Marvel Future Fight Problems

MARVEL has a huge amount of following due to their popular comics and films so therefore, you can imagine the upset it can cause people when MARVEL Future Fight starts to suddenly have problems and in the past the app has even just stopped working for no apparent reason. Other issues reported are; the game opens up but then crashes or trouble with the servers, leaving many people in the dark.

Marvel Future Fight Status insight for Wednesday 5th of August 2020

If Marvel Future Fight is down today, then reports will be found below.

Marvel Future Fight Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Kristine Moondrakes

    My game keeps crashing while doing things like Danger room, Boss fights, Dimension rifts and the like. It only started happening after the last June patch.

  • Mugen Max

    Problemas de conexión hoy
    Network problems today

  • SuperheroSophie

    Constantly crashing and unable to connect to the servers once I get through the first part, slightly giving up now.

  • Bobby Musil

    MFF won’t connect to network, it does connect to wifi ,it been a month now help

  • Chudy Danny

    June update my game keeps crashing when am playing WBU, danger room, gbr or shadowland. Am using Nokia 6 1 plus

  • Raggles

    My game won’t get past the ‘loading data’ screen, it seems to just freeze up, the loading wheel won’t turn. I’ve been playing fine for a few months and just this morning it stopped working, I can’t get me daily biometrics that I’ve paid for ☹️

  • Extor Moon

    When i finish level 2 at the gate, it freezes.

  • Shaun Gill

    It won’t start after I opened it. The picture started to freeze after opened for few seconds

  • Nick

    Yes same for me

  • José Segadas

    The game starts and after 1 second, it turn itself off.

  • marc

    me too error E0010001 right?

  • Dakota Coble

    It’s not working, saying network error. Anyone else?

  • Jon

    Not working on apple iPad

  • Myiesha


  • Ace Lord

    i paid doulble pay 99.99 for xmen premium package
    and the content hasnt been show up
    and when i pay the premium package there no notice alert you all set up
    wow didnt it was down

  • Loc Nguyen

    Me too

  • Kuzan Aokiji

    Why can’t I download Future Fight on Google Play in Vietnam ?

  • Dikshant Sharma

    Marvels future fight is nit working from the last 3 days ….It doesn’t connect with my wifi…it shows connection error….but my wifi is working ..

  • Kushal Asode

    My game marvel future fight is not opening and showing that “your game is under maintenance” on opening screen

  • Kiko Salinas

    Is there a way to post screenshot here

  • Kiko Salinas

    I can’t login. I’m getting connection error message

  • stephen neal

    i am having problems with marvel future fight ever since the latest update it keeps kicking me off when i play . it keeps asking me to choose a google account, it connect to world boss invasion it keeps disconect me and ask me to check my wifi connection , i am so tired of this. i have been play this game since it started. its better then avengers alliance pleases fix problem

  • Khanhhoang Nguyen

    the same here. I use an adroid phone. Since the new update i keep crashing the app right after the black screen

  • hm

    idonteven get the error

  • Monkey

    Are they still working on it

  • Monkey

    After new update it won’t open the app it just sends me back to my home screen

  • Ben

    It won’t let me download.

  • Kise

    Has anyone got an answer about the google sign in problem in the opening screen.?

  • Sarah

    Google play screen just keeps loop loading. Can’t get into game

  • Sean Henson

    Day #2 still can’t get in

  • Денис Романович Крымчак

    Same thing

  • Robert Wood

    I can’t get on the game, problem with Google. any advice?

  • Vein

    I reaaallly wanna play but I keep geeting sign errors and everything else I msis future fighT!

  • Wohl

    I do not understand why NETMARBLE use JSON or load JSON in FutureFight, but it is known that : Various JSON parser implementations have suffered from denial-of-service attack and mass assignment vulnerability.
    Since 3 days (from 29.03.2018 – …), they are knocked out. No way to reach the server from here (Germany)

  • zeth de los reyes

    has this been resolved? i haven’t been able to log in since the update and i keep getting the json_0000003 error.

  • JeanFred Agius

    Mine just stays on a blank white screen as I click on the app

  • CoreyP

    Damn why I can’t login now since the recent maintenance. They can take money of my credit card. From my email now my account won’t login through my email. I need a refund .

