DomiNations Problems

The DomiNations strategy game released on Android and iOS platforms with issues reported more than others, including servers occasionally going down, although this could be due to maintenance. Common DomiNations problems include the game not opening, app crashing upon opening on certain mobile devices, and gameplay bugs.

DomiNations Status insight for Sunday 19th of September 2021

If DomiNations is down today, then reports will be found below.

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DomiNations Reports

@PlayDomiNations hi there, I’m having few issues with the game, I can logging but after few seconds the game freezes, and I have to restar the game, please, help!

#RT @PlayDomiNations: Join us for a 3-day event in celebration of Chuseok, one of the most important holidays in Korea ⭐ From 9/19 to 9/22 earn Legendary Tokens, Speedups, Troop Tactics, and more! Happy Chuseok!

@PlayDomiNations Sorry, I disliked it. edmjr71,220, flamengo.

@G_Will85 @RichardsonOH3 @RepAGonzalez @ohiogop HATES men w/character/ values b/c they can’t be bought w/promises of power, influence, campaign dominations. national @GOP sinks down a hole w/ a dangerous bottom of hatred, violence, and the degradation of Democracy. It’s the educated ones who are the most heinous

@PlayDomiNations hi you guys give discount in the Costing but why there is never a discount in the duration of upgrades ??

@PlayDomiNations Is the date right? Not this weekend in that case..

#RT @PlayDomiNations: This weekend is our Lewis and Clark Event! Enjoy these discounts from 9/24 until 9/27! 25% off the following building upgrades: • Mills • Markets • Dock • Parliament 33% off the following troop upgrades: • Raiders • Armore…

@PlayDomiNations Why you block the people? If they talk trash, just delete his comments don’t block them.

@PlayDomiNations Donation bug is back. Very good job!