Dragon Ball Xenoverse Problems

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a popular game that can be played on PS4 and Xbox One and is one where fans went crazy for when it was released back a few years ago. However, the only down side sometime to playing this, is when the servers decide to go down with any warning whatsoever, leaving gamers slightly annoyed as there’s nothing worse than being interrupted during a gaming session, right? So by leaving a comment on any issues that you’re witness, our writers and the Down Today community will be able to help you out until everything’s back up and running again.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Status insight for Monday 10th of August 2020

If Dragon Ball Xenoverse is down today, then reports will be found below.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Immanuel Jackson

    I tried to play last night on July 19th and my profile that I use is like level 44 and I’m in the cell saga. However I just got the message that my profile does not allow me acess the online features ie: online battles lobby parallel quests fights or anything.
    I have Xbox live gold for the rest of the year and I’m not knew to the game because my old account was level 98 in the in the elaier stages of the game, but I still don’t know what to do. Any ideas?

  • benjamin springer

    I can’t even login or sync my account for the game anymore it won’t allow it. It keeps giving me an error message then when I try to play offline it won’t even get to that. Smh I hope it fixes soon. I uninstalled & reinstalled the game in hopes of it fixing the problem but it didn’t work same error message stuff popped up on Xbox one. I have Xbox live. Please game devs get back to us.


    They’re down since May 10th. I thought it was just me. But when will it come back?

  • Adam

    I am still receiving an error code when I want to go multi lobby
    It says
    “The DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE service is not W517available. Please try again later.”
    What should I do?

  • Zane

    Servers are down tonight I think

  • Misskay

    Xenoverse 2 keeps kicking me out

  • Hydra “Pickle” Rick

    the servers are down for pc, Xenoverse 2 servers are down on pc.

  • It’s down for PS4

  • Kakorot

    And I had full access to the game

  • Kakorot

    I don’t have xbox live

  • Kakorot

    Which I never had to do

  • Kakorot

    It says connect to xbox live

  • Kakorot

    I can’t even log into the game

  • Mei Key

    Currently cannot log in even though I was able to play online for the entire day.

  • Max

    I am getting the same issue

  • James

    I can’t get pass the title screen it just says “The DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE service is not available. You will not able to use XENOVERSE related features. Please view official site for more information.” Then when I go to the official site, I don’t get jack crap. Can anyone explain?

  • Raees

    Lobby is dead. All npc stalls say, “shops are closed”. Including the “offline battle” stall

  • Chris Theodoropoulos

    Servers are down again,7th time in half a year.

  • nevin

    I don’t know if this is about servers or not but i can’t find a lobby at all today. Like usually it takes me 10-20 mins to find one but today iv’e been searching for all sorts of lobbies for over an hour now and when i create my own lobby and leave it for like 20 mins, no one joins. I even tried joining games from my recent players and it just comes up with this room is not available BS. It’s Saturday and the new DLC has just came out the other day so i don’t know why this is happening.

  • Andrew

    Same for me. It tells me “you can’t access add-ons at this time” and I keep searching the Playstation Store: Ultra Pack 1 is not listed even though it’s officially released today. Very frustrating, though at least I’m not the only one with this issue.

  • Laurent

    cannot access xenoverse server, add ons nor dlc i bought. still version 1.12.00 although i downloaded update

  • Andrew

    That’s because xenoverse 1 is the sever that’s not working that’s not working

  • Andrew

    On PC the server is also still down

  • Robert Tolliver

    Servers are still down for Xbox one #xv2

  • Markie Graham 2

    Why is bandi forcing me to buy tp medals or it will delete my save data

  • Still cant do online things… Summertime saddness.

  • Face shot41

    And won’t let me join battles online

  • Face shot41

    Keep getting communication error

  • AceAyane

    The servers keep booting me out and a lot of the time when i’m invited to battles. This is getting annoying. FIX IT

  • Mario

    Dragon Ball Z ex Universe 2 for the PS4 online server is workin just fine

  • Sri Vatsav


  • StarKiller

    Is it fixable?

  • StarKiller

    Um the things still offline…

  • Craig

    My server status is still offline, not able to play at all.

