Apple Store and Website Down Today?

Is the Apple Store down right now, or are you trying to watch a live event and the video stream has problems? Normally, the online retail location for Apple will stop working just before new products release, which come shortly after an Apple event in most circumstances, although on occasion they will run into problems or unplanned maintenance.

In the majority of circumstances, if the Apple Store is down today it’s likely on an event day.

Our readers can leave their status reports for the Apple Store below, or take a look at others with locations where the online store is currently not working in.

You can also access support from Apple via the contact details shared to the right of this page. These sources include social accounts, official product forums, and more. We’d also love to hear about live stream problems in the reports section, especially during an event day when the demand means things might not be working like they should.

Apple Store and Website Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Apple Store and Website is down today, then reports will be found below.

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7 years ago

I am trying to login to my Apple account so I can purchase a product but it keeps saying password in incorrect. Keeps asking me to reset it.

7 years ago

All devices seems to be having trouble when i try to sign in to my itunes etc.

7 years ago

I put in my username and password and it keeps saying its incorrect. I have tried on multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad and desktop and still not letting me in.

7 years ago

Today is Apple iPhone 7 event date, yes September 7, 2016. Wonder if the store will go down for them to highlight the new phone.

7 years ago

When will be able to buy the iPhone 7 on the Apple Store?

7 years ago

My apps are downloading over and over again when they are basically on and endless download look.

7 years ago

I went to the Apple Store to download a new app and it will not recognise my password, this is just a pain in the rear end.

8 years ago

I have tried to download the latest Mac OS which is OS X Yosemite, but for some reason its not happening for me, it says its unavailable.

8 years ago

I would like to save money in one respect, but in the other i would rather Apple did not do any Black Friday deals because it will just slow everything up immensely.

8 years ago

I had my iPhone 6S Space Gray buying page already open on the Apple Store, and i click refresh this morning and now its offline.

8 years ago

The Apple Store is down right now on September 12, and we know this is simply to do with the new 2015 iPhones.

8 years ago
Reply to  Carrey

If the Apple Store is down does this mean they will be adding new products today? Maybe we will be able to see the new Apple TV pre-order form on the Store when it comes back online.

8 years ago

Apple Store is down, this is normal seeing as the Apple Event is going to start in just over 2 hours time.

8 years ago

Even siri doesnt know what the Apple event is about tonight. When asked he said chicken crossed the road.

8 years ago

People are saying there could be a design change with the new iPhone, but i just think it will be a simple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

8 years ago

The Apple event live stream will no doubt go down today because of the over load. Still looking forward to it though.

8 years ago

When is the next Apple event stream happening and what for?

8 years ago

Had issue opening store this morning, but found it was due to no Internet service my end. Virgin Media playing up again.

9 years ago

I want to remove the apple watch app I just got after installing the latest update on my iPhone 6, it won’t let me uninstall, even when I hold down on the icon, there’s no X to uninstall.

9 years ago

How do you delete the Apple watch app that is now installed after I updated to iOS 8,2? I want to remove it.

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