Call of Duty Problems

The Call of Duty video game franchise is so big that millions will be impacted all at once when servers go down, or when multiplayer isn’t working for some reason. The first game in this first-person-shooter franchise released over a decade ago, the latest to release is called Call of Duty Black Ops 4. This game will run into problems with both server maintenance and not working due to glitches within the game.

If there’s game related problems then they often need an update to fix bugs, but server-side problems within Call of Duty need hot fixes without gamers having to download a patch. Either way, when there’s problems with Call of Duty you will see status updates below.

Those of you seeing error messages within Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare or other versions of this game should leave details below to keep the community informed. This also helps with fixes to any freezing, crashing, or other issues you have on PC, or the latest PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Call of Duty Status insight for Wednesday 27th of May 2020

If Call of Duty is down today, then reports will be found below.

Call of Duty Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Titchy

    Server down for me in the UK been like this for about an hour now.

  • Nathan

    Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is down and haven’t trouble trying to connect to any server! Does anyone know a reason for this as my mates are having issues as well.

  • Craig

    Guess I’m not playing call of duty for 40 minutes as the new version 1.18 update is downloading.

  • Dave

    No online gaming on call of duty black ops 4. I’m seeing UI Error 36340

  • Jack

    I’m getting collar 43 wolf error

  • Mark

    Black Ops 4 servers are down. Error Code: A B C D…… Collar 43 Yellow Wolf.

  • Mark

    I’ve tried playing zombies in BO4 and it will not find any players. Been happening a while now, so miss campaign mode.

  • Lyndon Fletcher

    Call of Duty Ghosts I cannot connect to online servers to play multiplayer. Infinity Ward please fix this, Thank you.

  • Craig

    Down again i want my money back for the whole consol game and cod points i have bought

  • Craig

    Call of Duty: WWII is nearly here and I cannot wait, only 2 days to go for release wahey. Servers will get smashed but that’s normal when a game is new.

  • Liam

    I am so looking for the new WWII game to release on November 3rd, but the downside to this is that the servers are going to get smashed.

  • tacereify

    interrupts and reloads,non stop

  • Daz

    This needs a seriously good kicking!!! Not a happy bunny… In Black ops you cannot advance. Anyone else found this.. keep getting dumped out of the network.

  • John

    It said i bean sighn out ofs psn nework

  • Shaolingang

    Mw3 kicks me out every 5 min please fix

  • IceHopper24

    Can’t play black ops 1 signs me out of network but can play all other games just fine the go bk to BO1 and get signed out or error code 8 when I asked Activision about it they said they have no clue what error code 8 is but will investigate it still can’t play multiplayer or zombies! >:(

  • Brian Hoyle

    Cannot play der reise,”need to sign into playstation network” I can log into playstation store. but cannot play..???

  • chris

    My call of Duty 2 keeps jumping back during play, I end up in a different place and getting kill without knowing why. any answers?

  • Aiden

    Why is infinite warfare store unavailable for me on Xbox one? It was working yesterday for me but now I can’t get in I wanted to purchase the season pass

  • Craig Clarke

    Brought AW xbox one for some noselgic elite and royality weapons n game unplayable

  • Derek

    Keeps saying an update is required, i do the update and it says completed but then will not go any further than this screen.

  • Linda

    My online status is OFFLINE with a message saying unable to log back into online servers

  • reinstalled CODAW on pc servers are down…any fix for this..resetting router doesnt help..steam charts showing 74 people have been playing lol

  • Gary

    I love this game very much bit IW is playing up where servers keep going offline and booting me from a friends game.

  • Dan

    Nothing is down but I cannot wait for the massive worldwide reveal of Call of Duty WWII

  • Stacey

    The amount of times I have tried to login to CoD Black Ops 2 and the servers are down, seems to be a common thing nowadays.

  • Jason Stec

    Major issues since the daily updates started falling…as of today, I do not seem to be able to connect to PSN – but ONLY when trying to spark IW.

  • casey

    i lent my black ops to a friend and now it wont work on my x box one anymore.

  • Saiko Seijin

    For a few days now I haven’t been able to play Black Ops III MULTIPLAYER. It says Connected to PlayStation network NOT CONNECTED TO CALL OF DUTY SERVERS. WTF REALLY …DAYS. I’ve tried resetting both PS4 and my router but “No Joy”.
    I guess CoD is DEAD and BATTLEFIELD is KING

  • Kungfumanchi

    The lobbies are messed up u spawn then u can’t move or play then if u leave they give u probation wtf

  • ACE

    infinite warfare servers not operational 1????

