Amazon Problems

Amazon problems and any website outage will depend on the service you are using, especially considering Amazon has a number of services on offer. The Amazon online store might suffer from login problems, main complaints received for any outage or services going down normally involve Amazon Instant Video, along with Amazon Web Services (AWS) like cloud computing and Amazon S3.

Amazon Status insight for Monday 8th of March 2021

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Amazon Reports

@AmazonHelp I already clicked there and it was completely useless. My only recourse due to amazon having no customer service department is calling my CC company and doing a charge back. @Amazonmusic was autorip not working for 4 CDs I bought, and the reps refusing to more than watch porn.

@AmazonHelp yes i did and it’s still not working

@AmazonHelp Link that u ptovide is not working

@AmazonHelp It’s same link you’ve been sending me and it’s not working... maybe you should transfer it to the customer service and email me or are you scamming that’s why you ain’t access to

@AmazonHelp uh yea, i know this. but the filter option is not working, which was my point

How does this make any sense? We are all still paying for Prime, the only results of us not steaming is that server traffic will go down, and Amazon will spend less 🤔…

@AmazonHelp Yes, I was having the same error and suddenly the other phone started working with my account but mine is still not working

@AmazonHelp I had purchased 40 Ceiling LED Lights D'Mak vide Order#403-0431017-5956360 dt 04/05/2019 with warranty of 2 years.Half the LED lights under warranty are not working & I am unable to RETURN/REPLACE. Please help to get replacement from the seller before end of warranty.

@AmazonHelp It’s just not working. Getting very frustrated.