TSB Problems

There’s 3 ways of banking now a days, although customers prefer 2 ways and that’s, one, Online Banking and, two, using the TSB app through their smartphone or tablet. However, the third option is the good old fashion way of going to your local branch. So therefore, if you find you’re having issues or something’s not working right with either of the options that we’ve just mentioned, then by giving us the heads up, we’ll be able to help you along, as of in the past there’s been reports of customers problems with the app itself, error codes popping up, or their billings not processing right and aren’t able to pay by direct debits.

TSB Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If TSB is down today, then reports will be found below.

TSB Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Matt

    3rd time in a space of a month that i’m unable to gain access to my mobile banking.

  • Paula

    I’m currently having issue where i’m unable to get onto my banking, which is slightly annoying I’ve tried both on my phone and also laptop and still nothings happening 🙁

  • Peter

    TSB is down for me just like hundreds if not thousands of others. I am now considering changing banks because this cannot go on anymore with the lack of decent online banking service.

  • Ali

    I have tried using my MacBook Air, iPhone X and still not able to login to my TSB account, is the service down for everyone!!!

  • Francis

    Mobile banking is down for me on my iPhone 8. I wanted to buy a lottery ticket online but it will not process, says my debit details are wrong.

  • Chris

    I am left sitting here not being able to access my TSB account online. keeps saying to me I am using the wrong username when I know for fact I am not.

TSB Reports

@TSB your internet banking is not working at all at the minute

@TSB, Good morning, I’m trying to access the mobile banking app but it keeps crashing at the loading screen, all was working fine 2 days ago and now it is not - iOS 14 Public Beta 4

@BBCNews I think @TSB Are lying and covering up problems. I've had a payment of 440 due in my account last Weds and the creditor confirm money has reached tsb. Yet nothing in my account 4 a week. BBC News - TSB customers' anger at online banking issues bbc.co.uk/news/technolog…

@tsb this day and age, not ensuring online account access is available is A terrible level of service. And responding with, well “our app was working” when in fact for some it wasn’t, shows a disgraceful lack of understanding to your account holders! you should be ashamed!

@danielle_drain @TSB Mine says they are "currently experiencing technical issues.please try later" No clues on time scale! 🤡🤡

@tsb Apparently your issues are fixed. As someone who has had no online banking for way over 24 hours (and is yet to get a reason why), I would respectfully disagree. google.com/amp/s/www.mone…

Hey @TSB- Dont these tech experts know how to fix the overseas OTP issues?? Or did you waste your money?🙄🙄TSB opening IT centre to drive #digitalbanking bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotla…

@TSB appalling service - trying to get through to fraud team for over an hour no answer - how am I suppose to get this sorted. Been through 2 departments who will not help. And all my access has been blocked. Is there only one person working in fraud today?

@TSB more problems with your online banking today. I have to input 3 security questions and answers before logging on to make account recovery easier, but you have technical issues (again). No questions can be submitted - no access to my account.🤬

@TSB Im still waiting for a transaction to go into my bank account that should have been cleared last Friday at the latest. Any issues with processing at the moment?

@TSB have you added captchas? Cos they're not working! (i've changed my user ID for the screenshot...) pic.twitter.com/lJLGkh8rNW

@TSB To be very clear. Very very clear. I complained weeks ago. I asked very clearly for the constant issues on my account to be looked at. I stated it wasn’t about compo. I was sick of these issues. It was ignored. Very clearly ignored. Now I’m having the SAME problem. AGAIN ???????