DriveClub Problems

DriveClub had been in development for years and the PlayStation 4 allowed for the dream to finally be realized. This is the statement made by PlayStation during the DriveClub PS4 launch, but the server problems starting since release have told a different story.

Sony started by postponing the PS Plus edition after multiplayer server connection problems, and then we saw limitations put on the about of people allowed to play online at once. While things will improve with DriveClub’s multiplayer servers in time, every now and then the PS4 servers will go down again.

The same can be said for the MyDRIVECLUB app on iPhone and Android devices. This might have been pulled from Android and delayed on iOS to start with, but when the servers go down following its launch you can share these status reports below. If there’s currently problems with the DriveClub servers, you’ll find them reported on this page.

DriveClub Status insight for Sunday 31st of May 2020

If DriveClub is down today, then reports will be found below.

DriveClub Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • kjell bjork

    Server worse than ever. Even leaderboard ain’t getting updated. RIP drive club

  • Scott

    Can’t join teammates

  • bewareofZ

    hahahaha shasnir.

  • aciobani

    Not working today 25th April 2018, in UK

  • Lee Drake

    Club accolades not updating and I can’t get my 1k miles trophy 🙁 any way around this? Or if I keep playing will they be added on or am I wasting my time?

  • Me

    Cant get online today

  • Mike

    Has anyone been having issues with DriveClub on their PlayStation VR unit?

  • Johan

    I have problem to play multiplayer today at Drive Club at my PS4. I have 2pcs PS4 with 2 different Plus Account and 2pcs Logitec G29 but i must play online becouse it´s not possible to link the PS4. Has someone else problem with the multiplayer function today?

  • Bennet

    I can play multiplayer with my friends on the PS4 but not with anyone else online.

  • petor

    I am not able to play DriveClub online for some reason, are the servers down today?

  • Totte_13

    For me it says that the license has expired. Downloaded the thing when it was for free or I purchased it. Can’t remember. Have all the tracks though. Can’t even start the game even if I turn the Internet off. It’s been like this for 2 days, 3 days ago I couldn’t load the leader boards.

  • Stephano C.

    Same here. Thought that I was the only one.

  • Neil Haywood

    Driveclub won’t work on multiplayer it been off since yesterday and still not working today

  • Toby

    Is PSN or DriveClub down because i cannot get onto multiplayer at the moment, this is so frustrating, this was my freebie PS4 Plus game and since downloading its been garbage to play online.

  • Brianna

    I have tried to do the latest update but it keeps hanging and not going anywhere.

  • Lucas

    drive club bikes multiplayer – content not available since 26th

  • Federico

    Same thing for me!

  • Fergrim

    Driveclub Bikes appears to be down right now, December 30th 2015 to me and four others.

    Confirm DC Bikes events down?

  • Baka

    Is the server down today on 16th december 2015?

  • Alexander Polovyan

    October 26. Unable to connect PSN. It says I am signed out when I’m not.

  • Matheus Pires

    Today is offline

  • Mike Kroon

    Lool servers back online

  • Mike Kroon

    15 and 16 oktober 2015 servers down explain why plz ?

  • Ericsson

    My accolades are stuck or increasing. Is anyone else with this issue? – September 26

  • Arlon Cloudas

    Having issues connecting to the servers and being logged out of psn all the time on 9-22

  • Cory

    Not working today Aug 19th Australia

  • Rob

    Driveclub servers not working for me again, Aug 12 in UK.

  • Goliath

    Constantly getting error messages – problem communicating with Driveclub Server when attempting to create a club.

  • James

    Nothing wrong today, had a slight glitch yesterday where i couldn’t enter game but all OK now. Love this game.

  • Michael De

    Driveclub saying I’m signed out of PSN when I’m not and I’ve played other games online in the meantime to confirm this.

  • Zulfikar Bhanji

    Cant download the update, tried everything, someone please help, this is a brand new game,

  • arhd2xmf

    “Cannot download” the update file…”134.3 MB more space”, I got 34GB, due to this the game wount start Online.

  • David

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  • Briskcyclinder8

    Fine in saudi Arabia Muhammad al shabab

  • Karimchii

    Servers down in London, England

  • Carpycfc

    Servers down in Bromsgrove England

  • Driveclub Maniac

    Driveclub down in Aalborg,Denmark

  • Ben Toutounis Schenk

    Driveclub down in Toronto,Canada

  • MAnGO3111

    Same with me

  • Tarek Boukallouch

    I’m also having problems with Driveclub disonnecting me from PSN. Other apps seem to be ok – apart from PSN Store

  • arhd2xmf

    When I start Driveclub it disconnects me from PSN… other online games work fine

  • George Watson

    All up and running again

  • Rashid Al-Shamrani

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  • Briskcyclinder8

    Yes is rashid you idiot wheres you from in saudi? Muhammad al shabab

  • Nasser Abdulraheem

    Everyone join i and Muhammad al shabab club called crewkerne Road we r beast we always win

  • Rashid Al-Shamrani

    No it not up in saudi arabia u liar

  • Briskcyclinder8

    Takes outstanding shipping furniture Muhammad al shabab

  • Briskcyclinder8

    Its not letting you online because you are twats Muhammad al shabab

  • Briskcyclinder8

    Dave shut up psn is good Muhammad al shabab

  • Briskcyclinder8

    Mines fine in saudi Arabia Muhammad al shabab

  • dave

    So I had destiny the other day then fifa then elder scrolls online now drive club wtf is going on come on psn get a fecking grip and let me get online please

  • John

    Not happy at all, the only day I get for the last 3 weeks to play and I cant because its offline.

