DPD Problems

As many of you know DPD is an international delivery company that delivers parcels that are 30KG who are based in Germany but delivers to Ireland, UK and many other countries. However, the most comment issues, which often get reported the most is when customers are having trouble with the website not working and trying to gain access to their tracking numbers and many have had problems in the past with having trouble searching on where about their delivery is and what time it’s going to be delivered.

DPD Status insight for Tuesday 20th of October 2020

If DPD is down today, then reports will be found below.

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DPD Reports

@DPDgroup_news can you help me with a tracking number please

@DPDgroup_news You can't tell which country I'm in by using your own tracking number?! No wonder it never arrived...

@DPDgroup_news What happened to this? Your tracking is vague and a DPD driver has just delivered to this address, but not this parcel! No text received. So where is it? pic.twitter.com/wSZDhSXBY7

So @DPDgroup_news updated their website, and instead of improving it. It now no longer supports tracking your parcel on a phone in 2020. Which apparently it’s done for years till today... great update! 👍 pic.twitter.com/5iEhPksqeB

@dpdNL @nk111 @DPDgroup_news @fitbit No, my parcel is hopefully fine, but please tell the IT folks to remove the unsecured package tracking URL.

@DPDgroup_news please don't promise your customers next day delivery of you order before the cut off time when you can't deliver! No update emails nothing, have to manually go on tracking to figure out that the order couldn't be made today. Wish I had picked hermes to deliver 😪

@parcelforce Like we ain't been on the phone to you guys lol. You don't offer tracking times so I know what time to be in waiting. But @DPDgroup_news offer time tracking. And yet iv got to drive 25miles rather then 5 miles dumb fxxks

What a great end to my week 🙃 no tracking details, have no idea what this is and my neighbour doesn't have my parcel!! Fucking brilliant @DPDgroup_news pic.twitter.com/gZ9tj5l2py

@nk111 @DPDgroup_news It makes no sense that @fitbit sent me a tracking url without ssl and that dpd even supports it. And that they don't auto-update to secure.

Hey @DPDgroup_news shouldn't that site be secured? Tracking url links are great phishing triggers and they're super easy to fake this way. pic.twitter.com/h0904pqelS

@DPDgroup_news @dpd_de Thanks. If @dpd_de is interested I can share the tracking number so that they bring me the package. Otherwise, I already discussed with the Amazon merchant that I will not pick it up.

@DPDgroup_news - any idea how can get support on this please? Tracking is showing the parcel has been in Gloucester for 13 days!