AT&T Down Today?

The status of an AT&T outage across the United States will be felt by landlines, phone service, and even 911 systems if they are down today. In the past, we have seen major AT&T service problems and no signal in San Diego, Austin, Michigan, North Canton, Akron, Ohio, and many other areas that are viewble on the official website map on most occasions.

Issues can result from burst pipes, routing issues, or even networking problems nearer your home. The most common reports we receive relate to mobile Internet, reception and signal bars, or having no AT&T network coverage at all.

If you find issues with your broadband Internet, mobile phone, or even television service then we want to see your status update below. You can view other AT&T outage updates from Down Today readers and spot patterns within local communities.

AT&T service problems? Share your AT&T wireless signal issues with Down Today readers by nearest city:

AT&T Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If AT&T is down today, then reports will be found below.

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4 years ago

WiFi has just gone out, is this the case for everyone or just me? I live in Dallas.

4 years ago

The DSL is down again and has been for a few hours in OKC area.

Brenda A Brown
6 years ago

Down in Temple, Texas since this morning. When do you expect to be back online

6 years ago

Never mind. My settings changed somehow and now I’ve reset them and all is well!

6 years ago

7/22/’17 Wasn’t able to get Tune-in or I-Heart Radio or other radio stations, but I WAS able to go to other websites and make phone calls. Low signal with “!”. This was on a drive from Avon NC to northern VA. Everything seems OK now (7/23) even though I only have 2 signal bars. (No “!”.)

7 years ago

Not able to call out, send messages check web via data, emails not working and 911 calls are not even working. I am in Ohio and we need to stand together to stand fast and report to FCC about the service we are NOT getting.

7 years ago

I am in El Paso Texas and the ATT service is down.

7 years ago

I have been having issues with AT&T for some time now and when I thought things were getting better my bill is all over the place once again.

Richard Wall
7 years ago

No at&t service in Rockport, Tx again! This is getting very annoying!

7 years ago
Reply to  Ann

Just seems to be a nightmare for all carriers at the moment Ann, I heard that Verizon and Sprint are having problems as well.

7 years ago

Many services are down, not just AT&T. MetroPCS and T-Mobile customer are also not getting internet.

7 years ago

This is just not fair, I pay how much a month for my service and i cannot get any internet. Why is the an AT&T outage today when I need the internet the most for work.

Grace Ellase
7 years ago

Facing any issue with at&t just call @ +44-800-031-4246

7 years ago

my att service is down and yes I am in Florida too. It is mainly my Uverse.

7 years ago

Why is my service down in 32765, is there any real reason why this is occurring?

7 years ago

Looks like there is a total att outage in Florida, because I am down in Palm Coast Fl and my mums is down in

7 years ago

AT&T is still out for me in 32708.

7 years ago

ATT outages are happening, i am down on Florida with no signal or internet.

7 years ago

At&T customer support number +44-8000314246.

8 years ago

I have no email at all, this att service is getting worse each day.

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