PlayStation Network Down Today?

PlayStation Network is the well known online gaming service that connects owners of the PS3, PS4, and soon the upcoming PS5 Sony game consoles. The service is enhanced further with a subscription to the PS Plus package that delivers a number of benefits. PSN problems could be due to scheduled maintenance or other error codes, login and connection issues, match-matching multiplayer issues and more.

PlayStation Network Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If PlayStation Network is down today, then reports will be found below.

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chris henshall
1 year ago

Playstation just don’t care, psn been offline since September I want answers

NOW Strike
2 years ago

If I want to subscribe to PS NOW, the error message e2-81760020 comes .
Anything isss wrong and thats it cant pay PS NOW.

Michael Jack
2 years ago

I understand how you feel, i have been in same situation before, but #DIONYSIUS_HELIOS on Instagram rectified the issues for me he’s a professional
He helped me solved all my problem. He is fast and reliable

2 years ago

Store not allowing any payments to be taken. Have already contacted the bank

Ré Mi
2 years ago

Erreur NP-103085-7

lurizan fian
2 years ago

got this error


cannot upload latest savegame to ps+ server but my account can log in just fine

2 years ago

Error 8002A537

2 years ago

PSN ? Error 8002A537

Kevin Caruso
2 years ago

I’m also getting this error code and cannot log into my acct for online play. This is unacceptable!! I’m located in D-town USA aka The Motor City. Where you at PlayStation tech support?!?!

3 years ago

Still the NP-36206-7 problem. Anyone knows a fix to this?

Zack Rowell
3 years ago

Cannot go online because i kept getting a error CE-33729-4

Rodolfo Costa
3 years ago

yakuza like a dragon gave error CE-107883-7 when I tried to play it on ps5, my PS4 library is working but this one gives an error and does not enter, how can I solve it? It’s the Hero edition

3 years ago

Cannot Add credit card to playstation store, Trying to buy psnow unable to do so

3 years ago

Can’t sign in saying it’s under maintenance

3 years ago

I’m getting an error code every time I try to buy a game, all my card info checks out, I even tried my gf card and here’s didnt work either, I even tried to add funda to the wallet instead and that didnt work

3 years ago

Trying to get onto my PSN and it seems to be down. Telling me my PlayStation subscription need renewing although it doesn’t until the end of the year.

3 years ago

I am really struggling to get on tonight, tried with gran turismo and nothing, can’t connect to any lobby whatsoever!

3 years ago

Loads of issues last night, was PSN down for you? I’m in the UK.

I Am St Peter
4 years ago

Psn down right now been down since last night

Joey D
4 years ago

Ive just put in GTA for the first time in months and it’s saying it going to take hours in updating however i have fast internet connection. Is this PSN playing around yet again?

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