Matalan Problems

Matalan is very well known throughout the UK for selling good quality clothing, footwear and also accessories at brilliant prices. With well over 200 shops spread across the country, you can imagine how busy they can get, let alone the customers who want to to browse and do internet shopping, although during sales they can gain too much traffic, meaning sometimes there’s an outage and the website becomes down. Alongside that, other problems can also occur with customers having login issues and trouble when trying to purchase items at the checkout.

Matalan Status insight for Friday 18th of June 2021

If Matalan is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Matalan Reports

@Matalan Hi, I’m trying to use my sweet treat 20% off code but it’s not working. Says offer hasn’t started yet. When can I use the voucher please

@MoneySavingExp Any reports of @matalan going bankrupt or closing their UK operations? Phone lines closed down, emails taking days to respond to, no goods available on site, payments taken for goods they are not supplying... all the warning signs. It would suggest something !

@OwenCockburn @SteveBakerHW @Matalan I’m sure he’ll be okay and won’t be struck down with covid on the spot lol.

@SteveBakerHW @Matalan Some people can't talk without pulling mask down I'm shocked this manager has done this in public, in store @Matalan and posted his idiocy I will continue #WearAMask in public places long after we are told not to #SayItDontSprayIt😷

@bobfazlali @SteveBakerHW @Matalan For sure they're completely culpable for 10s of thousands of unneccessary deaths driven by ideological choices they made. Their reticence to support low-income countries in any meaningful way and to take control from big pharma is a continuation down the same ideological path

@Leil_xox @Matalan You look 🔥😍 and the colour is so pretty!! Gonna have to get myself down to matalan when I’m back on my feet xx