WOW Problems

WOW Internet, Phone and Cable TV Company was known before it changed to WideOpenWest Networks. In most cases it will be related to broadband issues with the servers going down however, occasionally you’ll see other problems occur with customers also having trouble with their phone and TV.

WOW Status insight for Friday 1st of July 2022

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WOW Reports

@WOWCare Outage in Palos Park Since 4 PM June 30. I have rebooted the system multiple times and check the cables in the back of the house everything is fine but the Internet is completely out. What is going on?

@WOWCare is there an internet issue in Largo, FL? I keep getting several short outages that last 2-3 minutes at a time about 4-6 times per hour. Before you tell me to reset my router and modem, I’ve already done that. Any update?

planned on streaming tonight but internet is out completely right now @WOWCare how many times am i going to have to reach out to support & have a tech come out??? i’m 🤏 this close to cancelling my services after over 6 years

. @WOW_WAY offering “1.2gig” internet but even with the latest equipment current 1gig customers can’t reach the speeds they pay for… sounds like a great idea to upgrade…. 🤣🦄🤡

This shitty internet has cost me 3 fucking raids. I sure hope @WOW_WAY is working to fix this garbage

@breezeline @WOW_WAY Bruh fix my internet this shit has been out for THREE DAYS

@WOWCare 43206 I missed work today because the internet is down. I cannot have this kind of inconsistent internet for my work. I can’t drive to work till it is working again because my office is out of state.

@WOWCare for the past several days I've experienced frequent short outages in my internet service. #WhyTheOutages

@WOWCare my internet is down again. Columbus Ohio.

@WOWCare familiar with any issues in the 30814 zip code? Internet down for several hours now.

@WOWCare y'all have outages in the Columbus, OH area? Office internet is down (43215)

@WOWCare internet keeps going on and off in 48082. 2 days now with zero help. maybe time to switch companies?