EE Problems

If you’re wondering is EE down today, or if you have problems getting mobile Internet and making calls due to no signal, it may be an issue in select locations or a major outage across the UK. When the EE mobile and broadband network runs into issues, or you’re asking “Is EE down in my area”, see reports below.

EE Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If EE is down today, then reports will be found below.

EE Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Ruth

    Mobile network down in Edinburgh EH7. Has been poor for a couple of days. Cant make calls, send or receive texts. I have an elderly mother who needs to have access to my number. Dreadful.

  • MJ

    Broadband issue in Leicester

  • MJ

    No Broadband since yesterday. Can’t get through customer service either. Really frustrated and annoyed. No help and no update from EE!!!

  • Michael Frys

    Internet down Manchester 40 last 3 hours you can’t ring anyone and the helpline mentions the Internet on line help but my Internet is down ha ha

  • den

    no signal EE but no problems SA18

  • Shelley Stevens

    Is there an issue today? I have made 2 calls and both have told me they can’t hear/understand me. Signal keeps dropping. Bargoed, South Wales.

  • Dan

    No broadband with EE at the moment and phone support has a long wait, anyone else and what area are you in?

  • Sue

    I’m wondering if EE has problems in the Sheffield area, not phone, but with broadband as the smart hub is flashing blue.

  • Sadhana Kana-Rupal

    Not able to use radio music apps or internet services! This has been an issue since yesterday!!! Once my phone reverts to WiFi then is okay? Not ideal! Please fix and reimburse me for downtime. Thanks

  • Jo

    No internet since this morning. EE are getting worse! Sort it out! Buckinghamshire area

  • Glen Berry

    No ee home broadband yet again getting beyond a joke in the Mansfield area

  • steve varney

    profiles driop from 39 mb down to 34 mb speed dropped

  • steve varney

    wethersfield speeds up and down ee dosnt give good reason had havey rain lots of bt vans about

  • Jade

    No internet all evening and still nothing now not been able to speak with any one either terrible service

  • Cornwall

    Crackled mobile phone line in areas of the county now 3 days

  • Susan

    No calls in or out,can text though.i need my mobile for care of elderly parents.whats going on.thinking of changing to another provider.

  • Grace

    I left O2 for EE because to be frank O2 is the worst for signal anywhere in the north of UK. But today for the first time in 6 months i am having issues with EE signal, hopefully it’s just a glitch.

  • John Reddyhoff

    So had no help from support team to solve it

  • John Reddyhoff

    Went to local shop but they didn’t help neither did the help lines they just told me to try another link etc nearly 6 hrs of trying to get something done

  • John Reddyhoff

    Been trying for few hrs to get help bout brightbox broadband not working been to two chat line helpers from ee and nothing been done had red light on broadband router everyday for two week tried everything

  • John

    Dunfermline, Scotland no calls going out or coming in.

  • Anthony

    Cant make or receive any phone calls also not letting me send any texts as of this morning? Live in Rhondda Treorchy area

  • Robert Sykes

    No phone calls says system busy

  • Charlie Grant

    No internet in Wednesbury

  • Milky Dav

    I think it`s time for me to leave after nearly 30yr
    Orange before EE

  • Milky Dav

    no internet or phone Newport Gwent.
    never have problems with my giffgaff

  • Roliver

    No internet service in Grove, Oxon today.

  • scientifictyranny101

    Broadband has been off for two days. Brand new apartment in Croydon. EE is a joke.

  • Sandra Anne Taylor

    Intermittent very poor service for 2 days and now No service at all all day 22/5 in NE Leicestershire

  • John Whittaker

    No service for E and Virgin for last three days in Kirkby Lonsdale. LA6 2EF
    Whats happenng? Phoned and reply was yes we are having problems and it will soon be fixed. 3 Days later still down

  • Carol Irwin Wood

    No EE mobile service since last night Peterborough area, emergency calls only. Urrghh

  • Jonathon Winter

    Currently No service London W2

  • Jonathon Winter

    Myself and my colleague, both on EE, lost service at the same time. Currently ‘no service’ London W2

  • Brian

    No signal in mablethorpe for the last twelve hours LN12 area, cant send messages or phone.

