Lloyds Bank Problems

The days of walking into a Lloyds Bank branch are now basically being taken over by internet and mobile banking, but these have their issues. Some of these include not being able to access your account via website or app login because there is a server outage or website has gone down.

There are many ways to access your online account and these include desktops, laptops and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. When there are problems this can cause customers to get very angry indeed, so why not try and get answers from others here by reporting your issue below.

Maybe you are having issues trying to open Lloyds Bank website, not able to pay a bill online because of a fault. If you have a question or problem to report please do so below along with what device you are using as well as your location.

Lloyds Bank Status insight for Friday 5th of March 2021

If Lloyds Bank is down today, then reports will be found below.

Lloyds Bank Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Lloyds Bank Reports

@LloydsBank You have left me in the lurch and I am so disappointed. I am unable to register my device and make critical payments because your codes are not working. I've been on hold for hours calling internationally ( I'm feeling a bit mugged off here). HELP or BYE!!

@LloydsBank Yea. I thought I would check them as well. It was working fine until today when not had one notification. And there is no update on the App Store :/

@LloydsBank utterly disgusting service ladies headset not working and didn’t care, spoke over me told me your not doing fears at the moment when this is illegal not to do complaint wasn’t looked into and complaints department said to complain you have to go to fca not them ahha

And not by grifting equity from independent business for a government guaranteed loan. Stop the flu scamdemic and get the country working. @RishiSunak @the_tpa @AllianceBE @YoungEnt @NatWestBusiness @BarclaysUK @LloydsBank @santanderuk twitter.com/standardnews/s… pic.twitter.com/HoOdWdry0B

@LloydsBank hi, is there an issue with the app? Face ID not working and when I enter characters (correctly) it says they’re wrong. Same problem for business and personal apps. Can you advise?