DomiNations Down Today?

The DomiNations strategy game released on Android and iOS platforms with issues reported more than others, including servers occasionally going down, although this could be due to maintenance. Common DomiNations problems include the game not opening, app crashing upon opening on certain mobile devices, and gameplay bugs.

DomiNations Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If DomiNations is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Steve Ing
1 year ago

Android won’t let me load Dominations on my tablet. Says due to bug. It still works on my phone though.

1 year ago

Unable to update and play

1 year ago

Just did update now the game says illegal program detected .whats up with that and how to fix

Aden Rustyu
2 years ago

downloading data always error , after downloading and playing for a few minutes i always gotten disconnected due error

Marcus Moylan
2 years ago

I cannot “retrain” my troops. And so my “retrain blessing” which I had paid money for is being wasted. I’m really upset that this is happening and hope that Big Huge Games finds a resolution. I have spent money and time on this game and love it. Please fix

Kristian Green-Andersen
2 years ago

I can’t login either get message Failed to login to server. Me and my friend have told Nexon for long time ago they should remove hacker and cheater out of the game server so they not are able to desturb the game and server if it’s that the reason today

2 years ago

since the download we cannot access the game just continuously get thrown out what the hell is happening.

Capitaine Shark
2 years ago

Unable to access Dominations using MEMU 2.48.1 what’s wrong with it?
Give an error message “the application closed abnormally” then shots the game down

2 years ago

unable to access Dominations using blustacke5
give an error message illegal program running then shots the game down

3 years ago

I’ve Come back to the game after a while only to play for a couple of days then I’ll get connection error & then game reloads once in a while. Also if you Have it happen you loose you’re Troops when you I. Fight. You’re troops should be refunded. No other online game has this much issues. Pretty horrible. Are ppl hacking the game?
3 years ago

Game has stopped working entirely, gives an error message whenever it tries to load. I even uninstalled and reinstalled, didn’t help. Finally gave up and dumped the game.

3 years ago

Loads on apple devices but is irratic freezes for few minutes and then continues
Asks for phone permissions
Android devices with no sim connection won’t load

Nour Rihan
3 years ago

Can’t start the game it craches after green bar is filled since 3 months

3 years ago

Game not starting. Tried reinstalling but didn’t work

3 years ago

Game is not starting. Tried reinstalling but didn’t work.

Josefa Molina
3 years ago

Server connection issues…. when will it be fixed?

3 years ago

Unable to connect now, is the server down ?

4 years ago

I think DomiNations is down for maintenance today.

Carnell Phillips
4 years ago

Server down today says check your internet connection but i tried logging in on both my Samsung Note 9 and Samsung Note10+

4 years ago

Server down? Cannot log in “network error” message pops up straight away

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