  • Maxine

    How long is this DriveClub maintenance going to take? Because I am offline and do not want to be for long.

  • Fweds

    I’m looking to change consoles for Forza 6 alone, they have a recorded live stream of Real gameplay at 1080p and 60 fps on YouTube and it makes Driveclub look last gen.

  • Kim Jenkins

    My ps4 updated to version 2.55 today and now driveclub will not load any of the new content to download

  • MAnGO3111

    Cant play multiplayer it says “please sign to psn”
    (NP-31730-4) thats the error code but im signed in allready

  • Jim Imler

    plus… the servers are down this evening, so even though i can play the offline game, i can’t play online. this is happening repeatedly now, since the “embargo” on ps plus users has been lifted. i love the game, but this will have me going to something else, soon, if this persists.

  • Jim Imler

    if you downloaded the driveclub theme for that sharefactory thing, delete it. that worked for me.

  • William Metcalfe

    I am sadly, rather annoyed tbh..

  • Joanne

    Is anyone having problems downloading DriveClub? I have tried on a number of occasions for my PS4 and its not loading.

  • brusselsproty

    Will it ever be fixed properly ?

  • Dan

    The Driveclub 1.16 update should be live today at around 10AM in the UK, also servers will go down with some problems involved with online play.

  • Raymond

    Even though we can still play DriveClub today because of the server updates, i know we can still create challenges, but what will happen to existing challenges when the new servers kick in?

  • Suzi

    DriveClub servers are being updated today from 1st June to the 2nd which means some things will not work. Now this is going to be a little bit of a nightmare.

  • Scott Campbell

    Cant even turn game on today! U think its fixed n another bug shows up! Time 4 ProjectCARS!!

  • PonceTek

    i cant sign into multiplayer, for 2nd day in a row now, what the hell, you know its memorial day weekend & a bunch of people were going to play, poor poor maintenance

  • Mornin Glow

    i purchased addon vehicles but it doesnt appear .. is it related to this issue?

  • joelacrasse

    c dla criss de marde votre affaire serieux

  • Damnserverpeople

    So i just came on driveclub today to see if thers any april fools events etc like in other games. At first i thaught the server downs were a prank obviously they’re not i just want to know whats going on is it maintinance issuies or too many people clogging the servers or what?

  • DriveClubKangaroo

    Down 2 days ago, down earlier today, on for 5 minutes, down again for an hour, now back up, for how long, I wonder?

  • james

    Same old skimping on servers and they expect me to pay more money for extra content. They should give me some money back for selling me half a game. Game should be called drive solo. Great game . . . . . When you can get on.

  • rick

    hey man, i bought the game 3 days ago. and i cant connect to the servers for 3 days now WTF! i think mine is broken or something>??

  • Walter

    I have the download version of this and had to do a restore of my PS4 recently resulting in not even being able to download the game for the last 2 weeks.

  • Fweds

    Keep getting kicked out of games. Now getting total disconnections.

  • Annoni

    Since yesterday evening I am getting an in game notice. When sending a request to join a club, a message appears “… a problem communicating with the DRIVECLUB(TM) server….”

  • Matthew Hobin

    working for the most part today except for some reason this evening it refuses to send challenges to your friends as it cant seem to find them. plus its search feature is not working. online races working for the most part . and still disconnects periodically. which seemed to spiked in the last 2 weeks.

  • juiced

    Down in Ontario Canada. .bought the game 2 weeks ago and still have never connected. ..last game I buy from this developer

  • blzzy_gie

    Not working .

  • ashy79

    still down in uk

  • Alf

    Still down…….

  • DjBazzaT

    Yup. Been down for an hour or so. Hope it comes back up to sync what I’ve done whilst it’s been down!

  • blzzy_gie

    Ugh not working AGAIN.

  • Mcook69

    And today

  • blzzy_gie

    servers down again

  • Simon

    Servers down today wales uk

  • Carpy

    Joined 2 games out of about 30, this sucks the big 1,shame because a really good game let down by the servers.

  • Alrod

    Anybody know when the servers are gonna be back up and running ?? In the UK

  • Woodywoohoo

    down for me in England. First time I’ve had a problem since getting games early December (apart from problems over Christmas)

  • locococopops

    I’m in England. Only got it yesterday.

  • Daniel Boxi Boxleitner

    ….me also….
    Location: Bavaria, Germany

  • locococopops

    It’s down for me also.

  • blzzy_gie

    Not working online again.

  • billisere

    cant join any sessions again same old same old#

  • billisere

    the crew works and you can play online with mates

  • Chris walsh

    Getting a bit sick of this bs stopped playing for a while untill these issues were fixed!!! Apparently it’s not 😳

  • Dankasdad

    27th January and server gone done while setting fastest time in world and so it wasn’t recorded. Pissed.

