Diablo 3 Problems

With over 3.5 millions copies of Diablo 3 selling in the first 24 hours of being on sale, back in 2012 and over 15 million copies in total across all platforms, you can imagine the outrage some people get when the servers suddenly go down, as there’s nothing worse than being interrupted when gaming, right? Plus, with gamers playing mainly on PS4 and Xbox One, you can imagine that problems that can come with it, due to them being the most popular consoles at the moment. However, by leaving a comment with your current issue, our writers and also the Down Today community will be able to give you a status on the current situation.

Diablo 3 Status insight for Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

If Diablo 3 is down today, then reports will be found below.

Diablo 3 Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Micjam

    Diablo servers was down an hour ago. Will try again later on.

  • zehawk

    Diablo 3 game servers are not available. Please try again later .(Code 34200)

  • killer15

    server will not connect of it will an time out and kick me off. As well as lag or freezing at times as well if able to get on.

  • Blue1026

    Servers down. Day three. Wtf

  • tinman

    keep losing connection, rebooted pc and modem still a problem

  • Lucas Blouin

    D3 down 08/13/2017 11:38 EST, unresponsive. Website also down.

  • Cedric Lambert

    Can’t login in any public game

  • Garth

    Keeps disconnecting and when it tried to reload it keeps saying there is an error.

  • Jack

    I stopped playing Diablo because it would hardly ever connect to the servers so started playing Hearthstone and got the same problem. never realised its the same server lol..

  • Tricia Eberhardt

    I lost most of the level design. I died so my grave came up this was in a gr, when I tried to go to exit screen it just showed my character but no options. It’s been lagging on and off since I started playing at 12pm its now been a full hour of lagging.

  • Ctrl Alt

    When I am trying in network settings set multiplayer mode to “Friends Only” or “Open to Public” message pops up “signing in..” and latter “The Diablo III Server is not available at this time.” But on the right side of the screen I see my friends playing it, only me in “Lan Play” mode…
    Is it just on my side or server are down?

  • Amanda Crum

    Im having the same issue

  • random_d3_dude

    I just tried getting into D3 tonight and it said the server is not available at this time. My PS3 is able to get online, I can message friends, etc.

  • Josh Bundgard

    Yea today i play for about 20 min and then the terminates, keeps on doing this

  • Alexander M NordÃ¥s

    I cant join or create games, i get client error at once i join. “your client has been disconected from the network”

  • Jonah

    Is anyone having issues with the Blood Goblin?

  • Pablo

    I would love to play other players in Party Mode or in Co-Op. How do I do this?

  • Polly

    Is there any new Diablo III update coming soon to bring new features.

  • Diego

    How come you cannot use circle skills when Orek talks for a few seconds when entering a rift or guardian spawns?

  • Charles

    I got disconnected from Diablo 3 this morning, but was soon up and running again.

Diablo 3 Reports

WTF is this every time other players always have ~300ping and can login without any problems. i need 7+ attempts even to reach the title screen -.- @Diablo @jessirocksplays pic.twitter.com/V9EiYdwq9n

Mixed feelings about @Diablo PTR tonight. Necro definitely has potential, DH is disappointing. Seasonal theme is underwhelming but also not sure if it's running as intended? Server lag almost made everything pointless but we got some good laughs at least: clips.twitch.tv/WrongLovelyHer…