Smite Problems

This Third person multiplayer online battle arena, which is also known as MOBA called Smite, can be played on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and is a fun-packed game. Although opinions can quickly change, especially when the Smite server suddenly goes down, or glitches happen, and players aren’t able to carry on their session! So therefore, we’ve set this page up to help those gamers who are witnessing issues to leave their status and by doing so, our writers and the Down Today Community will be able to help you along the way until everything’s back up and running again.

Smite Status insight for Friday 5th of March 2021

If Smite is down today, then reports will be found below.

Smite Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Smite Reports

@SMITEGame ffs guys you cannot put the servers down for crossplay maintenance without any ingame information... just remove crossplay and it will also be better for everybody....

Community rewards for liking social accounts, not working anymore? 😞 @SMITEGame #smitegame

@HirezOps Smite servers down? Playing on ps4. Anyone else having this issue? #smitegame #Smite #Hirez #PS4

@RobertSommers80 @SMITEGame That's what I'm saying, the startup should be pre-fire, so you lose Mana and CD for leaning back. I firmly believe no ability should go on cool down if you get nothing from it

@Barisax9 @SMITEGame My guess is your very telegraphed when you are going to use it so the can anticipate it easy. Or you aren't waiting to use it for when their ability that can stop it is down.

@RobertSommers80 @SMITEGame Just to clarify, I don't want it to be CC immune, I want it to not go on cool down unless he's actually moved

@RobertSommers80 @SMITEGame Wtf is he cooling down from, leaning back?

@RobertSommers80 @SMITEGame But it doesn't need to go on cool down after doing nothing, that's stupid

@SMITEGame I just banned for 240 minutes due to your servers not working correctly. When I came back my team had surrendered. I just spent 40 dollars on skins. You guys are screwing your community so badly with this issues. Makes me wonder why I even play

@RobertSommers80 @SMITEGame It can be stopped before it does anything, and still goes on cool down, like Nike Ult used to

Why have I been kicked mid game to smite home screen like 5 times this season and servers aren't down or anything. The lobby just dies

@DidactedSMITE @SMITEGame Wow everyone down here is in gold-plat lobbiesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