  • streetdaddy

    No multiplayer events loading. Also can’t load Club invites section.

  • Justin

    Issues just getting the servers to work for an online game.

  • blzzy_gie

    Noticeable Framerate drops since the weather update.

  • daveb

    I downloaded yesterday, all updates, online not available. Sad really, how do these companies get away with it. Its like selling a tennis racket without the grip…

  • evilfangs .

    I got the game yesterday, it was online and working but today it’s down. Does this mean I can’t earn fame for my club?

  • Mr D

    Had to use MTU 1458 & now It works

  • Conormacd1

    Down again now WTAF!?

  • Mr D

    I’m having issues connecting to MP once syncing then kicked yet again….Done the open ports/MTU/DNS/IP Getting annoying now

  • EK

    Please don’t! I swapped the crew for Driveclub because it is that bad! Be happy Driveclub is getting updates and will improve. 5weeks after release the crew is getting a minor update while it has major online bugs, cant connect to friends or join crew with them and the devs blame its user base!

  • Carpy

    Still having problems getting online ,thinking i might trade in for the crew ,waste of time and money .

  • Dan

    I’m still having problems with driveclub servers in January 2015, anyone else?

  • leeg1982

    Hi for weeks now it says I cannot view my club and it’s annoying any help appreciated as wanna leave this club

  • Bigred

    Have been trying to download the initial download since December the 10th with no success and cannot connect to multiplayer! All other games working online and updating! Any clues to help me😢

  • Tobi

    haven’t had a connection in weeks, how is that possible? Tried to reinstall the game but the same. really pissed right now.
    Can anybody help me please..

  • John Bobbit

    I’m in the US on the east coast and it’s 2:45am and in the middle of an online multiplayer match it kicks me. I haven’t had too many problems connecting to the server for quite some time and have NEVER had it kick me off in the middle of a race…now I can’t even create challenges or anything. This is ridiculous. I really hope Evolution gets their sh*t together soon. This is f***ing incredible!! I don’t understand what is so difficult for them. How can other videogame companies have this figured out?!

  • AJ

    Connection error.. this is annoying. They should at least fill some money in or wallet

  • Dave

    Can’t connect to multiplayer. This sucks!

  • Carpy

    This really sucks why release a game that you can’t cope with idiots

  • cjrockman

    Hey war by drive club servers offline again_

  • paima1

    This content is temporarily unavailable. Please check back later…. Thanks Sony…

  • paima1

    Can’t connect today … 23rd December… But when playing constantly getting kicked of the server … And problem with ghosting cars…

  • Carpy

    Been trying all night to play online with a mate ,he joins game I don’t or I join game and he doesn’t. What’s going on all this money paid for games and they don’t work

  • Davietia

    Terrible, Sony will not admit problem telling me to open ports on my router as if everybody’s an IT specialist…. Without online will not play so sold the game .

  • PAG

    Since I bought the game, I havent been able to enter the club I created to leave it, so I jould join another club. Been like that for 1,5 month now. So for 1,5 month the game has been a waste of money

  • Warby

    Still can’t get online anybody having the same issues?

  • Damon Purdie

    Won’t download update, all other games fine and psn is ok. What is the issue with this game? Released too early. Far too many problems

  • Scotte

    Was on with a friend in are club and we managed 5 races in 2 hours very disappointed so far with the multiplayer defetes the object of having a club come on Sony sort it out

  • onyerbike

    Multiplayer not working again/still. Challenges still not switched on. When they gonna get this bloody game working properly.

  • Andy West

    good luck affording solicitors fees

  • Thea

    Not possible to update club logo, etc. The message playing is just: ” Connecting to servers, please wait”. After 10 min, it is still the same…

  • ryan

    down again bought with my ps4 on same receipt feel like sending the both back no happy with ps4 for the gamers my arse sort it sony or I will sue for all my money back !

  • Phil

    Driveclub = waste of money

  • Sophia

    IS PSN down for maintenance? I’m not able to play driveclub multiplayer, is it down?

  • Bruce

    I thought drive club online started working again, but I cannot sign in to PSN right now..what’s going on?

  • Nathan

    Anyone else having problems with the servers today? I haven’t been able to get online at all with the game yet.

  • Tim

    @Mike That’s the error I was getting when the app was not working, still the same.

  • Mike

    There was a problem communicating with the DRIVECLUB server. Please try again later.

  • Jess

    On the first day I kept getting a message saying, fault with your Internet connection.

  • Ben

    I thought I was the only one getting a server down message!

  • Quin

    So i bought driveclub and Nba 2k15 and they both having server problems, GREAT!

  • Dan

    Why are we paying for PS Plus if the dedicated servers don’t work?

  • David

    DriveClub online is a joke with a one-in one-out policy.

  • Roy

    I keep getting connection errors with the drive club servers.

  • Lewis

    The MyDRIVECLUB app was on Android and I saw it while I was at work, once I returned home I see PlayStation pulled MyDRIVECLUB from Google play. Nightmare.

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