Origin and EA Problems

When there’s Origin login problems, or the EA servers are not available and go down then you can be sure this status will hit many games. Thanks to the reach EA has with both sports games and other titles, if the servers are not working it will hit franchises like FIFA, Madden, NHL, and many more.

If EA servers are down again, then you will see status reports below and of course add yours with the game name that’s not working along with your region. This will reveal a pattern in some cases, or at the very least show what games are impacted by the latest outage.

One of EA’s biggest first person shooter games is Battlefield and as such, any major downtime with EA servers and Origin can certainly impact this title as well. Official status updates for Xbox and PlayStation can be access via this page, so leave yours and connect with others through official channels.

Origin and EA Status insight for Thursday 2nd of July 2020

If Origin and EA is down today, then reports will be found below.

Origin and EA Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Lily Barnes

    I just bought new games and all of a sudden origin just says that I can have online login. I’m very upset and annoyed that I can’t even download my games! I’m in Oregon.

  • Kenneth Moore

    DAO this thing has been ‘temporarily down’ for years now. It would be nice to actually be able to play the game and save stuff to the keep so that when the new game supposedly comes out. I will have something to load to it. I play it on XBOX ONE, in the US.

  • Brian Smith

    March 2020 and the servers still don’t connect on the ps3. Which is funny because I can directly connect by going to the website on a PC. I don’t really care about the character transfer so much. I just wish I could access the DLCs. You shouldn’t have to log in to online service to play a DLC, that isnt really online. It should just be added the file, like every other game during that era of gaming.

  • T1ck1

    paid for dlcs that I cant access due to servers being down if it’s a case of the old servers being replaced by new games an alternative way should be maid accessible considering like many other the backwards compatibility now play there old games on new consoles but if you’ve paid for something it should not be taken away at any point???

  • Flowey The FlowerTM

    My server has been “Temporarily unavailable” for 2 years now….. And my patience is getting thinner.

  • David S.

    Down for a whole week. I last played December 11. Today is December 18. Come on, Origin.

  • chimaira

    I’m in kcmo too and it’s still down

  • Helen Love

    On XBox360, you can delete saves in the ‘settings’ file on the console dashboard…Settings, hard drive..Games and Apps…choose the save file you want to delete then right click for options.

  • David

    Dragon Age Origins servers down I can’t upload my characters to the keep I’m playing with backwards compatibility on Xbox One and I just completed the game and I was hoping to begin Dragon Age Inquisition after another play through of the first two I am in the western United States

  • ErmacRulez

    Yeah i guess that’s what happen. Anyway few hours the same day all worked fine again as it used to 😀 .

  • ninjafoxyoko1

    not really…. I have maybe half that many saves. and there is no delete button. no matter which character I load or scroll down through the saves there is nothing that says delete.:(

  • I suspect that was a plannned maintenance day. I seem to recall getting
    the notice, but I always forget lol! Mine is working again. Is it
    working for you now? I hope so! Best to you

  • I suspect that was a plannned maintenance day. I seem to recall getting
    the notice, but I always forget lol! Mine is working again. Is it
    working for you now?

  • I suspect that was a plannned maintenance day. I seem to recall getting the notice, but I always forget lol! Mine is working again. Is it working for you now?

  • Is it working now? Mine is back.

  • !000s still play Dragon Age… 🙂 No need to apologise!

  • No, Love. We only get 250 saves per game. Open ‘Load’ and there you can scroll down and choose to delete saves that you no longer need… on each game. That is not Origins being down. That is just Origins. 🙂 I hope this helps.

  • ninjafoxyoko1

    dao server has been down for me for a few weeks now. I could play origins and got to play through one of my dlc’s but then it started saying I have too many saves and I need to delete some. fine but I don’t know how to delete them. there’s no button for it and even switching characters is no good. i’m on xbox 360(I know, old right?) is this just cause I have an older system or what? i’m also in mid-America if it’s a regional thing.

  • Same here in UK…

  • Matt

    Dragon Age servers not working.
    Yes I’m aware its 2019, but still.

