C Spire Down Today?

If you’re someone who uses C Spire and are finding that their servers are currently down, then this is the right place to come, especially for those who are having issues and find their signal or internet connection’s not working. With them being the 6th largest provider in the United States of America its telecom and Internet service is bound to cause a few problems here and there. So by leaving you problems below in the comments, members of our team, and also readers, will be able to update you along the way.

C Spire Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If C Spire is down today, then reports will be found below.

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2 months ago

Website down. On cell phone and computer. Also, cannot connect with Android app. Cleared browser cache. No go.

6 years ago

Data slows down after a small amount of usage has been reached is bad enough, but for it to not work at all afterwards is the bigger issue right now. Why am I paying for unlimited data and can’t use it?

6 years ago

I am in Memphis and have to say the coverage is very poor indeed. Time for a change I think.

8 years ago

C Spire customer service is really bad. It all started when i had no network so i decided to call them to see what was happening considering i could not use my iPhone for like 2 days. But i was held on the phone for a long time only to be told they would look into it with no answer. Its goodbye from me and i am not paying any cancellation charge not a chance. No service no money its as simple as that.

8 years ago

Love the way C Spire boasts on Twitter about more speed, more power. You really need to sort out what you go already before giving more speed that you cannot handle.

9 years ago

He S Spire, are you having network issues, if so how about getting better towers. Use logic, logic = more people = more money.

9 years ago

Service is not great the last few days, but hey I will try another month with them.

9 years ago

C Spire cannot even provide a good service, always rubbish.

9 years ago

I am having serious 4G problems, how can i even have 4G when i cannot even download 1 Mbps.

9 years ago

C Spire messaging on iPhone seems to be a little sketchy lately.

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