Minecraft Problems

When Minecraft server problems strike they can come with a range of error codes and messages, which in most part depend on the platform you are playing this block building game on. The PS4, PC and Xbox One have their own status messages when servers run into issues.

Mobile platforms have a dedicated Minecraft Pocket Edition app with Android and iOS being most popular. The Minecraft game will hit server problems on occasion, also these can arrive during maintenance or by surprise.

Minecraft Status insight for Friday 5th of March 2021

If Minecraft is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Minecraft Reports

Do any of you remember friends from old Minecraft servers that have long since shut down?

@David16783688 @MojangSupport Here is my plan. Message and tweet at them to get an actual response and not a canned reply they give everyone. My problem could have been solved in five minutes by someone competent. I can waste a bit of my time to annoy a company that obviously no longer cares about customers.

@patrickcctv Minecraft servers down it’s the only way they can communicate

@MojangSupport I have lost 4 worlds to the same issue 4 world's which I had alot of progress on each. Everytime I play it just says problem loading this world.

@MojangSupport hey i’am trying to load my world on my xbox series x and then its just says that there was a problem loading this world. Pleasy i don’t want a bot to reply

@MojangSupport hey guys, I buy trial realms to play with my friends but we cant play because of lag. its too much. we want to buy further months but they gonna let realms because of lags how can u guys help me with this. how can we resolve that lag problem?

@MojangSupport Hello my friend who bought mc like 1 hour ago can't go in any server that's set to online true is it he problem or a mojang problem pic.twitter.com/YbcLVFGM8q

servers are down so im playing minecraft

@TrueSMP_ Hi I'm Glass, I'm small, quite small, but I'm here to shoot my shot. I mostly do dumb stuff in Minecraft, like attempting to burn down every tree in the world (I wont I promise) but I also have experience in lore/story related servers, with three series dedicated to that!

@MojangSupport Hey Im having some issues with my minecraft account I think it’s deactivated because I can’t connect or try to reset the password I had the same problem and sent an email but I would like to play as soon as possible is there any way you can help me ?

are the minecraft servers down or is my wifi just shit...

@Minecraft @MinecraftMarket Minecraft I'm playing on Nintendo Switch an my servers are down what do I do plz I wanna play bed wars and sky box