PlayStation Network Problems

PlayStation Network is the well known online gaming service that connects owners of the PS3, PS4, and soon the upcoming PS5 Sony game consoles. The service is enhanced further with a subscription to the PS Plus package that delivers a number of benefits. PSN problems could be due to scheduled maintenance or other error codes, login and connection issues, match-matching multiplayer issues and more.

PlayStation Network Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If PlayStation Network is down today, then reports will be found below.

PlayStation Network Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • GamerGirl

    Trying to get onto my PSN and it seems to be down. Telling me my PlayStation subscription need renewing although it doesn’t until the end of the year.

  • Dave

    I am really struggling to get on tonight, tried with gran turismo and nothing, can’t connect to any lobby whatsoever!

  • Dan

    Loads of issues last night, was PSN down for you? I’m in the UK.

  • I Am St Peter

    Psn down right now been down since last night

  • Joey D

    Ive just put in GTA for the first time in months and it’s saying it going to take hours in updating however i have fast internet connection. Is this PSN playing around yet again?

  • John buckley

    It’s a joke psn you need to pull your fingers out last thing I want after been out for 13hr

  • Greggie

    Servers are completely down worldwide, NO ONE is able to login to their accounts or play online, nothing to do with maintenance update.

  • Peter

    I cannot log in either and it looks like they are trying to fix the issue. I do not think it has anything to do with maintenance.

  • Larry

    MASSIVE PSN outage right now, cannot get online at all. Its online gaming that is down.

  • Kriss

    Just put on Black Ops 4 to play zombies but cannot because there is an update version 1.17 installing right now, but come on 4 hours to complete is just stupid.

  • Carl

    See, if Call of Duty Black Ops 4 had campaign mode we would not have to sit here for ages when there is a PSN update.

  • C4

    Its like my psn has logged me out of all my apps cant play online or anything

  • skallz1

    cant sign in to PSN,cant play games online.

  • Mikey

    I cannot login to play GTA5 Online, is there maintenance underway or something? Yesterday I was installing the latest update on my PS4 and it took 3 hours.

  • Paul1642

    It said ps store is undergoing maintenance

  • Paul1642

    Does anyone know when ps store will be up and running again

  • Libby

    is anyone having PSN error 8002a537 errors at the moment? Miy network is down and i am getting this error code….

  • Steffan Jones

    It just says ps4 network under maintenance on my screen I tried waiting a couple of days but it still doesn’t work

  • Tim Magnone

    Having trouble connecting to WiFi and other system info. It’s like my psn has blocked out me from accessing any data. I get error code NW 31456 9 as I try to connect to WiFi. Frustrating I want to play nhl 18 but it get stuck on connecting screeen. This has to be a psn issue

  • Sophie Edon

    It’s down

  • Saha Ledokhovsky

    What is the support reaction? Did anybody call?

  • Nick Holden

    Still can join partys and i am allways appearing offline

  • Nick Holden

    Sort it out psn call them 2 times in the larst week

  • Theguy

    I cant even log on Even if i retry i tried everything it was all fine until i got a new router! anybody know what the problem is?

  • Angie Gent

    Cant access ps plus to get the monthly free games! Brighton

  • gemma beechem

    No it isn’t

  • gemma beechem

    It’s the way it go’s get over it

  • gemma beechem

    No still down

  • gemma beechem

    Mine has been down all day don’t lission to them they are liers

  • Anonymous

    Piss take pay 40 pound a year to play PS4 not to wait all day bored out my mind get this fixed now

  • Ash

    Is it down i cant sign in (UK)

  • Inuyan

    In UK too, PSN keeps saying it’s undergoing maintenance since 1pm when I switched on my PS4. It’s now 4:15pm Please let this be fixed soon. -_-

  • shane woodberry

    i just downloaded a free game off psn it downloaded fine, but its locked.

  • Tiny

    PSN down for maintenance? Although when check status says up and running for area. UK

  • muckerz 504

    Psn down again wat a joke

  • James

    When is this being fixed !!!!!!!!

  • James

    Ye same

  • Sarah Lombardo

    Y is my psn down!?

  • Brianw

    Got a red x next to me user name still down U.K

  • Feniks_85

    psn down in Ireland…. anyone else ?

  • Playstation gamer 19272

    Is any one else haveing the problem saying ur banned i am and i perfect yesterday smh i think there a shamed because phone services are down

  • Chelsiejp

    Cant log in, cant get online. 🙁 not too impressed. Uk

  • Carl

    I am in Las Vegas and I have no PSN right now, still down even though some are not. The maintenance is finished right!!!!

  • Aria

    My PSN is still down even though people are saying they are back online…

  • Πρωτο Παιδί

    Athens, Greece. Psn down also…

  • jesz

    got no psn it wont sign in

  • Katy

    can’t sign into PSN due to error nw-31456-9

  • Nate

    Unable to log into the PSN network at the moment.

  • Boombyebye

    Psn down West midlands

  • luke

    whys the psn not morking

  • Jinny

    I got no PSN service, I have logged in and still not letting me play any Battle Net games online.

  • Jonathan

    I cannot get onto my Hearthstone game, are the Hearthstone servers down or is it Battle Net?

  • Duamon

    I’m playing my PS3 and I have Psn connection error 80710016. What that mean?

