O2 Problems

With O2 being one of the largest mobile telecommunications providers within the UK, customers every now and again do experience issues and Down Today is your perfect stop for service status updates, from either yourself or others that visit here. We understand that previously users loose signal within their area or calls just suddenly drop and when there’s an outage of some sort, people aren’t able to make or receive and phone calls or texts, leaving them feeling rather frustrated, especially if it’s been down for quite some time.

Networking problems, O2 website going down, mobile phones not working, Internet issues, these are all common areas where customers have been inconvenienced in the past and no doubt will be in the future. Other Down Today readers will be providing their status updates below, if you have any O2 network problems or anything else, feel free to leave your own status report.

O2 Status insight for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

If O2 is down today, then reports will be found below.

O2 Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

O2 Reports

@O2 hi there can you confirm if there is a mast down in west Belfast? I have had a slow mobile and 1 bar signal all morning, thanks #o2 #O2signal

@O2 why has WiFi enabled calling gone on my S9 with android 10? I've used it for 2 years with it, suddenly its gone?! The signal is terrible where I live, that was my only way of making calls on my phone! no way of talking to someone on my O2, no solutions on there. #annoyed

@pete_codes @dean_ellerby @IoTeaLive @O2 I need to sort my signal now I’m back to travelling the m4 every Tuesday evening!!!

@pete_codes @IoTeaLive @O2 Good show again tonight! well, the bits I managed to get signal for haha

@pete_codes @IoTeaLive It was hard work along the m4 signal with @O2 was shocking it keeps dropping in and out!

@O2 It’s literally everywhere. But especially at home. The coverage checker is showing there’s no issues ?

@O2 I can't get a mobile signal today - is the network down? BA51AT

@O2 let me out of my contract please. I get signal no where

@O2 has sent me this - I have had zero bars of signal for over 3weeks and they are blaming the thickness of my walls and the atmosphere 😂 is the engineer coming out to fix my walls. #o2 #noservice #funny #Network bet @VodafoneGroup wouldn’t do this!!! pic.twitter.com/hMELy2eAyw

I’ve never really had fraud issues before but in the last year or so it’s happened twice with @O2. The first time they were great and sorted it out ASAP, this time it’s been just plain awful. Anyone had similar issues?

@O2 Is there any info on why he may be encountering these issues?

@O2 I don’t seem to be getting any signal/phone network.....is there a problem in Edinburgh?