PlayStation Network Problems

PlayStation Network is the well known online gaming service that connects owners of the PS3, PS4, and soon the upcoming PS5 Sony game consoles. The service is enhanced further with a subscription to the PS Plus package that delivers a number of benefits. PSN problems could be due to scheduled maintenance or other error codes, login and connection issues, match-matching multiplayer issues and more.

PlayStation Network Status insight for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

If PlayStation Network is down today, then reports will be found below.

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PlayStation Network Reports

@AskPlayStation @M79507826 I am trying too update brawhalla on the ps5 but every time I try and update it gives me an error message and I have restarted the playstation and my router and it’s the same thing

@YoungOGx3 @AskPlayStation @MLBTheShow SDS knows, but haven't acknowledged what error CE-107098-5 is and when they will address it. Your right, they don't care.

@AskPlayStation i get this error code when i try to redeem a 12 month card then when i get on a pc it says inactive idk how to fix it

@AskPlayStation I am trying to add funds and I keep getting an error. I have tried multiple cards. How on earth can I give you money?

@AskPlayStation hi my PlayStation 5 won’t let me update and I’m getting error NW-102251-1 and I can not find any info how to resolve this issue!

@AskPlayStation @X_jeebs_X We are receiving this error code when we try and save downloaded rosters, ce-107098-5. This is impacting the games usability, please let us know that this issue has been identified or offer a refund.

@AskPlayStation my game doesn’t download. i inserted my need for speed disc in my ps5 and it starts to download it comes down to like 18 seconds left and it just pauses and says can’t install and error code is ce-10006-5 not the first time this happens with ps4 discs ☹️

@AskPlayStation I’m on the PS5 and apparently myself and many others are experiencing the same issue. When trying to DL and save roster files from the vault we get the error code (CE-107098-5)

@AskPlayStation why don’t you message us back who keep getting this error code on MLB the show? Not a word from any of you!!!

@AskPlayStation I am not able to update my fifa 21 version 1.000.011 due to an error on PS5 ( ce-106487-6 ). it was working perfectly but since I update it, it is giving this error and I'm not able to play the game anymore. I rebuilded the data and deleted the game but still.

@AskPlayStation I cannot download Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, everytime I attempt to download it, I get the following error message: "We're sorry, this product cannot be pruchased at this time." Error code is WS-43691-3.