Tinder Problems

The Tinder app reinvented dating on Android and iOS, which popularity is huge and it isn’t always running perfect, something there might be login issues, the Tinder app could be down today or have connecting problems. When it’s not working, there will be thousands wondering if it’s just them or everyone.

Tinder Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If Tinder is down today, then reports will be found below.

Tinder Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    Tinder messages not always coming through, not sure if not.

  • Joanne Cruse

    Same ! Really frustrating … I can’t log back in at all keeps saying it’s not you it’s us so I’ve just deleted it altogether now it drove me round the bend!

  • sweetme

    discovery issues, age/distance settings not saved, messages cannot be sent errors

  • Satish Yadav

    Tinder logged me out and I cannot log back in using my phone and don’t have a Facebook account.

  • Satish Yadav

    I cannot log back in using my phone.

  • Jenny

    My app will only work when my data is one it won’t work with my wifi at all, can anyone tell me why?

  • Tia

    I have tried to sign on constantly. All day.. Dead frustrating..

  • Nove

    No issue on log in and I still can swipe but I didn’t get any messages at all today and I think my messages didn’t reach those I’ve sent

  • Lisa

    I have tried all day trying to log in with facebook and mobile number and all it keeps saying log in failed try again

  • Christian

    Tinder logged me out and I cannot log back in using my phone and don’t have a Facebook account. Anyone else the same?

  • Lena

    My tinder is not working today

  • Sue Richardson

    My tinder not working wont let me get on there

  • Tara Olivia Mallon

    Tinder isn’t working. It’s stuck on the location bit.

  • Unable to login today!

  • Marie McGloin

    My Tinder has been down since 1pm today

  • Josie Rox

    I have this problem rn. Did it fix?

  • Nathan Dowman

    Not working this morning on Tinder. Saying no internet connection when there is. Can’t login with phone number or Facebook details.

  • Hayley Nicolson

    I’ve actually deleted my account so it doesn’t matter now. Hope yours is rectified soon.

  • Bull Dwang

    I am having the same problem. Hayley, have you been able to access your account?

  • Bull Dwang

    whats the problem with Tinder???? It will not let me log in? I give ALL my details, email address, facebook password, phone number. It verifies my phone number but still will not log me in. Whats going on?

  • Hayley Nicolson

    My tinder is saying no internet connection when there is & wont let me log in??

  • Felicita

    I cant login my tinder

  • Carly Smith

    Failing to log in?

  • Veronica

    Cannot login for two days.

  • Jed

    Not able to login, been a member for like 8 months and this is the first issue i have has with the dating service.

  • Steve

    I have been with Tinder for over a year now and still haven’t had any matches lol. Now either I am am ugly or there is a glitch.

  • ParticleSon .

    Same with me. It used to work all the time and I think they tinkered with something

  • Nayo Cordy

    Tinder is not working for me. It keeps saying ‘finding people near you’ but just spins and spins finding no one.

  • Seb

    It’s down today. It won’t load any people. I can’t see anyone

  • Emily Davis

    When I’m on the main page (for ‘swiping’) it won’t load the profiles of guys who have ‘superliked’ me, so I swipe right anyway but they do show up on my ‘matched’ section.. they just disappear – weird

  • Arshad Syed Ahmad

    Im facing the same issue.
    Is ur problem resolved.?

  • Kalpesh Solanki

    Tinder login problem
    How to solve it

  • Anonymous

    Keeps trying to find people but won’t load…..
    please hurry and fix this

  • Marmite

    Can’t log in today

  • Steph

    Can’t log in lost all my msgs

  • Jobo

    Can’t log in, haven’t been able to for at least a week

  • Zo

    Buffing but can’t log in 🙁

  • Josh Powell

    It’s down today. It won’t load any people. I can’t see anyone

  • John

    Can’t log in

  • Meg

    Yep still down

  • Travis

    I’m the same as Eren here. Very disappointed.

  • Eren Jaeger

    Ever since the 1st I can’t login with Facebook. I tap the login button, a buffer symbol comes up then disappears and stuck at square one.

  • Raoul Stevens

    me neither its really annoying, I want to change the distance

  • Prince Harry

    It has been working on and off for me up until last night, randomly I cant click on conversations or it will log me out.

