Argos Problems

Argos is one of the most well known online shopping destinations in the UK, which first made its success as an offline retailer in the UK and Ireland. If the Argos website is down today or experiences online ordering problems, slow loading, can’t add to trolley, or other issues it can be a nightmare for those relying on this store for their shopping needs.

The most common problems would be related to Argos online going down completely, or occasionally their website could produce error messages, and the Argos app not working.

Argos Status insight for Thursday 6th of August 2020

If Argos is down today, then reports will be found below.

Argos Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • maria capstick

    What is wrong with this site?! I have tried three times over the past month to order beds. Each time i’m told order is going through then nothing happens!! What is argos customer support email. I have tried online chat and over the phone ! Nothing is working!

  • Luke

    I can’t add to the trolley on Argos, anyone else get this?

  • CK

    It said products in stock and available for collection. Placed the order. It asked for payment which the Bank then authorised. Then What? Nothing but an error message. so tried again and again and …. Even tried different products. Whats going on Argos?

  • Kath Watson

    Having trouble paying on my argos app

  • Sidra

    Paid for a tv , money in my bank says pending but I DIDNT get any confirmation email I don’t have any order number to track. But the only proof is just my bank statement where it’s still saying pending.

  • Sarah

    Paid for my goods online but there was a problem with the webpage, it took my money from the bank giving me no confirmation email or a product number for click and collect, was on the phone one hour holding to Argos to find out the order didn’t go thru and I have to wait for them to refund it me, seems to be down at the min

  • why_is_the_website_down

    argos is down today for some reason.
    idk why.

  • Lucy Wikeley

    Can’t click continue after entering payment options. Button green but nothing happens.

  • Dianne

    On line shopping not working at Argos.

  • Dianne

    Argos on line shopping not working

  • Dianne

    Why is on line shopping not working for Argos website

  • Dianne

    On line shopping

  • l. young

    card services down yet again

  • Jenny Smyth

    I don’t have permission to view on this server. Won’t load any argos page.

  • Crazy Mad Madam Mim

    just started getting the internet connection is insecure bs it’s not had the same net and 4g provider since i downloaded the app. contacted argos they claimed no one has complained and they will forward this issue to their tech team. this is really annoying as I personally find it easier to pay them via the app then the website.

  • Bill Bowden

    Over the past few days my phone app says my wi-fi connection is insecure(I have used the phone and my BT modem for months with no problems) and on the webpage my payments are refused. The service seems to have collapsed. Trying to phone is a nightmare I was asked to go on a chat line tried got the message 13 minutes to wait

  • mike coots

    I’ve been trying to order something on line for same day delivery. I select saved card and credit type but it won’t progress on continue button. I then tried choose another card option select my argos card and normal credit but still nothing further. I’ll go elsewhere and get it delivered tomorrow.

  • On the 25th March I ordered an SD card to be delivered to my local store for me to pick up in a few days, the payment has got through but there was an error at the end of the order so evidently there is no order for it when I go to my account for it…

  • jp s

    same here

  • Paula Cattrall

    Hi, on the 28th i paid off my Argos card debt in full. The money has just disappeared. Doesn’t show on my RBS statements and Argos card statement. It’s like I just threw away 180 pounds. Has anyone else had this?

  • james gedling

    Haven’t been able to access card account on iPad, phone or online website since at least 26th dec

  • Shahed Mohammed

    If you have a paper statement (contains sortcode, account number and your card number)- you can make a payment via your bank using faster payment- will credit within 2 hours. Hope this helps.

  • Andy Perry

    Have not been able to login to my Argos card online account for 2 days now. All i’m told is there is a problem and they don’t know when it will be fixed. Completely unhelpful and the apology is one of the scripted ones that doesn’t mean a damn thing. I wanna make a payment and as soon as my card is clear it will be cancelled and ill never use them again. USELESS!

  • James

    Can’t process order , says zero size object?? Been trying for a few hours now! Very disappointed

  • David Thomas

    Hi, A lot of the problems are using your VPN! If you temporarily turn this off you might get a surprise!

  • Iajnim

    Purchased few items online in the morning and paid with paypal, where payment was confirmed but argos account says no order was made. Waiting for refund to be made through paypal which will take few days!!!

  • kirsty

    won’t let me checkout keeps taken me to an error page been doing this for 3 days now!!

  • Zoe

    Wont let me apply for argos card. It comes up with a picture of black and red paint. Also blank screen when attempting to pay with PayPal. I go back to my trolley and it says error!

  • Susan Collins

    Cannot add item required to basket. Useless site. They will loose out big time this time of year. Will be ordering elsewhere.

