Grand Theft Auto 5 Problems

The most common Grand Theft Auto 5 problems tend to be servers going down, although the game receives regular patch updates with the notes fixing many bugs, but GTA 5 online issues are normally related to server performance and Rockstar aim to fix these connection glitches pretty quickly.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Status insight for Wednesday 5th of August 2020

If Grand Theft Auto 5 is down today, then reports will be found below.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Luke

    Hopefully rockstar is increasing the amount of servers and upgrading old ones with so many people playing GTA online, as they’re down right now.

  • Rob

    Rockstar you need to fix the gta v servers, they’re down this evening in the UK 18th May. Looks like a huge outage, keep getting an error to do with files cannot be downloaded.

  • Dan

    I’m getting an error, “files required to play GTA online could not be downloaded from the Rockstar Games Service”

  • Mike

    Been trying to get online but it’s just stuck on connecting, wondering if it’s me and I need to restart the router or something, or if the GTA servers are down in gta 5?

  • Mike

    A few servers issues today, is GTA online down for you?

  • Caroline BkupFraser

    Gta5 online is not working today, 25th July 2018 @ 3.00on in Ballymoney, northern Ireland

  • nigel gover

    Gta v is down in Portsmouth hants as can not join friends or chat wtf is going on

  • Aaron Butterfield

    Is gta online down

  • Ilan Westerhof

    did you try to run gta cracked???
    that aint working man just buy it.

  • yrnax

    When is rockstar going to fix this

  • Mel

    Mine is not working either

  • Amber

    Doesnt take that long hurry up and get it sorted

  • Ana

    Not available on xbox 360 this evening! 🙁

  • Sean Buchanan

    its loading to long and after that its says i cant connect

  • Ankit Jaiswal

    Hi. I have downloaded. GTA 5 iso file of 59 gb. But gta setup launcher file is missing. Its size is 891 kb. And without that file i cant run setup . how can i get that file.

  • Bluesky420

    The rockstar game services are unavalable right now????? Ps4.

  • Callum

    Are gta severs down on Xbox one

  • Emma

    When i go online it is saying that the rockstar servers are down and it has been doing this for four days now

  • Craig Copeland

    Having a problem with gta v online the supermarket is empty there’s no shop owner every time I enter either one of them has anyone got this problem?

  • Verresen Sven

    ik heb da op de ps3 en da is echt kak da ik er ni meer op geraak
    zou er iemand me daar mee kunnen helpen

  • Verresen Sven

    ik geraakt niet in een online sesies blijf hangen bij het laden is er iemand die mij kan helpen ik me een profiel van leve 91

  • amar osman

    when i enter the game i press square the the icon says loading online i wait it for a long time how can i fix this problem

  • wes

    Me too all the rime like wtf

  • Ashley Titchdnb Brindley

    Server is down today great just as I need my bawsaq


    when i try go online it says rockstar services are unavailable right now

  • warren

    stopped playing gta on xbox one due to connection problems (no other game effected) tried again and tried about 6 times in the last couple days and everytime online for 5 mins tops and connection lost and server signes me out

  • Adam Gamble

    I play on ps3 it well not let let me play online and Sign in plzz help

  • ArtfulRed

    Its saying game services unavailable right now, trying to connect from UK if it makes a difference

  • Orson

    PSN is down again so not able to play GTA 5 online, if I put like a dollar for each time the servers go down I would be well off.

  • Markie

    Blooming great, I get the only day of the next month to play this game and then PSN decides to have an outage.

  • Marckc

    Rockstar game ser ices are unavilable it says under everything i cant play i formated my ps3 still says it tho idk why i didnt have this problem at first it would says it but i would turn of then turn on my system and it would b fine and now im stuck plz help

  • currey7

    Still down add currey7 on ps3

  • Benny Brack

    Still down, this is ridiculous

  • Aty

    Servers are still down

  • Adam Hirons

    Just bought gta 5 and story mode’s fine but when i try to go online it says the cloud servers are unavailable
    on PS3

  • Mikael Lindell

    Its half down

  • Matt

    Ok I just bought it and I’ve done the prologue but it won’t let me online

  • Jake

    Fix it now it’s been long enough fix it already

  • martin

    Still down 2 days now come on rock star sort it out

  • Martin

    Sort it out Rock star joke

  • Dave

    But when will the servers be available? Below standard service. Very unhappy

  • Dave

    Useless. 5 days in a row with problems. Why do we pay for a service that is below standard? Servers not available. Servers not available. Funny how our bank accounts are always available though right?

  • Reece Tomlinson

    Carnot get on it servers

  • Dylan

    When I join GTA online it sends me underwater and I can’t do anything

  • Gk

    What is the problem with gta online today? Sun 25 des 18:58 norway…

  • Kirk

    Can’t connect to online on my PS4 f MS

  • Rockstar Games

    The Festive free to access content and update is now available!