  • Justin Chard

    I can’t get on either, although you’ve caught my attention. What’s your favourite movie?

  • Ashley

    I can swipe, and get matches, but I cannot see who I matched with or get messages. Hopefully by tomorrow it’ll be fixed

  • Johnathon Peacock

    Why can’t all women be like you 🙁

  • Billy Roc Debaste

    Oh wow, thought it was just me.
    Managed to log in after reinstalling, but my matches wont go past the spinning load circle.

  • Murielle Stentzel

    It has been down all yesterday today I can log but it got stuck loading my b
    Matches that have all disappeared so I can’t access anyway

  • S

    The same here. I cant login and i reinstalled it but it is not working.

  • Brenna Doran

    It’s called holiday, m8

  • John

    Drunk on a monday night no bad for some , j.mckee28

  • Brenna Doran

    Thank you based god

  • Brenna Doran

    What’s your snap? Stop being a needy сunt mate. I’m trying to get drunk

  • Brenna Doran


  • John

    Hey brenna am bored where you go was hopein a was in luck for a wee bit a swapin lol

  • Kaston III

    snapchat nerdykronic

  • Angie

    I can’t login I deleted it and reinstalled it.. Not working still what’s up with it I’m newcomer

  • John

    Think you should give me that email

  • Teri-Ann Fisher

    i’ve not been able to login for the past four hours or so

  • Tre

    Baby girl I can take you body to the outerlimits

  • Brenna Doran

    This is all Hillary Clinton’s fault

  • Brenna Doran

    Take my body

  • John

    Think you should send me yours lol

  • John

    Whats yer snapchat name

  • Carl Angus

    send me nudes lol

  • Tre

    I believe love will find a way….

  • Brenna Doran

    Lucky me – send me your email mate

  • Raito

    Such a simple dream cruelly taken away

  • John

    Haha that’s not good so emailing is the way to go brenna , i will be happy to sawp lol

  • Brenna Doran

    Pressing buttons is quite challenging – I get it.

    I guess emailing is better than accidentally posting on my snapchat story like I did an hour ago and rushed like hell to delete

  • John

    Bloody hell that took its time lol got it in the end lol

  • John

    I cant even get my profile pic on here lol

  • John

    I’m sure your very nice really , if your having problems sending those pics i will send you my email lol

  • Brenna Doran

    That sounds very unlike me

  • Claire

    Unable to log in for last 3 hours.

  • John

    Your a cheeky wee lady brenna lol

  • AdamSnake

    Same here…

  • Kyle Cleary

    Mine kicked me out and wont get past the Facebook login.

  • Stace Washington

    I’m available in the mean time… I can reciprocate too 😉 let’s eliminate the middle man

  • Chal

    Won’t load the page.. doing my head in because was working half an hour ago

  • Brenna Doran

    Real men can suck their own wank

  • Brenna Doran

    That sounds absolutely lovely but we can’t swipe our way to each others genitals. THANKS TINDER

  • Murielle Stentzel

    Same all day

  • H-Town clown

    How am I supposed to get this pole smoked if Tinder can’t get their act together? This stick ain’t gone suck itself

  • Kerr Scott

    I volunteer as tribute

  • Tre

    I mean…you can always just send me nudes.

  • Sunil Beniwal

    From last 3 hrs I am unable to log in Tinder.

  • Evan

    Got tinder 2 days ago last night i was getting matches and lots of people were liking me and when i liked them back, nothing was showing up in the messenger. now i cant even login

  • Honeyade

    Not connecting to server

  • Juliet Lewis

    Yes me haha

  • declan

    down for me as well. Not getting beyond Facebook login prompt..

  • renizzo

    me neither.

  • renizzo

    I was using Tinder about an hour ago – but now I can’t log on either.

  • Juliet Lewis

    Won’t let me log in at all

  • Elijah

    For some reason my tinder is down.. There has to be matanace going on or something…

  • Charlie

    Offline for me, app is not working at all. Is there maintenance going on?

  • Simon

    Tinder is down for me right now, is anyone else having issues.