  • Claire Casey

    Cannot add items to trolley. Been trying for 30 minutes. No success

  • Trish Brookes

    Will not let me order online

  • Christopher Robin

    Will not allow me to order online.

  • gemma smith

    Been trying for nearly 2 weeks now to order my son’s Christmas presents and the site will still not accept my Argos card very frustrating especially when it always seems to happen during the sale or 3 for 2 offers.

  • Gess

    Purchased a £1100 item about 4 hours ago. Argos card limit is showing I’ve made the purchase how ever the purchase history on the Argos card app and website isn’t showing anything. I also haven’t received a confirmation email

  • Shaun hay

    Same problem trying to buy nerf gun that is half price £100 down to £ 50 guarantee when it comes back on it will be £ 100 or more

  • Ceri Evans

    Can’t check out

  • Emma

    App won’t load as it keeps saying there’s a problem with my internet

  • Elmer

    Cannoy make a payment. Do Argos do this to trap you into interest charges as they drag you over their “free” interest period?

  • Abigail Mosley

    I can’t access the website. It says my server won’t allow it? Usually fine 🙁

  • Angela Hewitt

    I cant pay online with my argos card! Whats going on its been like this for weeks

  • Ethan

    I can browse the site fine but I’ve been trying to log in to my Argos account for a while and I’m getting brick walled, there’s no error message or anything it just won’t load

  • Gemma Jayne Kelly

    Argos website isn’t showing the pics been like this since yesterday

  • Jake

    couldn’t pay my 12 mths plan – if I don’t i will incure 12 mths interests. It is not the first time!

  • Martin Dickerson

    no issue with amazon argos will loose a lot of customers has been down know for 24 hours get your act together argos


    The app says back by the time you can say tea and two sugars !!!
    I don’t think so..get your act together Argos or I will got to AO.COM for my purchase .
    No updates … not good !

  • Irene Carmen Wilkes

    website down – cannot track delivery of my order

  • Claire

    Argos website is offline and I am very much hoping for the 3 for 2 toys sale, this would be awesome if this was the case.

  • Janine

    The Argos website is down, when I visited the site it says they will be back soon.

  • Stacey

    I went to order some stuff and it’s saying my cards not working

  • Wayne Cole

    App hangs at checkout – PayPal.

  • Yvonne

    Zero size object! I take it the site is down!

  • Tracy Wilkinson Soan

    Reaervation not working

  • Sheila Linton

    I am receiving the same issue also tried on my mobile as well as my frustrating!!!!

  • Hend

    I cant complete The order process
    Service Unavailable – Zero size object

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
    Reference #15.9c81655f.1503104735.8f96342

  • David Thomson

    when changing to another store, map appears and progress circle just keeps going round and round forever,same on mobile phone

  • Milena Urbanek

    from yesterday im unable to add any items to trolley

  • Naf

    There was a problem contacting our gift card and voucher system. Please wait a moment and try again. Trying to use e gift card and receiving this error, how to get it resolved? Have tried 3 times in 3 hours 🙁

  • TomUK7

    Can’t remove item from trolley which is disabling me from making other acquisitions. Frustrating. Not to mention their yoyo-ing prices which makes it very hard to know when to buy something!

  • Emily

    Spend 2 hours trying to make a payment online and it’s not working. Saying it doesn’t recognised my saved credit card and can’t input my debit card details. Frustrated that I wasted my time placing an order I can’t even placed. No point selling things if you can’t even buy, worse website ever.

  • Haydn Swan

    Can’t log in as keeps saying ”Due to an unexpected technical error on the site we cannot continue to service your My Argos Card account at this moment and you have been logged out. Please log in and try again.”

  • Dorothy Newbery

    I cannot use the Argos website because I constantly get an i in front of the link which when opened tells me my connection to the site is not secure and open to hackers. I have cleared my history but the f……. thing still keeps appearing and is really annoying me. I want to place an order but am not going to while this keeps happening.

  • Anita Haythorne

    I have been trying to register online with Argos to no avail. I fill my details in then click to proceed but it just does not processes. I initiated live chat and they said sorry cant help, so I emailed the help team who told me to read the help page and frequently asked questions. So on the third day of trying I initiated live chat (again) they said phone my order in…no thank you I would like to order online, I manage quiet well purchasing items from anywhere else in the world so why cant I with the biggest online retailer in Britain. Finally I thought I would use their complaints tool on their page. I selected problems with online registration and log on and guess what…I could highlight it but it failed to proceed to the next step in order for the complaint to proceed. Oh and by the way the size of this retailer has no technical support operators employed in the company according to the live chat assistance.