  • Juliette

    I am in Dorchester, Dorset and the network has been down for 2 days. Not at all impressed with this because I cannot make or receive calls or texts and my phone is relied upon for my business!

  • Rob

    I live in Brentwood Essex and the network and service has been down for 4 days now, is anyone else having this issue?

  • Kim

    What happening EE phone 2 hours ago says no signal as still not working ?

  • Lisa

    Is the network down today as none of my message are going through and am not able to make a phone call

  • Kay smith

    Have no signal all day anoying

  • Dennis Leslie Peel

    I live in Middleton Suffolk. Since before Christmas until recently, I keep getting messages from we to say they are having problems with there local transmitter and engineers are working on it. I then have had regular up dated with one excuse or another.
    This as l say has been going on since Christmas, any ideas!

  • Dave

    No signal sy21 0hx

  • Dave

    No signal su21 0hx

  • rich

    EE always goes down in my area, every couple of days the reception is gone for hours. Its been off all day today.What a joke this service is, Im so fed up with it im leave you for another network.

  • Gina Langhor

    Sy24 signal keeps dropping out

  • John Denholm

    No phone signal at EH558ED. This has been since 16th.

  • Jack

    I have no internet access In LE3 area since 2 days

  • steven higgins

    no ee service around bs49 5jx area since this morning

  • Pete

    Having issues in Perth & Errol area no signal for a few days anyone else ???

  • Sue Newling

    Having network problems with ipad mobile data. Today and yesterday evening

  • raj

    Anyone else experiencing EE mobile connections issue currently in Sheffield area?

  • SJ

    No signal now for two days in SW18 London. Was told by EE that a mast was down and they were going to have it fixed by last.night.

  • Ruth Norman

    Still down this morning,just what is going on?

EE Reports

@EE Except yesterday when it was down all day!

@EE hi, I brought my phone last year and had it registered with you, I've been topping up with a £10 voucher every few months and I was able to get data, minutes and text in a bundle, but I've checked my account and my account has been closed down. 1 of 2

@EE No, it’s just an iPad we got on a 2 year contract. Contract is up, iPad is paid for, just need to cancel it all down as we only use it on WiFi anyway.

@10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson @metpoliceuk @LBRUT @cpsuk @surelock_ @Adecco @DirectLine @HMCTSgovuk @RussellCooke @EE @BritishGas @jlandpartners @Wickes @asda @LBGplc @RoyalFamily @Conservatives @michaelgove @DominicRaab @pritipatel @guardian @Telegraph @LibDems @MarcAllera @AlainDehaze @BritishGasHelp Their strategy has been to wear us down over the past 14 years with non stop lawlessness. One operation followed by another in order to peel us layer by layer like an onion. And every time it goes wrong for them it never gets addressed & then a new party gets involved

@EE hi my broadband is down and looks like there's a service problem down my street. Can you please let me know what's going on as I have a lot of work to do.

@EE once again after continuous problems, can’t open my BT sport! Nothing but problems logging on! Doesn’t now recognise my email! Have had BT sport for ages and I the last 6 months been terrible!

@EE my phone says I’ve had 4G and almost full bars of signal however none of my calls are connecting, nor my data. Is the network down?

@ThreeUKSupport Jenn, thats the thing I dont think you understand, its continous, 1800mhz band has been down since 13:30 & still now. This is regular! I will be cancelling my direct debit in contract and using more of @EE's 1TB usage than 'all you can eat' as its always down. Kind Regards (:

@EE Actually I'm having problems with download and upload speeds on 4g.thags my point, now 5g is out, 4g services are slowly getting worse

@EE I been struggling to get signal all day. Is the network down? Had no signal since around 9 this morning, and even now I haven’t been getting string signal

@EE when I do get the option to shut up it just reboots. Hoping that when battery runs out it will cool down. Pretty sure phone has overheated. Was hardly being used beforehand though

@EE please help. Major issues with my Pixel 3. On a contract. Phone less than 18 months old. Constantly rebooting. Seems to be stuck in the cycle. Can't power down or do a forced reboot. Been like this for 2 hours.