  • Anonymous

    Sue them and require ur money, as long u have the code 🙂 or have a proof that u bought it and since alot of people say its down, thats kinda a proof of that the servers has been down 🙂

  • daffy d

    still carnt connect today 17 december

  • Daniel Wood

    Xbox is saying please try again later due to server 14/12/16

  • Gary Unwin

    update to the game knocks the game offline,cant connect to servers

  • jay

    Why cant I get online keeps saying server is unavailable. At the moment please try again

  • pire

    Down in Poland PC 13 december 2016

  • alan hulme

    12/12/16 can’t log on t gta online keeps sending me back to story mode. Can anyone help please. Thanks

  • Dave Lewis

    Can’t connect to server. Just a piece of advise for anyone online and you keep getting “can’t save progress” notification, just keep playing for at least 10mintues and you will eventually be able to save. Do not quit the session else you will loose cash and rp earnt whilst the server has dipped. Mine has been playing up, so reset WiFi and now can’t log back in. Nothing lost tho

  • mike

    cant connect just after i got a download code for money it stoped. They are scamers

  • Aldric MrMojo

    13/12/16 cant log in on gta5 online, do i need to worry?

  • raagulan raj

    cant connect! WTF

  • Djohno82

    Servers are down and I’ve just lost 20 mill on each charter on stocks thanks

  • morcubus

    Online keeps saying that it can’t download the files necessary to play online or something like that. Checked with Battlefront and online works, so it’s not my PlayStation. December 11, 2016

  • arr0n

    Yeah same for ps3

  • Ali

    cant log in to gta online ps4 says rockstar servers unavailable 11 december 2016

  • Ali

    11 12 2016 cant log in to gta online ps4 says rockstar servers unavailable happening today

  • Ali

    11 12 2016 cant log in to gta online ps4 says rockstar servers unavailable

  • Ali

    cant log in to gta online ps4 says rockstar servers unavailable

  • Ali

    cant log in to gta online ps4 says rockstar servers unavailable

  • Peter

    today 08/12 2016 cannot login any more rockstar ?? with pc account ?? gta 5 down .
    My email login is not working any more

  • Marco Silva

    ps3 downgrade and repairs services available in Manchester
    adduk . co .uk

  • labastain seybert

    Is anyone getting kicked from online from a unknown network error

  • Jerry Crocker

    Does anyone know how long the gta 5 online is gonna be down for ps3

  • Mr chow

    Gta 5 is down

  • Danny

    Hackers and modders now kick you offline individually for 3 weeks at a time they shouldnt have that kind of power over a game its ridiculous and when they blow everyone up in a lobby even people who werent bothering them and not to mention the invinsible ones its stupid and now they have access to the rockstar servers seriously rockstar are you a gaming company or a bunch of pre-schoolers they are making you look ridiculous to your fans ive been with you from the begining loving all your games especially the gta and read dead redemption series please dont let them ruin gta like they did red dead.


  • livelike shumbwai

    I cant sign in to gta5 online says i need to sign in even tho im already signed to psn! Heeeeeeeelp!

  • Lizzy

    I swear to god someone needs to fix this shiz , I want want 250k and it to work.
    I’d: Vamp136
    I asked you guys if it worked , I don’t want to have to go in the settings , I want it to just work , js that so hard. If this stuff doesn’t work in an hour I breaking the disc in half.

  • Hylke

    My ps3 is conected im online but gta v is telling my that i need to log in to use gta v online and stuff. But im already logd in. How do i fix this

  • Douglas

    Where is my 250 Grand on GTA whyyyy

  • jerome74

    Only fix I found and this works for who tether with phone normally nat type is 3 whosch is strict which is bad… join a random session then press start then go in online tab then join a crew then join crew members… works wvery time

  • stephanie

    Its keeps telling me files required to play GTA online could not be downloaded from the rock star games service please return to GTA V

  • Anthony Mcdonnell

    its poodlecorp and lizard squad DOSSING the servers look on twitter they are bragging about it

  • Tommy

    I can’t get on gta online on Xbox one it says rockstar game services not available right now but all my friends are playing online I’ve checked my internet and kept retrying still dames the same???

  • Louis


  • Rockstar Games

    Are you still having this issue? KK^

  • Lewis

    Every day it says the rockstar game services are unavailable right now please return to grand theft auto v but its said this for weeks

  • Jon

    My game has been stuck on the loading screen while trying to join online. There is no messages saying online services are down or anything. Problem has been happening for 2 weeks.

  • King Dab

    I’m on GTA 5 on Xbox One and it’s saying check network connection even doe I’m in a party?

  • LOL

    im timing out

  • fullyauto1000

    My GTAv has been saying servers are unavailable since the 14 and I checked everything else and it says all of my connections are fine. Could you explain what’s wrong

  • fullyauto1000

    My GTA since last night has been saying the services are unavailable right now. Could you explain why?