  • Brandon Sandoval

    I hate u I hate u I hate u

  • j Br

    launching the game and its stuck on netmarble page. whats the issue?

  • Al Deron

    Is anyone here stuck on “Unable to establish network connection..” even tho your network is working in other devices or platform e.g (Youtube, Facebook, etc.) as of today?

  • Sas

    Always updating everytime I try to enter the game..
    May I know what’s the problem??

  • Ä«rōñ Çāptāīñ 555

    I can’t enter the game it stops while (connecting to server) I have already downloaded the new update I’ve checked my internet connection.. please any solution?

  • Muhammad Bilal

    Same problem

  • Chandan Mazumdar

    I can’t join co-op World Boss . When loading it’s showing disconnected from Server

  • John Wayne Purifoy

    I can’t play it on my android but it works on my daughters iphone. So she is not happy that i took it from her to play the game. When is this going to be fixed

  • balaji.j sarathi.j

    How long will it take

  • balaji.j sarathi.j

    Mine is saying it’s under maintenance

  • Jeff Lofton

    Not working. Json_ error code

  • Simranjit Singh

    Game not start , error code network problem but my internet works well but game not

  • Simranjit Singh

    Game not start error code network issue but my internet works but game not work wat happen when game start normally

  • Ron Choi

    I’m getting the sams error here. I’e already updated the app.

  • Roadworthy Man

    Been getting error code: JSON_00000003 the whole day today, unable to play the game. what does this mean? Please help

  • Mike Lee

    Can’t log in , keep receiving error code . Rest of my Alliance are experiencing the same issues.. just wondering if it’s under maintenance, and if so does anyone know about how long

  • Nico Nuñez

    i am trying to do things using bluestacks (mobile phone and ipad died). loading doesnt seem to end. is this normal?
    help pls

  • mak

    Have you already solved this? Try uninstalling it and re install it again. if it still happens, make sure you have a stable wifi connection. Or you can try logging into mobirum forums.

  • mak

    We’re you able to solve this now? I was not able to log in for a long time. But the answer for this is that you should get connected to a stable wifi connection. It will easily solve this.

  • Andrei E. Bernardo

    Why do i keep having error code net 00000003 since yesterday i am so frutrated i cant play the game alway stock at loading data screep. Help

  • seth iswatchingyou

    LOL. You told me to learn so here I was. Here you are now with another argument. You have the brains of a 15 year old, “Sir”. No sense arguing with you so I surrender. You win!

  • David

    It’s okay “bro” I like when you try to talk sophisticated because it makes you sound pretty.

  • David

    It’s OK bro he when you were so cool that you had to mention I bumped and I’ll post. My hat is off to you bro

  • seth iswatchingyou

    LOL! Awww butthurt. Alright, “Sir”. I’ll learn proper grammar if you learn proper punctuation first, “Sir”. Educate yourself too. You’re probably older than me but look at you. LOL Poor thing. So sensitive with things like these. You should keep your feelings to yourself, “Sir”. I was just joking by the way. It’s okay I lose, and you win. Congratulations!

  • David

    First of all I’m not your bro second of all is it so damn hard to type why did you reply to that instead of Y u? Educate yourself “bro” learn proper grammar.

  • seth iswatchingyou

    Bro that’s like 6 months ago. Y u reply to that lol

  • seth iswatchingyou

    I tried to restart wifi. Because it worked before when I restarted wifi but the result is NO it does not work. I have no idea what’s happening. :((
    Now it’s happening again to me >:0

  • Mikaeru Shimuda

    Is there a Solution for yet this? because it’s happening to me right now. it’s been happening for a week… Even after the update.

  • David

    Every Tuesday is scheduled maintenance, today’s maintenance is big because they’re giving us new characters and features but the game will be up sometime today you won’t have to start over

  • David

    Chill it’ll work it’s Tuesday and Tuesday is scheduled maintenance. They are updating the game with new characters and features

  • David

    Come on every Tuesday is scheduled maintenance you should know that! They are updating the game with new playable characters and features

  • David

    Because it’s Tuesday it’s schedule maintenance! We’re getting new characters and features

  • David

    Are you people really that stupid? You’re asking why the game is closing because it’s under maintenance…. Servers are down because they’re updating the game and giving us new characters and features that’s why servers are down!

