Xbox Live Problems

Considering the amount of Xbox Live users, when problems occur or the servers go down you can count on millions of people wondering what’s going on? The online multiplayer gaming platform and media streaming service is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and upcoming Series X, as well as other Windows based systems.

Problems with Xbox Live can range from the whole matchmaking system going down to limited service with select apps, login issues and more.

Xbox Live Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Xbox Live is down today, then reports will be found below.

Xbox Live Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Jess

    Anyone else having issues connecting with GTA V online today on Xbox One?

  • Dan

    Lots of people connecting Xbox Support about connecting issues today on Xbox One.

  • Jamie

    Xbox Live seems to be having problems because I cannot sign in to my online account. I called my friend and he said he is now online, strange how I am not and we live like 3 roads from each other.

  • Adam

    Just went down for me lost all of my games not exactly happy with Microsoft at the minute Looks like I’ve lost £200 plus games

  • Colin

    When testing xbox live it comes up the stores isnt working.thats been 24 hours games lagging .am in fife scotland

  • Doug Luster

    World of Tanks Server is not available. please try again later (E:00L04)

  • Melissa Mchugh

    Can’t sign in to any of the Xbox live account on my childs Xbox 360 this is ridiculous been days now this should have been sorted

  • Anon

    Once again xbox is Down…. getting fed up now time for a change of console ps4 here I come…….

  • Brett Sibley

    Cant sign in wants me to confirm my email and password and when i do it just says cant connect and back to sign in page

  • Tossers

    Iv`e Had Enough,The love affair is over “goodbye ” to Xbox one S,Get lost with live & goodbye to Sleazy Windows 10 (Tossers Run the INTERNET now) ( its all just a sloppy American mess you pay for) youtube.

  • Autum

    Xbox live gold just ran out so we bought another and it keeps saying there is an issue. Any info on when it will be fixed? Been waiting since yesterday afternoon.

  • Lawlawuk

    Xbox one not working on live internet connection all fine my end is there a problem with Xbox live?

  • Ronnie Nicholls

    This is happening to me as well but like my internet is connected to everything and working fine and it’s say my Xbox is connected and it lets me talk In party’s but won’t let me play only to any game except GTA wtf my gamer tag is SnubPizza2000

  • Michelle

    Connected to wifi but cannot playing games or watch sky..YouTube etc!!

  • Benjamin Dixon

    Can’t even load my profile. GT is De4th5Hand. Will just take me back to the sign in page.

  • Rob Weeks


  • Shaun king

    I can’t connect to Xbox live and my internet is working.This has happened twice to me in one day

  • Jim stubbs

    My internet is working but Xbox one s cannot find it. This happened
    Not so long ago. Very frustrating
    Come on Microsoft and sort it out.
    I am paying for Xbox live service cannot use at the moment

    As of 23062017. Not a happy customer

  • Lee Cooper

    Cannot message anyone

  • OurPinead

    Can’t renew my live saying problem their end try again later better sort it out soon

  • Daniel Gilbert

    When will it be back to normal

  • Daniel Gilbert

    Won’t let me put my xbox live gold on keeps saying try again later

  • Mell French

    Cannot renew my live subscription or watch Netflix. What’s going on

  • Neville Ellis

    i live in hull and this is the first night i have been without it

  • Neville Ellis

    will we get any money money back

  • Michael Lamar Wiggin

    Unable to use any apps on xbox1 xbox live. Any word on when it might be fixed?

  • Clive

    Xbox Live maintenance is underway that is why the servers are down. This will affect gameplay including back compat. This is the official XB 360 And XB1 Backward Compatibility Service Maintenance.

  • Malc

    This is just a major mess up, how can a company such as Microsoft screw up so bad. Outlook and Xbox Live servers being smashed leaving it down.

  • Clive

    I cannot log into my Outlook email or play online games. I can only play offline.

  • Garry

    Xbox Live is down and out, whats going on because Outlook is down as well. This is some serious MSN issue.

