Twitter Problems

With Twitter being one of the most successful social media platforms you can imagine the strain it can cause on the servers, which can sometimes cause an outage, leaving millions of users around the world suffering with problems due to the website, and app, being down. There’s also been previously, if not currently, been reports of people having other issues when trying to login into their account or having trouble comments and retweets loading.

Twitter Status insight for Wednesday 30th of September 2020

If Twitter is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Twitter Reports

Sickening. And the worst bit is that so many people don’t see it as a problem, and a lot of the racists here probably think they’re not even racist. Imagine if any other ethnicity and its associated slurs were on these tweets. They’d shut Twitter down.…

After last nights debate I think I might just put Twitter down for the day... good god...

@SpokespersonCHN Why do you have a Twitter account while people in China are not allowed to access Twitter? Down with the CPC!!!

Twitter down ? I’m seeing nothing but 8-10 tweets. I hope the Trump Team is readying videos of every lie Biden said on the debate MAKE AD’s . Everything from What he said to the Military, what he said when Trump shut the Country down, to Hunters $$$ he received. Liar Biden

@Mio_is_waifu @WhisperMute Looks familiar, had to hunt their twitter down just to tag someone lol

@Doublearon231 This one is way too disturbing for me. I think I need to put twitter down now 😭

@JeffFlake Your disgrace to LDS Christians. Shut your twitter down and zip it. No cares about your self righteous BS. You are a fraud.

For weeks I've been unfollowing anyone who repeatedly tweets/retweets american politics. I think i will need to burn twitter down after last night haha

@miffythegamer Yep, I'm giving it until the US election and if Dotard gets elected again, then I'm done.. Closing my Twitter down for good.