DomiNations Problems

The DomiNations strategy game released on Android and iOS platforms with issues reported more than others, including servers occasionally going down, although this could be due to maintenance. Common DomiNations problems include the game not opening, app crashing upon opening on certain mobile devices, and gameplay bugs.

DomiNations Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

If DomiNations is down today, then reports will be found below.

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DomiNations Reports

@PlayDomiNations Just upgraded my town to space age, why info age attack me? Is that possible!!!

@davidhogg111 Need more players for my Alliance Army of Sp♠️des On @PlayDomiNations we do WW and we are going to get into the @FBI Jim-Crow Joeboma false flag school shooting age were we talk about the next school shooting! So join up lets do this! WAR FACE!!!!!! *<]:o)%

@PlayDomiNations I don’t know that much about this game but I didn’t think this game would have #ShirleyCrisholm in it. I found this while scrolling down a YouTube page. I can buy maybe #WinstonChurchill since he was involve in WW2 and you have video games on that war.

@PlayDomiNations bring back instant retrains to the store

@Sugoi789 @AniTrendz Also the thing is , arahen San many dislike it because of arahen's height , love after world dominations nice too . But it's action stuff may be off putting , shikimori on other hand has 1) wholesome char and scenes 2) highschool nd kinda down to earth set up which many love

@PlayDomiNations Well needed change. Thx. 👍🏻

@PlayDomiNations yo i can’t even get into the game bro

@PlayDomiNations Pls bring Huey to Marco! I paid for the 3 events to get 300 tokens because Huey was gonna be offered in Marco and then u guys scrapped it.

#RT @PlayDomiNations: This weekend is our Ashoka’s Pillars Event! From 14:00 UTC 5/20 until 14:00 UTC 5/23 enjoy 25% off Parliament, Garrison, Dock and Alliance Gate upgrades as well as 33% off APC, MRL, Bomber, and Supply Vehicles troop upgrades!