Cox Communications Problems

Problems with Cox Communications are mainly reported to be an Internet outage, although the company also offer cable television and a phone service for homes. Their coverage includes many states from southern California to Arizona and Massachusetts to Florida.

If it’s not a total blackout, your Cox Cable or Internet outage could be down to local problems and this is why customers leave status reports below. This will help users find out about problems in certain states, or even locally within certain cities.

Use the contact information for Cox Communications on this page, or read about Cox issues and leave details on your problems below and feel free to leave a zip code to reveal patterns within certain areas.

Cox Communications Status insight for Monday 1st of June 2020

If Cox Communications is down today, then reports will be found below.

Cox Communications Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • asmerchant

    Internet down in San Diego zip code 92026 (Escondido area)
    Last time outage was for several hours and technical support team was not helpful saying you have to wait until it is resolved. Not sure today, how long it would take. Pathetic service for such a high fees they charge

  • Glanda

    So many problems with Cox, I used to be with another internet provider and I thought they were bad and now I am wishing I never changed over.

  • Chris

    San Diego is a place where Cox Internet doesn’t work, as usual its out again today.

  • Serah

    I have tried to reconnect the router etc and nothing seems to get me back online with my Cox Internet.

  • Belinda

    Cox Internet is down yet again, why all these outage issues? I am in Las Vegas and its been down most of the day.

  • Matt

    What a pathetic service Cox is! I pay a lot of money per month for a service thats like worth $4. My internet is constantly down rather than up and when it is online its so slow.

  • Mary Brady

    No Internet service in 85086 (Anthem, AZ) since 3:00 this afternoon. Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

  • Mike

    I would consider the service gets better before i leave Cox for good. The only reason i am staying is due to the fact i cannot get unlimited tethering anywhere else.

  • Stuwert

    There seems to be a Cox DNS outage in Las Vegas right now, is anyone else having issyes with the service?

  • George

    Complete outage in 85283, is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Raymond

    Tried to restart my internet and nothing, seems to be totally out in 85281.

  • Charles

    Is anyone in 85282 Tempe area and experiencing a cox internet outage? I have not had anything for 6 hours.

  • Amanda

    Cox Webmail down for me in Arizona.

  • Lucinda

    cox internet outage seems to be a natural thing in this day and age. No internet for me guys come on now please fix.

  • Mikey

    Cox is down in Mesa, AZ.

  • Derek

    It gets to midnight and then Cox services decide to turn off for the night.

  • Crian

    Cox service is so lame, i am down and out in 85212.

  • Bryan

    There is a cox internet outage right now, been like this for around 30 minutes now.

  • Simpson

    Internet is out in Casa Grande 85122

  • Rylan

    No service in Henderson.

  • Kerrie

    Las Vegas is not getting Cox services.

  • Julie

    No service at all in North Central Phoenix 85020. Still have no idea after calling customer services when we will be back up and running.

  • Sharon

    Cox is down for me in 74103, does anyone know when we will be back online.

  • Vance

    I am in Anthem AZ and it says i should be back online but i am not. Is Cox Internet still down?

  • Aaron

    Do you think a better Cox alternative is DIRECT TV?

  • Jamie

    Looks like there is Cox outage in Cherry Street Midtown, got no internet at all in Tulsa.

  • Cody

    Mesa az and has been down sense 1 am it’s 9 am now

  • Adrian

    Internet and TV went down for a few hours but all seems to be running well again. I am located in Wichita KS, has anyone else had Cox DNS issues on their devices?

  • Michelle Rose

    I live in Tucson Arizona and my internet has been down all morning.

  • Mr. McCool

    My location is Pittsburg Ks.
    I had no internet at home yesterday and dial up speeds at best today. I’m using up my phone minutes just to leave this . I hope this helps.

    Mr. McCool

  • Vale

    Internet is down in Tempe/Scottsdale.

  • Larry

    Cox Internet is not working in Scottsdale.

  • Chelle Handford-Evans

    Why is there no cox Internet? Cox took their payment on time then next day not Internet ….. Can someone tell me what’s going on….???? Please

  • Josh P.