  • Krishna Kar

    After opening future fight sorry server under maintenance and then it is closing..only today…why????

  • Jeffrey Pagan

    What’s wrong to marvel i cant play the game

  • Oy Dave

    Same bro..

  • Ajam

    The game is not opening ….when I open it says ” checking​ for update” then again “connecting to sever ” and again a message pop saying “we are going under mentanence.

  • Chris Legrand

    i can´t coop or Chat since 3 Days costs me major Gold

  • Kervin Tay

    I’m having this problem RIGHT NOW.

  • seth iswatchingyou

    Anyone having an ” Error Code: NET_00000003″ ? I havent been able to play because of that. I tried reinstalling etc. When i change into other wifi it says “Error Code: EXC_00011001” Anyone knows what’s up? Tho if i connect it using mobile data internet it does work. Except on wifi’s. Thanks!

  • Corey Phillips

    I got a EXc 001****** type of code and hasn’t been able to play 3/24

  • Charlotte Johnson

    My game wont update!! Been stuck on the update for over 2 hrs and it wont update, i just spent a ton of $$ on this game it better work! If not then i better begettin my $$ back!!

  • tongaw tambaloslos

    I’m from Philippines too and we do have the same problem as of now i can’t figure it out how to solve this.hirap kahit eh uninstall ko ayaw pa rin so until now i am waiting for a proper solution to this problem and hoping that someone will give a hand to help me.

  • mak

    were you able to play now? its been 2 days that i cannot log in since its still updating, stuck in a loop of downloading updates.

  • mak

    Can’t log in, stays in downloading updates page, stuck in a loop…been going on for 2 days now since the update

  • Janice Radforx

    I’ve never had this problem before but I’ve only been playing for about 2months so I’m not sure what to expect I’ve just updated it & it’s still saying can not connect. Will I have to start from the beginning?

  • Keith Hollander

    ISO user. Freezing at every turn after the latest update. Will freeze up to 2 minute, in freeze only to re-freeze!!! Sometimes crashes altogether. Frustrating!!!!! I’ve rebooted plenty of times and heard that uninstalling and re installing doesn’t work either. Any ideas or is this up to netmarble to fix?

  • Christopher Timpson

    Error EXC 00010051 keeps popping up…. My phone bill is paid in full so why is it an internet connection error popping up

  • As Boyka

    Json_00000002 What alien is this.

  • Rcruz13

    Same here. Can’t even log on. What do i do?

  • kingpin4554

    Yeah I have the same code error crazy

  • Dean henton-kent

    Json_00000002. That’s it.

  • Dean henton-kent

    Down for maintenance today 10/1/17. Can’t log back in after update. Says error code jon_ then bunch of 0’s then 2. Wth.

  • TangoDown

    I can’t even log in since Friday 7/January/2017 if I’m not mistaken, it tells me it is unable to establish connection “Error code: N_00000003”
    but the connection is fine and there is no update available

  • Nikhil Kumar

    All online arenas are not starting I don’t know wat prblm is bt its nt working I’ve kept it to load fr hour bt never starts

  • Dylan Denis Dsouza

    Future fight can’t seem to download the update

  • Shamus Hutchinson

    Down for maintenance for 7 hours so far… Wtf?

  • Dean henton-kent

    Getting down for maintenance message all day

  • Craig burkheimer

    I manage to get to the “play” screen before it shuts down on me NETMARBLE FIX IT PLEASE!

  • Lewis

    And I’ve tried re installing it before anyone asks

  • Lewis

    My app shows no text

  • Eduard Kent

    Whats the point of posting here that the game won’t run. My game doesn’t work too and I can’t find the way how to contact mff technical support

  • Kyndell

    My app claims its going through maintnace. Any body knows how long does this prosses takes . Usually i just delet apps after technical difficulties , and down load a different app in its place, after takeing so long but i really like this app some help me out please.