  • dead pool

    it says the server is unavailable

  • Sri Vatsav


  • Emitty Brooke

    Not working today…

  • Abdirahman Saeed

    I defeated you but Broly then dragon Ball gt was meant to start but I couldn’t find culina to start gt I went to trunk but the question his head

  • Sri Vatsav

    yes its gone!

  • sad man


  • Sri Vatsav


  • Ssgjs

    Hallo, kommt bei dir irgendeine meldung wenn du die online anmeldung versuchst?

  • Adrianna Del Toro

    USA can’t get into servers and suckes even more because there’s a frieza event

  • max

    xbox1 cant join muti lobby

  • Peter Tyebo

    i play xenoverse 1 and cant join in the online lobby why ?
    Ps i come from germany

  • Beau

    Ps4 wont let me join multi lobby Xv2

  • Jarred Gresty

    Wont let me join quests

  • rjay nxtdoor

    server is still down 🙁

  • frajer z wolnosci

    x360 yup its down

  • Kumori

    server cant connect

  • Brad

    Server is still down for xenoverse 1

  • Beautifly_

    Still says down

  • Tashime Owens U from xbox360

    Still say it’s down

  • Megajig

    False alarm. Finished it again and all fixed now

  • Megajig

    Just finished story mode and fell asleep during the credits (which you cant skip) now i cant get online and also i cant create a second character. I want to continue and upload data for xenoverse 2 soon. Please fix.

  • Weez

    Did they shut down the servers because I can’t get online and it gave me a note at the beginning saying I can’t do anything but play off line nd da online is not working try again later nd itz been a week since I got the game .. I’m on xbox 1 can somebody help explain 2me wutz goin on ?


    Been trying to log on since 6 pm the beta and xenoverse 1 is down …FIX IT ! wasted 6000 mbs on nothing .

  • Alabh

    i have been trying to go online for the last two days and it says that either the server is down or its for maintenance. is it for everyone or just some issue with my network ???

  • Gabriel Vincent-Tremblay

    in xenoverse 2 they did fix the time and many other things

  • GBwiz

    Servers seem to be down in England, offline play only :/ or is it just me?

  • Octupused

    I can’t even access the online feature I press play and then it loads for a couple of seconds and then it tells me the server is down been getting this for 2 days now and it’s frustrating …….

  • Jeffrey

    I bought the season pass I can’t go online.

  • Dale

    That means you have to level up you character, not an issue with the servers 🙂 though you’ve probably figured it out by. Ow haha

  • Dale

    Seems to be offline at the moment.

  • Sean Hill

    is Down Today on steam

  • jk


  • jk

    is the server is down today

  • ReaperTheGrim

    Downloaded the season pass bundle beat the saiyan saga now it says I don’t have an update for psn features but says I do v1.00 also its not showing the dlc seriously pissing me off

  • Mortainous

    Can’t play online Lobby matches for Xbox One

  • Acag666

    Hi… here in Brazil on PS3 i cant play on multiplayer mode because i always was disconnect and cant complete the quest…

  • Tyrus Sanford

    It lets me get in multi lobby and do online quests at first, but after a couple i get kicked out and when i try to search for a quest it tells me my profile doesnt have access to multiplayer.

  • Danny Stringer

    It let me online on the Xbox one

  • Danny Stringer

    When can we play the World Tournament

  • Danny Stringer

    My gamer tag is sam852003 still having problems with the dbz servers for Xbox one what are they doing about it

  • T J ToeJam Guy

    Are the servers down today? I can not log in.

  • Jason Lendrose

    Anyone have any luck getting online yet, or are the servers still down?No luck on xbox one…

  • Zech Mercer

    Servers are still down for PS4

  • Gavin Stark

    Gamplay in OFFLINE AND ONLINE are TO FAST!! I would appreciate it. I’m sure there are lots of other people who feel the same way.

  • Danny Stringer

    Still can’t play dbz online

  • Thomas Allen

    Servers are down also cannot connect offline either, Manchester England

  • Christopher Donald Bishop

    Yea, the servers are down here in the US /Xbox One

  • Ryan

    U get more hasle these days from your ps4 than u ever did on the ps3

  • Ryan

    That’s 5 days in a row I haven’t bn able to play it online. Plus I still get kicked on ofline. Never had this problem whilst I was on the ps3

  • Super Saiyan

    Still down. It’s been about a week now. Glad I just bought this game!

