Comcast Problems

For those of you who are customers of Comcast and are experiencing Xfinity problems then you’re in the right place, especially as you’ll be able to leave a comment in the section below if you’re witnessing an outage of some sort. In the past there’s mentioning of this specific service running slow, which as you can imagine can become slightly annoying.

Comcast Status insight for Friday 1st of July 2022

If Comcast is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Comcast Reports

Aye man, wtf wrong with the damn site!! You pissing the fuck off! @Xfinity @XfinitySupport , is the shit down or wtf!?

@6502_ftw I HATE Verizon. I HATE Comcast. Recently switched to Lumos. Had an 8 hr outage and they credited my account $10. So far I'm happy.

@Xfinity time to step it up. My internet has been down for 4 days. Your technicians installed new fiber at the beginning of the week! Now after MANY issues, 1 being no one showed up today after we were told 8-10 am. NOW the appointment is tomorrow. This is wrong.

Why has my internet just gone out randomly since I moved down here and now it’s just been out for hours the past couple of days…. @Xfinity get your shit together

This is the third time in a month that I’ve been without internet when I need it — thanks for $89 down the drain every single month @Xfinity! What a joke!?! 🙃

Day 3 of Trying to get @Xfinity to give me the service I'm Paying For: 1 online chat, 2 representative phone calls, 2 techs out to my house, 2 new modems later and my upload speeds are still consistently less than 2mb/s (I pay for 900 down and 20 up).

Unbelievable the level of incompetence displayed by @comcast @Xfinity no support received for wires all across our yard and poles down. Said an agent was on the way and never showed. Then said maybe 14 days 🤬 do better

@Xfinity @XfinitySupport is down on LBI? How the hell am I supposed to work? Can you get on this please?????

@kare11 when Comcast suffers an outage and FrozenBel has been on your TV for the last 30 minutes. #kare11 #belindakare11 #FrozenBel

@DianaMcBlue @rewobmit @Xfinity Let people be is fine, but stop shoving it down or effing throats! Just do your thing without needing applause! Jesus Christ!!!

Internet has failed to come back up fully, which is probably more of a @comcast problem but definitely triggered by the power outage.