iTunes Problems

When there’s problems with iTunes their services are unable, obviously leaving iOS users feeling slightly annoyed and this could all be down to software updates, download issues or sign-in, all of which, can be equally as troublesome. This only really happens when there’s a major software updates, although if you find anything else that doesn’t seem to be right, feel free to give us the heads up in the comment section below.

iTunes Status insight for Sunday 19th of September 2021

If iTunes is down today, then reports will be found below.

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iTunes Reports

YouTube —> Mp3 —> iTunes —> Garage Band not working , girls I’m tired of this, idk what’s wrong googled so many answers… I’m just trying to make my 2nd mix and send to Veronica b4 she yells at me

No cause let’s talk about it, Iatiny are not only streaming on yt and genie we have worry about iTunes/ Apple Music/ Spotify/Shazam/ BB200.. etc and for you to imply they we’re not working hard is so insulting

@noellevivante @caraesten Early 2000s, there was a fragmentation problem in music, but after Apple dropped the DRM in the iTunes store, and Microsoft's "Plays for Sure" thankfully died, and Amazon and Google started selling raw MP3s, pretty much everything has been unencrypted and convertible.

so the friend i usually order my k-pop CD's from didn't do a Group order for WH's album because of not many interested. & my Credit Card is not working so i can't order from other country's. no Physical CD set this time. I did buy it via Itunes. So guess thats better than nothing

@MashwaniAzhar @AppleSupport If passcode is correct and it’s not working try to update with iTunes and try again

Is anyone else’s ITunes not working?

Someone at @AppleSupport, @007 or @mgmstudios needs to check the version of this movie made available in @iTunes, the English audio track is really poor quality and from a quick search and store reviews it appears to have be an on going problem for nearly two years.