Amazon Prime Problems

Some of the biggest issues with Amazon Prime Video include login troubles, freezing connection and problems stating something went wrong. It’s rare to see Amazon servers go down, although the video streaming service receives a range of outage messages and a variety of fixes due to being on iOS and Android devices, apps on Smart TVs and more.

Amazon Prime Status insight for Tuesday 27th of October 2020

If Amazon Prime is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Amazon Prime Reports

@ViCustomerCare @PrimeVideo Very worst @ViCustomerCare the internet connetion and call connectivity r very very worst😡😡😡😡 . There is no one to solve my problem . I think this is The right time to to change for @reliancejio @JioCare

@PrimeVideo You’re 👏 part 👏 of 👏 the 👏 problem 👏

And the captions were different! (Both via @PrimeVideo, just different sources.) The musical notes showed up ... but a new problem popped up. Turn off the sound or your hearing may fill in the blanks #Accessibility /2

@ViCustomerCare @PrimeVideo I guess as per my complain the issue was to resolve by 6.00 pm now is 8.00 pm but no resolution ur customer care ur technology is so awesome I don’t know what the hell is ur problem

@ViCustomerCare @PrimeVideo SR# MNG-V00161862725 Due Date 27 Oct '20 06.00 PM @ViCustomerCare yesterday I got a call from the customer care and everything was okay but again now same problem ,I really appreciate that from no service to get 1 tower in 3 days omg god.

@PrimeVideo Y’all’s boss is the one watching the world burning. You’re appart of the problem.

@_JT1979_ @PrimeVideo Sure. The comedy is the problem. Not the guys in the bathroom. The clinic counselor. You mastic surgeon. ALL of whom thought they were actually witnessing incest & said NOTHING. Well correction, the clinic said “keep the baby, how it got here isn’t important”.

@JeremyBall1769 @PrimeVideo This is the problem with pious people like yourself, you pick the parts that support your own hatred. Read the whole chapter ya' dink. Also, just a reminder- you are not Him. Only He is omnipotent. You don't know who he has called to him, or what he has told them.

@PrimeVideo Yeah and your overlord is part of the problem.