DPD Problems

As many of you know DPD is an international delivery company that delivers parcels that are 30KG who are based in Germany but delivers to Ireland, UK and many other countries. However, the most comment issues, which often get reported the most is when customers are having trouble with the website not working and trying to gain access to their tracking numbers and many have had problems in the past with having trouble searching on where about their delivery is and what time it’s going to be delivered.

DPD Status insight for Saturday 24th of July 2021

If DPD is down today, then reports will be found below.

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DPD Reports

@DPDgroup_news for the 3rd day you haven’t delivered my @outdoorgb order as promised. Day 1 you say I’m not here (I am), day 2 you don’t have my address(it’s on the tracking), day 3 same thing (address still there) I spent my one week off work waiting in for you. Holiday ruined.

@Jendscott @DPDgroup_news I was sat here watching the tracking, he's on the other side of town about 20 delivery slots away and suddenly I get "Oops. Sorry we missed you! We'll try again tomorrow". But what can you do, eh? 😫

Do @DPDgroup_news have a customer service account? Their tracking system asked me to choose a safe place/neighbour in case I wasn't in & now the system is saying it will deliver to my neighbour, not try me first!

@DPDgroup_news I paid for next day delivery - a day after it was due I’m still without my parcel. No update is available using your tracking. The link you’re going to provide me with to your UK website is not applicable. Where is my parcel?

@DPDgroup_news My delivery was supposed to be here at 5, "Your parcel could not be delivered, as your DPD driver could not gain access" I was tracking the driver, and he was two stops away. I even saw his van in the next street. My street is not gated.

@ASOS can you please only use @DPDgroup_news preferably or @Hermesparcels for my premier deliveries in the future? @YodelOnline are crap and never deliver as promised. Tracking information is rubbish as are their delivery drivers.

Yo @Hermesparcels, turns out even though you're crap with tracking parcels, you're miles better then @DPDgroup_news. At least you lot don't delay a parcel regardless of paying for a set day delivery or have rude customer services. Also Hermes, Anne, my local driver, she's great!

@DPDgroup_news poor service from DPD today. Waited in all afternoon for a parcel. Tracking wasn't updated but Live Chat assured me it would arrive so I waited. No show! Spurious message saying 'sorry we missed you'. You didn't even try to deliver, I was in and waiting!

Receive an email from @DPDgroup_news saying "your parcel will be delivered on 19 July 2021" I pop the tracking number in the tracking info and they say they have not got my parcel. Totally confused but not surprised.

@aka_josie @1conor @DPDgroup_news @dunnesstores Hi Stephanie, Can you DM us your tracking number so we can check this out for you too? Kindest Regards DPD Ireland

@DPDgroup_news My parcel has been missing for 2 weeks, no-one knows where it is and my online “order tracking” on tour website says “your parcel is due to be delivered on 14th July”. Your online chat won’t help me and @AppleSupport have lodged an escalation with you. Where is it?