Argos Problems

Argos is one of the most well known online shopping destinations in the UK, which first made its success as an offline retailer in the UK and Ireland. If the Argos website is down today or experiences online ordering problems, slow loading, can’t add to trolley, or other issues it can be a nightmare for those relying on this store for their shopping needs.

The most common problems would be related to Argos online going down completely, or occasionally their website could produce error messages, and the Argos app not working.

Argos Status insight for Tuesday 7th of December 2021

If Argos is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Argos Reports

I cant believe how staff at Wisbech @Argos_Online treat their customers when returning a product! The way the staff spoke to Nan who might I add lost her husband less then a week ago which ended up my nan breaking down in tears in the shop, is not acceptable

@Argos_Online THREE times let down for delivery of a washing machine. THREE times given wrong information about my refund now have to wait AGAIN for my money. Done with argos. Won't use them again!

@Argos_Online So why is it specified on the choices as charcoal we nearly ordered as Charcoal Greg what a nightmare to take bake! Hope this problem is corrected.

@Argos_Online I am unable to enter your Harry Potter competition today because the correct answer is not listed in the drop down!

@Argos_Online Ah that is not there, it says about reviewing items, lower down about reviewing service but there's no option to pick items to review.

@Argos_Online Your refund policy is atrocious! THREE times I was let down for delivery of a washing machine and now my refund is delayed! Told to call back today to sort it out and waiting for over 2 hours! In situations like this you should do an immediate bank transfer! 😡

@Argos_Online is there any chance of a discount code on a washing machine... mine has broken down and I really need your help.

@Argos_Online oh and trying to actually speak to some one if there is a problem is like everything since covid that cant happen.On here messages are read and might get one reply after an hour if lucky then no reply after so customer service is sort yourself out now adays it seems cheers argos

@Argos_Online @ArgosHelpers Hi Paul, I have done that and keep getting an automatic response telling me that don’t understand my problem!!!!! This have been going on for 7 days now! Shocking customer service. I’ve been given the wrong information by 3 argos staff too!!

Just spoken to @Argos_Online again about these text messages. It seems they are unable/unwilling to do much about this problem…. Maybe suspend the account that is using my number would be a good idea. Breach of GDPR sending me unsolicited messages and unwilling to do anything?

@Argos_Online is your website down? I can’t log in.