  • Noddypool

    Over the last few months due to my Xbox 360 crashing, I have upgraded to Xbox one but, this crashes, usually during FIFA Ultimate team, I have lost count of the number of games I have been winning only for the system to crash. To add insult to injury when I log back on I get a DNF, very frustrating. In addition I have a new telephone wire, new Ethernet cable and new router, the problem still persists. In addition games are not cheap and yearly subscription to Xbox live is another on cost, it would be good to have a system the works all the time!


  • Norman V Gleave

    How many time will my Xbox one keep dropping off. Due to problems over the last few months, I have added a new telephone wire, new Ethernet cable and new router. Unfortunately, the problem still persists, especially when playing FIFA Ultimate Team, I have lost count of the number of games I have been winning, only for the system to crash, to add insult to injury, when I finally get back on I get a DNF, It’s pathetic. Is there any possibility that Xbox live will invest in server improvement?

    Please help, it is so frustrating and costly.



  • Jamie Martin

    Still having this problem, was told by Microsoft this issues ‘is getting sorted today’ 5 days ago

  • Josh

    I cant even sign in my account offline I have done what it sais but no change for 30min no

  • Daniel Cook

    For the last two nights I’ve been disconnected from Xbox live during gaming with COD and whilst using now tv. It reconnects straight after most of the time but will drop out again ten minutes later!! I’ve tested my virgin internet and it it running fine on all my other browsers etc.
    What’s going on??

  • Gábor Sár

    Message from Xbox Live Support (Chat):
    “Alright. I will tell you that because as I have checked my resources there is a known issue about this one Gabor, our system engineer is aware about this one but don’t worry they are currently working on this issue. We have no exact date on how this issue will be sorted but I assure that this issue will be resolved as soon as they can. If you ask when this will be fixed, we have no exact time for this one.”

  • Gábor Sár

    They have told me this:
    “Alright. I will tell you that because as I have checked my resources there is a known issue about this one Gabor, our system engineer is aware about this one but don’t worry they are currently working on this issue. We have no exact date on how this issue will be sorted but I assure that this issue will be resolved as soon as they can. If you ask when this will be fixed, we have no exact time for this one.”

  • Gábor Sár

    Same here (UK, London) since 3 days ago…

  • Jolly

    Reported it and they confirmed it servers getting fixed asap

  • Jolly

    It’s getting fixed

  • Richard Embling

    Are you still getting trouble

  • Natalie Day

    Me and hubby keep getting “sign into xbox live to play GTA online” its driving me mad! Any solutions?

  • Richard Embling

    Anyone else keep getting kick ofline and then saying your not signed in , started 11,1,17 and today is 12,1,17 in the UK , almost every match I get this , I’m confident it’s there server , just want to know if others are getting this

  • Kevin John

    Is anyone having trouble with there xbox one live account I can’t play Amy games today what’s going on 🙁

  • loooo

    Hi I’m getting fretend that somone will get there friend to mod my account and I will loose everything can u do something about this

  • bob


  • Mr Fluffy

    this because Phantom squad is attacking x box

  • Spudbud

    not a big fan of microsoft i general, but it IS getting to be X-mas time and anyone moderately hacker-knowledgeable knows this is the time of year when Xbox and microsoft servers get DOS’d out the wazoo and hacked like its the main plot in wargames.

    however, this is the first time ive been on xbox to have issue lol although considering the hundreds possibly thousands of hack attacks microsoft commits on a daily basis, i can hardly consider them victims. seriously take a look at the Norse attack map, they practically have the Cyber attack bloodlust of a real nation state lol

  • Cindy Porter

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  • Mik

    Can’t download required update on never used xbox one

  • Spencer

    I am so ticked off, swearing is coming from my mouth but i will be good on here. It was the last hour of Iron Banner and then i get booted. Hating you right now Microsoft.

  • Jordan

    I was playing my game and then everything just crashed. the status pages are saying all is ok but it clearly is not.

