Yahoo Mail Down Today?

There’s a number of ways to access Yahoo Mail that Down Today readers mention, and these include a free email app on most platforms, an online sign in, and other methods that all run into problems occasionally. This has sent some people looking for alternative email options, but those that love Yahoo Mail want to keep using it even when it’s not working correctly.

On this page you will see the current Yahoo Mail status thanks to reports left by users like you, so take a look below to see if there’s any problems right now and to leave your own report. If you do leave details about issues, then remember to give information on your location thanks to some problems being isolated to certain countries or even ISPs.

You are also welcome to detail issues with features within either the applications on Android and iOS, or the online platform when sending and receiving messages. Can’t connect errors are also common and can be related to outages, or local network glitches.

Yahoo Mail Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Yahoo Mail is down today, then reports will be found below.

Report Yahoo Mail Problems? Share your issues with Down Today's community.

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8 months ago

logging in seem to be an issue, before you even get a screen to put in your password it is telling me to try again in an hour

2 years ago

I use my Yahoo email address to access my Microsoft account. However I notice that when Microsoft requires a confirmation email sent to my Yahoo account, it always fails to send to my Yahoo Inbox or spam. Is this a problem caused by Yahoo or Microsoft?

3 years ago

Can not delete email, can not access Settings either.

Bobbie Jeal
4 years ago

Can’t access Yahoo emails on since yesterday, October 5th, 2019. Just keeps flashing up “Error 288″… any news about this, please?

Wayne Mather
4 years ago

My @btinternet account has been down since the 4th. When I try to log in online it says it doesn’t recognise the email.
I use Blue mail on my OnePlus which worked fine synching the mail, now it says it cannot authenticate.

Any suggestions?BT said it problemis not their problem, it’s yahoo.

Michael Weatherall
4 years ago

Cannot access my email via Yahoo either on IOS or Outlook . Anyone else suffering?

Paul Tilbury
4 years ago

Sky email issue Sun 8 Sept 09:00: Unable to send or receive emails via iPhone (apple mail app) or PC (Outlook email app). Can log onto and go to Yahoo mail and all emails are there. Spent 1 hour yesterday on phone to Sky support who had me delete and reset email account on the PC, but did not work and was then cut off. Phoned back and different support person immediately told me it’s another Yahoo problem, no time for resolution, try again in 24 hours.. Now 12 hours later any still not working

4 years ago

I have same problem.Twice need to reset
my password as sky blocked my email due to hacking activity.I bet this is whats about.I bet we will find out soon.

4 years ago

Temporary error: 15

4 years ago

Keep getting an error message saying that they’re experiencing some technical difficulties…

4 years ago

Yahoo Mails down, I’m having trouble when trying to login in, it’s been down since 6pm last night.

4 years ago

yahoo is hit and miss at the moment as I cannot access my Emals as I keep getting my old Email Address which I have not used for years and I thought I had deleted this Emal Address – do not want to change my Email Address as it would mean me contacting various companies which would be an hassle and time consuming on my part

C Sanderson
4 years ago
Reply to  Fred Pellow

Same as me can’t get a response. Phoned sky but too busy!

Fred Pellow
4 years ago

As from am 06/08/2019 I cannot log in to my Yahoo mail. I am with sky and it does not recognise my email address or my password. It takes me through various checks etc but still no joy. Help,where do I go to from here?

Vee Foster
4 years ago

My YahooSky email has been down since Weds. Says it cannot connect to server. Any ideas please.

4 years ago

I have been locked out of my yahoo account after multiple attempts to enter valid email and password where do I go from here

Vasantha Narayanswami
4 years ago

My password is not being recognised nor is my SURNAME!???? What on earth do I do if my OWN account/email is not recognising my surname? Crazy

Paul Rossbacher
4 years ago

Had this issue since last Tuesday

Evelyn Coral Smith
4 years ago

I’m not locked out (BT yahoo), but can’t delete any emails and the page is only showing up a few of today’s emails and none of the previous day’s ones or previously saved ones. Can’t get into settings, now no idea who has, or hasn’t, emailed me. What one earth is going on with this?

4 years ago
Reply to  Colette

I thought it was me I’m so glad to hear others have the same problem . My email username are not recognised.

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