Verizon Wireless Down Today?

Tracking the latest Verizon outage today and other problems that could be down in selected areas, which depends on network tower issues and other factors throughout the United States. Some of the most reported problems with Verizon Wireless include text messaging, mobile data access and on demand, although issues with cell phones obviously make up the largest number of reports.

Verizon Wireless Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Verizon Wireless is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Lisa Hiar
3 years ago

Verizon service is awful! You have to walk around house and outside forever to send a picture, text messages take forever to receive sometimes hours later, i am not happy at all with service. They say we are upgrading our lines. I am sorry we switched from ATT after 20 plus years !I thought a dropped call was bad from ATT. We cant wait to pay these phones off and switch back. Verizon switched our sim cards made service worst, Its sad you cant call anyone. 1. they don’t care 2. they cant do anything about it but lie and tell you its getting better, I pay almost 400.00 a month for service on phones and not one can send a picture or text , And no service with in 4 miles or more of our house spotty ,Awful awful! 5g phone on 4g wth not even 1 bar. Very unhappy Daytona Beach,Florida

4 years ago

Verizon need to fix my on demand problems, it’s just so slow.

4 years ago

I cant get any call to go thru using cell or landline and my internet is sketchy at best. Located in Manassas, VA.

5 years ago

Yesterday there was an outage and it was everywhere not just my area, I am located in Bluffton, SC and had no service so called friends who were in Salamanca NY and they said service was down for them also.

7 years ago

My Verizon service has been very poor for the last 3 weeks or so, dropping calls not able to send texts etc. I am in Springfield MO…

7 years ago

Not able to send or receive messages on my Verizon phone. Please sort this out asap because i need my phone.

7 years ago

Is anybody having issues with their Verizon Messages right now? I am not recieving any texts at all and cannot send them either even though I can make calls.

7 years ago

I am in Loudon County and been having issues accessing my email and Internet. This is via landline, other websites seem to be OK though so its a Verizon issue.

7 years ago

Verizon email is down for me, i have tried to open now for the last 3 hours and nothing is working which is a pain in the rear end because i need to send important documents to a client.

7 years ago

Al I keep getting is http status 404 when I try to open my email on the desktop.

7 years ago

Fios is not working in Virginia, internet has been down like an hour now.

7 years ago

I have no internet or home phone, whats going on?

7 years ago

Verizon is down in Baltimore, MD.

7 years ago

Is anyone else having issues with their Verizon Fios Internet, i seem to be in the middle of an outage right now.

7 years ago

Yeah, I am down in Texas. No calls or internet today for me I guess.

7 years ago

Verizon is down in Philadelphia, I think they should sell to someone who can handle the service.

7 years ago

No Verizon Wireless internet at all in LA, what is happening with this service lately?

7 years ago

I live in Houston, Tx and not had any Verizon Wireless service now for 2 days.

7 years ago

Philadelphia and no Verizon service at all. One day when someone else takes over the service will be good again.

7 years ago

I have tried to call and text from my smartphone but will not let me. I am in Pittsburgh.

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