Counter Strike Problems

Ever since being released Counter-Strike has a massive following, although it isn’t so popular when gamers are either getting ready for a session, or are in a middle of a game and the servers then go down, leaving of them feeling rather frustrated causing them to browse the internet to find out why it’s not working and how long roughly the downtime will be before everything back up and running again.

Counter Strike Status insight for Saturday 2nd of July 2022

If Counter Strike is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Counter Strike Reports

@CSGO Don’t care make better servers

@CSGO L skins + fix VAC + add 128 tick for Valve servers + ratio

@CSGO Why now? It's 3 am ffs and the csgo network is down for me.

@CSGO Why are the fucking servers down

@Abbelias00 @CSGO yeah i’ve updated but it won’t connect to the servers in the menu

The fact the @CSGO MM servers are still 64tick is actually a joke.

@launders @CSGO If 128 tick servers come, I've to quit CSGO because i won't get more than 40 fps. Valve really cares about budget gamers and students who cannot afford a high end pc .

@bluntzeraa @Nors3 @CSGO i haven't faced a cheater in 4 months in NA servers