  • Mauro Arrieche

    Ja não basta não poder jogar fifa agora não se joga nada ta certo né jogos baratinhos fala serio como sou otário. Brasil

  • GB

    It’s down again.. Sign in not working (application and website)
    Hey, EA engineers!!! Did you hear about HA installation of IT infrastructure?
    Maybe it’s time to build something smart and stable? Just for respect of your customers…;

  • raava

    Origin servers are unavailable.
    Location: UK

    Login server has failed again

  • raava

    EA have all this money and just want to buy cheap servers for the origin servers this happens all the time it is about time they sorted it

  • ErmacRulez

    I just bought a game on discount yesterday and it was all fine and today 4/12/2019-Greece it’s down, my luck.
    EA, you should let people at least have access in origin in offline mode when they only just want to play an installed single player game. So tragic…

  • Jason

    I cannot seem to open Origin’s website or app when my WiFi is on, but yet if I turn it off and use 4G network things work fine on my iPhone 8. So 4G you can log in but WiFi you cannot.

  • Totally down in KCMO in USA. Can’t even play BFV offline seriously. Just saying, I’m trying to get acclimated to the controls so I can play online, but uhhhhhh that doesn’t look promising either

  • Vicky c

    Here in brazil servers are still down. I had all my dlc downloaded but somehow they disappeared and I only have Golemns of Amgarrak available? Really annoyed at this :/

  • Vicky

    Logging into origin to play sims 4 and theres an error loading my games and my list is empty? Whats the issue with Origin and have i lost all my games

  • Poppy

    Still down across all three dragon age games for me on my Xbox one. I’ve been trying to get them back on using all kinds of suggested fixes for a few weeks now, to no avail.

  • Benjamin Helphinstine

    Same DAO in us. But on DAI It let’s me connect to the servers but not DAO. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Bahyek

    The Dragon Age server is down when trying to play Origins on my Xbox One… very disappointing since it won’t let me play unless I’m connected since I have DLCs installed…

  • Jonathan S

    They are down August 18, 2018, in the US, after appearing to be temporarily up last night Pacific time

  • Dameon Michael Ewen

    Dragonage servers are down aaaaagh

  • sybil

    Origin servers are unavailable.
    Location: UK
    Game: Sims 3

  • sleepygirl79

    In Chicago, IL. They’re down today, and every other day I try.

  • NoctustheOwl

    im in canada, just tried connecting to the servers, even unplugged my X360 for a bit. didnt help.

  • natacha van malder

    Dragon Age servers have been down for more than a week now (PS3, Belgium)

  • somebodywhoknowsthings

    “The Dragon Age servers are temporarily unavailable. Please try again.” going on for 3 days now, I’m in Wisconsin

  • SixthSinEnvy

    “The Dragon Age servers are temporarily unavailable. Please try again.” Going on over 2 weeks with this message every time I log on with Xbox One. Please fix this or give us some kind of feedback.

  • SixthSinEnvy

    I have the same problem

  • Ian Crider

    Same here. Kimbolton, OH, USA.

  • Cookie Crumbs

    what happen to disks so you didn’t have to rely on servers and crap if you don’t want to…i just wanna play sims 4

  • Kris

    I’m in California and I have been getting the message for a week. But on 360. I am starting a new Warden, my internet is fine and it won’t connect.

  • MarnaZelany

    DAO servers are down in Oregon.

  • AJ Walsh

    I’ve been trying to re play DAO for 3 days now. U.S., Illinois, near St. Louis, MO. Also on Xbox One reverse compatibility.

  • LeighBen

    I’m in the United States

  • LeighBen

    Dragon Age Origins has been saying “The Dragon Age servers are temporarily unavailable. Please try again.” for 2 days now! I’m on my Xbox one using backwards compatiblility. All I want is to be able to play this game considering I just bought it and have never played it before! Are the servers actually down? Considering I just played Dragon Age 2 for the past 2 weeks and the servers were fine means they still have servers for games this old. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!!!!

  • AJ Cabeje

    Same here in Illinois/St. Louis Metro Area.