  • Ярослав Лаган


  • hitman

    My game is not working either it shows me different error everytime about my network connection but my network is fine i clear the data twice but it doesn’t work. And uninstall the game three time and then then it doesn’t work either please tell me anyone who can help what i have to do

  • peter reed

    For the last week or so I just get error code S_65540. If I Google the error it comes up with 0 results

  • Igbokwe Victory

    Ever since 8th of august the app didn’t want to open it just remains on the loading page and stops working just like that

  • Fahdy Iqbal

    Hello i just update marvel future fight, and after i updated and i launch the app, its still good loading as usualy, but when it goes to selecting heroes and other that stuff di screen goes black and only music play on the background, cant anybody tell why am i experiencing this?

  • Gringoe

    Same problem. I am not able to fix bluestacks. I tried to delete bluestacks from my pc complately even from regedit. Then i reinstalled bluestacks and future fight. But it did not work.

  • Clash Royale Cheats Gems Tool

    same problem.. i cant access my Marvel Future Fight even though Im using bluestacks.. I keep reinstalling and installing bluestacks but always crashing.. When it start to updates it will go back to the android apps menu!!! I miss my MFF huhuhu its been two days

  • Boltagon

    What’s weird is that it updates and runs fine on my phone, but it crashes when I try to start the same Future Fight app in Bluestacks.

  • Lion Youngs

    Same problem here. It will go to the load screen then crash. I do know that for the next several days they are doing maintenance at certain times which do not allow us to open the application. I am hoping this is the problem. Yesterday I could not open for half the day then later on I could. Keep trying as I think or I’m hoping this is what is going on again today. I hope we are compensated for the missed time as I have been playing everyday as well since the app came out and stand to lose much.

  • Lion Youngs

    Same here. It will go to the load screen then crash. I do know that for the next several days they are doing maintenance at certain times which do not allow us to open the application. I am hoping this is the problem. Yesterday I could not open for half the day then later on I could. Keep trying as I think or I’m hoping this is what is going on again today. I hope we are compensated for the missed time as I have been playing everyday as well since the app came out and stand to lose

  • Lion Youngs

    Same here. It will go to the load screen then crash. I do know that for the next several days they are doing maintenance at certain times which do not allow us to open the application. I am hoping this is the problem. Yesterday I could not open for half the day then later on I could. Keep trying as I think or I’m hoping this is what is going on again today. I hope we are compensated for the missed time as I have been playing everyday as well since the app came out and stand to lose much.

  • crimson shinjuku

    This is so frustrating!!! I loged in everyday but i cant play anymore i missed log in rewards and capt america event!!! Tried to reinstall many times already!

  • crimson shinjuku

    Damn same here!!! I already missed 1 day. It was like omg wtf happened!!!!

  • Weerakorn Misuna

    I got crashed on the loading screen at first page when I tried to start the game. I’ve tried to reinstall, but it didn’t work. I don’t know how to fix it, and I don’t wanna miss the Cap’s 75th Anniversary event.

  • leon

    Ive been playing since the day it came out, I play daily. Now after this new update it said the game is no longer supported by my device. I have spent so much time effort and money on this game only for them to prevent me from playing?? Please fix this ASAP. I play on a android LG tablet.

  • Buzle Bogdan

    Epic CRASH! I try to uninstall and reinstall, but this doesn`t work 🙁

  • Christopher W

    My game is constnatly crashing when trying to play on my iPad, cannot even perform back to back missions without a crash. I have pretty stopped trying to play on my iPad. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app, I have scrubbed my ipad and refreshed the iOS and re-installed. Nothing has worked. It’s terrible to think they have not resolved the same issues they had before on the iOS. I would venture to say, quite a few people are using an i-device for phones/games. When is this going to be resolved? Another thing, all these events are cool, except I spend 80% of my time re-logging into the game or uninstalling/re-installing the game in hopes of it working. Seems to be more a coding issue than my device, no other apps i play crash.

  • Michael Anthony


  • Michael Anthony

    Crashes all the time can’t even get thru one of the daily goals. It’s upsetting cuz I love this ha e but it’s way too frustrating having it. Rash and not be able to play consistently!!!! Helppppl

  • TangoDown

    Game crashes literally all the time, before the last update it would be expected to crash once or twice a day, maybe at worst 3 times a day, but now it literally crashes every minute, i’m lucky to go to one mission without problems

  • Suraj Chaware

    Same with me

  • Suraj Chaware

    Says no internet connection

  • Plastic Man

    I was about to get the 7th day bonus, I couldn’t loggin today because of this maintenance, will I loose the bonus?

