Comcast Problems

For those of you who are customers of Comcast and are experiencing Xfinity problems then you’re in the right place, especially as you’ll be able to leave a comment in the section below if you’re witnessing an outage of some sort. In the past there’s mentioning of this specific service running slow, which as you can imagine can become slightly annoying.

Comcast Status insight for Thursday 1st of October 2020

If Comcast is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Comcast Reports

@comcast #comcastoutage yet another outage today. I’m tired of it. We need reliable service!

Nice @Xfinity letting us down again! An “outage” interrupted my meeting and internet won’t be restored until 6 PM?! After business hours?! ITS A PANDEMIC. I WORK FROM HOME. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. we had one of your techs out last week cause we pay for 1 gig and we’re only

@comcast Thanks for the outage. Will you credit my account for the next four hours since that's when your app said it will be restored?

@PROPkills @alonso_playz @MelliBitch @Xfinity @TMobile Funny how your name is Steve since thts why Twitter went down😂😂😂

Your crappy service is down again @Xfinity

@c_r_y__o_u_t I'm very upset with them right now. They have to be the worst company ever. I used to have Comcast Xfinity when I lived in South Jersey, never had an outage except for once. With @CenturyLink, there's an outage every other day damn near.

Thanks so much @Xfinity for the @CallofDuty Coldwar Beta Code!!!! Can’t wait to get on and take down some Bunny jumpers an Campers!!! #CallOfDutyBlackOpsColdWar #CODColdWar #XFINITY

@comcast is there an internet outage in #yorkville #Illinois? We have class soon and are experiencing complete internet outage here. Can you help?

@alonso_playz @MelliBitch I just assumed I got suspended again (they love suspending progressives & disability advocate- I also can't tweet the name of the virus or disease w/o EVERYONE in my house getting locked out) However, I do understand that feeling... every time @Xfinity or @TMobile goes down

@Xfinity If there is an internet outage in my area is that just for Comcast internet or would that be for all internet providers?

@RGBvCMYK @comcast @verizonfios Fios is much better, the service outage i had when was when my modem died- and they had it replaced for me in about a day