  • Nick

    Also zombies is okay i can play 3hrs in a row but in multi i barely suceed to end halfmy games

  • Nick

    Since i changed my router friday the multi bo3 keeps ejecting me from servers but my network is all fine maybe a coincidence but we should take for granted that thousands of new gamers are on the servers now so just be patient after black friday they will slow down

  • Christopher Spiller

    Call of duty 2 jumping backward getting such, slowing down, no longer fun.

  • Lawrence Sanchez

    i guess call of duty black ops 2 on ps3 is down too in texas 78336 by corpus area???

  • Tom Downie

    Up and running again

  • Tom Downie

    even advanced warfare is down…this sucks

  • Tom Downie

    Bo3 down in lancaster uk

  • iiDabster-

    Havnt played in 2 months. Was planning to slap scrubs on mw3, but servers are down wtf. Ps servers still shitty I see

  • Jonathan

    Can’t get on line bo2. The best game for the dudes that can’t fly just jump around haahaa fustrating

  • jason stanley

    Where are u

  • jason stanley

    Bo3 down still in ALCESTER UK

  • L. Miller

    I can play BO3 online, but not infinite warfare, UK

  • Jack

    Black opps 3 and call of duty ghosts server down in the uk

  • Stacey Jenkins

    Cannot access online servers to play zombie mode…. this is getting boring now!

  • Adam Williams

    Add me……. adlad

  • Adam Williams

    Still down in uk although servers say fine

  • Donna Jones

    same old story the problem hasn’t been fixed properly – no information or feedback – the status website says all servers are working properly – LIARS – garbage!!

  • Rami-1997

    Add me my psn is Rami-1997

  • Rami-1997

    All because of shitty warfare now they don’t care about bo2
    (bo2 is the best between ALL of them)

  • Rami-1997

    Why is this happening

  • Calamity_Triger

    Same here in Greece.Bo3 servers down.

  • amaw ka

    i was still able to play 3 hrs ago. now i can’t.

  • amaw ka

    still downloading modern warfare remastered. me too. cannot play multiplayer

  • amaw ka

    i thought it was just my console. I cannot connect to infinite warfare either

  • Mike Paes

    All cod’s down in netherlands

  • SupaH BP

    Same here in England. I want the game back… losing hope >.<

  • Tristan hambly

    I think infinite warfare on ps4 is down because I can’t get on zombies or multiplayer

  • Carl

    Call of duty mw3,bo2 and aw down for ps3 in London.

  • Jay RD

    Same here

  • SliceNaqz

    I think their is going to be another DDOS attack

  • wwbravebeartww

    Mw3 down in Edinburgh all day

  • Drestar

    BO2 has been a problem for me on PS3 for the last few days. Anywhere from 20 mins to giving up after 1.5 hours of trying to connect. Throw ghosts on and it’s just fine.

  • Zombietms

    Down since the 3rd. If youre lucky you can get on but its like winning a raffle. Got on today in michigan for about 40 mins midday.
    Hoping this issue is fixed soon. Almost done with game

  • Irishitalker

    For a few days, I’ve been able to change DNS settings and it would then allow me to play online. Today I changed DNS in the morning and it worked. Tonight I’ve changed it 20 times and I cannot connect.

  • Dave McClintock

    MW3 on PS3 has been down for 3 days. I can sign in, but when I click play online it just shows the connecting screen for several minutes then says servers are down or a similar error message. It seems to be specific to that game though, I can play online on Infinite Warfare on my PS4

  • Darren

    BO2 servers down Australia PS3
    been like it for about a week or so

  • Ifk

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one. Once I get to the black ops 2 multiplayer menu it’s normal but when you’re connected online shop will appear and right now shop doesn’t appear. Once I click on play online it loads until it says that call of duty black ops 2 servers are not available. I want this to end I’m on my way to prestige master I’m only prestige 4 right now

  • Karina

    Having this problem
    With blops2 servers !!! I can get on any other game but blops2 many friends have same problem wtf is going on grrr

  • Anil

    Sort out bo2 man I know it’s an update I seen it but why take this long I wanna play with my clan come on

  • Sam

    This is pissing me off now bo2 severs have been down since the 3rd wtf going on anyone else having this problem ????


  • bo2

    down in illinois

  • Amy

    Server not available for cod mod3:(

  • Samantha Gent

    What day did the servers go down for you?

  • cod2

    I broke my own bo2 because i can’t connect online multiplayer

  • Jill Bollig

    Down in oklahoma

  • Santanicka420

    COD 3 not even working today. Keeps saying “connecting to online service” it downloads to about 18% then drops back down to 4% over and over again.. What the hell. I want to freaking play.

  • Zzduvet

    Black ops 2 down for 1 week in Ireland

  • ZeroApex

    MW3 down in Oz for 5 days now and not a word from Activision, infinityward or sledgehammer.

