Verizon Wireless Problems

Tracking the latest Verizon outage today and other problems that could be down in selected areas, which depends on network tower issues and other factors throughout the United States. Some of the most reported problems with Verizon Wireless include text messaging, mobile data access and on demand, although issues with cell phones obviously make up the largest number of reports.

Verizon Wireless Status insight for Saturday 2nd of July 2022

If Verizon Wireless is down today, then reports will be found below.

Verizon Wireless Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Verizon Wireless Reports

@Verizon @VerizonSupport I don’t want to hear it. Your cell/data service in and around Asheville needs major improvements! We pay you plenty of $$$. Fix it!! @FCC @FTC…

25 minutes and counting to simply return a phone case and screen saver that @Verizon @VerizonSupport can’t seem to fix. They sent the wrong stuff and a month later, I’m still dealing with it. NOT paying the charge on the bill. #ticktok #dobetter #CANYOUHEREMENOW

I pay too much many for my shit to b fucking up! Fix it nowwwww @Verizon

@TMobile @ATT @Verizon T-mobile sent my phone to the wrong address in the wrong state and refuse to fix the problem. Guess my mental health clients will just have to hope they don't have a crisis or maybe T-Mobile doesn't care. After all, they already have my 400.00

I don't know what's going on but cell coverage inside @SanDiegoAirport with @Verizon is horrible. Decent signal strength but Internet almost unusable. It has been all week, even at the new T1 construction site. Definitely needs improvement for the future.

@Verizon y’all need to fix your network it’s down like almost every day. Get it together please. #CancelVerizon #Verizon #Verizonsucks #verizondown

Fact: Everyday that goes by @Verizon’s signal gets a little worse.

@VerizonSupport not providing the contract services but drafting money each month? Your customer service “oh I have the authority to fix it, yet after HRS, CAN’T. Blames the problem on @Apple (not their fault) @Verizon promises a followup-I told her & @Apple rep, she’ll never

Guess no food for me. Unless I drop to LTE. Got to get off @verizon this weekend. They’re not going to fix their shitty Cincinnati service. I tried.

@missmichelex @OptimumHelp @optimum @1fairInternet A thought. 5G during the outage? After they fix it send them the bill. Small claims court will resolve non-payment. Understand it is some work on your part but gives you the chance to try 5G as an alternative. Both @Verizon and @TMobile (15-day trial) provide 5G home services.

verizon too expensive to not have signal everywhere in detroit @Verizon