O2 Problems

With O2 being one of the largest mobile telecommunications providers within the UK, customers every now and again do experience issues and Down Today is your perfect stop for service status updates, from either yourself or others that visit here. We understand that previously users loose signal within their area or calls just suddenly drop and when there’s an outage of some sort, people aren’t able to make or receive and phone calls or texts, leaving them feeling rather frustrated, especially if it’s been down for quite some time.

Networking problems, O2 website going down, mobile phones not working, Internet issues, these are all common areas where customers have been inconvenienced in the past and no doubt will be in the future. Other Down Today readers will be providing their status updates below, if you have any O2 network problems or anything else, feel free to leave your own status report.

O2 Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

If O2 is down today, then reports will be found below.

O2 Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

O2 Reports

My @O2 signal is poor at best. Who do u recommend as a better provider ?

Anyone else experiencing network issues/downloads/streaming etc ALL DAY LONG today with @O2?

@O2 There was though could walk 10min for a signal-having paid for 24hr WiFi it is now resolved!

@O2 Hi , yes it worked and stopped again working , I called your customer care today and they seems to saying there was another sim swap , I have no idea why it happened ? I am without service for the past 2 days , it is a real shame that O2 is not keen on solving customer issues

@O2 are there network issues in W1 at all?

@O2 are SH*T. 3G, 4G, 5G signal everywhere but don’t be fooled, you wont have internet. Sort it out!!! Will never take our company phones back to @O2 after this contract ends.

@CCaroline73 @virginmedia @mhuncho @johnlegend @O2 @Virgin @CCaroline73 Hi Caroline, sorry to hear of the issues you have experienced. Let me tag @virginmedia they will be able to assist. Thanks VH

@o2 your signal in Warrington is AWFUL!

@O2 Yeah all works on iPhone 12 max we all are. I get data signal e everyone else gets 4g

@O2 @CamillaWatkins_ I'm having issues too. I keep getting a message saying something's gone wrong on the website

@O2 my advice to anybody thinking of using o2 is DON’T unless it’s the last one in your area with a signal? Even then just move house it’s easier!

@O2 why can I receive texts but not reply?? I have never missed a bill and have full signal