iMessage Down Today?

Apple’s iMessage has come a long way over the past couple of years, but even with all improvements things do run into problems. If your iMessage is not working or down today completely, then it could be a setting or something to do with Apple servers.

This instant messenger service aims to help iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad owners send messages at zero cost but when problems arise you should be able to send normal SMS text messages through a cellular network. Again, as reported by Down Today readers below iMessage isn’t always working like it should and a fix can be confusing to figure out.

Your iMessage problems might be related to just an iOS devices, or involve receiving the messages on Apple’s Mac software and computers. Leave your iMessage issues with Down Today readers below, or read status reports from others to see if they fix your glitches.

iMessage Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If iMessage is down today, then reports will be found below.

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5 years ago

I can send text messages but not iMessages!!! I have turned on and off like you normally would in these circumstances, but this hasn’t helped at all.

6 years ago

Had to turn mine permanently off, as has my wife on her phone, and go back to SMS. Apple is SO over-rated!

Agnes Dowell
6 years ago

One of my contacts that I have used I message from the beginning shows up red when I try to send message. All others work .

Sophia Anne Smith
7 years ago

today Tuesday 9th plus last night, nothing arrived nor was received via my usually brilliant I Message-can’t figure out what’s the problem!

7 years ago

iPad, I go to send a message but it won’t send I have checked my internet but this is a reoccurring problem and us quite annoying and regular so this needs to be fixed

7 years ago

When i get an iMessage notification on my iPhone 7 I open it via the lock screen and nothing shows up. Its like there is no message even though I got the notification.

7 years ago

iMessage for me is not working on my iPhone or iPad on Virgin Media Internet, but yet everything else does. iMessage works on my mates BT Internet when I am round his house.

7 years ago

My phone is letting me send imessages to iphone users but not to non-iphone users… I know know why.. i know it can’t be my service because I already paid for my phone bill… help…

7 years ago

Although my iMessage is on my messages are sending as text and I’m receiving messages sporadically from some but not from others. Started last night, then it seemed to resolve itself but this morning same issue.

8 years ago

I have been trying to send messages from my iPad using iMessage and its not working, even though i have wifi. Not able to receive either. whats wrong?

8 years ago

Mine is fine Bedfordshire

8 years ago

Is anyone having issues activating their iMessage? No able to login.

8 years ago

Is it a good idea to switch iMessage off when out and about when I got no WiFi signal? People say I should but im not sure.

8 years ago
Reply to  iUser

No it won’t, do you know how may times a i did this as well as all the numerous other troubleshooting fix suggestions, I even went back to factory settings, still couldn’t sign in, with on my ipod Touch much or Macbook. It’s an Apple server problem, even when I called Apple support and went through two support people explaining i performed every troubleshooting fix suggestion possible and went back to factory settings, the second gu who was a senior supervisor said, “we have had other users with the same issue and I am going to hand this over to our Engineers”. I think BGuss72’s comment makes the closest sense to me. I am not using an iPhone, I have an iPod Touch and I have had 3 generations of iPod Touch’s and NEVER had this problem before with iMessage, the fact that I can’t log in on myMacbook either is an indication it is not device related, but on Apple’s end.

Smile it is almost Friday!
8 years ago

IMessage was just a cruel joke played by Apples developers. Now it is nothing more than a solution in search of a problem.

Every time I buy an Apple device it ops me into iMessage. I always turn it off. I even deleted it from my MacBook. I have no plan to buy anymore Apple devices because they just do not perform to the standards I expect when I pay a premium.

8 years ago
Reply to  Cath

iMessage uses data so yes it will use your data if out and about. I would recommend turning it off when you don’t want to use it.

9 years ago

I need to ask a question, I have unlimited texts and use iMessage for simply knowing if the recipient is typing back. But here is the question – Should I switch iMessage OFF when out and about, I was told if i use iMessage when out it will eat into my data because i am using network rather than WiFi, is this true or am i still using my unlimited text messages?

William Taylor
9 years ago

iMessage stopped working this afternoon, still out

9 years ago

Apple hasn’t been taking care of their servers. Some of my iMessages to other iPhone users are working fine (blue bubbles). While some won’t go through, so ends up sending as an SMS text message (green bubbles). Last month when this happened, I talked to an Apple tech, and they said, sometimes specific numbers get stuck in a “loop” or an issue of some kind. That they would need to purge those numbers from the servers that are acting up. Hence why some people have issues, while others don’t. Either way, it’s Apple’s issue. Which they will probably take care of when they are good and ready. Meaning probably never.

9 years ago

Bottom Line: Location Services as well as Automatic Date & Time must be enabled for iMessage to work – do both then reboot your device. After the reboot, your iMessage login will be accepted.

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