My Fitness Pal Problems

For those of you who are into your fitness, whether it’s running, cycling or even bodybuilding, then you’ll be very familiar when using this specific fitness app and website, which you’re able to track your fats, carbohydrates and also protein intake each day, also known as macros.

So therefore, if you’re one of those people who use this day in day out, then it can get slightly irritating when having issues such as login in, or even when their services are down with sudden maintenance work.

If you’re struggling with some issues today that you think may not be right, then do feel free to share your problems in the comment section below and our Down Today readers and ourselves will be sure to help you out and get to the bottom of the situation whilst also keeping you updated.

My Fitness Pal Status insight for Friday 5th of March 2021

If My Fitness Pal is down today, then reports will be found below.

My Fitness Pal Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

My Fitness Pal Reports

Why has my @GarminFitness Garmin Connect (android app) stopped opening my @MyFitnessPal app to log calories and opens the MyFitnessPal website instead? Only started today after years of use. #garminconnect #MFP #sync

@Xiaomi when do you talk nicely with @MyFitnessPal? I would like to sync the values of your scale with this nice app. Thank you. A costumer.

@HelloFreshUK if you could get an official account for @MyFitnessPal and have input all the recipes and nutritional info, with a little certified tick, that would be grand 👍🏼 #prettyplease

@FitbitSupport getting extremely frustrated as I cannot log into account is there a problem ffs. Might have to start using @MyFitnessPal what a let down!

@MyFitnessPal I cant get into my account and the app has thrown me off and it work recognise my email. Is it down?

@MyFitnessPal I cannot currently register my account on IPhone I'm not sure why when I get to the age section with postal code it says "Sorry, we are unable to process your registration at this time." And puts me back at the opening screen which says "sign up for free" and "log in"

@MFP_Ops @MyFitnessPal @MFP_Staff Fitbit won't sync with MFP. Please fix this!!!

@MyFitnessPal are there issues syncing with Fitbit again? Been slow to sync for days now #frustrating