Counter Strike Problems

Ever since being released Counter-Strike has a massive following, although it isn’t so popular when gamers are either getting ready for a session, or are in a middle of a game and the servers then go down, leaving of them feeling rather frustrated causing them to browse the internet to find out why it’s not working and how long roughly the downtime will be before everything back up and running again.

Counter Strike Status insight for Monday 8th of March 2021

If Counter Strike is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Counter Strike Reports

@Vaddicted_Csgo @ItzSebzz I am a freak? Well, let me tell you something! You are supporting the wrong side, and Neox is a psychopath, he a deranged kid! He is trying to receive popularity the wrong way, so please take down this tweet, or I will do it myself.

After playing some R6 Siege, and then CS:GO, I can definitely notice that my skill in csgo has dropped to silver! I am no longer a "good" player like I used to be! Faceit Level 5 down to 2

The first edition of Snowball’s CS:GO Oceanic Rankings is here as Ash Whyte breaks down his Top 8 squads hailing from the region as we enter March 2021. ✍️ @Shhleebo

@sodiacsTV @CSGO But still either way it's not the same since competitive and valves casual. There flying Wingman is lame. Could literally find 10+ servers to play on at 1am - 6am back in 1.6/Source days. Makes me incredibly sad. Prime days for me.

HRISTIYAN @REDS7AR PIRONKOV >Says he will play B Mirage for me >Brings down the Colossus awping Is there something this dude can't do!?!?

@hazedCS Can’t remember the last time I won a game. Down stupendous.

editors, whats a good time to aim for when editing down a 6 hour csgo stream like should i try to aim to get it to 10 minutes, 20 etc?

@endcrboo I’m still Sapnap deep down.... Let’s play CSGO.

@jasonhcsgo if ur thinkin about dippin then that’s the sign ya need to dip bro it’s a dog eat dog world with some teams better save urself and fuck everyone else over than go down burning and get relegated / not make it far

I'd love to airlift a bunch of smash players into a random 2015 csgo patch and watch them break down as they slowly realize how awful the weapon balance was