speed test from the customer service section of Spectrum, again follow links on this page.

If you are currently seeing an outage, then leave your location and details about Spectrum down in your area within the status report section.

Cox Communications Problems

Problems with Cox Communications are mainly reported to be an Internet outage, although the company also offer cable television and a phone service for homes. Their coverage includes many states from southern California to Arizona and Massachusetts to Florida.

If it’s not a total blackout, your Cox Cable or Internet outage could be down to local problems and this is why customers leave status reports below. This will help users find out about problems in certain states, or even locally within certain cities.

Use the contact information for Cox Communications on this page, or read about Cox issues and leave details on your problems below and feel free to leave a zip code to reveal patterns within certain areas.