2K Problems

The 2K server status will impact a number of titles under this publisher and developer of video games. If the 2K servers are down today, then you could see your favorite game offline or receiving certain error codes.

2K games include Evolve, WWE 2K18, NBA 2K18, NHL 2K, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, BIOSHOCK, and many more popular video games. Not all games take advantage of 2K servers in the same way, so this is why certain titles will run into problems while others will be working fine.

There’s also the possibility of outages taking place in select countries. This means thousands of gamers won’t be able to play in the UK, although those in the USA won’t be reporting problems and vice versa.

It’s good to remember that newer and older games will also use the servers, especially when you consider this company started over 10 years ago. If you got a problem with 2K’s server status, then we’d love to hear about it below along with your local city.

2K Status insight for Thursday 4th of June 2020

If 2K is down today, then reports will be found below.

2K Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

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  • Donald323

    Servers for wwe 2K16 are down in NewBedford Massacusits United States

  • aaron

    Wwe 2k15 and 2k16 servers are down in abilene tx, usa and have been for a long while havent seen a problem yet with wwe 2k17

  • Shantour Jackson

    Yes but a new one

  • James

    Servers down on 2k16/17 Australia can’t buy 2k18 from marketplace yet anyway its blacked out 7.4gb.

  • Georgina Mau Harawira Bates


  • Georgina Mau Harawira Bates

    Down in New Zealand. While ur at it fix the CLOTHING on 2k17….

  • Michael C.

    Keeps saying that the servers are down. In Wilmington, CA

  • James Noblet

    Servers are down for nba 2k16 , UK

  • Greg T

    2k servers for my park ad lagging

  • Steve Palmer

    WWE2k17 “2k Servers down”

  • Michael Fink Gutterman

    can’t access on wwe 2k16 and wwe 2k17 similar issue with NBA 2k16 as well!

  • Ayo

    My NBA 2k 17

  • Jabari

    My 2k

  • Lisa de Haas

    btw, we’re in the UK

  • Lisa de Haas

    W2K15 has been down for days already. Anyone know what the problem is?

  • Jelton Lurrry

    I am play Playstation 3 i can not play with friends or play crew or host my own locker room please fix the server.

  • Eric Johnson

    Any body get server shut down for the recent xcom?

  • Carles

    Fix the servers. Errors happens every day for me fix them fix them fix them. For what we pay for your game internet and console this s*** should not happen so often. PERIOD!

  • Gido Nightwolves Burhenne

    Not worling in the netherlands 2 days a go it was fine

  • Rany Jones

    not working in Germany, was fine yesterday, but now it is down

  • iClinchyy __

    Is anybody else’s NBA server down

  • Josh

    all 2k’s are garbage except for 2k14 next gen. I’ll still always play that because 2k17 is TRASH

  • Justin Wozniak

    Nba 2k17 cant get on still. Been days. Wtf

  • Game Nation

    What game bro

  • Kk

    This is the last 2k game I ever buy it’s a waste of money it always has surfer problems

  • Dallas

    Problems with 2k17

  • joshua mccray

    yeah mine is coming up with a error code

  • Adam James Scott Darlington

    NBA 2k16 server down on Xbox one??

  • Chris Wilhelm

    ISSUEs buying VC anyone have that problem on nba 2k17… they have 50% off sale but goes to purchase screen and says transaction cancelled. Figured amount of traffic…. but very disapointed with the servers and game in general

  • QuanBoy Taye

    what is going on with NBA 2K17 servers. I’ve been lagging all day. Ive never lagged playing 2K17 unless I traveled to Old Town where I got lagged out of 2K completely

  • Sebastian Moores

    That means i cant get the plat for ANY Borderlands! 🙁

  • AK Tsalong

    Allow it man 2K server is down fix this quick!

  • Nikos

    My League is not working at all. Can’t sim games, can’t kick people from league, can’t invite people. It’s terrible.

  • Annias King

    Server is down this is crazy

  • Annias King

    Yo wtf

  • guest

    2k sucks!

  • Pietro Stemma

    They have to fix this cause playing online is fun

  • Jakio R Myers

    It’s all games with 2k wtf what they not gonna fix it or something this is some bs

  • Jakio R Myers

    I wanna see it post it

  • Tadas MaÅ¡ickas

    so – it means i can throw my 2k15 disc (I paid 50 dollars 2 years ago) to the trash can? f

  • Jason Douglas

    Servers are down permanently for 2k15. They made the announcement via twitter.

  • Jason Douglas

    2k made a twitter announcement stating 2k15 servers are permanently shut down

  • Drek sapp

    Did they shut 2k15 down for good?

  • Jakio R Myers

    So they shut down for good how you know


    How do you know it’s down permantely?!

  • Evil929

    The NBA 2k15 Servers have been shut down permanently.. Might as well through the game in the bin along with my saved game that i have been working on for over 12 months… how they can do that is beyond me.

2K Reports

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