iTunes Problems

When there’s problems with iTunes their services are unable, obviously leaving iOS users feeling slightly annoyed and this could all be down to software updates, download issues or sign-in, all of which, can be equally as troublesome. This only really happens when there’s a major software updates, although if you find anything else that doesn’t seem to be right, feel free to give us the heads up in the comment section below.

iTunes Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

If iTunes is down today, then reports will be found below.

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iTunes Reports

My iTunes is not working 💔💔

@iTunes people should stop buying music from iTunes it’s a scam and the customer service is the worst they called me twice but their microphone is not working iTunes is stealing money .

@dorner_martina Can u do me a favour? Can u try this link? A lot of our friends are saying it's not working for iTunes :'(…

Push my Xamarin project to iOS test flight I have everything running and on android it's working just fine. My Mac machine is not working and need help from someone who has Xamarin installed on Mac I will provide developer account details to... (Budg…

@AppleSupport my Itunes and app store account has been disabled, could you help me with this problem!?

@ShinkoNetCavy have you ever considered putting your Hypixel Skyblock OST onto ITunes or Spotify? Or is that not working because of the hypixel affiliation?

@TimLaskis Podcast gone? Original link not working. Nor did iHeart link. 052: Mani Vaya – Why Feeding Your Mind Constantly is a Must for Success. June 28, 2017.… I don't have iTunes so not sure if this one works.…

@iBeezMeechie Yeah iTunes blocked certain YouTube to mp3 downloads from being added. That ended up being my problem. I just had to use a different site. If you google something like "itunes YouTube to mp3 not working" you'll see people talking about it.

@SALEM_MD1 @ma777_oman I wanted help in fan club to sign the kids list…. Than someone looked like you asked me if I can babysit and give you itunes card…. I get confused…. Are not working today? When are you and your pappa coming to try Swedish, velour, scout and family Skara Ab, Skaraborg?!