WOW Problems

WOW Internet, Phone and Cable TV Company was known before it changed to WideOpenWest Networks. In most cases it will be related to broadband issues with the servers going down however, occasionally you’ll see other problems occur with customers also having trouble with their phone and TV.

WOW Status insight for Thursday 1st of October 2020

If WOW is down today, then reports will be found below.

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WOW Reports

@WOWCare Can you provide an update on the internet outage in the 43081 area? It's been unstable since 6am

@WOW_WAY what is up with the internet in Chicago's suburbs. Hard to work and go to school when there is spotty internet.

@WOWCare you realize when there is an outage I can't make money. Lots of us are working from home and depend on your internet! Not only that my kids can't do their eLearning!

@WOWCare Two months of daily outage to internet service at my house with multiple service calls and now I’ve been waiting two weeks for repairs to my lines that will be done “in a day or two”. Any way you can help?

@WOW_WAY can you tell me if service is down in Des Plaines IL zip code 60016? my kids cant connect to school and my router is reporting internet is offline

@WOWCare absolute trash internet service. Are you serious. No connection stability. Technical support lacking. Monthly bills collected on time though. Comcast appears to be a better choice.

@WOWCare - I’ve been on hold with WOW customer service for 30 minutes and without internet service for over an hour. Is there a problem with WOW in Augusta, GA? Is there anyone on the customer service lines at this hour or will I be on hold until tomorrow morning?

@WOWCare terrible service. Internet has gone out at least 30 times today.

@RobNSound @AirCapitalSole @WOW_WAY Yeah working from home. Can I have a business plan for my home internet haha

Upgraded our @WOW_WAY internet to 1gbps plan. And modem. But only getting like 250mbps. I'm fine with getting 80%, I just want a little taste of 1gbps! Tech support not much help either 🤷‍♂️

@WOW_WAY can y’all fix my damn internet issues! I swear I’m going back to @Xfinity

Hey, @WOW_WAY! What is going on with your service? It’s now three straight days that the internet has gone done in the afternoon. Please tell me you can do better than this generator strapped to a utility pole that your crew put up on Monday. Do I need to switch providers?