  • Kaydanss slowley

    Mine says undergoing maintenance

  • CI2R4DE

    Is there a problem downloading d updates???…i’ve using 3wifi connnections and still got the same problem, when reaching 99.85% d updates reset and go back to 0% and downloading the updates again..!!!.ive tried reinstalling the program and yet the problem stull exists!…is there a way to resolve this issues?…appreciate all help…tnx.

  • Angel Tan

    its been more than 24 hrs and its just always on the load screen showing loading update from 0% and loads up to 100% then back to 0% going up to 100% and it keeps on repeating.. at first i thought its an issue with my data connection.. but i just found out that everytime it hits 100% it eats 870+ MB of my data. and iv been doing it since last night. its a good thing i have been using my prepaid sim for it. Coz boy if it was my postpaid, i would surely be pissed when i see my bill!!

  • Fábio Caraça

    I cant downloaded the game because the error -24.
    What can i do?

  • Fadhil Rifqi

    I have downloaded the new update today, after the update finished i opened the game. And like usual, the game download the new data. But, after 100%, the “Download Yellow Line” turns into 0% again and after that it move quickly to 100%. After 100% it change into 0% again, and this was happened until now or it’s already 30 minutes. So now i can’t play the game. Can you fix it?

  • Philip Guy Fornwalt

    This game was working just fine a couple of weeks ago. I reformatted my phone and tried to download it again but now it says “your device isn’t compatible with this version” I had everyone unlocked and allot of my characters built up and now I can’t even play it. Any solutions besides getting a new phone?

  • Carl

    I was playing and ready to go the next area within the game and then it just closed on me. Keeps going back to my phones home screen, all my energy has been lost.

  • Lisa

    This game is awesome when it works, i have been trying to open the app a few times now over the last few days now and my MARVEL Future Fight app just crashes.

  • Sivuyiseni Keswa

    Mine won’t let me pass any stage beyond chapter three please fix this its to much of a good game to delete

  • Sivuyiseni Keswa

    Mine too bro have you found any solution

  • Paul Meggett

    I’ve been having issues since the update came out two days ago. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the game to no avail.

  • 1OZZY

    Why am I having trouble trying to play. It only gets to the start screen and then says there’s an error and starts over.

  • Oscar Dillon Vasquez

    mine wont get passed the marvel logo screen whats up

  • Michael Gregory

    i agree. it was working perfectly before the last update without halloween. since the halloween update, the game gives error that it cannot connect to internet while everything else its working perfectly. additionally, many other games such as injustice and wwe allow players to play offline while connecting to internet when it needs to update or connect in specific circumstances. something future fight team will hopefully try.

  • Freedom Cosmic

    Useless marvel company have the money to open different gaming sites and app but doesnt have the money to fix the freaking app when people just want simply enjoy more in the marvel “games” yet stupid admin dont want fix it Lol!

  • Luis

    App loading but then the black screen of death comes and returns me to my main screen… Shame


    My problem is..i cnt login the game…

  • Edwin Green Jr.

    Any idea when it will be done

  • Ibby

    Mantience break

  • Gwen Turner

    same here. i change windows, and i come back only to have to restart. and i try to play and it freezes and crashes

  • LaurenÈ›iu Gruia

    Kicked out from Chapter 1-Stage 6…anyone else?

  • smasher

    Mine too …the same problem

  • Adam Foster

    Mine won’t get past the first mission and then I get a network error. I can play it on my kindle but I have the error on my HTC one m8

  • Ais Oap

    My update is stucked at 99.90% and it loads again then gets to 99.90 again . Keeps repeating i tried reinstalling and rebooting my phone any suggestion ?

  • Wek

    9 out of 10 times doesnt play but when it does play the screen gets stuck and my phone doesnt work for the next 3 mins. Will an update bug come to fix soon?

  • Junior Gutierrez

    doesnt work for me anymore… i pay alot if this doesnt work they better give my money back!!!

