Grand Theft Auto 5 Problems

The most common Grand Theft Auto 5 problems tend to be servers going down, although the game receives regular patch updates with the notes fixing many bugs, but GTA 5 online issues are normally related to server performance and Rockstar aim to fix these connection glitches pretty quickly.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

If Grand Theft Auto 5 is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Reports

@RockstarSupport im having login issues with gta online for ps5

@RockstarSupport fix your gta online. In public server some hacker build a f°cking tower!

@RockstarSupport GTA 5 Online is absolute garbage and I want you to feel bad about that. One of the top 3 highest grossing video games of all time but one of the worst online experiences ever to date. I wish I stuck with Saints Row instead

@RockstarSupport The biggest mistake of my life is to delete gta v from ps4 and download the new generation of ps5

@RockstarSupport I’ve been trying to log into GTA online but I’m getting an error saying “files required to play GTA online cannot be downloaded” Similarly logging into Red Dead Online gives an error 0x50060000 Any solutions?

@RockstarSupport I cannot play GTA 5,when i open the rockstar launcher it is showing offline mode and i am not having any internet issues. Why is it so?

@RockstarSupport Could we get some disk reprints of the gta trilogy definitive edition the original launch versions were extremely buggy

just went out to try buying GTA San Andreas, and it turns out, you can't buy the old one, and must pay like 50 or 60 bucks, to get the triology, can't buy it off steam, and can't do shit. i legit just wanted to play as CJ on this bad laptop. wth @RockstarSupport how do i buy it?

@RockstarGames @RockstarSupport @strausszelnick @GTANet GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition badly needs an update! Despite its improvements, the Trilogy does not compare to the original GTA Trilogy. Update the game or refund all purchasers!

@RockstarSupport any updates on the problem with "The files required to play GTA online could not be downloaded from Rockstar Games service"

@RatchetFennecFx @RockstarGames They shut down the 360/PS3 servers for GTA Online.