Yugioh Duel Links Down Today?

Although Yugioh Duel Links is a free-to-play with in-app purchases on either Android or iOS, with the online multiplayer card game being popular with gamers, without a shadow of a doubt at some point there’s going to an outage and errors can start to occur. So therefore, by leaving your current status, it’ll help others figure out what’s going on and when things are going back to normal.

Yugioh Duel Links Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Yugioh Duel Links is down today, then reports will be found below.

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A.A. Olusanya
1 month ago

For some reason the game is not booting

2 years ago

Not once was it stated that it was required to backup your account through Konami. My game froze and would not reload. Tried refreshing the app and force stopping. Nothing. Finally uninstalled it and re-download it and now it’s making me start over with no way to transfer the data. I put up with lag and the game constantly crashing, putting a ridiculous amount of hours into this in the past year for this crap. Dome playing this. Word of advice for anyone reading, play the mobile mtg game or just actually play yugioh with your friends in real life. These people dont deserve the extra income from this game

2 years ago

What is error code 2114 ?

Patrick Alouidor
3 years ago

Duel links down. Is there a way to report to konami? Error 500.

Rheydsson Queiroz
3 years ago

Reboot error, what to do?

Tyler Soto
3 years ago

Authentication failed error 500

Kirito Kira
3 years ago

Authentication failed error 500
I can’t log into the game

3 years ago

Black loading screen on Samsung A51

Thane Alaerts
3 years ago

Infinite loading screen! When are they fixing this or does Konami no longer care?

Jordan Broad
3 years ago

So this game is just staying broken then

Richard Midcalf
3 years ago

Neverending loading screen, both via Samsung S8 and S10

Zhidane Rewakaz
3 years ago

Just black screen and yelow circle… WTF…

Dan Plat AB
3 years ago

I can’t even log into the game. Only yellow circle spins for hours by Mobile data. The latest update on October 2020. I’m Samsung 7 Prime.

Jang Hun Kim
3 years ago

Playing on samsung S7 edge, suddenly my duel link app disappeared from my home screen, and it is shown as it has been uninstalled, but no change on my storage space, also i tried to install again, however I can’t seem to install the game….

andres izquierdo
3 years ago

When I try to play ranked it says no connection to server retry again

Ash Garcia
3 years ago

Today my Duel Links won’t connect to the network. Even though I have a strong wifi connection the game doesn’t want to connect. I am using it on steam.

dave angelo magtira
3 years ago

i’m on stage 8 (DM) and i have to go to see decklists ( i’m obligated ) so when i go there it keeps loading forever . what to do with this?

John Smith
3 years ago

Black screen and wordless tab Samsung Galaxy a20

Brian Nguyen
3 years ago

Black Screen
Crashing with wordless tab

Cameron vansanford
4 years ago

Same thing Samsung a10e

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