Minecraft Problems

When Minecraft server problems strike they can come with a range of error codes and messages, which in most part depend on the platform you are playing this block building game on. The PS4, PC and Xbox One have their own status messages when servers run into issues.

Mobile platforms have a dedicated Minecraft Pocket Edition app with Android and iOS being most popular. The Minecraft game will hit server problems on occasion, also these can arrive during maintenance or by surprise.

Minecraft Status insight for Wednesday 5th of August 2020

If Minecraft is down today, then reports will be found below.

Minecraft Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    I’m on a PS4 and not been able to sign in with my Microsoft account for a few days now, getting fed up with these problems. Reinstalling didn’t fix it and have even tried changing passwords, restarted my router so it’s not my internet connection.

  • Kyle

    Realms have been down for a few minutes… “INVALID SESSION: Please restart Minecraft” …

  • devil boy

    Minecraft is
    it down on ps4 me and my friends can’t join each other

  • Misaki Yatagarasu Parker

    Minecraft is down on PS4?

  • Charlie

    Is minecraft down? I think the authentication are currently down for maintenance..

  • Bennie

    The accounts database upgrade is still going on, its been a few hours now. Any idea when things will be up and running again?

  • Leo

    Cannot login to Minecraft right now due to Mojang because maintenance is underway where they are updating their account database. This is for Minecraft Java version..

  • Foxie

    My Minecraft server is not opening up for me, others day I can open but my Realm doesn’t and shows up 504 errors.

  • Danny

    Minecraft servers are down for me.

  • Joan

    I am on day 2 with bad lava experience.

  • Emma Noe

    Every time i try to get on, it crashes and says that a fatal error in the Java program has made it stop. I tried updating Java, but that didn’t help. Help?

  • _NightcoreFan_

    Ugh it says its up but it says “Play Offline” 🙁

  • Alex

    Does the Block Launcher Mod Installer for Minecraft 1.8 allow you to NOT run out of ammo?

  • Anonymous

    All servers are down, there is no way to join them until they’re up again unless you’re a server owner which then you can communicate through the “error” messages.

  • Anonymous

    Help! Server I am admin on there is being a hacker takeover but I cant join! Odd thing is, all the servers seem to have people leaving and joining on them

  • hELLO

    Its down!

  • candygeorgie49

    Minecraft PC Servers Down

  • Jillian

    Minecraft is down for me, cannot get online at all. Is there a maintenance update.

  • Bobby

    Is Minecraft still having its maintenance or has it finished?

  • Gazza

    Minecraft is acting a little weird today, controlling is very hard indeed today with me seeing it move all over the place which is not my doing.

  • Crazyschool-101

    PS4 Minecraft not working online i tryed send my friend in to mine game show on his connecte ing to host does not load at all.

  • Lewis

    The start time for minecraft maintenance is 08:00 CEST and it lasts for around 4 hours. I am guessing this means mcpe servers will go down as well on tues.

  • Micky

    Yep, I also saw that minecraft servers will go down on Tuesday April 14. The developers say all logins will be down, including those on websites.

  • Dan

    There’s new Minecraft server maintenance planned for April 14, so in 3 days time.

  • jake

    🙂 closing down on me and its annoying can you please fix

  • Rob

    The minecraft servers seem to be down today, anyone else got issues?

  • Shelly

    Issues with the PC version, i cant join selected servers and it states it cannot authenticate user error.

  • Branden

    I did the last update, but now have problems with a minecraft cubes glitch and they stay there even after I break them.

  • Lewis

    Online gameplay isn’t working on the Xbox 360.

  • Dan

    I keep getting a network error.

  • Nathan

    My Minecraft on PS3 keeps switching to offline game mode, this is driving me crazy.

  • ben

    Having loads of multiplayer problems with the pocket edition on android, my sister has no issues but i can’t connect.

  • Oscar

    The multiplayer mode is missing from minecraft pe, it used to be there, where has it gone?

  • Arron

    On the PS3, I keep getting an error saying no games found and this is stopping me getting online. Are the servers down for PS3?

Minecraft Reports

@FallGuysGame Tried playing it with friends when the servers were shut down. Went on Mineraft to wait and now they're too engrossed in Minecraft :P

[LIVE] Road to 100 Followers, Playing Fall Guys (unless the servers are down then we'll play Minecraft) twitch.tv/zekewolfe

@Brandon87567898 @MojangSupport so will i bruh , but i dont have answer to my problem..... i'll been 3 days waiting

@MojangSupport I have already sent one yesterday and all I got back was an email with simple fixes that did not solve my problem.

@MojangSupport hey i have a problem. I want to change my name in minecraft from szukaraka to Szukaraka and it blocks me from doing this. please help me

@MojangSupport I’m unable to load skins for Java Edition. In multiplayer I see other people’s skins as either Alex or Steve, myself as Steve, and any custom heads as Steve. But everyone else sees me in my skin and the problem proceeds in single player.

@MojangSupport It is reported. The problem wouldn’t have even happened if some genius didn’t decide to remove the auto save options and force it to happen every 5 seconds.

@MojangSupport And it's not a problem that is plaguing everyone. My friend just sent in a password reset request and got an email within minutes.

@MojangSupport ive repled to the email and i haven't gotten a response yet my problem was that i was streaming minecraft and i got logged out and when i logged back in it says that i need to buy the game again youtube.com/watch?v=z73ulU… at 2:30:49 thats were it happend :(

Yo, @MojangSupport I’ve got a problem with Minecraft on PS4. Your forced autosaving that happens literally every 5 seconds does nothing but cause constant stutter and crashes. Can you let the team know that that’s the cause of half the performance issues we’ve had for 7 MONTHS

@MojangSupport My skin dont load (please fix this problem) PLEASE🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

the entire state is covered, for the most part. I'm scared. Minecraft and web servers are down for safety, about to bring down the NAS and E60 box. we're expecting either damaging winds from the storm or actual tornadoes possible since conditions are favorable. pic.twitter.com/j9B0ZcyZ2Z