T-Mobile Down Today?

T-Mobile is based in Bonn, Germany and operates in 12 European countries including United Kingdom, USA and Germany and provides millions of its customers with mobile phone and Internet services. But customers who use SMS, mobile Internet and voicemail services can experience problems with the T-Mobile Network.

Most common problems can include no T-Mobile signal, mobile phone software issues as well as trying to access the Internet through data. Both individual and business users feel the strain when their service falters, a total service outage would be a major crisis and if this should happen it can put millions out of action.

If you are having problems with your T-Mobile network please leave your status details below with your issue, location and what device you are using. This will help others grown and understanding of where and what the main problems are.

T-Mobile Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If T-Mobile is down today, then reports will be found below.

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5 years ago

I have 5 full bars of signal and yet cannot even make a phone call, funny but true. I am able to browse the internet and send text messages but nothing else.

5 years ago

The T-Mobile website is up but the bit where your bill is paid isn’t. I am also having issues with it showing me my usage.

Kaye lapsley
5 years ago

Hi my internet has been bad all week and the connection would come and go im in the north east and wondering if anyone can shed any light on this situation.

5 years ago

T mobile in eltham is down no internet at all

jeanne karam
5 years ago

what is going on? I cannot get any service, my calls are being dropped?

6 years ago

I have no service in San Diego. I have a Samsung Galaxy Edge7

Terry Barnes
6 years ago

I can’t access my account details

Dawn Gonzales
6 years ago

No service in Fresno California!

6 years ago
Reply to  Marie

Exactly! I’ve been messaging others to get their problems, so can figure out what is going on with it all, but no responses yet… I’m same as u, no phone line, can’t text etc… Strangely says No network registered! When you try call out, do you get no network registered???
I have mobile internet working tho, how weird…!? Do you have mobile internet with t mobile? Is yours working?

6 years ago
Reply to  Jennifer Olds

Hi, I have been a customer of t mobile for about 10/15 years, it was fine until changed to ee… I was told I have to change from t mobile to ee, I said I don’t have to do anything, I could cancel! At that point he agreed I could be t mobile still! But I no longer get my loyalty discount nor free phone every 12months as used to! Is this not t mobile breaking my original contract? I noticed many people with problems are t mobile – do you think this is possibly a ploy to try force us to be EE maybe…!? As it’s noticeably alot of t mobile customers having problems… Don’t be forced to change to ee! What’s your thoughts on this please? How long did it take to fix your problems, are you t mobile still…?

6 years ago

I have nothing in Houston, no data or 3g/4g service.

6 years ago

I have no service at all in New York City, I have no wifi connection on my iPhone 7.

6 years ago

Data is down with T-Mobile, i tried to get onto the net and nothing.

6 years ago

Terribly slow data right now in Stratford CT.

7 years ago

I have full 4G on my phone yet I cannot text or call anyone. Hows this even possible?

7 years ago

I am in Arizona and have no service at all.

Jennifer Olds
7 years ago

If people don’t know about problems lately with T-Mobile well there is too many to even name!!! I’ve been a customer between me and my fiance and I we have have 20 years devoted to this company that have the shittiest crappiest customer service I’ve seen by far so they don’t care about their customers not one bit!!!

Danielle Dana Henderson
7 years ago

No service zephyrhills florida

7 years ago

No service in Niagara Falls NY 14304 Cannot make or receive calls! Wth is going on?!

7 years ago

My network doesnt work since morning please help!!

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