  • Black_Bladez

    Out in SC. Still can’t do anything related to any CoD game.

  • Dayna

    Black ops 2 server is down and it’s been a mess since that last “update” that was done. Sometimes after trying to re-log in after 5-10 minutes or more it will sign in. But good luck when you log back out… piece of work.

  • Dusty Greer

    Out in nc. No support available either.

  • David

    Ever since update I have had login ERROR BO2 server is not available at this time……….unable to visit store or anything online for 48hr now

  • Makis Vailas

    MW3 is down in Greece…….

  • Kolton Bosen


  • Kolton Bosen

    Black ops 2 and black ops 1 zombies wont work in logan utah server is not availiable in bo2 sombies online in bo1 will load hosts about to game and boom frozen everytime.

  • Ian Mitchell

    Black ops 2 on ps3 down in Colorado

  • helson morales

    Man servers are down actually bo3 and infinite warfare are both down in the Caribbean. It sucks….

  • Charlotte

    We updated black ops 3 for our Xbox one and now we can’t get online to play. Our game is stuck in LAN and local games. Been like this since last night. Tried restarting machine and game many times still nothing

  • Jeff

    CoD is down in Missouri, I believe it is to do with the new Infinite Warfare beta download, servers are getting smashed.

  • Linda

    I have nothing in California, servers are down and no Call of Duty.

  • Brian

    Call of duty is down, I am on the Xbox One. Is anyone having issues on their PlayStation? This is not a banter its just to see if its the devs server or not.

  • Steffan

    Ive put the code in for call of duty on my ps4 but it just keeps saying cannot find or been used.i only opened it this morning and was sealed up until then.

  • Tina

    Xbox One and PC owners will be blessed with the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Salvation DLC today and this is why servers are down for maintenance. This is the 4th and last for BO3 seeing as the new game will be coming next month.

  • Ricardo

    What time is the new Call of Duty Black Ops 3 DLC being released today? Only asking because the servers have been down a while now.

  • Mark

    Constantly kicked from bo3 servers as of today.. can’t even finish a single game! Now tried Advanced warfare and can’t even connect to the servers!!!!!???????

  • Nick Baker

    Bloody severs are a bloody joke sort it out. Any body else got these problems

  • Nick Baker

    Call of duty on PS3 down can’t get online game been down for 3 days I’m from the UK. It’s a joke going knot going knot bloody joke

  • Beercules

    Had friends over to play and suddenly the servers are down. They could show their patrons a little respect and give a heads up or at least give some kind of idea how long the game will be down and what is going on. Wtf?! Worst customer service ever.

  • Texan Red

    I’m having the same damn problem. It is so frustrating because it is my favorite of all cods and I don’t know what’s wrong

  • Freddie

    call of duty black ops 3 zombies is not working for me, it will not let me play friends on my list but will other people.

  • Malcom

    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is releasing November 4th 2016, lets hope the servers can be a little better than they are now. A new game, loads of newbies online its going to be sour i can tell you.

  • 啊事实上

    My mods aren’t working

  • Dax York

    I keep getting kicked outta lobbys because of host migration i have not been in a good lobby in hours

  • Rory O’Flaherty

    When I play Black Ops the game is constantly lagging. I’m not computer minded, but is this because the host is usually the US? Is this where all the servers are and why the connection is so terrible? It seems ridiculous that I have fast internet but cant play an old videogame online without having everything puppet around in slow motion.

  • Madeline

    I got nothing in the East Midlands, Call of Duty should be NO duty.

  • Keith

    No online play with Call of Duty Black Ops 3 for just under a week now in San Diego.

  • Mauricea

    I cannot find any lobbys in BO3 multiplayer online. Please anyone help me.

  • Mitchell Lal

    Connected after I performed an internet connection test…. game on….

  • Mitchell Lal

    Just received a cod3 PS4 messaged to update……. updated….. logged on and error code alphabet appeared. Got the option of local, or retry so I attempted the retry and got to checking files 99% completion then bogs out with the error code again. Maybe nothing but when I keep pressing retry more letter of the alphabet appear on the next error code message.

  • steve

    will never cod again. more problems than fixes. hacked more than any other game i bought. treyarch you gotta go. blackops 2 is down. brother having trouble with thrree. and im done

  • Ghenghis1

    COD Advanced Warfare will not connect to the servers – been like it all day. Call of Duty Black Ops.exe has stopped working and no apparent fix for it so money paid for a game I can’t now play…!!!

  • Christopher

    I think call of duty on the XB1 is more stable than on the PS4 as i have played both at my house and my friends. Looks like I am saying goodbye to the Sony brand.

