Amazon Prime Problems

Some of the biggest issues with Amazon Prime Video include login troubles, freezing connection and problems stating something went wrong. It’s rare to see Amazon servers go down, although the video streaming service receives a range of outage messages and a variety of fixes due to being on iOS and Android devices, apps on Smart TVs and more.

Amazon Prime Status insight for Thursday 6th of August 2020

If Amazon Prime is down today, then reports will be found below.

Amazon Prime Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Beverly Fickling

    yes it is… i am in California

  • Beverly Fickling

    yes … i am in california….. same problem…..

  • Beverly Fickling

    and where do i go for help with this …. i can find no technical support areas or phone numbers……do we just whine here and that’s it….. is there a solution anywhere??????????

  • Beverly Fickling

    my prime video has been down for 3 days….. we try to watch a show and the circle just keeps spinning ….. it won’t load… error messages ……
    . is anyone else having this problem…. can i fix it…. and how

  • Boyd Morrison

    Its down here in nottingham
    Netflix is fine

  • Kim

    I had Amazon prime up until noon today and now the app won’t logon is there a problem with Amazon prime video today

  • Julie

    No amazon prime this evening. Watched it last night but is not coming on tonight

  • Daniel Tara

    No Amazon prime for 2 days . Can get Netflix, Gudula, Hulu…any tips. Miami, Florida

  • Robynn Schoolcraft Kruger Kirk

    No amazon prime today, can get netflix etc, but no amazon

  • Linda Allen

    Titusville, FL. No amazon prime video or shopping here. Videos have been freezing. I’ve rebooted tv and app to no avail. This has been going on, off and on, for over a month. What are the chances for a months refund. Everything else is working.

  • BC

    Prime —showing no internet connection, yet I clearly have WIFI as all other devices (phone, tablet, etc) are connected. TV won’t even show WIFI options.

  • eirelav Bunni

    I’m experiencing a connection problem with Amazon Prime free movies for Prime members. It is interesting, Amazon Prime never has a problem when it is time to take your money. Amazon will not try to make-up or compensate consumers for company failures.

  • Susan J

    How can I get prime video to work for the free movies on ALL my roku boxes…it works on one of them but not all…have signed out several times.thx for help

  • Alison Gabel Hudson

    Ocean Shores, WA Amazon Prime on Smart tv won’t open, logo just floats on the screen, but Netflix, etc. just fine. When will this be resolved. Obviously not our server. Thanks

  • Curt Piper

    That’s happening to me today. I started Prime on the Roku this AM, and Amazon asked me to register. I went away and came back this evening – I have to verify AGAIN!

  • Pete

    Love sitting back of an evening and watching a film, although recently it keeps login me out of my account?

  • Kelvin

    Video freezing a lot, I’m on fibre broadband so can’t be internet speed.

  • Roy

    I hate getting the something went wrong message, it seems to come and go without reason on Amazon Prime.

  • Justin Stevens-Grube

    Keep getting error code no available online streams…says maximum number of videos are playing on my account… yet one else on my account is using prime right now…cant find anything about it online

  • Tom Cole

    I have been having difficulty receiving my Prime Video. It simply will not play anything! So I can’t get into Acorn or anything else within Prime Video. How long is this going to go on? Off and on the problem has been too frequent and it is making me angry. I am paying for this yet I will not receive a refund for the time I can’t watch what I want to will I? No.

  • Vicki Steen

    Prime Video won’t play

  • Mariëtta Martin-De Senerpont D

    Can’t get to watch amazon prime again. Is it down in UK???

  • meema74

    No Prime Video since yesterday 3/31/20. Disk keeps spinning but fails to log in. Here in New York City.

  • Carolyn Puiatti

    Disk keeps whirling trying to log in and fails…. since 3 days what’s happening.. please someone tell me. Are you having the same problems? Or is it just me in Cannes France.. any ideas ?? I have a smart TV with SFR

  • Leigh Montgomery

    my prime app isn’t working on my smart tv…so annoying

  • Stef

    Suddenly the US Open Tennis coverage has gone down!

  • Mike L Smith

    me too

  • Jenni

    My amazon account isn’t working. Saying I’ve no subscription when I have.

  • Dariusz

    Have not access to the UK content. I am in the UK and receive message Geographical Licensing restriction. called to customer office but they do not know what is the problem. App on iOS returned the same message. All Videos Prime are not active – I can rent, buy etc even it’s included in Prime. I think they have some internal authorisation problem.

  • BenSnell

    Amazon prime video went down for me last night. It’s still down. I have restarted everything. Not sure what to do next???

