Outage for Spectrum

Outage for Spectrum? Get an overview with problems reported to Down Today on phone issues, your TV signal and in regard to internet being down.

Facebook Down? and Problems

Is Facebook down today? When there is problems, millions around the world know about it and this is due to the fact that this social network has over one billion mobile users alone.

LinkedIn Down or Problems

When it comes to LinkedIn problems the most common include a total website outage, unable to get many search results and job posting issues.

Myfitnesspal Issues and Maintance

For those of you who are into your fitness, whether it’s running, cycling or even bodybuilding, then you’ll be very familiar when using this specific fitness app and website, which you’re able to track your fats, carbohydrates and also protein intake each day, also known as macros.

TikTok App Down? and Problems

TikTok is very well know however, if you’re new to this then it’s and iOS and Android Social Media Video App which people can create and share short Comedy, Li-Sync, and also Talent Videos. Over the past couple of years this platform has grown dramatically with millions jumping on the band wagon and giving this ago.

Bank of America problems

Bank of America offers a service to businesses and individuals for credit cards, mortgages, savings accounts, and loans, although their services can sometimes run into problems.

USPS Tracking Problems, Website Outage

For those of you who are currently having USPS problems such as it’s tracking service being down, or there’s been some sort of outage of the likes of their website

Bell Internet Problems

We can imagine that those of you who are customers of Bell Internet and are having problems are left being slightly frustrated

ComEd Power Maintenance and Outage

ComEd, also known as Commonwealth Edison, provides electricity, although when there’s a power outage this can cause concern for those who are customers.

NatWest App problems

NatWest app problems do occur where the error that some people will receive includes, sorry but there seems to be a technical problem.

CS GO Servers Not Working

Ever since being released Counter-Strike has a massive following, although it isn’t so popular when gamers are either getting ready for a session

Comcast Outage Xfinity Problems

Is there a Comcast Internet service outage in your area? If your service is running a little slow, or completely down then you would likely see details within the status reports.

eBay Problems

The worlds most successful online auction business has to be eBay and as such they run into problems occasionally.

Netflix problems

Netflix will run into problems like most video streaming services and this might be due to unexpected demand, server issues, or even planned maintenance.

Problems with 3 (Three) UK?

The 3 (Three) UK service operates on both mobile phones and tablets like the iPad. They offer SMS, mobile internet, and voicemail services and Three UK will go down on occasion.

Twitter down? Current problems

Twitter created success through a simple approach to online messaging with a very short number of characters, although the success this social network has will lead to Twitter outages on occasion.

Is EE down? Problems

Everything Everywhere provides services focused on mobile phones and home broadband, so you can gain access to the Internet or make calls at home and while mobile.

Sainsbury’s site, app problems

If you’re wondering if Sainsbury’s is down today, we aim to help you find out about any website maintenance messages, app problems when the server has crashed, or other issues that are being reported.

WOW Internet, Phone & Cable Problems

The WOW internet, phone and cable TV company was known before as WideOpenWest Networks. When problems arise in most cases it will be related to their broadband internet service going down.

Matalan Website Down? and Problems

Matalan is very well known throughout the UK for selling good quality clothing, footwear and also accessories at brilliant prices. With well over 200 shops spread across the country, you can imagine how busy they can get, let alone the customers who want to to browse and do internet shopping.

PayPal Problems

Paypal is one of the most well known online payment systems that will run into problems in a variety of ways.

Sprint outages and network problems

By visiting this page, which we’ve dedicated it to all Sprint outages that are currently happening today, users are able to comment below with any issues that they’re currently witnessing, as of in this past there’s been reports of network problems or issues when trying to make calls or send texts.

PSN Problems or Maintenance

PlayStation Network is the well known online gaming service that connects owners of the PS3, PS4, and other Sony game platforms.

O2 Network Problems

With O2 being one of the largest mobile telecommunications providers within the UK, customers every now and again do experience issues and Down Today is your perfect stop for service status updates, from either yourself or others that visit here.

Argos Problems, App Not Working

Argos is one of the most well known online shopping destinations in the UK, which first made its success as an offline retailer in the UK and Ireland.

TalkTalk Down

When there’s an outage with TalkTalk it can leave many customers feeling slightly annoyed with this specific service

Verizon outage and problems

Tracking the latest Verizon outage today and other problems should be simple when heading to online destinations that allow users to connect, or by using the official Verizon outage map tools on offer.

Suddenlink Internet Service Status, Login Problems

If you’re currently experiencing problems with your Suddenlink and find there’s login problems, a major internet outage is taking place, or issues are occurring on your TV, Broadband or phone, then here’s the place to leave a comment with your service status

Zoom Down? and Problems

For those of you who are visiting this specific page, you’ll already know what Zoom is about however, if you are new and are unfortunately having some trouble with this service being down, or are currently witnessing some other problems

Kodi Down? and Problems

Kodi is another huge and popular media streaming service that many viewers use as it’s an open source and is also available to anyone who has the ability to learn the full capabilities of this app.

Plusnet Servers Down? Not Working

If you’re someone who’s a customer of Plusnet and are finding that your having some issues with your servers, then this is the place to report anything that you may have problems with.

