Zillow Problems

The Zillow.com website is known for being a leading real estate destination, but problems start when the maintenance page reveals itself and visitors cannot see parts of the website they’d like. This has happened in the past, also we have seen the Zillow website go down for maintenance already in 2015.

Important details about homes are not available when an outage takes place, although you can visit their Facebook page to communicate when Zillow’s servers are out. You can also use Down Today to report status updates, problems with the website or services in general, and to see you’re not alone when issues take place.

The status message we have seen in the past when the Zillow website is down normally lacks finer information. You’re asked to check back soon, or to visit the social channels. If you have any details about an outage today, then share with Down Today readers below.

Zillow Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Zillow is down today, then reports will be found below.

Zillow Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Robert

    We had our house up on Zillow FSBO and for some reason not yet put it back online, they said like 2 days but still nothing after 4 days, total mess.

  • Ann

    I have tried to post my FSBO onto Zillow and its not working for me. I would like any kind of help around about now please.

  • Santa

    I try looking for a particular house and then the details disappear on me. They show up for a few seconds then they go, how come this is happening?

  • Sophia

    zillow won’t load pictures for me, it’s not updating and I cannot access it directly in any way.

  • Susan

    The house details started to disappear after a few seconds, now the web site is totally down. Not sure if this was planned, or unscheduled.

  • Kelly

    website still down, started seeing problems when I had trouble updating my listing.

  • Ben

    It;s down right now for me, you can only visit the Facebook page.

  • Katrina

    Zillow is not working April 21.

  • Ron

    Zillow is down for me and the homepage just says something about maintenance.

Zillow Reports

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