Craigslist Down Today?

The Craigslist website is one of the most basic designs you will ever see thanks to the service focusing on local classifieds, or forums, which redirect users to content based on your global location. When the Craigslist website goes down, then it will be far reaching like we saw when their DNS was hacked and redirected users to other domains.

Thanks to the Craigslist website featuring such a simple design, outages seem to be far less than other websites with graphic intensive designs. This still doesn’t mean Craigslist never stops working, as you can see by status updates from users below.

If the Craigslist website has problems, then you will see reports from Down Today readers. If you have issues or a total outage, then leave your local city and further details to help others.

Craigslist Status insight for Tuesday 23rd of July

If Craigslist is down today, then reports will be found below.

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