  • Samantha Bridge

    Not been able play online for past 3 days. Manchester. england

  • Desman

    Yeah right for like the last 3 days i click online anything and it says no and kicks me to the menu. Sometimes it works

  • David Lujan

    I keep getting kicked out of the multiplayer It connects to the lobby then it oddly shows 0 out of 6 people there and then errors out

  • Super Saiyan

    Servers are down as of now for me in Southern Ontario. Have been getting kicked off for errors and getting maintenence messages for the last 4 days or so.

  • Demetrius Miller

    Everytime I attempt to play multi-player xenoverse and xenoverse only keeps denying me access to multi-player seemingly out of nowhere after I took a week break from the game

  • V!BE

    Every time i try to go into the multi lobby it spawns me in and then fades out and it puts me back at the menu screen.

  • Ezequiel

    I can’t join Online Battles and Parallel Quests but I can join the Multi Lobby? That makes no sense. I think I’m just going to give Xenoverse a long break..

  • Ezequiel

    It’s because it’s random. In order to get Super Vanishing Ball it took me like no joke at least 400 times to play it.

  • Ezequiel

    Mine has been down since yesterday and today. And my NAT type is Open so it can’t my nat type or my internet connection.

  • jenni bran

    I Have tried all day to get on to eBay theve constantly sent me numbers I am extremely unhappy about this as I am a disabled customer

  • Wayne

    I have been grinding on the mission ’17 and 18 of the Offical History’ to gain the Z Soul ‘ Now I’m really going to night’s, but after two days of playing I still have yet to receive it. I actually do believe there is a problem with the rewarding system when it comes to these items because even though I have beaten it in under 3 minutes on Z, I still don’t receive the Z Soul

  • Brian Ehlin

    I just bought this yesterday and servers are still down. Not cool.
    Can’t even play offline patrols or anything.

  • Wil

    Servers down?

  • Ben Self

    Server down?

  • Dale Hayes

    any luck with this?

  • sam

    cant connect at all wtf?!

  • R.I.P

    Man fix the multiplayer lobby before I go super human and kamahamahaaaaa. im just sayen

  • Sam

    Servers are down. Have been for 3 days. What is the issue. I paid for the addons and can’t fully enjoy. 🙁 please fix

  • Fábián Zoltán

    Today and yesterday i’ ve got little bit server problem when i started the game i did one or two mission and after the game was kick me! I don’t know what is the reason butnthis sittuation is terrible! Pls check it as soon as possible 🙂 and i would like to get a answer for my problem!


  • Mario Mendoza

    i have update it to 1.07 and now october 29, 2015 i cannot play single player mode or multiplayer mode it says server down or under going maintenance for my ps3 plus i been having problems with multiplayer mode for 2 months

  • Nightwolf

    Me and my brother tried to play yesterday and the servers are still down for both of us. We did one mission then it kicked us both out. We live in completely different cities and use 2 different internet providers, the servers have not been working right for over a month now.

  • Lin Wall

    Just got the game today can’t do anything on it

  • ReaperTheGrim

    Are they gonna fix multi lobby because it keeps disconnecting me annoying asf

  • chris

    Down for me

  • James

    Servers down for me!!!

  • T J ToeJam Guy

    servers are down in USA ps4

  • Krimjah

    Servers down??

  • Karen

    Is there any way of sending photos of us on Dragon Ball Xenoverse?

  • Hans

    I am unable to connect today, yesterday was on and off but today on 15 July its just offline.

  • Lol

    It seems like servers are down as of June 23rd. I can’t seem to connect. (2:07pm EST)

  • Mike

    What’s going on, I can’t get connected at all today in UK? Just keeps timing out, first time this has happened to me in March.

  • Bob

    Are the DragonBall XenoVerse servers down today, or is it just me? I have restarted my router twice, UK.

  • Lewis

    it’s all a lot better for me, all problems left right after that patch.

  • Nath

    Servers are not working still for me, well at least I keep getting issues.

  • George

    Since I installed the latest update I can’t activate any ultimates and supers mid fight on occasion.

  • mike

    I’m looking for the PC update.

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