  • Goerge

    I was going to switch back to my Xbox and now just learned Live is down as well what the hell is going on?

  • Aiden

    PSN is down and my friend just told me that Xbox Live is also offline.

  • Jenny

    PlayStation was under maintenance earlier on today and have no idea why they needed to do it, was there a reason?

  • Clive

    Is anyone seeing the PS4 error 82000168? I have no idea what this means, do you?

  • john g

    Must be all of Manc same here

  • john g

    was on signed out yet again,same nearly every night for 3 weeks

  • jahmaine thomas

    This is a joke i pay money for these kinder services

  • jahmaine thomas

    When will it be fix

  • ZiiAndretti

    Seems to be working now.

  • Gene

    Down in the Manchester area all morning

  • Dean

    I can not log in United kingdom

  • Pablo Cavalieri


  • Jeffry

    Psn can login malaysia

  • Jeffry

    I can not login psn from makaysia

  • Marc Mooney

    it’not letting me sign in on ps4 so I tried on my PC, no luck so itried to change my password and it says my email is not valid. U.K.

  • Phil Glascoe

    Just seems to be slow the last couple of days loading stuff up like notifications and the recent activities

  • Kale De Von Barton

    Down in Idaho USA

  • Kevin Lindsay

    its not letting me join parties and when it does I’m only in it for 10 secs and its happening for my friends

  • Liam

    Down in runcorn don’t play good money for it not to work sort it out PSN

  • steve123

    Its down in the uk down in the uk still

  • Marcus

    From Hamilton Ontario Canada been trying to play Destiny for 4days and it hasn’t worked always said something is wrong with PlayStation Network

  • Kali


  • Mike

    Psn down? UK? I am getting undergoing maintenance message.

  • Aldo Wetsch

    According to PSN official page everything in uk down with message engineers working to fix it.

  • Dayna

    Not working in london either

  • Richard King

    Not working in nottingham area

  • AliWD

    Hopefully it won’t take long till the servers are back up ( maximum 2 more days).

  • AliWD

    Down here in Iraq too. I just bought a ps4 slim yesterday and the PSN didn’t work for me on either days. Hope that they’ll fix it soon.

  • Stop hacking the psn servers

    Back up in uk

  • sasa

    down in belgium

  • Kevin

    PSN is down again, its been on and off all day but now totally offline in London, UK

  • MF27

    Still down to this moment how do you fix it anyone?

  • Toby Reynolds

    down in the uk

  • Sebastian

    Why was my comment deleted?? Bad PR for Sony? Figures! Censorship

  • Skylord

    I can’t play anything online!

  • xOMGxIts_Saadxx

    “PSN undergoing maintainence”

    Getting this message while trying to connect ps4 to psn.Region is USA.

  • shahinoor Ali

    I cant sign in wow

  • Bruce

    What is this error ce-33992-6 i am getting when i am running a test on settings.

  • Peter

    I am not able to sign into my PSN application on my iPhone.

  • Billy

    PSN is down for me today, I keep getting disconnected and have no idea why.

  • Kevin

    the same thing happenned tto me and i nad just gotton the ps4
    this was before new years
    i was signed in then i got signed out and i had to change my password but i can use the email i had because microsoft prevented emails from coming in and out of the email.

PlayStation Network Reports

@AskPlayStation The issue has returned. The step by step guide does not address this error or situation. Issue is the connection between Sony and the ISP.

Yo @FallGuysGame @AskPlayStation when I open the application on PS4 it starts for like 10 seconds and then gives me "an error has occured in the following application" Any way to fix this. I just want to yeet beans off dammit :(

@AskPlayStation yes, i want to order something with express shipping for Free so its asking me to sign in, when I do, I get that error, been like this for two days

@AskPlayStation how do I resolve error code WS-37400-4? PlayStation support says that it's a problem with my ISP, my ISP says it's a problem with PlayStation...

@AskPlayStation It simply says “The USB storage device is not connected” with no error code, even though the storage device is clearly plugged in.😔

@AskPlayStation Thanks for replying! If it is easier you can send me a DM. No problem. Here are the error codes: CE-36329-3 CE-34878-0 (multiple) CE-36329-3 (multiple times LIKE A LOT 20 maybe more) NP-37602-8 (multiple) WS-37505-0 CE-36279-7 CE-33217-6 E-8200013A CE-40851-8

@AskPlayStation CE-34874-6, and all it says is that an error has occurred

@SoeSoh @MMDiarra @DukPredator We haven’t had psn down for a while last time I remember and I game almost everyday on my PS.

@AskPlayStation No there is no error code or message. It only kicks me out of games on 2k20 Park. I’ve joined multiple parties and spoken through the mic and it will say it’s registering my voice but my friends can’t hear me for about 10 seconds then it starts working. It keeps happening though.

@AskPlayStation hi. My ps4 pro has been leggy and freezing and crashing. I send the error reports hoping it helps but I need help. I've read it could need a new hdd. Is this true? My 1st ps4 was a champ. The pro hasn't really lived up to the name yet. Any help for me? Thanks

@AskPlayStation I've now sent a peripheral to you twice for repair/replacement, and it has been returned twice in error. Tried customer support, but they were of no help. Would love to know why I can't get assistance with this replacement product...