Verizon Wireless Problems

Tracking the latest Verizon outage today and other problems that could be down in selected areas, which depends on network tower issues and other factors throughout the United States. Some of the most reported problems with Verizon Wireless include text messaging, mobile data access and on demand, although issues with cell phones obviously make up the largest number of reports.

Verizon Wireless Status insight for Friday 29th of May 2020

If Verizon Wireless is down today, then reports will be found below.

Verizon Wireless Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Luke

    Verizon need to fix my on demand problems, it’s just so slow.

  • Kristen

    I cant get any call to go thru using cell or landline and my internet is sketchy at best. Located in Manassas, VA.

  • Mick

    Yesterday there was an outage and it was everywhere not just my area, I am located in Bluffton, SC and had no service so called friends who were in Salamanca NY and they said service was down for them also.

  • Jeff

    My Verizon service has been very poor for the last 3 weeks or so, dropping calls not able to send texts etc. I am in Springfield MO…

  • Jackson

    Not able to send or receive messages on my Verizon phone. Please sort this out asap because i need my phone.

  • Mark

    Is anybody having issues with their Verizon Messages right now? I am not recieving any texts at all and cannot send them either even though I can make calls.

  • Linda

    I am in Loudon County and been having issues accessing my email and Internet. This is via landline, other websites seem to be OK though so its a Verizon issue.

  • Bill

    Verizon email is down for me, i have tried to open now for the last 3 hours and nothing is working which is a pain in the rear end because i need to send important documents to a client.

  • Mike

    Al I keep getting is http status 404 when I try to open my email on the desktop.

  • Bobby

    Fios is not working in Virginia, internet has been down like an hour now.

  • Sam

    I have no internet or home phone, whats going on?

  • George

    Verizon is down in Baltimore, MD.

  • Marcus

    Is anyone else having issues with their Verizon Fios Internet, i seem to be in the middle of an outage right now.

  • Richard

    Yeah, I am down in Texas. No calls or internet today for me I guess.

  • Alex

    Verizon is down in Philadelphia, I think they should sell to someone who can handle the service.

  • Brenda

    No Verizon Wireless internet at all in LA, what is happening with this service lately?

  • Jake

    I live in Houston, Tx and not had any Verizon Wireless service now for 2 days.

  • Brandy

    Philadelphia and no Verizon service at all. One day when someone else takes over the service will be good again.

  • Steve

    I have tried to call and text from my smartphone but will not let me. I am in Pittsburgh.

  • Alex

    I am in Murrieta CA and i have no signal, when it does come back i try calling a friend and then hear the dialing tone only for it to cut out again.

  • Shelly Kassorla

    anyone having a problem with out of network texting? on Verizon

  • Brianna

    Is anyone else experiencing a Verizon outage right now? I cannot make any outgoing calls on my phone.

  • Johnny

    My phone has been out of action for hours now, Verizon service is just bad at the moment.

  • Alexa

    Is there anyway Verizon will credit our accounts for the bad service we have had today. Using up all our data.

  • Clive

    Verizon Wireless is just useless, I have tried to access my voice mail and cannot and have no clue as to why not. If people call me and i am unavailable they cannot leave me a message which is bad.

  • Jacob

    I am having the same issue as well as not being able to send text messages, bit annoying to be honest and AT&T is getting my vote of confidence this week.

  • Jessica

    Verizon Wireless is getting worse, starting to wonder if i should change my network. for some reason not able to call 1-800- Verizon in Boston.

  • Eric

    I live on Staten Island of New York and i have no Verizon Internet.

  • Ron

    NY, maybe a small glitch as it just come back after a 20 minute outage in my area.

  • Nathan

    Are you in NYC, I currently am seeing a Verizon outage here, but not sure if it’s just me or everyone?

  • Katrina

    Verizon outage today, well at least for my iPhone 6 and it seems to happen often. A few local friends have similar issues, but they also have iPhones, so not sure if it’s iOS 8 or the network. Hopefully iOS 9 allows for better signal.

  • Mandy

    Verizon network is rather poor today, I cannot even send any text messages or even check my emails from my phone.

  • Samuel Goldring

    Verizon Outage on at 153 East 87th Street NYC ,NY affecting hundreds of families ability to use their cell phones- calls ,texting and internet connection are badly affected

  • Toc

    can’t call anyone, no service for three days…in San Francisco

  • Kody

    Madness that Sprint was down yesterday in Chicago, and on the same day so was Verizon, what was the problem then as I have no clue?

  • Erin

    Having issues with VZ network in Chicago.

  • Desmond

    No ability to text on my Verizon Wireless phone.

  • Marylou

    I do not have any Verizon Internet right now in Gaithersburg

  • Nathan

    No Verizon Wireless signal in NYC today.

  • Jaime

    For the amount of money I pay each month, I would have thought the service would be better. My phone battery is draining fast due to looking for signal. This ha been happening for 3 days in Molalla, Oregon.

  • ron

    When can I locate a Verizon Wireless outage map for today?

  • Bill

    Really not happy with Verizon Wireless, nothing but signal problems and not sure if work is going on in my area.

  • Annoyed in Merrimack

    My Manchester answering service (which now my phone gets answered that my service is temporarily disconnected) says it has been going on all afternoon and they are trying to find a work around as Verizon won’t /can’t tell them when the service will be fixed. My own phone is a comcast service which is fine, but it is forwarded to my answering service which “is” verizon ..

  • J.C Laike

    Is there any known issue in the New England area? Everyone I know with Verizon Cell’s are not able to make calls or send texts?

  • Katrina

    Crazy, it’s on and off again in casper wy

  • Ron

    58 cell towers are offline in new york.

  • Bill

    There’s no estimated time of repair, I just spoke to Verizon tech support. They are aware of the outages in New York and are working on the issue

  • Lilly

    No service in Soho, friend also has issues in Lower East Side.

  • Jess

    No service in lower Manhattan

  • Chris

    Cannot text or make calls, down in Brooklyn.

  • Pete

    can’t make or receive phone calls in Brooklyn

  • Kerry

    cannot text or make calls, I’m in Manhattan.

  • Rob

    Massive Verizon Wireless problems in New York today.

  • Kim

    I am getting frustrated at seeing 3-4 bars and the person I’m speaking to on the call still can’t hear me clearly, not only that they are on a land line.

Verizon Wireless Reports

@NevilleRay @TMobile @Verizon @ATT @NevilleRay why don’t you fix people’s coverage areas first then worry about 5g that still won’t work.

@cristianoamon @Verizon How many blocks r covered? Signal strength? Any interference?

@VZWSupport my son has a gizmo watch that we purchased June 2019. It hasn’t worked in months. We figured we’d get in fixed this spring, but then everything shut down. We need help! Your Automated services have accomplished nothing

Fix your internet @Verizon its been shitty lately

@sprint @sprintcare charge me incorrectly. Then refund me incorrectly. Then threaten me with collections for the charge you created in error? 8 hours on phone/chat & you still can't fix it. Empty promises of escalation and call-backs. Customer since 99 saying bye! Hello @Verizon.

@VZWSupport I am a college student who graduates in the fall. I paid off my device to bring my costs down as I transition from college life to regular life. As a result, Verizon decided not to pay the 300.00 promotion for the phone. Why treat ppl this way for being responsible?

@davematthewsbnd @Verizon @AXSTV @YahooEnt Hmmm... other than the hand signal, what other unsavory symbolism is hidden in this picture?

@VZWSupport y’all really had my data down for 5 hours tonight!!

@VZWSupport is cell service in 28677 currently down?