Comcast Problems

For those of you who are customers of Comcast and are experiencing Xfinity problems then you’re in the right place, especially as you’ll be able to leave a comment in the section below if you’re witnessing an outage of some sort. In the past there’s mentioning of this specific service running slow, which as you can imagine can become slightly annoying.

Comcast Status insight for Thursday 4th of March 2021

If Comcast is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Comcast Reports

@Xfinity your goons hunting me down in Walmart trying to loop me into signing up for your service made me LESS likely to sign up. Y'all are scum, and ya wrecked your chances with me after a decade of piss poor service. I'll dance on your company's grave.

Hey @comcast @xfinity why are you down AGAIN?! FIGURE IT OUT.

Maybe it's just me but hearing @TheDishPros taking a jab at Comcast's reliability over an outage that was caused by vandals seems like kind of a cheap shot.

@Xfinity Once again the so called fastest internet provider is down, what good is speed when you can never stay connected? #xfinity

Once again @Xfinity let’s me down - last time - I am sick of $300 bills and CSRs spending more time trying to get you to use the automated system than trying to assist @comcastcares not enough - time for a change @comcast

Oh goodie, it’s time for my once a month “I’m trying to work from home but Comcast decided now is a good time to do maintenance” internet outage!

Xfinity stay down for maintenance Brah gaaaa damm!!!!! @Xfinity aye at this point u inconveniencing me man! Three times in one week!!!

Hey @comcast @Xfinity Why did your service get interrupted in Salt Lake County yesterday until this morning? Do not say vandalism. What was vandalized???? What exactly caused this outage? #comcastoutage #BrianRoberts

@Xfinity why does internet suck in 48218?! It goes down or is too slow to use every day. It's time to switch to @TMobile !!

Apparently this is why I didn’t have internet for 7 hours yesterday.…

@Xfinity Sure... its great — when your not intermittently & frequently going down with area outages. Its getting old.