Argos Problems

Argos is one of the most well known online shopping destinations in the UK, which first made its success as an offline retailer in the UK and Ireland. If the Argos website is down today or experiences online ordering problems, slow loading, can’t add to trolley, or other issues it can be a nightmare for those relying on this store for their shopping needs.

The most common problems would be related to Argos online going down completely, or occasionally their website could produce error messages, and the Argos app not working.

Argos Status insight for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

If Argos is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Argos Reports

@Argos_Online I sent a thank you appraisal message to you website in the chatroom and then got shut down with a “sorry we can’t help you bye” ending. This is a shame as I was simply trying to commend to of your staff for their professionalism & customer service🤔 What a shame 😔

@Argos_Online @itvcorrie Hi does anyone from Argos pick up these messages on Twitter??? I’ve tried to order online & twice payment taken but after this a message pops up in Argos site to say problem & has not went through? I’ve tried reporting through messenger, tried ringing - can’t get anyone!

@Carole1UK @AngryRatford @insurgent2047 @NegDupree @Argos_Online @laworfiction Horrendous experience in @CostcoUK two weeks ago. Felt dizzy so pulled scarf down from face (not acceptable face covering apparently - mask or visor only). Aggressively chastised by two members of staff despite being clearly in distress. No empathy whatsoever. Very upsetting.

@Argos_Online ordered a lawn mower on the 7th March. Used twice. Leaking fuel everywhere and cable already broken from folding handles down. Raised the issues in online chat to be told to contact manufacturer. Not very happy.

@Argos_Online why is it nothing is available to deliver beech hill Wigan iv gone on about 10 different things this has happened before no wonder your loosing business big thumbs down 👎

Ordered 2 boxes of @grenadeofficial caramel chaos and cookie dough from @Argos_Online @ArgosHelpers and they're out of date 🤮🤮🤮🤮 that's £40 down the toilet 😡😡😡

@Argos_Online you advertised MacBooks available in certain locations, I have tried to buy these and then they aren’t available and you won’t return my money for 7 days! I am £2600 down.

@Argos_Online DM'd you regarding an order that still hasn't been delivered. Your automated phone lines aren't recognising the order no' and your chat function keeps saying an agent will be with me but no-one appears and then it shuts down. Please respond.

@Argos_Online Why is it that every time I try to buy something it's never available in any of your Edinburgh stores including #Blackhall #Murrayfield and beyond? Are you running sticks in these stores down?

@ArgosHelpers @Argos_Online Hello. I have a problem. It's regarding a delivery for tomorrow.. is there A way to get it changed?

@Dr_Robert_Lomas @Argos_Online @ArgosHelpers If this is any conciliation I've bought your new Book my Brother. I've also advised all the members of my Inspectorate to buy your wonderful new Book. Don't let the such-an-such's get you down my Brothers.

You got any stores left in Kent? Everyone I’ve been too today is closed down @Argos_Online