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Amazon problems and any website outage will depend on the service you are using, especially considering Amazon has a number of services on offer. The Amazon online store might suffer from login problems, main complaints received for any outage or services going down normally involve Amazon Instant Video, along with Amazon Web Services (AWS) like cloud computing and Amazon S3.

Amazon Status insight for Wednesday 30th of September 2020

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Amazon Reports

@ImAnkit_singh @AmazonHelp @PaytmBank Paytm bank with Amazon upi is not working smooth for the 3 ah I've been trying. It's totally down. The transaction is getting failed look into this @PaytmBank @AmazonHelp dont say that it's working smooth more that 5 of my friends have cross checked

@amazonpay @amazonIN @AmazonHelp From Last Three days Amazon Send Money Option is not Working Txn are getting Declined @NPCI_BHIM

@AmazonHelp @amazonIN @amazon in the link you shared the tab " contact us- Have us call you" is not working. Treat this message as complaint. Nor your twitter DM service is replying me through DM

@AmazonHelp Have subscribed to Eurosport but it’s not working when I access via Prime Video app on my Samsung Smart TV - says video is not available. It works on my laptop though? Thanks!

@AmazonHelp hey Amazon I’ve updated prime now and it’s not working since the update not sure what to do?

@AmazonHelp I have called them yesterday. They arranged a technician and now i have found that the technician is also not coming tomorrow as he is not working with Amazon. I have flight i had to cancel all. again technician isn't coming so again i have to cancel flight

@AmazonHelp when did i said that the link is not working..??? I said that link is redirecting me to the Amazon customer support. But i have already contacted with Amazon voice and chat customer support so many times. But they don’t have any resolution.

@AmazonHelp how can I contact you?? Numbers are not working.

"Luna will run on a standard version of Amazon’s EC2 G4 server instance" it's ec2 instances all the way down…

Some amazon AWS server is temporarily down today.

I've been trying to get DoC together for the sentencing trial tomorrow to make sure at least the prison is staffed in case something goes down, but after today I'm not sure I'll be mentally able to be in server. I'm going to try, but I'll have to see.

@ChocolateFNBR @Chikagow3 @wangraal @YourFellowArab Yeah their is an Amazon server it came out this year that's why we kept spamming fortnite to give us servers cause they have no excuses to not give us servers cause we do have the player base were just super look down upon tbh I don't care if prize pool is low, 3 years grinding