  • Dean

    I had the same problem with amazon within the roku stick device. Someone suggested that I reset the roku device by pressing the reset button on the outside of the device. This caused Roku to reset everything. I had to initialize both amazon and netflix again, but amazon began working and so far so good.

  • ianandlynda

    Just got this on my Amazon account…….We are aware that some customers are
    currently experiencing issues with Amazon Video on their Fire TV or Fire
    TV Stick. We are actively working on it. We apologise for any

  • ianandlynda

    We have that problem right now, did you solve it and if so what did you do?
    many thanks

  • Steve Tinling

    Amazon fire stick won’t connect, my internet connection is working

  • Myra

    Amazon is not connecting via my iPad, it just keeps getting stuck on a movie I want to watch.

  • Jenny

    I turned on my Playstation to stream Amazon movies and it did not do anything, when I tried to play nothing was happening. So this is when I asked Alexa to do something and she could not last night, seems to be ok now though.

  • Jcoup

    Was watching on my samsung smart tv tonight then it went black and hasn’t workec for last 2 hours WTH!

  • Andrea

    Firestick and Smart TV won’t connect to Amazon, though my network connection is fine. Have to say, this the first time I’ve ever had trouble with it.

  • Alan

    Amazon not working after Samsung update all other apps working. Amazon working on my iPad so it can’t be a server connection

  • Mark

    Mines saying the same network error

  • Andy Rees

    Just seen they are having Web server issues.

  • Nat

    Mine says
    website improvements bla bla
    Please try again shortly

  • Sam

    I cant get firestick to connect to internet services and my smart tv amazon video says internet problem, netflix and stuff working fine

  • Lovell

    Can’t get on… it’s blaming my connection… which is working perfectly

  • Ryan

    Same here thinking there could be a server issue or something

  • Andy Rees

    Just tried it and get an Internet connectivity problem even though all my other services work…..

  • a man

    Nothing today

  • Alex Donaldson

    Nothing but buffering.

  • Alexis Collins

    I can’t connect to prime at all on my smart tv

  • Mike Magnusson

    cant access content

  • Daniel

    I tried cancelling my amazon prime but it is not straightforward as it seems, what do i have to do to stop it?

  • Chrissy

    I tried to get Mr Robot on amazon prime but seem to have problems watching it, please help.

  • Tony

    Is anyone having Amazon Prime Instant video problems with buffering? My Netflix streams lovely, my Internet is working seamlessly at 40Mbps but for some reason Prime video is sluggish.

  • Rosetta

    I am using the Samsung Hub and Amazon Prime i down today for me, other streaming apps works so why doesnt this one?

  • Kimberley

    Things seem to be all good at the moment, im going before i say too much and jinx myself.

  • Billy

    Videos are running real slow still, one minute we have nothing and now we have half speed.

  • Crossley

    I am still having issues in California and apparently the service is up and running again.

  • Jane

    Last night was a complete nightmare with Amazon Prime videos, none of them would play. Seems to be ok now though.

Amazon Prime Reports

Amazon Prime membership cancelled by Amazon agents and that too two times. Rakhi not delivered yet shown delivered. No status update, No refunds. Everyone is really sorry about my problem but I should approach multiple times. @amazonIN @AmazonHelp @amazon @PrimeVideo

@PanasonicIndia i’m customer of ur product. I purchased smart tv of Panasonic. Recently i want to use @netflix @DisneyPlusHS @SonyLIV nd @PrimeVideo on my TV. But ryt now I’m facing software issue nd not able to use this OTT software in my led. Please solve my problem

@gay_flowerchild @Rutrow751 @TheCassieTurek @MadelyneEdythe0 @PrimeVideo Maybe the series was just out of my age range. I remember how popular it was and if the fans were happy, I guess they did their job. I've seen movies she did as a child and I thought she did much better. Maybe it's Bella I have a problem with, not Kristen.😁

@PrimeVideoIN @PrimeVideo I am still facing this problem while playing offline video in my PC. Issue still not resolved even after complaining multiple times to your support. Note: I'm using "Amazon Prime Video for Windows" application downloaded from Microsoft store

@PrimeVideo Hello sir a few days ago I saw (Mission: Impossible – Fallout) movie on Amazon Prime but today I am searching but can't find the movie. Same problem with (Venom) movie Please help me

@AmazonHelp @PrimeVideoIN dear amazon, I'm finding frequent issues with viewing prime video on my smart tv. Error- something went wrong pls try again later. Have tried switching off & on multiple times which never works.Unable to contact cust care. Kindly suggest

@PrimeVideo why are all the shows I watch on prime video constantly freezing? 6-7 times every episode? My tv is up to date and app is up to date... kinda of annoying 🙄