  • John Snow

    Items keep on disappearing from online trolley. When I select “Add to trolley” the items appear to be in the trolley, but when I go to the trolley everything has gone.

  • Laura

    Tring to order stuff online from argos but I keep getting the message “service unavailable – zero size object. It has been happening for 3 days now

  • Moleyman

    Tried to order online said it couldn’t process transaction. Got a call from bank fraud team within minutes . Payment was put in pending but didn’t go through.ntook 2 days and 8 phone calls to get money back and still can’t order… m wife just tried to place an order and exactly same thing has happened.. absolutely disgusting customer service department when trying to get issue sorted

  • Joseph Gorman

    tryed to purchase television three times with ebay showing awaiting collection but then showing unpaid at ebay and with paypal shambles

  • Anne Moran

    Ordered and paid for an item this morning, which was listed as “Available for immediate collection.” Having not received the confirmation email or text with the details needed for collection, I called Argos Customer Services to be told that there is an unresolved technical issue that is stopping confirmation emails/texts being sent out. Apparently, this issue has affected everyone who has placed an online order today. So despite Argos having received the payment for orders, stores are unable to release the orders without the relevant details in the confirmation.

  • Cee Jay

    10/05/17: Photos not showing on any products.

  • Alda Sykes

    I’ve tried to order online from Argos six times over the last eight months, and never, not once, has it ever worked. I always have to phone to order. What the hell is the point of having an online service if it never works????

  • Geoff Mansfield

    Ordered one item three times. Two online and one by phone. Received 3 order confirmations, and 3 items cancelled. It’s a fiasco.

  • Frances

    Been trying to order for collection on my argos card and it’s not allowing it to go through and no not spent it all lol

  • Imran Piperdi

    There was a problem contacting our gift card and voucher system. Please wait a moment and try again.

    keep getting this error

  • CP

    Just keep getting the following message “Sorry – there was a problem with our system. Please wait a moment and try again. Extremely frustrating Argos!

  • dc

    im trying to pay for an item but when i go to my basket and click delivery to make the payment the page goes blank

  • Trina

    I bought a freesat recorder a couple of years ago, the recordings kept disappearing, so took it back, swapped for the same box, same thing happened, so took it back and got a completely different box, no arguing or anything, happen to give me straight swaps each time

  • Sophia

    It won’t let me add a delivery address. Tried w/ 2 different browsers.

  • Angie

    Oh my god! So frustrating trying to order on the website because nothing will load properly. Think I will shop elsewhere!

  • Sally

    Still cant get home delivery to work after 2 weeks

  • SimonC

    Unable to arrange home delivery for over a week, reported 3 times but nobody seems to care. Shocking service.

  • Raz

    Still down for three days now and only get told try again tomorrow with the same thing happening

  • Tom

    Disgraceful online experience.
    This website is a joke.
    I’d love to ask their CEO to go online and make a purchase… What shambles!

  • K. Thomas

    I have e mailed Argos enquiries wanting to know if taking a digi recorder box still under guarantee back to the store it was purchased from is the correct procedure when a message appears on my TV , ‘that it is unable to record, an error has occurred’. Will I have an immediate replacement? The e mail address was correct, but I have a reply from the ‘postmaster” stating the message could not be served.
    What am I to do next?

  • Chris Monaghan

    Cant delete items from my trolly, tried everything including 3 different browsers.

  • Tedi Bear

    Unable to cash gift card in Inverness Eastgate branch

  • Vie

    Anyone else enter their card details and a picture of a dinosaur pop up and terminate the purchase?

  • Bizzibee

    Can’t use £5 voucher sent via email. Can’t even add it manually as it says it’s not valid..

  • kuldeep

    Not able to do payment through paypal

  • Erin

    Won’t even let me flipping create an account! Trying to buy something to collect in store. Get as far as filling in details, email and create pass word but keeps taking me back to same screen every time WITHOUT TELLING ME WHY go duck yourself Argos I’m getting really hacked off here. What the hell!?

  • Gary

    Argos won’t let me delete an item from my shopping basket. I am signed in to my account with them so every time I log in, the item returns. I have checked all browser settings and tried with two different laptops. Completely tinpot, I hope you go bust Argos, absolutely laughable.

  • Jacky Green

    Been trying all week to go onto the site, every time l have tried l receive an access denied error, l have even tried a different search engine. I have now
    decided to shop with Amazon.

  • Joseph Grant

    I’ve tried paying 5 times. The worrying thing is that the payment has been processed on my credit card and my PayPal everytime but nothing has cleared on the Argos site

  • Eveizzy

    Service unavailable zero size object for 2 days now upon checkout. What’s going on???

