Twitter Down Today?

With Twitter being one of the most successful social media platforms you can imagine the strain it can cause on the servers, which can sometimes cause an outage, leaving millions of users around the world suffering with problems due to the website, and app, being down. There’s also been previously, if not currently, been reports of people having other issues when trying to login into their account or having trouble comments and retweets loading.

Twitter Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Twitter is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Sophia William
2 years ago

my Twitter account got same similar problem.. i contacted support services but they wouldn’t help me…I got referred to Dionysus_Helios on Instagram and they were so helpful and reliable. They will help you.

3 years ago

When you think Twitter is down, but then your tweet ends up showing up later on, anyone else get a delay?

velicia key
4 years ago

If you want to look ” avengers endgamee ” ! complete with full language !!

4 years ago

I can’t upload a video, only photos, it says processing and nothing is happening

4 years ago

Vidoes and photos are showing up black spaces yet again.

4 years ago

Photos and videos are showing blank for me, even the website version is taking ages to load up let alone show anything.

5 years ago

For crying out loud, yesterday analytics was not working and posts not posting and now my Twitter login here is Margate UK is not working.

6 years ago

I still can’t log into my account via the app. I have tried everything but still no access. Can anyone help????

6 years ago

I just done a search on Twitter and got, “Sorry, we couldn’t complete your request.”

6 years ago

Twitter Search is down and not working at all, I keep getting this message, “Something is technically wrong.”

7 years ago

Twitter does not seem to load up all my tweets on my account. It only seems to be my phones app having issues on the laptop its fine.

Elizabeth Smith
7 years ago

Yes i am having trouble today I can not tweet or retweet or send messages and that is an issue for this is the last day of voting for the biggest fan award. I am a fan of Lady Gaga and this is affecting a lot of us and other fans of others and it is messing with the singers true scores and that is not fair to them

7 years ago

I am tweeting to people i know i am following and they are following me, but when i tweet @ name no mentions are showing up which means i cannot tag people.

7 years ago

My Twitter login is not working, i put the password in and it keeps taking me back to login again. So basically its telling me i am doing it wrong when I am not.

7 years ago

I have tried to refresh my Twitter time live so many times and its not working. It is about 3 hours behind what it is supposed to be.

7 years ago

Since I did the new update yesterday I have had issues with Twitter freezing.

7 years ago

Twitter keeps freezing on me, its like i have lost internet connection but i know i haven’t.

8 years ago

My tweets aren’t going in anyone’s mentions this has been going on since Monday night and it’s been on and off since last year! It need sorting, the tweets don’t show in anyone’s mentions! Help

8 years ago

Having issues today

8 years ago

Primarily the UK, Paris, Netherlands, Tokyo, and some reports its down in Brazil.

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