Counter Strike Problems

Ever since being released Counter-Strike has a massive following, although it isn’t so popular when gamers are either getting ready for a session, or are in a middle of a game and the servers then go down, leaving of them feeling rather frustrated causing them to browse the internet to find out why it’s not working and how long roughly the downtime will be before everything back up and running again.

Counter Strike Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If Counter Strike is down today, then reports will be found below.

Counter Strike Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Luke

    CSGO servers are down, Kent UK at 9:07pm.Anyone else?

  • Pete

    Server once AGAIN down, still no improve I take it, getting silly now!…

  • Dan

    CS Go servers are down, I wonder if Steam are going to drop an update?

Counter Strike Reports

valorant is down............. help

@CSGO Valve plz fix.... create an autokick on public servers, players AFK for 2 minutes will be kicked automatically, so that we don't have those case chasers loggin in on a server, just standing AFK to get drops the entire night... were on a server 5 players playing, 10 AFK grrr

@C0Mtweets Hands down biggest move from csgo to valorant.

@_umbruh_ like when you hold down fire your spread gets way worse but if u tap instead u get better bloom, have u ever played csgo?

It’s only on the rarest of occasions that real-life politics encroach upon the world of ESports. #esports #politics #LOL #leagueoflegends

@TheWarOwl Yeah my last cs game I had 2 cheaters on my team and like about 6 months ago I was gn3 then I deranked all the way down to s2 from solo-que. I have not played in about 3 weeks and I am selling most my skins rn. csgo mm is not in a good state rn

@CSGO Maybe fix your death match servers or the cheater problem or many other problems instead of trying to take ppls money first?

any girls down to play csgo or valorant rn?

@danielkehoe5 @FaIseCF_ if salah went down you would have called it a dive. just stating facts

[#ESNL] @thelowlandlions take down @granitgaming 2-1 in a tight series to advance to the Semi Finals! #ESN #CSGO

@CSGO can you fix your servers and give us servers near to our country pls?