WOW Problems

WOW Internet, Phone and Cable TV Company was known before it changed to WideOpenWest Networks. In most cases it will be related to broadband issues with the servers going down however, occasionally you’ll see other problems occur with customers also having trouble with their phone and TV.

WOW Status insight for Thursday 4th of March 2021

If WOW is down today, then reports will be found below.

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WOW Reports

@WOWCare "Sir, I see nothing wrong with your internet from my end".. Ok... Guess all the packet losses are just my imagination.

@WOWCare We're still seeing the internet drop occasionally in Madison Heights.

@WOWCare you might be the WORST isp i’ve ever fucking seen. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. it’s been MORE than a day and my internet is still dying every 45-50 minutes.

@WOW_WAY @WOWCare @wideopenwest Why are we still getting infrequent internet disconnects? Happened several times after the “fix” yesterday afternoon and it happened again just now (2:17pm).

@WOWCare are there internet issues in Ferndale area? My connections is weak and keeps cutting out. Haven’t had problem in months besides yesterday

@WOWCare Still have issues. Internet goes off and then back on. I have restarted modem multiple times.

@WOWCare is there still intermittent outages going on? I’ve had the internet completely cut out multiple times today.

@WOWCare Hi wow, any update here? Internet will work for about 15-20 minutes, then massive latency spikes.

@WOWCare my internet has been out for two days. I saw a Wow truck not far from where I live. Would appreciate an ETA on when this issue will resolve.

@WOWCare I have no internet in Sterling Heights.

@WOWCare been sitting on hold for 32 minutes have no internet so dead in the water for working

@WOW_WAY Who else is without internet in the Lansing area? It went out last night at around 11:30 and I still have nothing.