Dragon Ball Xenoverse Down Today?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a popular game that can be played on PS4 and Xbox One and is one where fans went crazy for when it was released back a few years ago. However, the only down side sometime to playing this, is when the servers decide to go down with any warning whatsoever, leaving gamers slightly annoyed as there’s nothing worse than being interrupted during a gaming session, right? So by leaving a comment on any issues that you’re witness, our writers and the Down Today community will be able to help you out until everything’s back up and running again.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Dragon Ball Xenoverse is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Jame Stjohn
1 year ago

It not letting me play the game at all and I hope they fix the problem soon because I want to play the games

1 year ago

Looks like it, says to visit the official website

Antonina Napoli
1 year ago

are servers are down?

Alucard Hellsing
1 year ago

Down again

Game Reaper98
1 year ago

I can’t update new 1.31 patch. and it says you must update the game in order to use these features. And playstation says it’s at it’s latest version???

1 year ago

I just want my add on I was about to record a great arc

1 year ago

Can’t join other friends lobby when in single or muti lobby please help me figure out the issue we have done every possible way thanks is advance

Adrian Romo
2 years ago

DBX1 Server is down and I just buy the game to try it out is not fair for new people to play it. Please fix this issue

2 years ago

DBX1 servers down for good?

ancient world
2 years ago

Dragon ball xenoverse 2 server down January 13 2022 3:50 am Eastern us and Canada time when will it be back up?

David Jacobs
2 years ago

Mine does not work I’m getting peed off I really am I’m tired of being in a single lobby it’s so boring you need to do more on the single lobby because I’ve done beat it and make another DLC that’s free you could just do that if it doesn’t work this time and I’m not arguing with you I wonder if anybody sued you because of this I’m getting pissed off now

The Dark Warlord
2 years ago

For me it says this: “Features that use the playstation network or the xenoverse server are currently unavailable. You must update the game in order to use these features.” On another forum, it stated that it is preparing for the new DLC Pack to drop in a few hours. I hope they are right.

2 years ago

I downloaded yesterday and today i went to battle online and it’s saying unavailable

2 years ago

I just downloaded yesterday and today I can’t play online on either game. Does anyone know what’s going on???

Anjoel Hodges
2 years ago

yep online is not working I was doing a parallel quest and the cpu was not attacking me when doing quest they were frozen so game is unplayable for me

2 years ago

Its down for me rn. I can’t even collect last raid rewards because the servers are down so can’t access time-space delivery

Umbral Gamer
2 years ago

So when I was playing offline I rejoined the lobby then to have to keep playing the mission 3 times over again to finally get the credit for beating it damn I hate these servers some times

2 years ago

Offline 🙁

2 years ago

The server all of a sudden went down while I was playing please fix this. It is saying the server is not available.

2 years ago

I just bought the first dragon ball xenoverse and I can’t even play story mode and it keeps telling me that on line battles isn’t on line and can’t even use off line battles need to know what’s going on or how to play

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