Xbox Live Problems

Considering the amount of Xbox Live users, when problems occur or the servers go down you can count on millions of people wondering what’s going on? The online multiplayer gaming platform and media streaming service is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and upcoming Series X, as well as other Windows based systems.

Problems with Xbox Live can range from the whole matchmaking system going down to limited service with select apps, login issues and more.

Xbox Live Status insight for Monday 8th of March 2021

If Xbox Live is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Xbox Live Reports

@trolley_rebel og xblv servers went down almost 10 years ago. we’re in middle of pandemic. you don’t have xbox live anymore. please, you have to wake up

🔔 #Xbox Live down? 🔗 Real-time status:… 🔁 RETWEET if you are affected too. #Xbox LiveDown #Xbox LiveOutage (Possible problems since 2021-03-07 18:08:02)

Is Xbox Live down again?

@XboxSupport My brother has been banned from most Xbox live functionalities for no particular reason. When he tried to log in on your website to see what the reason was, the site was down and is now also banned from there. (1/2)

If you liked this post and said yeah I’ll join DON’t forget it is live in 15 mins make sure yall get down to the new event on Xbox bfv!…

@TalkTalk why is it so hard to actually speak to someone? Live chat is down, phone calls are automated. We have had the worst connection since I renewed our contract last week, can't connect on the Xbox & my laptop & printer keeps failing to connect which means I can't work!!

@XboxSupport I have issues connecting my Xbox app to my series X and how can I pull up the Xbox code for the Xbox app to connect my series X

@XboxSupport Still having issues connecting to Warzone servers

@XboxSupport I’m having issues when I try and join a party it just stays connecting and then kicks me out also whenever I start a party it says my headsets plugged in even tho it’s not.