Minecraft Down Today?

When Minecraft server problems strike they can come with a range of error codes and messages, which in most part depend on the platform you are playing this block building game on. The PS4, PC and Xbox One have their own status messages when servers run into issues.

Mobile platforms have a dedicated Minecraft Pocket Edition app with Android and iOS being most popular. The Minecraft game will hit server problems on occasion, also these can arrive during maintenance or by surprise.

Minecraft Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Minecraft is down today, then reports will be found below.

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padraig barr
2 years ago

H,i my minecraft servers has been down for days on pc, how can i fix it?

4 years ago

I’m on a PS4 and not been able to sign in with my Microsoft account for a few days now, getting fed up with these problems. Reinstalling didn’t fix it and have even tried changing passwords, restarted my router so it’s not my internet connection.

5 years ago

Realms have been down for a few minutes… “INVALID SESSION: Please restart Minecraft” …

6 years ago

Minecraft is
it down on ps4 me and my friends can’t join each other

Kiiyan Korei
6 years ago

Minecraft is down on PS4?

6 years ago

Is minecraft down? I think the authentication are currently down for maintenance..

7 years ago

The accounts database upgrade is still going on, its been a few hours now. Any idea when things will be up and running again?

7 years ago

Cannot login to Minecraft right now due to Mojang because maintenance is underway where they are updating their account database. This is for Minecraft Java version..

7 years ago

My Minecraft server is not opening up for me, others day I can open but my Realm doesn’t and shows up 504 errors.

7 years ago

Minecraft servers are down for me.

7 years ago

I am on day 2 with bad lava experience.

Danny Stringer
8 years ago

My game tag is sam852003 still. Have not received the Minecraft update it never even proped me to update don’t know what to do

Emma Noe
8 years ago

Every time i try to get on, it crashes and says that a fatal error in the Java program has made it stop. I tried updating Java, but that didn’t help. Help?

8 years ago

Ugh it says its up but it says “Play Offline” 🙁

8 years ago

Does the Block Launcher Mod Installer for Minecraft 1.8 allow you to NOT run out of ammo?

8 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

All servers are down, there is no way to join them until they’re up again unless you’re a server owner which then you can communicate through the “error” messages.

8 years ago
Reply to  candygeorgie49

Help! Server I am admin on there is being a hacker takeover but I cant join! Odd thing is, all the servers seem to have people leaving and joining on them

8 years ago
Reply to  candygeorgie49

Its down!

8 years ago

Minecraft PC Servers Down

8 years ago

Is Minecraft still having its maintenance or has it finished?

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