Smite Down Today?

This Third person multiplayer online battle arena, which is also known as MOBA called Smite, can be played on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and is a fun-packed game. Although opinions can quickly change, especially when the Smite server suddenly goes down, or glitches happen, and players aren’t able to carry on their session! So therefore, we’ve set this page up to help those gamers who are witnessing issues to leave their status and by doing so, our writers and the Down Today Community will be able to help you along the way until everything’s back up and running again.

Smite Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Smite is down today, then reports will be found below.

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3 years ago

Love Smite, but not when I cant get on to play.

3 years ago

Smite servers just shut down with no warning, anyone else ever get this issue?

6 years ago

The servers need fixing asap, this has been going on far too long now where the game is lagging badly, just skips all over the place.

6 years ago

Is anyone having issues with lag and not being able to click on any button after login?

6 years ago

The arena was currupted so they decide to do a patch now, i am guessing this is the reason why the game is down. But then they did say wed – fri.

6 years ago

Servers are still down for me, are they under maintenance again?

6 years ago

I downloaded the new Xbox patch and now not able to log into Smite, is anyone else having the same issues?

6 years ago

Server lag on Smite is somewhat a nightmare, so super slow right now.

6 years ago

Not letting me log in this morning, just keeps saying cannot connect to server.

6 years ago

There is a Smite Tribes and Tactics maintenance occurring right now, this basically means they are restarting and at the mo gaming is offline.

7 years ago

I am so excited about the new Smite Season 4 that is about to be released, the only problem is the game is down right now whilst they deploy it.

7 years ago

The game seems to be down at the moment, can someone let me know whats going on?

7 years ago

Smite servers are down for maintenance, only PC.

7 years ago

I cannot login to Smite, I have tried restarting everything but nothing.

7 years ago

Smite on PC is not working, cannot play right now. I am guess maintenance yet again.

7 years ago

Smite servers are down for the PC 3.20 upgrade. There are also issues with the PC Tribes,

7 years ago

Snite is down for me, but this is for the scheduled maintenance i know. But what are they doing that takes 4 hours to complete hopefully new updates.

7 years ago

I can not get into a game today since the xbox dash update. my network is fine. the smite home screen loads fine. joined a queue and got into a RANKED game just tpo be denied entry to the game itself. everyone knows how hard it is to climb the ranked ladder and now I am losing points for nothing

7 years ago

Maintenance who cares, you telling me they have been doing it for 2 days now because that’s how long i have not been able to play for.

7 years ago

Smite maintenance is underway, the server maintenance will affect PS4 and Xbox users. Noyt too sure how long it will be down for. Are you affected right now?

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