Xbox Live Problems

Considering the amount of Xbox Live users, when problems occur or the servers go down you can count on millions of people wondering what’s going on? The online multiplayer gaming platform and media streaming service is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and upcoming Series X, as well as other Windows based systems.

Problems with Xbox Live can range from the whole matchmaking system going down to limited service with select apps, login issues and more.

Xbox Live Status insight for Wednesday 30th of September 2020

If Xbox Live is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Xbox Live Reports

I really wanna do a Zombies stream at some point. Like I’m down to go get Xbox Live again and hook up my Xbox 360 to my monitor and just binge Black Ops Zombies on Kino Der Toten 🤣

@MoreAmor Maid of Sker! Made by a dev down the road from me - and is about to go free with Xbox Live Gold (from 15th October) if you're a subscriber :)

Gonna try to do a karoke stream Saturday night 🤣🤣🤣 and I'm doing this song Gonna be giving the winner of the competition a free year of xbox live and probably some cash cards @RifleGaming you down or what #Wastelandersgottalent #fallout76

@arvanzan @PlayStation I've had both consoles the entire generation since day 1. Xbox live services 100% goes down / has issues more than PlayStation network. At least once a month friends list don't show people online, UI bugs and party chat doesn't work. PSN has that occur MAYBE once every 3 months.

*takes first day off in months* *xbox live is down*

@XboxSupport is there any issues right now? Because my xbox isn't connecting to the Internet at all

@XboxSupport Hey, I've checked my wifi multiple times and it's working but when I join an Xbox live party I start connecting within 15 seconds, I've troubleshooted multiple times, is Xbox live having any current issues?

@XboxSupport Me and my friends are having party chat issues. Keeps kicking us out of parties or we get stuck connecting.