Tinder Problems

The Tinder app reinvented dating on Android and iOS, which popularity is huge and it isn’t always running perfect, something there might be login issues, the Tinder app could be down today or have connecting problems. When it’s not working, there will be thousands wondering if it’s just them or everyone.

Tinder Status insight for Wednesday 30th of September 2020

If Tinder is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Tinder Reports

@Tinder @CorrelationOne you know whats not hot? tinder not working and not giving me any matches or letting me delete my account. Help please?

Everytime #tinder is offline/not working its taking away my chances of finding love yhazz.. I hope they know that ☺️ @Tinder

@Tinder none of my likes/ super likes are processing. Says i have 5 super then I use and they're still there not working. Help :/

@Tinder Any chance of you guys looking at my account? Haven't had a reply after submitting a help request and my account not working sucks after paying for Gold

@Tinder Guys the global option is not working as it keeps buffering fix this bug asap

Anybody’s eles tinder not working please fix my account :c @Tinder

Hey @Tinder why you are not working properly. is your server down .I'm not getting any match since a week now 🤔 I'm utilising all my like/swaps on daily basis

@Tinder @TinderSupport why is my gold not working i tried emailing 5x not one reply!!!! Help asap!!