  • JackEllington

    Mine said it was going under maintenance then it said a update had to be downloaded after I downloaded it won’t let me play when I press on the app it doesn’t do anything

  • Ravi Tailor

    my problem is that i just have download it and then finished tutorial and then when i go for next mission it got hanged and it gives a message to close the program or wait for respond but it doesnt work at all why it is happening

  • Jacky Choo

    Same problem here!!

  • Charles Miranda

    We have the same problem

  • zephyr21181

    Mine did that on the same missions, i just forced the app to shut down and it took a couple times of doing that before it foxed itself..

  • tjoreil

    automatic update and now it will not start, get to the loading screen and get “There is a new update available. Please update the game and try again” when I hit OK go to the play store but there is no update. Originally I was getting a network error of some kind (didn’t write it down) but the error code was e0000000

  • John Henry II

    Mine says it is down for maintenance

  • Kai

    i have the same problem

  • Aaron O’Guin

    when i do a new mission or use new characters or attempt the giant man level my game turns black and returns to home screen. i have an lg volt android. is there anything i can do to my phone that will fix these problems?

  • Jerin “Destro Destrukt” Croley

    Unable to connect… Servers down.

  • Spideyman

    Ive been trying to update it but when i update it says unaible to update at this time it keeps saying that. Ive been trying for 3 days now

  • jacob

    this is the 2nd marvel game that i got into that has updated and says my device is not compatable wih the app now why?

  • Phatlunchbox

    Mine will not open; tells me there is an update available, but none to download! I am stuck!

  • Sould

    Still hangs up, especially once/ twice durning arena fights per day. I loose one combat from ten threfore all honour points. Some of the missions are unplayable especially special ones. I am glad that bonus missions works fine. Maybe netmarble will fix theese issues.

  • Craig Booth

    I play the game on my iphone and ipad and now can’t find my account on my ipad I didn’t change my apple id as I use the same one for clash of clans which works fine can anyone help me sort this out because my account is still show in the game just game center has lost all the info so I don’t want to start all over again which is the case at the moment.

  • Aabbutre Colossal

    I did the tutorials, got the first heroes… but every time i try to do the first mission it crashes before i can even start it. I mean: i can test the heroes’ spells at the training area, but cannot get into the missions. It is unplayable.

  • Crole

    loved the game, but every update makes the game worse. It freezes constantly and shuts down just as often. the game is unplayable.

  • xcaleb

    After the update today it keeps crashing …..very dissa

  • Toni

    Marvel Future Fight as a whole is brilliant, but its the little bits that make it falter, such as app crashing now and then, getting kicked mid game, and error codes.

  • Gino

    i restored factory settings my phone and when i tried to install the game again, it always says error installing error-24. what to do guys? i need help

  • Lucas

    I get to the main menu of the game and it freezes but you can still hear the music playing. I don’t know what to do? 🙁

  • sou

    this game sucks, it crashes all the time

  • Toogz

    It Crash on my phone ,, all works but the when you play in mission ,, after 10-30 sec in stage it goes dark and back on home screen ,, fix this plssss

  • eRoch

    wont open after i updated the game… ;(

  • Tristen

    It says the app is down for maintenance, but I just installed the update.

  • Josh

    Mine keeps saying down for maintenance

  • curtneedsaride

    This app crashes on startup for me. Opens to black screen and crashes back to home screen! It hasn’t worked for quite a few days, right after I made my 3rd IAP. So, waste of money I guess. iPhone 5s iOS 7.0.6.

  • Freddie

    Is there a maintenance going on, as the game just crashed on me?

  • Kate

    Are the servers down or something, or is there more to the problem than meets the eye?

  • Mary

    Marvel Future Fight just stopped working, the iPhone and iPad app just gave in.

  • Orson

    Marvel Future Fight kicks me out of my game and so i tried restarting my iPhone but still has problems.

  • Charles

    I was playing this game on my iPhone 5 and then the screen goes blank. When I try to open the game again it takes me back to the homescreen and not where i left off.

  • Dana

    I was running at 5-5 and then the game just stops workig on me. It is not working on my iphone or ipad now. Surely this is an issue on the server side.

  • Larry

    Marvel Future Fight is not openign on my iPhone, and when it finally does it just crashes.

  • James

    This game will not open up on my iPhone 5.

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