  • Rockstar Games ✔️

    When did this issue started to appear or began? Also, what platform or console are you playing on?

  • ashley

    Gta is telling me I do not have permission to access gta online

  • Vic Vic

    down in germany 🙁

  • Rockstar Games ✔️

    Any issues please report to this comment and we will try and get one and one help to assist you with your issue, Thanks!

  • Rockstar Games ✔️

    Are you still experiencing this issue? If so what platform do you currently use?

  • Rockstar Games

    The Servers have to be up and running. Am I correct or is there still problems? JM^

  • Ryan

    They will have it working once the issue is fixed..

  • Pro Cyclist

    Same here can’t get online! I keep trying over 100,000 time!! What going on? I want 20% refund!!!!!

  • SoldMySonOnEbay

    Go to PoodleCorp Twitter and you’ll see. They hack GTA server

  • SoldMySonOnEbay

    next year

  • Filip Havlík


  • Lorem_Ipsum_Dolor_Sit_Amet

    Any clue when will the servers be online ?

  • Max

    Have you got age restrictions on your console? That could be a reason.

  • Harry

    how long do we have to wait!?!?!?!?!

  • Mark Orchard


  • Chandu Rockzz

    Can anyone tell long we have to wait more for the online service

  • Alisya Lyana

    great. i didnt play the game yesterday, and now that i want to play it, its down. great.

  • Drew

    ‘Files required to play GTA online could not be downloaded from the rockstar games service’


  • Pl

    How long servers will be closed, anyone know?

  • Liam Russell

    Wtf is going on ffs

  • ACE

    Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded from the Rockstar Games Service.

  • beanz

    Getting files unable to download??? This sucks!…Grrrrrrr

  • SoldMySonOnEbay

    It’s down for everyone, don’t worry.

  • Mike

    I am on the PS4 and before you ask I have checked my Internet and all is fine. I have tried to join a game online but it says, “the Rockstar game services are unavailable right now. Please return to Grand Theft Auto 5.”

  • Jared

    It seems all GTA V services are down, i went to play online and nothing.

  • Kershy Mark Kershaw

    Can not connect to GTAV online,
    Files are unable to downloa

  • hazydayz

    today im having problems getting online with gta v xbox one, anyone else having this issue?

  • Dan Robinson

    whenever I play online and leave it so I go idle when I rejoin online it says the service is unavailable so I have to unplug my xbox and restart the game can anyone help I’m on xbox one

  • Hunter Lewis

    are the servers still down for you?

  • Howard W Fisher

    When everyone leaves a race at once I get knocked offline. Says server timed out cant locate new session and sends me back to single player. Beyond frustrating

  • Shaun Leigh

    I’ve been trying to play gta 5 online it says I don’t have the correct permissions What do I do?

  • Anima66

    I’m on xbox one, mines saying the rockstargames server aren’t available

  • FK Gaming


  • FK Gaming

    The rockstar game servers are unvailable

  • FK Gaming

    How to fix it

  • Subrath Sharma

    I’ve tried to play the GTA Online but it says I must update the application first.. But when I do it keeps having errors when I was in the middle of downloading the update file.. What should I do?

  • Mark

    I am having the same problem on my Xbox One too, so must be a problem somewhere.

  • Maurice

    I have the Xbox One and each time i get to play online people seem to leave the session, most of the time this week I have been unable to play online at all.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Reports

why is there no kpop radio on gta?? @RockstarSupport

@RockstarSupport Are you also aware that there's been a godmode Speedo glitch in GTA Online since early 2018? You guys are slooow. Is "playtest" even part of your guys' vocabulary?

Hey @RockstarSupport I haven’t been given my twitch prime benefits yet even though I linked everything together and claimed my rewards on the rewards page. Thing is it’s worked for me in the past when I did all this to claim the free arcade on gta. It’s been more then 72 hours.

@Christinel2424 @RockstarSupport This is why rockstar, should add invite only lobbies or solo lobbies etc, just like gta online. @HazardousHDTV

@RockstarSupport I have a small issue. I accidently linked two epic games account to one social club account both have GTA V. How can I unlink one of them?

@RockstarSupport 1 Mil hasn't been deposited in GTA:V?

@RockstarSupport Yeah but what about gta 6 ?????

@RockstarSupport You forgot us rockstar how can you do this to us. Only gta v matters to you right! 🙂🙂

@RockstarSupport how bout you fuckos worry about giving us GTA 6

Gta i need you to do an update. Why do i have to keep replaying the prologue to do gta online. I already beat the game. Imma lose my mind if i have to do it one more time. @RockstarGames @RockstarSupport

@RockstarSupport It’s really getting annoying now, gta online isn’t working properly since a week.