  • Jake

    Tried clearing cache, data and reinstalling, no charge since it started last night

  • Jake

    Keeps saying data connection unavailable despite strong 4g signal, all other apps are working

  • Dan

    Facebook login not working… Same error message

  • Deane

    I’ve been trying to rejoin. I’ve downloade the app, I have the Facebook app. But everything I try to login with Facebook it does nothing. This has been going on for days. So frustrating. Please fix!

  • C

    Simply refuses to load!

  • Dibbdroid

    Lost matches in the middle of a conversation

  • faye

    Not letting me on??

  • Am

    not working today

  • Carl Wingate

    cant log in been like this for days now

  • Gillian

    wont let me login through facebook-frustrating

  • Janella

    It says server error for 3 days now

  • Glenn

    Is Tinder down right now? I am not able to login at all.

  • Alex

    I tried to login to Tinder and all I got was login failed error. This is seriously doing my head in now.

  • Sir Farty Fartsalot

    Never. Tinder software people are lazy morons.

  • Corinne Keenan

    Problem logging into tinder -.-

  • Shelley

    Error connecting to Tinder server! What’s going on and when will it be fixed. Grrrrr

  • Sunday

    Not working with facebook and not sending SMS confirmation or text

  • Monica

    Facebook logging not working

  • Sir Farty Fartsalot

    Tinder has always had its issues with software bugs but ever since the Tinder Social fiasco was introduced, it’s been overwhelmingly buggy.

  • Journal Singh

    Fb login not working

  • Mel

    FB login not working

  • Andy

    Can’t view settings, to delte my account. The settings icon does not appear!

  • Michelle

    This happened to me this morning with someone I liked. Not impressed. The match sent message and when I sent to login the match and all their messages have disappeared.

  • Casey

    Facebook log in not working

  • Toni

    I have just logged in to my Tinder and nothing is showing for me, gone blank.

  • Tee

    I log into my Tinder account and it is coming up with no matches, not even able to send any messages.

  • steve

    Facebook login not working again

  • Ellayy

    Log in not working. I’ve tried everything. Please fix

  • Cally Garfield

    Was swiping fine this morning and then i stopped working and now facebook login fails every time i try. have reinstalled the app and also updated software on phone and still nothing.

  • Jaime

    Facebook Login not working!

  • Kirsty Hill

    Can’t login. Have uninsulated, reinstalled and still same. Guessing server down as everything else is fine. I’m in UK

  • Sara Davis

    Tinder was working just fine, then all of a sudden it wanted me to login. And it won’t let me, I haven’t done anything to my phone setting or Facebook setting.

  • Lola

    Did you find any solution ?

  • Kouassi Le Roi

    I only see match and message notifications, I don’t get to actually see them on the app it has happen for every single notification I’ve had can someone help. I’ve already tried login in and login out, also uninstalling and installing it back.

  • Kouassi Le Roi

    I only see match and message notifications, I don’t get to actually see them on the app it has happen for every single notification I’ve had can someone help. I’ve already tried login in and login out, also uninstalling and installing it back

  • Debbie Friend

    This bloody app is useless in the middle of messaging then says server issues this happens every couple of day!

  • Dieezah

    I was typing a message on Tinder when my battery died. I plugged the phone in and turned it on again, open tinder to actually read the latest message which arrived while I was typing (same person I was messaging) but when i tap to open it everything vanishes. Other messages from other users still open. Just the one I was on when my battery died seems to shut down the app. I restarted the phone, no luck….

  • Jeany

    I am trying to rejoin tinder but having trouble. Is anyone else having problems

  • Berry

    I wished I never updated my iOS software, since doing so i have had nothing but issues with apps. Now I cannot even read Tinder messages.

  • Karl

    I seem to have lost connection to Tinder in London.

  • Djbot

    Looks like the server is down. I have internet connection yet error message says, no internet connection. I have uninstalled, installed, clean cached, clear data, restarted my phone. Still the same thing

Tinder Reports

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@Tinder @ARIADNALIVE Hello I also have a problem with my paid account not working

@Tinder hello I tried to contact tinder more then 2 days ago because My paid subscription is not working still no reply can someone help nothing is working since day 1

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