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If you’re wondering is EE down today, or if you have problems getting mobile Internet and making calls due to no signal, it may be an issue in select locations or a major outage across the UK. When the EE mobile and broadband network runs into issues, or you’re asking “Is EE down in my area”, see reports below.

EE Status insight for Friday 14th of May 2021

If EE is down today, then reports will be found below.

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EE Reports

When @virginmedia media broadband is down for 2 days in a row for hours at a time... With no compensation for having to buy more data to tether using phone data. Thinking that leaving Virgin media & getting @bt_uk hybrid back by @EE. This is getting pathetic now Virgin Media.

@EE Good morning. Is your broadband service down? When can you fix it?

@EE Is the upgrade chat online down ? As been trying to get to talk to someone since yesterday but it constantly says busy then give me a link to sms service witch come up as site under maintenance as the phone I want is online only as it good as new phone

@EE Still down in Douglas and Glespin since 3.30pm yesterday 😭

@RebekahSwan2 @EE Vodafone down at ours for us Rebekah. I spent quite a while on a web chat with them yesterday. It seems we are making it up as their system says we have full signal...

@EE our WiFi is down πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

@EE @LFCNuMbEr6 You're not alone, my @ee has been down for weeks. Mad how the billing system still works. 😐

Well done @EE calling me to try and sell stuff. I can’t hear the person over the background noise and they tell me it wouldn’t be so bad if I turned the phone volume down. I can’t hear if I turn the volume down, came across as #ableism and disregard for #disability. Do better.

@EE Given it a go! You or UK internet backbone having any problems today?

Why do phone companies unilaterally change tariff packs on PAYG. One picks up a SIM that provides what one needs and then down the line you get texts saying you need another pack to do what it did originally? @EE

@EE Any chance you can close the numbers down these scamming low lifes. Everyone saying they are from National Crime Agency and need take Β£ ASAP. 07946776333, 07946776275, 07946776376, 07946776739, 07946776165 and 07946776969. How many have they tricked? #SCAM #ScamAlert

My fibre Internet down (sounds like various people in the neighbourhood have lost Jurassic Fibre connection), but switched on hotspot on my phone & the lad was busy watching YouTube this morning without realising anything was amiss. We struggled to get even SMS before @EE