MasterCard Not Working

For those of you who don’t know, Mastercard is a network, which processes all transaction communications and allows people to pay with credit, debit and also prepaid cards when wanting to pay for something

Amazon Prime Music Not Working? and Down

As many of you who, Amazon Music is one of the most popular streaming platforms, which has been extremely popular since it was released back in January 2008. So therefore, with millions of users around the world listening to their favourite artists and tracks

Waitrose Website Down?

Just like their competitors Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury’s, Waitrose is another place where you’re able to order your weekly or monthly shopping. Although sometimes things don’t run as smoothly as they should, especially when there’s recently been reports from customers of the website sometimes crashing

Sky Website Not Responding

This page has been designed to help Sky customers who are currently witness issues when visiting the Sky website, as in the past there has been reports of users having trouble when trying to access their homepage and also when logging into their account online.

Freeview Down? and Not Working

As many of you may or may not know, Freeview is a very popular way to watch all of the most well know channels across the United Kingdom, such as ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and many other services.

Apple News App Down? and Not Working

For those of you who have an iPhone of some sort, or even an iPad for that matter, then you’ll be very familiar with the Apple News App. It’s a fantastic way to keep up-to-date with all of the major events and outbreaks, which are happening all around the world.

Disney Plus Down? Not Working

Disney+ has recently been released at the back end of last year, 2019, and has been a hit with fans ever since. Although, with so many users trying this new way of watching their favourite Disney films and TV shows whilst relaxing in their spare time, there can be some slight disruption.

John Lewis & Partners Website Down and Login Issues

John Lewis & Partners is one of the most common stores within the UK and with 1,000 of customers a day, you can imagine that there’s a lot of traffic on their website, meaning you are going to get problems here and there.

Sky Sports Website and App Issues

Sky Sports, as many of you know, is the best place to catch up or watch live your favourite team, whether it’s to do with football, cricket or even Formula 1.

Deliveroo App Issues

Deliveroo is a very popular world-wide and delivers food to thousands of customers front doors on a daily basis in countries such as the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Australia, Singapore even Hong Kong and so many more places.

Venmo Down?

For those of you who are account holders of Venmo and you’re finding issues with it being down at the moment then don’t worry, as we’ve well and truly got your back. This is why we have created this page to help those customers who are currently having problems.

Madden Server Maintenance Down and Problems

If you’re into your American Football and you’ve got a console, whether it’s a Xbox One or PS4, then without a shadow of a doubt, you’ll have the Madden NFL 20 Game. However, with that being said, you won’t be the only fan, meaning you’re going to run into some problems.

Uber Eats App Down and Issues

Uber Eats over the past couple of years has brought a whole new level for when it comes to ordering takeaways and thousands of people use the likes of their smartphones on their app to order dinner to their front door, which is perfect for those who are wanting a relaxing night in, or on the other hand are in some sort of rush! 

Sky Email problems? Not responding

Sky Email is used by Sky customers across the entire of the UK. They’ve also recently merged with Yahoo Mail as well, meaning there’s a wide range of features for users to enjoy having and using when sending and receiving emails for business and personal reasons.

DELL Website Down and Problems

DELL is an absolutely huge computer technology company which in based within the US and over many years has attracted millions of customers and clients from all over the world, due to so much success from developing desktops and laptops.

JCPL Outage and Login Issues

This page has been created for those who are experiencing a Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) outage or having login issues.

KCPL Power Outage Map and Status

When there is a Kansas City Power and Light Company (KCPL) power outage customers need a place where they can report their current status.

Telus outage and problems

Telus outage and problems with service can cause a huge impact on customers, and when services such as its Internet, TV and phone goes down users need somewhere to have their say.


It is the online store shoppers that get hit the most when there is a Walmart.com website outage, if this is the case share your troubles.

Problems with GoDaddy

Web hosting and Internet domain registrar company GoDaddy has over 4,000 employees serving more than 12 million customers, with around 60 million domain names under … Read more

Dish Network Internet, TV problems

There is nothing worse than a Dish Network outage where you are left with no Internet or TV service, but horrible as this may sound problems do happen.

DirecTV issues and no signal

DirecTV issues will either focus on certain satellite television channels, a total outage, or problems within certain areas of the United States.

Virgin Mobile Down

Virgin Mobile is a provider of mobile phone wireless communications in many countries, so you can make calls in the UK and other countries like United States, Canada, Australia, and more at reduced rates.

AT&T outage and signal problems

The status of an AT&T outage across the United States will be felt by landlines, phone service, and even 911 systems if the are down today.

2K server status

The 2K server status will impact a number of titles under this publisher and developer of video games.

Best Buy

The Best Buy website won’t normal go down, but during massive events like Black Friday and Thanksgiving you can certainly expect some disruption.

Craigslist website

The Craigslist website is one of the most basic designs you will ever see thanks to the service focusing on local classifieds, or forums, which redirect users to content based on your global location.

Origin and EA status for servers

When there’s Origin login problems, or the EA servers are not available and go down then you can be sure this status will hit many games.

Cox Internet outage

Problems with Cox Communications are mainly reported to be an Internet outage, although the company also offer cable television and a phone service for homes.