Amazon Prime Problems

Some of the biggest issues with Amazon Prime Video include login troubles, freezing connection and problems stating something went wrong. It’s rare to see Amazon servers go down, although the video streaming service receives a range of outage messages and a variety of fixes due to being on iOS and Android devices, apps on Smart TVs and more.

Amazon Prime Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

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Amazon Prime Reports

@Bettefave @PBS @masterpiecepbs @BBCOneDrama @damientimmer @bbcstudios @PoldarkTV @mammothscreen @PrimeVideo Hi Bette. Not a problem! Hope you are enjoying your evening. Have a wonderful night. 💞

I'm Watching The @PrimeVideo Series #NiightSky & Episode 2 Is Half In Spanish With No Translation. What Are They Trying To Do??? Dumb. I Got No Problem If They Put Captioned Translations

@netflix @hulu @AppleTV @PrimeVideo Pull all titles portraying gun violence and gun play. It is time. Let’s all stop ignoring this problem, admit it is a problem, and get serious about solving our problem.

Hey @paramountplus why am I spending $9.99 a month to get commercials when watching a series? I don't have this problem with @PrimeVideo @netflix or @hbomax please tell me what I am missing here.

@AmazonHelp @amazonIN @amazon @PrimeVideo The worst thing is dat by D time u escalate, problem is resolved but the trick is no one notices that u actually are paying for 1-day delivery & same-day delivery which u nvr get. No 1 escalates if u get d product, but u should know that u are actually cheating ur customers

Another day of Video Freezing up on Night Sky with Sissy Spacek & J. K. Rollins! Logged out of my Prime Account & logged back into account! Did a complete System on Comcast to make sure our equipment was working properly! I have been patient & tried to fix! HELP??