Marvel Future Fight Down Today?

MARVEL has a huge amount of following due to their popular comics and films so therefore, you can imagine the upset it can cause people when MARVEL Future Fight starts to suddenly have problems and in the past the app has even just stopped working for no apparent reason. Other issues reported are; the game opens up but then crashes or trouble with the servers, leaving many people in the dark.

Marvel Future Fight Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Marvel Future Fight is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Silent Knight
2 years ago

I’ve had the app stopping to respond and getting stuck on login since yesterday.

Oliver Almare
2 years ago

Is it down right now? I can’t log in…

2 years ago

Yes future is doing this to me too. I’ve been playing for years and this is the first time I’m going thru this problem.

2 years ago

Keeps crashing no matter what I do!!! Wats going on?

2 years ago

Game is crashing, I’ve done everything but nothing is working, what’s going on?

Marcus Oglesby
2 years ago

Game has continually crashed or stayed at loading, usually even at initial app launch, since the Emma Frost update. I have played this game for almost three years now and have never had a problem. I’ve done the uninstall/reinstall and no other device is having issues. No other app on my phone other than MFF is having issues. I pay for daily rewards also and grind daily quests everyday. This is very irritating.

Please assist and/or fix,
IGN: OggyKane

Scot Rivera
2 years ago

Have not been able to play game in two days. I pay for daily rewards and have not been able to claim them. I really hope they compensate for that!

2 years ago

App has not loaded in 2 days. Reboot and uninstall/restall did not resolve.

2 years ago

It not letting me playing because it saying it need to update but there no update bc I update it today but not working. I have been waiting for nearly all day

Ken Quilty
2 years ago

Can’t play co-op since yesterday. Can’t find server. Everything else seems fine after forced download July 15 2021

Bobby Powell
3 years ago

Freezes right after it shows player level and codename for game. Stays stuck on load screen with pic of new defenders update. Will not go past that. Little loading circle stops in place and doesn’t move.

Suvojit Saha
3 years ago

Not opening
Showing error code 14

Mahesh Sharma
3 years ago
Reply to  jack frost

That is incorrect!! Check before you write something!!

jack frost
3 years ago

Google play store already banned marvel future fight

jack frost
3 years ago

I think is banned

Kristine Moondrakes
3 years ago

My game keeps crashing while doing things like Danger room, Boss fights, Dimension rifts and the like. It only started happening after the last June patch.

Mugen Max
3 years ago

Problemas de conexión hoy
Network problems today

3 years ago

Constantly crashing and unable to connect to the servers once I get through the first part, slightly giving up now.

Bobby Musil
3 years ago

MFF won’t connect to network, it does connect to wifi ,it been a month now help

Chudy Danny
3 years ago

June update my game keeps crashing when am playing WBU, danger room, gbr or shadowland. Am using Nokia 6 1 plus

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