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If you’re wondering is EE down today, or if you have problems getting mobile Internet and making calls due to no signal, it may be an issue in select locations or a major outage across the UK. When the EE mobile and broadband network runs into issues, or you’re asking “Is EE down in my area”, see reports below.

EE Status insight for Thursday 4th of March 2021

If EE is down today, then reports will be found below.

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EE Reports

@EE Last night the board band went down and I have a solid red light on my router

@EE Is there any issues in Scotland with EE broadband being down?

@EE Hi I contacted you last night about my Internet speed which has dropped dramatically. It was down to 2mbps.i have done the switching off and on basics, but the speed is still only 9mbps. It should be around 27mbps. Help!

@5H1NOB1_ @RaviSahye1 @Hashem83026623 @BAFTAGames @EE Then don’t make it cross platform why are you so salty. There has never been a game where it’s been cross platform and you can’t choose to turn it off. Stop making up problems

Budget Day is one of the busiest days in my job and @virginmedia has been down for most of the last 24 hours. Very disappointing but thankful to @EE for their generous amount of data and getting me through today. Looking forward to getting a good upgrade from them next week!

@EE Hey my broadband went down is there some service outages?

@EE. Whats happening with the broadband in the wn6 area? Is down again?

Hmmm every streaming video service is down in the browser for me in London... anyone else? Looks like this was a problem earlier today? @EE maybe you know?

@EE What's up with your network today. Didn't use mobile this morning but this afternoon, when I need it, the network's been down, apart from a few, seconds long moments.

@EE my broadband has been down most of the afternoon now. I’ve reset my router and still nothing. Help please!

Hi @EE, my Wi-Fi has been down all day, along with the slowest experience I have had with your 4G. Is there an explanation for this, and when will it be sorted?