Reliant Energy Problems

If you’re one out of the 1.5 million customers who’s currently experiencing a Reliant Energy power outage or are find out that there’s a few problems, especially when login in, as in the past there’s been many reports of issues when doing so then you’ve definitely come to the right page to air your problems so that us as a community will be able to resolve. With that being said, it may not even be a power outage, it could be users having trouble when trying to gain access to the official website.

Reliant Energy Status insight for Friday 5th of March 2021

If Reliant Energy is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Reliant Energy Reports

PolitiFact - Tucker Carlson falsely blames Green New Deal, wind energy for Texas power outage. Apparently, the GND came to TX and made us "totally reliant" on wind energy. Who knew?…

“Places reliant on wind energy that are no strangers to cold and ice — from Sweden to Iowa — are proof that the freezing of turbines in Texas was not inevitable. The difference: Unlike in Texas, those turbines were weatherized to operate in the cold.”…