  • Austin

    I got no PSN in London, whats going on because every time I try to play black ops 3 i cannot.

  • Ferdi

    Playing Call of Duty Black Ops on the Xbox One and it keeps saying the server is down.

  • Abdul

    Call of Duty Black Ops servers are terrible lately, fix or lose.

  • Clive

    Two minutes into a game and then get kicked out of playing Zombies.

  • Troy

    I just downloaded the Atlas Gorge map and there are no lobbies showing.

  • Tyler Mack

    They reason this is happening is because AW is dead nobody plays. There are only TDM lobbys. This is the reason you cant find hardcore tdm.

  • robin wells

    Dude wait.for about 20 seconds before pressing x to start game, little code in top right of screen will change, the press x and it’ll work fine

  • Ryan

    Fix the game

  • B^3

    For two weeks I have been getting alphabet error code saying server is not available. I restarted console and game and waited for numbers to change on loading screen numerous times.

  • Jonathan Furmage


  • some annonymous fag

    Trying to play BO2 zombies on PC. Getting an error saying servers are down. A friend is also getting it.

  • Autumn McC

    Can’t sign in to cod bo3 error code AB…FB located in KY

  • Il-TeddyGrimm-lI

    Severs aren’t available, website shows error message in foreign language.

  • Chris

    Is called of duty black ops 3 down today

  • Leeds

    Unable to find any games on CoD AW, game lobby keeps saying ‘no games found’, X box one , had a 360 last year but an update killed it was going to get a PS4 wish I had now , same problems all the time yet X box live always say there is no issues .

  • Lou

    Black ops 2 still got hackers bombarding and now also cannot play a game, just get booted out. Crap!!

  • Brittany Blankenship

    I’m pissed; Xbox One brand new & Advanced Warfare Brand new & can NOT play hardcore tdm at all, NO LOBBY WILL LOAD AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It has been like this for for over 2 days (02-24-16 @ 11pm – current 02-26-16 4:43pm) It shows NO GAMES FOUND!!!!!!! I’ve tried waiting for over 17 mins, I’ve looked into my settings I’ve looked into everything & no help so far whatsoever!!!! I do not know how to make a report here either besides these comments!!! Shall I put my email address up on here in these comments to let you guys reply back or what??????????? I need help on how to fix this, or where to go to try and get it fixed PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me & my fiance need to play asap 😀 lol

  • Ricki

    Been over a week. Always get same ‘server is not available’ error. What a waste of money. Very angry!!

  • chris

    advanced warfare is still not working i have been sat in a lobby waiting to play since 10 past 8 this morning!

  • Scott

    Brutal what are we paying for exactly?

  • Bryan Melton

    The website Down Detector shows outages in most of the US and Europe

  • Bryan Melton

    XBOX 1 AW has been down all morning in Louisiana

  • mike

    You would of thought that they would of prepared themselves a little better than this after all they have had enough attempts at it ..

  • mike

    Does it really mater that the servers are down ….. trying to get a game with any kind of conection would be nice ….what a joke they are….

  • Ramsvikyolo IG

    CoD BO3 down Monday 8. Feb, anyone know why ?

  • groot1013

    The COD AW on ps4 is still down and having problems whowing “Cannot connect to server” or “Cannot retrieve friends list”

  • Man124584

    Advanced warfare ps4 down 🙁

  • Brad Bruhh

    is everyone getting the same message saying its down (ps3 )

  • MrTHizZN420

    aw server is down for ps3 and ps4 well this sucks

  • jim

    Is advanced warfare down on ps4 keeps saying service not available

  • Gray

    Yes me too haven’t been working all day dude been trying since 5:30pm it’s nearly 9:30pm buddy.

  • Gray

    Help advanced warfare is down.

  • Gray

    Just keep trying I guess I just wish I could just get on 1 game ffs

  • predator

    advanced warfare ps3 online services unavailable anybody else got same problem?

  • Gray

    Having same problem haven’t been able to get on all night it’s 8:45pm now been trying since 5:30pm it’s not my Internet because my other games work just fine online.

  • Amy

    COD AW servers down on ps3 anyone having same problems

  • noel

    Black ops 2 won’t connect to Internet for online play same with zombies…how long will it be down this time ?

  • Sam

    CoD: Ghosts down for XBL, anybody know why?

  • nikko

    yes me too gets to the player profile page and stops

  • Tiago Santos

    True. Thanks for the advise. Just waiting and cursing here too!!!

  • John d

    B/ops3 on PS3 won’t let profile load anyone else having problems

  • SpearofDestiny

    Yesterday on my day off my BT broadband went off so I couldn’t play the new maps today COD’s servers are down typical

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