  • John Syme

    seems impossible to sign in today and its been like that all weekend

  • Jim S

    I can connect but every 20 mins or so it disconnects from LIVE and I have to stop what I am doing go to the home screen and reconnect. A real pain when playing a game or watching a movie on netflicks. Was almost at the point of throwing my controller out the window last night. Live in the UK.

  • Daniel Vito

    My Xbox says it’s connected to the internet, and displays live features when I am not logged in. When I try to log in to my main account, it gives me a message saying it cannot connect. I am a programmer, I know technology. I first tried fixing it by restoring my network settings to default. Then I tried changing my connection type: Wired – Wireless. I also tried rebooting my router, but that did not work either. For my next attempt to fix it, I tried deleting my account and downloading it because there was the possibility that the files were corrupt. When I did this, it would not download the account back, so I lost my main account. Finally, I decided to log in on my friend’s account. My friend’s account worked, yet mine did not. This made me conclude that there must be some type of service issue. I did something, I almost never do, use the internet for help. I googled “Microsoft Xbox Live service problems September 2016.” Now here I am posting a complaint of service towards my favorite tech company. If you have tried everything that I have in order to fix your Xbox Live problems, and it has not worked; then you are one of few unlucky people whose account will never be functional again, due to a small Xbox Live server shutdown which has caused the loss of thousands of accounts.

  • sarah aka p3op73

    Been having sign in issues for days now had to pay to clear account bill. Then had to pay for 2 lots of 3 mnth gold coz i tought id been scammed. Common xbox ur betta than that

  • Loopy Lucy

    I think its down today..

  • Lisa

    Still can’t login to play GTA v online

  • IcarusDaFallen9

    Xbox still down…. Works fine once I get to my game internet goes bye bye. I NEED MY GEARS OF WAR!!!!!!!

  • Austin

    It will not connect to xbox live at all, I’ve tried restarting my xbox as well as my Internet, I’ve tried disconnecting my Internet on the Xbox and reconnecting, and I’ve tried keeping my router off for about 10 minutes. Please help

  • Tomb

    How long until the servers will be working again?

  • Brittany Dispensa

    No xbox live n dayton tn since 8:58pm on August 13th. I know it has nothing to do with my Internet service as it is functioning properly. I did not opt in for the “trial” xbox one platform through my 360 so I am assuming it is a major Microsoft server issue…?!?!?!

  • uranus

    I come home from a 2 week trip aching for some xbox and i get and update and none of my games are working

  • Mr Crab

    Microsoft are really taking the piss, i bet when people go back to work or school, it is going to come back on “coincidentally”.

  • Mr Crab

    Im having problems in GB as welli bought something and now i cant try it out whitch its really annoying.

  • Dovah Pie

    It’s so annoying it takes 30 mins for me to login because it’s so slow and laggy I’ve turned off my internet on and off and nothing happens my party crashes can’t invite people to play online with me can’t see my profile community feed

  • Ben


  • TNArulezWWE

    I can’t play world of tanks at all n I have 30 days subscription on it, ever since update went on its said service unavailable. God damn frustrating..

  • SiriusCL

    I’m having problems too, over here in Canada. The site says everything is fine, though I can buy games and see friends, I just can’t play online.

  • Pollard

    Will not let me connect to Xbox Live today 29.7.2016 though no problems connecting to the internet.

  • rob

    Im having problems with xbox live

  • Horus

    down for me in canada

  • Stephen Baker

    Xbox is taking the piss now mite as well buy a ps4 as u get better service

  • Lee Hughes

    same here , xbox is down , seems to be mostly in the uk.

  • Andrew Simmons

    My internet is connected and functioning but I cant log in to xbox live anyone know whats going on?

  • Marius Husselman

    not connecting to xbox live…..20/07/2016

  • William burdett

    My xbox one won’t connect to xbox live is it down?

  • Paul Smith

    8th July. Can’t connect to xbox one live (UK). Xbox Live status website says OK?

