Amazon Problems

Amazon problems and any website outage will depend on the service you are using, especially considering Amazon has a number of services on offer. The Amazon online store might suffer from login problems, main complaints received for any outage or services going down normally involve Amazon Instant Video, along with Amazon Web Services (AWS) like cloud computing and Amazon S3.

Amazon Status insight for Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

If Amazon is down today, then reports will be found below.

Amazon Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Mike

    It’s very rare to see any Amazon server issues, although I’ve recently had some slow down, not sure if my router or not.

  • Rosy Wilson

    Problems with Amazon ?

  • Durjanah’

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  • Helpline +(44)808-143-3686

    Contact support staff for problems
    Thank You.

  • Helpline +(44)808-143-3686

    Contact us for issues and login problems
    Thank You.

  • Larry

    I am seeing AWS EC2 problems occur once again.

  • Mike

    Is anyone having issues with AWS Route53, I cannot seem to get it working…

  • Joanne

    Ads is all i ever get now, to see a a product i have to keep scrolling about half way down the page. Why am I seeing all these ads when on Amazon?

  • Keith Harris

    Purchased two CDs this evening (from amazon UK) which has auto rip and they haven’t turned up in my Amazon music yet. Contacted customer services (UK) and they said they are having a few issues which will be sorted out soon. That was 2 hours ago and still they haven’t arrived.

    Went on my Fire Tv too, but it stated that I had no internet connection. Strange how I am using the very same connection to submit this post. Tried my fire stick too, same issue. went to the home page then said there was an issue. Both tv stick and box have wifi connections but no internet connections, very strange.

    Tested my internet connection, everything working fine at 72 Mbps.

    Looks like there is some serious crap going down in the UK on Amazon?!

  • Joe Mitchell

    Two Fire TV and one Fire TV Stick not connecting, Echo still working and internet working as normal with TalkTalk, based in North West

  • Craig Parsons

    having same issue. thought it was me for a moment. I have 2 sticks which say they can not connect

  • Keith Wreggett

    AWS down in UK? No access via Echo or FireStick.

  • Sammy b

    Amazon prime video app has stopped working on my smart tv it will not load but Netflix etc still work- any ideas for a fix please?

  • Dannii

    I was having an issue earlier but for me things are back to normal, must have been a glitch with amazon logins.

  • Kerry

    I cannot seem to fulfil orders because I cannot login to ship them.

  • Leslie

    I am also down in Basingstoke.

  • Jiles

    My Amazon UK login is down in Essex.

  • Deepak

    I am having issues with Amazon in India, technical issues I guess.

  • Minnie

    Is anyone having issues with the Amazon AWS calculator?

  • Pavel

    I am having Amazon AWS routing troubles, one minute it works and then the next minute it doesn’t.

  • Jarek

    Is Amazon being throttled by Verizon by any chance?

  • Mike

    When Xbox Live is down I am unable to access my Amazon video service, is this right?

  • Clare

    I have tried calling the amazon customer service number and all i get is put on hold for a long time. I need to sort out the checkout issue i am having.

  • Peter

    I have Amazon Prime as well as a Samsung Smart TV, but for some reason i am unable to connect to Amazon Instant Video. It keeps coming up with Please verify your device’s internet connection when i know my connection is sound.

  • Brian

    amazon s3 is down i think because i cannot access it.

  • Julie

    is there a amazon s3 outage at the moment as i cannot do anything?

  • Craig

    I am getting the Amazon Web Services 500 error when i try to open the page.

  • Brian

    OpsWorks draw is not responding for me, can anyone help please.

  • Markie

    The must be a AWS outage at the moment as i cannot access nothing.

  • Bruce Wood

    Both my PS3s failing to load Amazon Instant Video. Lots of spinning circle. Sometimes lucky enough to get to the main menu but not any further. Mostly just failing to log in. When I quit, the system resets. Netflix etc running fine. Started last night, and now had enough enough…

  • Christy

    Amazon is very good indeed normally, but today i am having serious issues trying to make a payment. I enter my card details and nothing happens.

  • Lucinda

    Not able to login to Seller Central, are any other Amazon users having the same issue?

  • Ben

    The amazon app isn’t working on my iPhone.

  • lisa

    I can’t get into my prime account very disappointed.

  • Lewis

    Nothing but problems trying to get on the uk site, in London.

  • Nathan

    The USA website is fine, but I can’t access the UK amazon site.

  • Jess

    down in the uk.

  • Kerry

    I get on the uk Amazon website, then it starts going slow again and problems start with pages hanging.

  • Rob

    Amazon UK website is down today, Feb 15.

  • Dan

    The website is down as well as all the apps.

  • Maidstone Mark

    Amazon not streaming on my PlayStation 3 this afternoon – Maidstone Mark

  • Jake

    Got things to buy but I can’t check out, doesn’t bode well with BF coming, hurry up and fix it Amazon.

  • Rich

    I can’t log in to my account.

  • Amy

    I’m trying to watch a movie with Amazon via our PS3, but all we get is a waiting screen. Thanks Amazon, not impressed with your video streaming service on consoles.

Amazon Reports

@AmazonHelp Day who know what and still not contact from @AmazonUK to resolve this issue, is it possible to speak with someone as twitter and chat is clearly not working?

@AmazonHelp Please note my problem & help me with a solution , the customer care service is not working on the app

@AmazonHelp @amazonIN do u read my conversation ... I had two orders .. this is in regards to mouse .. mouse has a scroll and it's not working as intended ... I want ti purchase another one which will work have send a replacement.. it will have the same scroll issue .. read dumb fools

I have bought the syska led from @amazonIN @AmazonHelp one of the tubes is not working and it's under warranty what is the process to get it to exchange?@Syska_LED I tried calling nothing works

@AmazonHelp @amazonIN @AmitAgarwal 403-3131670-4461939 this is my order no. how can i raise my complaint to higher desk or escalation. i want to return it, yesterday i receive this mist sprayer. and it not working at all. i want to replace it or return it . please help it

@AmazonHelp 403-3131670-4461939 this is my order no. how can i raise my complaint to higher desk or escalation. i want to return it, yesterday i receive this mist sprayer. and it not working at all. i want to replace it or return it. please help

@AmazonHelp Not working plz check and then tweet if it works then I am not here to give my problems

@AmazonHelp Still not working. Can you call me?

@AmazonHelp Hey I tried reaching to your support team but couldn't as chat is not working and call wait time is extremely high.

@NUFCRobb @PowerfulArmyGR Lots of people do it, that's how they can take down massive sites and shit. 1 person can take down a small site by themselves but wouldn't get anywhere against a big server so when people wanna take down massive sites like Amazon and that they get 1000s at the same time

@NickyJo63234506 @RealMsParker @iamdjdaway I would personally love to see Amazon's server farms burnt down