Comcast Down Today?

For those of you who are customers of Comcast and are experiencing Xfinity problems then you’re in the right place, especially as you’ll be able to leave a comment in the section below if you’re witnessing an outage of some sort. In the past there’s mentioning of this specific service running slow, which as you can imagine can become slightly annoying.

Comcast Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Comcast is down today, then reports will be found below.

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4 years ago

Did anyone else spot an Internet outage for Comcast in Maryland?

6 years ago

I am in Pekin Illinoi and i have no Internet, is this down to an Xfinity scheduled maintenance or something.

6 years ago

Internet is down in 32086, that is now 8 days with nothing.

6 years ago

My internet is down but the cable is fine. I am in area 15236.

Megan Simon
7 years ago

It’s down today in California areas. Comcast ( usually doesn’t give me a huge issue, but today has been hell for me.

7 years ago

I am having serious outage issues in Vancouver WA, the internet keeps going down and not matter what i try with the router etc nothing makes it work.

7 years ago

I have had a funny connection for like 4 hours now, its on and off in San Jose.

7 years ago

I am in San Francisco and have no Comcast Internet.

7 years ago

Comcast Outage in California, i had something recording on DVR and it did not complete, time to say bye to Xfinity.

7 years ago

Anyone in Denver having issues with lost TV service?

7 years ago

I have no Internet connection in Tuscon Arizona.

7 years ago

Comcast is having serious down time issues because I can access Twitter but nothing else.

7 years ago

If the problem is to do with TV services how come I cannot get any internet or access Twitch or connect to my PlayStation?

7 years ago

Looks like Comcast Xfinity TV customers are having issues with service. Wonder what the issue is?

7 years ago

My Comcast WiFi has been down for like 12 hours now. Seems to be a complete outage seeing as i cannot get On-Demand.

7 years ago

Comcast is down today July 11 ans unable to get any Xfinity OnDemand, been down all day now.

7 years ago

I have not go Xfinity TV at the moment, been down for like 2 hours now for me and the family. I have reset the box and still nothing.

7 years ago

I have to keep turning wifi off and then back on again to reboot. This is happening about 20 times a day with losing connection, it does not matter if wired or wireless.

7 years ago

I am in Indiana and have no email, internet or TV, cable is the worst ever. Surely its best to get a dish.

7 years ago

My Comcast email service is not working, why is it down yet again?

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