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If you’re wondering is EE down today, or if you have problems getting mobile Internet and making calls due to no signal, it may be an issue in select locations or a major outage across the UK. When the EE mobile and broadband network runs into issues, or you’re asking “Is EE down in my area”, see reports below.

EE Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

If EE is down today, then reports will be found below.

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EE Reports

Went back to @EE over a month ago and had my phone delivered about a month later. 2 days later they still havenโ€™t activated my sim!! I knew Iโ€™d made a mistake going back to them. I never had problems with BT.

Is @EE down coz I'm phone signal going up and down and sometimes don't get a signal in Manchester #EEDown

@EE is there anyway I can turn off 5G on my plan? Whenever I go into a 5G area everything takes an age to load. No problems on network checker either.

#EE down again? Anyone else having problems or is it just me? @EE

@EE Is EE down? No 4g or anything just now

@KingsofYearron @ThreeUK @ThreeUKSupport If you think @ThreeUK are bad, you should try @VodafoneUK!! I was paying for 4 contracts, now down to 3, and will get it down to 0 by end of year. Moved our daughter to @EE and so far theyโ€™ve been great - better coverage, better pricing - still to test their customer service tho!

@EE over 24 hours without a phone now, trying to run a business! Knew I shouldnโ€™t have bothered upgrading and gone elsewhere! Such a let down!

Hi @EE, now on sim only with a decent amount of data due to previous having broadband. Wanting to change phones but I would rather just buy one outright. Is this something you do? Or if not can I put down a higher amount upfront? Want a hassle-free change to a Pixel 6.

@EE distressed!!! On holiday for 3 weeks and new IPhone 11 has developed thick black streaks down middle to side of the phone. I cannot use it. Left UK on 8th May when was still under warranty

@EE - Iโ€™m on holiday and my iPhone 11 now has black thick streaks down the right side. Please help. My phone was still under warranty when I left the UK on 8th May

@EE I told them I just bought a new phone and changed my contract a few months ago. He insisted I told him what phone I had and when I said a OnePlus 3 times which he didn't understand he put the phone down on me saying I was wasting his time. Hence why I thought it was a scammer