iTunes Down Today?

When there’s problems with iTunes their services are unable, obviously leaving iOS users feeling slightly annoyed and this could all be down to software updates, download issues or sign-in, all of which, can be equally as troublesome. This only really happens when there’s a major software updates, although if you find anything else that doesn’t seem to be right, feel free to give us the heads up in the comment section below.

iTunes Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If iTunes is down today, then reports will be found below.

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John Nelson
3 years ago

Watching a movie and it stops, go back and it wont start up again so I go through the rigmarole of network password, it comes back on, into the film and a minute or two later it stops again?

3 years ago

Wondering if there’s a problem with the iTunes Store and Apple TV, as getting “iTunes Store not available.” in the middle of watching.

Helpline +(44)808-143-3686
6 years ago

Contact us for problems and issues.
Services are up.
Thank You.

7 years ago

For some reason podcasts are not available, they are not downloading.

7 years ago

Phone Apple iTunes customer service and guess what? Too long winded, might as well just sit there and pull my hair out and wait until things fix itself.

7 years ago

ITunes is down for me on my Apple TV, it will not play my movies I have already purchased – I am in the UK by the way.

Ray Howlett
7 years ago

when i try to load music into iTunes it crashes, is anyone else having the same problem?

Vinny T
7 years ago

I imported 2 cd’s into Itunes and haven’t been able to use Itunes since. What can I do about that ?

7 years ago

I have tried searching for movies on iTunes and its not working. I am also having issues trying to download songs, might as well find alternative places to buy.

7 years ago

I am having issues with getting Nintendo Unleashed on iTunes, has it been released yet?

Dave scour
8 years ago

I am unable to access iTunes Store today are there any other reports of trouble

gem clancy
8 years ago
Reply to  Alan Potter

I can’t get iTunes to respond on my PC either. Frustrating when you need to get music for a MP3 to give as a Christmas present.

Alan Potter
8 years ago

Unable to get any response from iTunes on PC or iPad

8 years ago

Trying to watch Apple TV but cannot connect to iTunes.

8 years ago

Trying to watch Apple TV .. Neither the movies nor the tv programs I have purchased will load. It just says can’t connect.

Jason Nicolais
8 years ago

can’t login to Apple TV.. sux. 🙁

8 years ago

I can play on my desk top computer, but on my I Pad it won’t advance. I’m on 512 and the screen keeps stopping on 510, I’ve closed it out and reinstalled. Still doesn’t help.

8 years ago

I cannot seem to download this album from iTunes, I can get a movie but not this particular album.

8 years ago

A friend asked me if iTunes Connect is back online and i said yes. But for some reason he said he could not get online, but after i said just clear your browsers history he was back on again.

8 years ago

iTunes Connect was down for hours, but it is now back online at last.

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