DPD Problems

As many of you know DPD is an international delivery company that delivers parcels that are 30KG who are based in Germany but delivers to Ireland, UK and many other countries. However, the most comment issues, which often get reported the most is when customers are having trouble with the website not working and trying to gain access to their tracking numbers and many have had problems in the past with having trouble searching on where about their delivery is and what time it’s going to be delivered.

DPD Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If DPD is down today, then reports will be found below.

DPD Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Jodie Woodward

    Same issue here as well,it isn’t tracking on the app or website

  • Stuart Bell

    Yes, I have the same issue. Tracking number doesn’t exist

  • Sam

    thought it was just me! Cant book a time slot as told by sender either. Just hoping it arrives

  • Bec

    Waiting for a parcel, tracking system not working on their website or app

  • Kariss

    Been waiting for a parcel all day, to then try and put my tracking number into the search bar and im having trouble, it’s getting on now. You could say i’m slightly annoyed!! Never really had this problem.

  • Sue

    Got to love it when your item’s been delivered, but then it’s not here, must be a wrong address or something.

  • SandraD

    Tracking is currently an issue for me at the moment, trying to see where about my parcel is, due to it being half and hour late and I’m unable to put my tracking code in? Slightly annoyed is an understatement right now!

  • ThatProgrammer

    The DPD website, including tracking is offline atm.

  • Kerry Kizzy Lloyd

    Error retrieving your parcel details

    We are currently experiencing issues retrieving your parcel information at this time. Please try again later.

  • Tamsin Mc Cormick

    Item is close by and due for delivery tomorrow but I can’t track it. The app doesn’t work either ! I did manage to get an email saying it will be delivered tomorrow and that is it. Maybe I’ll get a delivery slot
    Email tomorrow ? Maybe,s just don’t cut it !

  • Christine

    I have tried calling customer support but i thing they are something like area 51 very top secret and not able to get through – do they even exist? Tracking is not working so please help where is my parcel.

  • Marcus

    I have a problem trying to track my order, i have tried many times but it is not working.

DPD Reports

@DPDgroup_news you have delivered my parcel to the wrong address!!!! my parcel has been delivered to BOURNEMOUTH but I live in SOUTHAMPTON - the tracking information shows it photographed outside a home in Bournemouth... how can I complain and fix this?

@DTDCIndia @DPDgroup_news Tracking number M00856064.First lied about office locked then lied about courier being delivered.What do you think customers are FOOLS? #DTDC #GREATDELIVERY #NICEWORK

@A1A1i @LFC @DPDgroup_news @A1A1i @LFC @DPDgroup_news I'm terribly sorry to hear about this delivery issue, please DM me the tracking number so I can help. Kind regards, Amrick

@DPDgroup_news Why do you claim to have delivered a package when the only thing you did was to drive by my street? The tracking says that I even signed the delivery. Too bad that my name was written falsely! I even saw the driver but he never stopped by! That is rude! pic.twitter.com/RpdERtcmkk

@RecovTalk @DPDgroup_news Good Morning, Please DM us your Tracking Number, we will happily assist. Warm Regards, DPD Ireland

@DPDgroup_news apparently your driver has missed me? Well I’ve been sat in my flat tracking and waiting by the intercom for it to buzz...but the buzzer didn’t ring? I understand your drivers are busy, but bare faced lying 🤥 is another thing #joke #delivery #CustomerService pic.twitter.com/CdXDIHemqo

@asda @AsdaServiceTeam @Georgeatasda I love how you use a #globalpandemic as an excuse to not deliver parcels, not keep customers updated and not provide any service. @DPDgroup_news need to work with you to keep customers informed as online tracking clearly doesn't work!

@DPDgroup_news Hello. Yesterday my tracking said my order was on it's way to me. Now its saying, we have your parcel and it's on it's way to the depot? Any idea how much longer it'll be

@LindaCHoward I can beat that. 😉 Followed my parcel on #dpd tracking. Watched how the van drove past my house several times, never stopped, never called. At 19:59 hours sharp the driver clocked off and I got an SMS saying “Sorry we missed you”. Disappointed to see @DPDgroup_news are lying.

@DPDgroup_news hello, my parcel was meant to be delivered yesterday but tracking still shows an 'unexpected issue'. Any idea what this is/when it will be resolved? pic.twitter.com/cFp3WCYfNm

@DPDgroup_news It’s ok now. I’ve got a neighbour who rescued it. Tracking worked around 12. And it was beer 😆😀

@DPDgroup_news Hi. I have a parcel coming from Germany to Guernsey - it's currently in the UK. The tracking link I have says a loading error has occured. Could you elaborate at all? TIA