Amazon Prime Problems

Some of the biggest issues with Amazon Prime Video include login troubles, freezing connection and problems stating something went wrong. It’s rare to see Amazon servers go down, although the video streaming service receives a range of outage messages and a variety of fixes due to being on iOS and Android devices, apps on Smart TVs and more.

Amazon Prime Status insight for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

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Amazon Prime Reports

@amazonnews @PrimeVideo @discoveryplus @googlenest Thermostat has a major problem that cannot find any WIFI network. My device lost the WIFI connection and can't reconnect anymore. It is a known problem and you can search for it. @googlenesthelp doesn't want to replace my unit anymore

It is only Netflix. My other apps work fine. I had the same exact problem with @Amazon @PrimeVideo last week. They kindly offer a setting toggle I was able to switch surround sound off with an voilà, streaming audio resumes.

I want to cry @OptimumHelp @AlticeUSA @AlticeOne ( can you not afford the twitter account ?) seems you’rethe problem with @YESNetwork working on @PrimeVideo @amazonfiretv . Another game missed @BrooklynNets and full subscription paid to tv and internet (if you must know) parents

@PrimeVideo Was watching "The Golden Girls" and encountered audio issues. Is there a server problem or streaming glitch? Please advise. Thank you!

@SGBMercer @ferberrys @TheUGRailroadTV @PrimeVideo There’s plenty of independent films that focus on black leads that do well. You can expand your scope of knowledge and read into why AA’s going to the theatres less than the average American. The way you try to simplify the issue is big part of the problem as well.

Really sick of @PrimeVideo and their stupid languages problem. Can't watch a french movie in french or an american movie in english... That's just dumb! Not even talking about the stupid ergonomy of app/website... Light years behind netflix or disney+. I do not recommend.

@sportingintel Probably @PrimeVideo Nick. That part of the hammer yet to fall but likely arranged. 12bn would not be a problem for them. You'll be offered similar to "Sky Super Sunday" with your prime membership...thats just in EU. They can distribute it globally...

Hey @amazon @AmazonHelp @PrimeVideo is there a problem with authenticating @paramountplus commercial free subscriptions? right now? Problem just started. Is there services / outages status page? My ParamountPlus subscription is paid and active according to subscriptions page.

Trying to watch a film when u have crap signal isn't fun. Least this one on Netflix isn't freezing as much as the one I started on prime video. Annoying