    INTERNET IS NOT WORKING! I live in Pittsburg, KS. It went down about 12:30am(CT). It hasn’t been working since. Come on…

  • Josh Z. Paschal

    INTERNET IS NOT WORKING! I live in Pittsburg, KS. It went down about 12:30am(CT). It hasn’t been working since.

  • Trisha

    The Internet is gone, dead, no longer with me. I need it for work as well arggggghhhhhhh.

  • Ed

    Cox is down So Cal 92656

  • Terrance

    Surely there is a Cox Internet outage in 85251 area? Not getting any luck getting on here.

  • Aldwin

    Cox upload speeds are stupidly slow, I have had many tech people visiting to sort the issue out and still nothing. Getting the packet loss as well doesn’t help matters. I think its about time for a change.

  • Ashley

    I am in Southern California and my Cox Internet is down, is there any explanation for this problem?

  • Louise

    I am also in Virginia Beach and Internet is totally down.

  • Gavin

    We are all down in Virginia beach, no internet at all.

  • Miranda

    Down in Irvine CA, got nothing here.

  • Shell

    Cox is down in 85730

  • fernando

    Cox is down in the 85705

  • Frank

    Internet down in 73069

  • Mick

    Cox Internet is down in 70037.

  • Sky

    Cox is down in 32615.

  • Zeke Saadiq

    Damn internet has been out since 2pm… Las Vegas. 89101

  • steve

    modem switched out three days ago. cox says internet / phone modems the “problem”. tech said outage started at 2pm when i called at 8pm. the previous day the same statement was made. phone/internet modems are having issues. the “outage” started at 3pm when i called at ten pm.
    are they trying to weed out those customers that have phone/internet modems? had service for 40 minutes last night. now just a blinking modem

  • teresa

    Out 23323

  • Kathy

    My internet is out in zip 89183

  • Jackie

    Down in the east Las Vegas area. Anyone else?

  • ozarkmom

    My internet Isn’t down but there is a lot of latency issues. 3 Cox reps just want to reboot my modem, one attempted to help, and a rep on the phone totally dismissed it as a COX issue because my phone worked and I could browse the internet. Whats sad is I need this fixed or I cant work, I have missed 3 days, I work from home and need everything to work, It was one of our busy seasons, and I make $25 an hour.

  • lemongrove

    No. Service. In. 91945

  • mychal

    Cox Internet down 67037

  • My

    Cox internet is down tonight

  • Will

    No service in 85258 since Monday.

  • Gabe

    Down in 85249 today.

  • Derek

    Down in85248 again.

  • Ron

    Cox Internet not working in Chandler once again.

  • Dan

    Nothing but problems with Cox.

  • Robbie

    COX Internet is out in PA15212

  • Roger

    speedtest says it’s 64Mbps but it has been so slow today 11/05/14. websites loading soooo slow

  • brandon

    this is really annoying. i usually get 60mbps but i have .67 mbps sooooo slow 🙁

  • Kim

    Mathis should be the fastest speed and connection possible, but I still never see above 15mbs with today our speed is even slower

  • Joey

    Cox you’re going to lose a customer if my net is always slow, why so many problems?

  • Sam

    my connection resets every couple of minutes. Really notable when Watching netflix and seeing it keep rebooting.

  • Andrew

    Cox is producing really slow internet access today, all day long

  • Roger

    Web pages have been loading slowly today and around x2 the latency than normal with one game server.

  • Alec

    Am I the only one having issues in the San Diego area?

  • Paul

    Cox is down in 89128 and 92078 today.

  • Kim

    Internet down right now in Las Vegas. I have contacted Cox tech support and they report no outage, so I have no idea what’s going on. Anyone else have Cox in Vegas and down?

  • Roy

    Having issues once again, is Cox out for anyone else?

  • Mary

    Las Vegas lost Cox internet at midnight, still not working for me.

  • Dylan

    No Internet here in Arizona, has anyone got an idea how long their internet will be down today?

  • Phil

    Cox down right now in 85234

  • Walter

    Down in Las Vegas 89119.

  • Henry

    My Internet us down in 89107.

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