Amazon Prime Problems

Some of the biggest issues with Amazon Prime Video include login troubles, freezing connection and problems stating something went wrong. It’s rare to see Amazon servers go down, although the video streaming service receives a range of outage messages and a variety of fixes due to being on iOS and Android devices, apps on Smart TVs and more.

Amazon Prime Status insight for Wednesday 8th of December 2021

If Amazon Prime is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Amazon Prime Reports

Hey @Amazon @PrimeVideo, if you would make DVDS of @thegrandtour available for purchase, I could be watching it right now while you work on your web services outage problem.

@PrimeVideo Why can't I watch the UEFA Champions League on your service? I am paying for Paramount+ as well. Paramount+ are the TV providers of it, at least in the U.S. I NEVER had this problem when I was paying Paramount just by itself.

This affected a lot of businesses. @awscloud server outages. 🤦🏻‍♀️ @Apple @ring @Alexa99 @amazon @PrimeVideo And more.Please 🙏🏼Update to a Blockchain -based alternative that can address this problem by replacing with a decentralized, P2P network!…

#AmazonHackedAgain? What's the problem here? Amazon Prime Videos and all services involved in the outage. Hello @AmazonHelp @PrimeVideo @amazon @amazonnews…

@G_lame3 @MyAnnoyedSide @PrimeVideo @amazon I thought I was the only one experiencing this problem

@PrimeVideo What's happening? My video streaming is down with a message saying the problem is on your end. Downdector is reporting a HUGE spike in outages on your server. Please give updates. Thanks.

@PrimeVideo your downloaded shows lag too much. This is a very bad experience. For people who are continously travelling this is a very big problem.

@PrimeVideo I do have a problem with the first episode talking about Columbia, but obviously using CCNY’s “Beautiful” campus instead... No, use Columbia’s campus