  • Kal Solette

    I have been trying to order a TV through them for two days now. Neither the app nor site will let complete a transaction. It either says it cannot complete the order, can’t find the URL, or can’t check the stock. They must losing out on tens of thousands of pounds worth of business at this time of year. I’ll give them one more day then I go elsewhere.

  • Laura

    Won’t let me checkout, been trying since yesterday. keep getting – Service Unavailable – Zero size object

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
    Reference #15.157f1002.1481456101.ca92f17

  • helen peter

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  • Michelle

    Trying to checkout for delivery. Error message comes up ‘Service Unavailable – Zero size object

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
    Reference #15.9581655f.1480965738.9c90ab91

    I’ve tried several times today over 8 hours.

  • Dilson Von Belper

    ARRRGGGHHHHHH waited in all day for
    delivery ….then get text sayning that it hasnt even left the
    depot…….effffing useless yodel and argos
    Website down and Yodel are a waste of time …never again….

  • Rosie Adams

    To told to select delivery date, which I did and then told that the Argos site ‘is not working’. Rang to check stock in store and went obeyed all instructions only to be told, “Sorry. We are unable to locate the …… store due to technical problems”. What a complete waste of half an hour!

  • Ingrid Brown

    When i try to reserve or check for delivery tells me I have to reserve via an expensive text service or costly phone call. Same with delivery. Ridiculous on black Friday weekend. Took 8 texts to order 2 things as you have to order separately and even when you choose a store it gives you 3 options so that’s another 2 texts!!

  • carol

    I have items in trolley that are out of stock, but it will not let me remove them.

  • Matty Genesis Sales

    Site keeps timing out and app isnt logging in….

  • Andrew Smith

    You need to fix your site. Always very slow or get time out. I give up buying stuff from your guys

  • numeniusaqua

    Been trying to buy an item online since 1030 – it is now 13:55 . Takes all your details then sends you in a loop when you apply either a discount code or gift card number – just sends you back to re-enter your address manually, then back to the order page and over and over. Their telephone line ordering says they cannot accept gift card numbers OR apply any discount codes! Don’t believe you argos, you are just exploiting a problem!

  • Julie

    I’ve been trying for the past 6 days to reserve an item. They are going to lose a lot of business, which isn’t good considering the time of year

  • Rachel

    ‘We need a moment’ for two hours and counting. Must be losing a lot of business Argos. I can see Amazon might getting mine if it’s not sorted soon

  • Steve Marsh

    Wow it’s back – but for how long?

  • Katie

    All i want is to order the wardrobe i spent 2 weeks deciding on and a coffee table but no. ‘We need a moment’ ive been trying for hours now!!

  • Paul Brant

    Been trying all morning and cant get past “Sorry we need a moment” page.

  • jackie burroughs

    Happens every year!! Still down trying to get on their site all morning looking else where like I always end up doing.How come other companies manage at this time of the year but not Argos??

  • Katy

    it’s been saying this all morning 🙁
    Sorry, we need a moment
    Demand for this part of the site is really high.

    Stay with us. We’ll refresh this page automatically so you can continue shopping as soon as possible.

  • jim

    Can’t access anything – sort it please!

Argos Reports

@Argos_Online I'm guessing customer services have been down lately aswell?!

@Argos_Online Amazon never gets taken down for five hours for updating...

@Argos_Online I ordered smthing about 2 hours ago,it says order placed but I didn't recieve any order number or email confirmation,and when I went onto my acc it said that I didn't place an order?is the website being down the reason?

@therobgregory @Argos_Online The book of dreams was not consulted. And there, I suppose, lies the problem.

@Argos_Online hi I have a problem with a online order and need to amend my delivery details has there wrong and need to put write for delivery can't get Intoch by phone thanks

@Argos_Online what’s going on Wanted to buy a pool there is nothing in stock down south and can’t get home delivery and no in stock dates 365/0921 is what I wanted when will this be in stock?

Dear @Argos_Online - are you doing 3 for 2 on toys again this year? If so, when? I’d like a head start on Christmas shopping before this second wave shuts everything down.

@Argos_Online Just searched again this time on PC in case problem was with the phone and again 946 results with most of them gold on the first page 🤦🏼‍♀️ It makes finding things very difficult if the website doesn’t work

Dear @Argos_Online why is the 22 on your web page upside down? :thinking: i need answers.

@ArgosHelpers @Argos_Online you have possibly the worst website and app I think I have ever used!! I order something, you take payment, it says problem with the page, then you refund the payment