Twitter Problems

With Twitter being one of the most successful social media platforms you can imagine the strain it can cause on the servers, which can sometimes cause an outage, leaving millions of users around the world suffering with problems due to the website, and app, being down. There’s also been previously, if not currently, been reports of people having other issues when trying to login into their account or having trouble comments and retweets loading.

Twitter Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Twitter is down today, then reports will be found below.

Twitter Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    When you think Twitter is down, but then your tweet ends up showing up later on, anyone else get a delay?

  • velicia key

    If you want to look ” avengers endgamee ” ! complete with full language !!

  • gelly414

    I can’t upload a video, only photos, it says processing and nothing is happening

  • Joaney

    Vidoes and photos are showing up black spaces yet again.

  • Paul

    Photos and videos are showing blank for me, even the website version is taking ages to load up let alone show anything.

  • Gray

    For crying out loud, yesterday analytics was not working and posts not posting and now my Twitter login here is Margate UK is not working.

  • Mary

    I still can’t log into my account via the app. I have tried everything but still no access. Can anyone help????

  • Kaine

    I just done a search on Twitter and got, “Sorry, we couldn’t complete your request.”

  • Jason

    Twitter Search is down and not working at all, I keep getting this message, “Something is technically wrong.”

  • Kenny

    Twitter does not seem to load up all my tweets on my account. It only seems to be my phones app having issues on the laptop its fine.

  • Elizabeth Smith

    Yes i am having trouble today I can not tweet or retweet or send messages and that is an issue for this is the last day of voting for the biggest fan award. I am a fan of Lady Gaga and this is affecting a lot of us and other fans of others and it is messing with the singers true scores and that is not fair to them

  • Allen

    I am tweeting to people i know i am following and they are following me, but when i tweet @ name no mentions are showing up which means i cannot tag people.

  • Gabby

    My Twitter login is not working, i put the password in and it keeps taking me back to login again. So basically its telling me i am doing it wrong when I am not.

  • William

    I have tried to refresh my Twitter time live so many times and its not working. It is about 3 hours behind what it is supposed to be.

  • Leo

    Since I did the new update yesterday I have had issues with Twitter freezing.

  • Jana

    Twitter keeps freezing on me, its like i have lost internet connection but i know i haven’t.

  • Sophie

    My tweets aren’t going in anyone’s mentions this has been going on since Monday night and it’s been on and off since last year! It need sorting, the tweets don’t show in anyone’s mentions! Help

  • Twitterati

    Having issues today

  • f1_karen

    Primarily the UK, Paris, Netherlands, Tokyo, and some reports its down in Brazil.

  • YMY

    Same here.

  • N/A

    I’m getting the Technical error as well. Not sure what’s going on. This sucks business wise.

  • Kerry

    Twitter is down and out for me, the website is not working and it seems to be global not location based. It is not a maintenance update because it would not say technically wrong would it?

  • Harry

    Twitter is down on January 19, 2016 and all i get is a message on screen saying ‘Something is technically wrong.’

  • Jaysen

    Things were working so well on Twitter and then they go and change things, why oh why when if it aint broke don’t fix it. Twitter doesn’t seem to respond to anything, my live page is very slow as well.

  • ASHPoD

    Twitter is down for me 10/15/15 at 9:20EST in Gainesvlle, FL.

  • Neil Norman

    My twitter has been down since early afternoon. I cant send or receive. I am in SW7 London. WTF is going on?

  • midlifethread

    Twitter on my desktop will not hold themes in the settings/design section. it lost it’s original and now won’t reset.
    Anyone clues to the problem?

  • Vhal

    The twitter web pages are not loading on my PC lately.

  • Sara

    My Twitter account seems to be down for me as it will not open upon signing in.

  • Rob

    Same here, just a white page every now and then. Thought it was my ISP at first, I’m with BT Infinity in the UK how about you?

  • Mike

    Lots of problems with Twitter today for me, it isn’t down but I keep getting connection errors.

  • Matthew

    Working again this evening 🙂

  • Matthew

    Although Twitter is working, it doesn’t seem to be updating, I have had no new news or tweets for over four hours now

  • maggie

    I lost some pictures when I did an update on twitter

  • Joey

    Twitter seems to be struggling today, Boardmasters are revealing the second act and making everyone tweet #boardmasters2015 and its really slowing it all down

  • Sue

    Is anyone else seeing Twitter down today? Jan 30, nothing but hassle trying to reach my profile.

  • Rob

    Keep getting a blank page, can’t even get to the login page.

  • Caz

    My tweets appear, then disappear again, what’s going on with Twitter today?

  • birdlover

    Same for me. Also working fine on PC. Just not Android Twitter app.

  • siamelephant

    Same here in Thailand…

  • Ron

    I think twitter is down for maintenance, but not in all countries.

  • Oliver

    Twitter outage in Savannah Ga

  • Tommy

    I was knocked off twitter and now can’t log back in.

  • Susan

    Twitter is down, please don’t say this is North Korea now.

  • Phillip

    My Twitter is out, but TweetCaster is working without any problems.

  • Fring

    Twitter down in Germany, nothing working on all devices.

  • Dan

    It looks like both the mobile and Twitter apps are down, the full website is working OK.

  • Ron

    The Android Twitter app is down for me too, is this just the apps or website as well?

  • Billy

    Cannot access Twitter on the Android app, it kicked me out and stopped working.

  • Beth

    This is really frustrating.

  • Liz

    Twitter wouldn’t refresh at all earlier today, it now refreshes but not the most recent 20 or 25 mins mins.

  • Sky

    It went down again, what’s going on with Twitter today keeps going down.

  • Jess

    It’s back up now, but this was a big outage

  • Lou

    Twitter was down for me earlier today, Oct 25th, for around one hour.

  • Darren

    Im having a few problems connecting to, it’s not working for me. Is it down for anyone else?

  • Rocky

    I bet Twitter goes down today (August 27th) after they suspended the Lizard Squad account. He managed to take PSN and Twitch down, I’m sure he can do the same to Twitter, but time will tell.

  • Ben

    Twitter is down online and with most app platforms for me, no idea what’s going on as my friends don’t have issues.

  • Sue

    I’m getting a 404 connection error in my web browser when trying to access Twitter today, not sure if this is my home wifi or if Twitter is down for others in Kent, UK?

Twitter Reports

@Virusesque1 Honestly attention seeking so hard, if you’re sad dies just be sad about it ffs. Either put twitter down for a bit or use as a distraction lmao

twitter down? Tried to change an @ on an acc and it said forbidden

This shit was happening for 2 hours was twitter down?

@COCOICHlBANYA julie............not gonna play with u. put twitter down right now

I just relised something- With me telling @lenabenakena to not burn twitter down- I sound like a mom-

Is twitter down? Or am I really getting so little attention?

@MASKCM13 If it wasn’t for Twitter helping TV stay alive and this being the president’s favorite way to disseminate info ... I think they would have found a way to shut twitter down too

Provide support? Seriously, imagine letting you get involved after seeing the way you have handled this pandemic. You would cause more damage then the blast itself then blame it on somebody else. Put twitter down and get back to your orgys bojo 🙄…