  • Nobody

    Dragon Age Servers unavaiable the last 3 days (PC, Europe, Dragon Age Inquisition

  • GianGab

    Dragon Age servers (DA Origin on xbox 360) are down in Europe (i’m Italian). Server need to be up for sharing the save on DA Keep

  • BootiePup

    Dragon Age servers are down in United States Missouri. Need this server for play on dragon age inquisition

  • Mikro Plasm

    Origin has been down for me since last night and Blizzard was down last night too there was an optic fiber that got cut apparently. Blizzard is up for me now but Origin is still down. From Northeast Illinois.

  • Ádám Szabó

    Down in hungary

  • Jnine

    madden 18 down for 4 days now. South Jersey area

  • Andrew Johnson

    Down in Durham UK

  • Myles

    Bf1 servers down in southern alberta


    Trying to download the required update for The Sims 4, not played since 20th Feb 2018 on PC, doesn’t respond, unable to play. How long has this been going on?

  • Talha Bhurgri

    I have bf 3 in my account when i click on play it says you need to buy product code or provide it even i have bf 3 in my accout but forgot product code
    this is happening today please help

  • Lazar Sergio

    So i’m not the only one.
    Trying to acces Dragon Age Keep results in a 504 Gateway Timeout Error.

    There must be some problems on their servers.
    You can still play the game tough.

  • Jenny

    It wont connect Inquisition. It keeps saying that it cant connect to Dragon Age servers, ever though my internet works fine

  • Uldtot

    Unable to login. Several days now. “is it not possible to login online at the moment”…

  • Chris C

    Can’t connect to server. Just me? In Jersey.

  • Pawel O

    Down in London

  • Britt

    down today 1/19. Won’t show anything. in Raleigh

  • Margaret Lee

    down today 1/16 can not connect to servers. in Missouri

  • Mikael Larsson

    I’ve problem to here in Sweden!

  • John Andersson

    Down in Sweden?

  • tiff

    Down in Las Vegas

  • tiff

    down in las vegas

  • Ricky

    Cannot get on server today for some reason.

  • Cannot get on server.

  • Diddley

    Origin ‘cannot connect to the server’ – I have internet, just can’t log in.

  • Pepelucho Costa

    i have the same problem

  • Arthur White

    Nope. BF4 servers are still down

  • Kari

    Still no log in. I hate this platform garbage, I have limited time I can play and then the server is down?!?

  • CoXre

    Nope. I’m Russian and even log-in Origin not working (therefore online services of games)

  • Alex

    multiplayer works in Russia now. Go to war)

  • Jesus

    Please ignore this comment. I have been fooled.

  • Jesus

    Working in Spain now!

  • Krisfer Jayes

    im getting “Online login is currently unavailable.

  • Marco Di Nella

    down in italia

  • dawcio88885

    Poland too

  • fabrizio falsato

    server down in sicily

  • Flávio Dormundo

    Down in Brazil.

  • Yonvu

    Down in Spain

  • anon

    down in canada too

  • Anon

    Login down in the U.S.

  • Monni


  • Monni

    Thank you for this. I’ll go to sleep then.

  • Anon

    UK servers on PS4 down, error 721.

  • Anon

    Online login is currently unavailable. in greece

  • Jaroslav Janíček (JardaCarda)

    Down in Czech online login currently unavailable


    Down in michigan

  • Manos

    down in Greece too

  • Alex

    Orange multiplayer crash everywhere. You can go to sleep)

  • LostSunshine

    cant play even in offline mode… so much money spent on ea games for christmas

  • Ludo Fabry

    Slovakia down.It seems complete origin fail

  • PedoBear

    down in ireland

  • Alex

    down in Russia

  • jp

    down in Finland, “online login currently unavailable.”

  • Eric O’ Connor

    It’s amazing that the servers are fine to take the cash to purchase a game but not ok to play it, shame on you EA truly disgraceful……..

  • Sebi

    I can’t log into my account. I’ve tried both the app and the internet browser. USA

  • Odin

    Down in Asgard

  • Sciagurambo Indrafang

    Same in Austria

  • David Oliver Nobels

    same in Germany and Italy :/

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