  • Chris Arnold

    Everything is connected, on Xbox live status page on their website everything says is working yet I cannot connect to Xbox live?!

  • Barrie Wilson

    Can login ok on 360, but the one aint having any of it. Tried wifi and ethernet just keeps going round in a circle.

  • Redback Minecraft

    my internet is connected my router and all that crap is fin we have about 4 pcs working in the house all connected to the internet with no issues but my xbox cannot connect to xbox live what so ever i tried everything from hard reset to changing my modem it still doesn’t work anybody got any tips they could give me as help

  • Johnescu

    Is xbox live down today, 25.06.2016?

  • Rob

    Seem to keep being disconnected my wifi is fine everything else works fine just not xbox one games from hub or disc not working any ideas ??

  • Jordan

    Xbox live btw

  • Jordan

    I’m not able to send invites and game requests out but I am able to receive them? What is going on?

  • KYoung

    They better reimburse us for this crap. I don’t pay for Xbox live for it to be dead. Just charged my account not that long ago. Either fix the problem or I’m throwing my one out and getting a PS4

  • Dennis

    Today still down.
    Down down down every time the same.
    Can’t use DLC.
    (Almost) Never heve problems with Sony.

  • Luke Pengelly

    agreed im trying to connect my laptop to my xbox for streaming and im having the same issue

  • Joey

    Cant play online, also i cant play Rocket league anymore, got it for free wrh xbox live gold and now it’s saying i dont own it
    Dis the same worh titan fall and i had bought that, also cant go to the store, what is wrong, havnt seen a statement from xbox about these issues

  • Terry Butcher

    Just got a xbox one on sunday and yet to be able to play a game cos it’s taking forever to update a game

  • Josh

    I tried to get on xbox live today but it wont let me get on… I AM SO MAD!!! XBOX FIX IT NOW!!!

  • john

    Is anyone having problems with their activity feed? Mines not been updating for 5 days

  • Randy

    I tried to get Xbox Live gold membership but its not taking my payment with my debit card.

  • Maxine

    Is xbox live down because I have tried to enter these codes I have for gaming and not working.

  • Nigel

    I am having issues trying to connect to a party, whats going on?

  • Scott

    3 xbox 360s’ constantly disconnect multiple times EVERY DAY..Had a new router installed..had an engineer out.Fibre is excellent but keep getting dc’d.Deleted profile emptied cache numetous times STLL disconnecting.At my wits end please help

Xbox Live Reports

@Xbox @XboxGamePass I never realized how unrepresented I am in these types of videos till I saw this one. I live in the desert of Arizona and it averages 110. My phone shuts down from over heating. Not the best case scenario but neither is looking over your shoulder with your device in a window

@GamingBoltTweet They have to lock stuff down at this point. Its their only power play. No launch titles, inferior hardware, no answer to gamepass... no answer to xcloud. Looking forward to how they respond to xbox live being free going forward. Bet sony got used to that subscription cheque

@imJusSleepy Just curious what you perceive is the value of the Xbox over PlayStation? On the PS4 side, I see quality first- and second-party titles and a network that hasn’t gone down this year while Xbox Live has been down a few times. I get it if that’s where your friends are…

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@goatpodcast007 @Colteastwood @josuelo0491 @JezCorden In terms of live, agree. I was more talking about services like remote play, cross buy etc on the PS side, which are only just being rolled out (xcloud) or have had change of marketing terms (smart delivery etc) on the Xbox side. It will all come down to the games, as it should.

@Zari_Wari Well I play on xbox and I'm totally down for getting rid of live. Not because it's shitty but because paying 60 dollars for a years is hard of the pocket. Nintendo has way better subscription if you ask me. You get a whole year with Nintendo for 40 dollars less the xbox

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@XboxSupport There are issues connecting to your xbox live servers

@DayZ Xbox Support @XboxSupport Our teams are aware that some players are seeing issues connecting to DayZ. Stay updated here and on our support page!